A list of fatal accidents to British aircraft overseas 12 Nov 1918 - 1929

12.11.1918 Sopwith Dolphin F5961, 23 Sqn, Bertry East

Wing folded up pulling out of steep dive, France

2Lt Garth Whittall (22) killed

12.11.18 Camel E4422, 203 Sqn, Bruille

Spun in, Aubry-du-Hainaut, near Valenciennes, France

Sgt Mech James Albert Nicholls (22) killed

13.11.18 Sopwith Camel C6713, 151 Sqn, Bancourt

Spun on cross-country flight, Bouvincourt, France

Capt D'Urban Victor Armstrong DFC (21) killed (South African)

13.11.18 Sopwith Camel F3132, 210 Sqn, Boussieres

Spun off low-speed turn on aerodrome, France

Capt Vernon Francis Symondson (25) killed

14.11.18 Snipe E8052, 4 Sqn, AFC, Ennetieres

Crashed outside aerodrome during squadron formation, Grande Ennetieres, France

Lt Lyell Keith Swann MM (23) killed (Australian)

14.11.18 AW F.K.8, 82 Sqn, Menin

Struck a tree and crashed, France

2Lt Robert Scott Wreathall (21) died 15.11.18

Lt Harry Baldwin Kennedy injured (American)

15.11.18 AW F.K.8 D5035, 18 TDS, Ismailia

Stalled and nose dived after engine failure, Ismailia, Egypt

Flt Cadet Oscar Edward Oberhuber (27) killed (pilot, New Zealander)

Flt Cadet William Tupper Beck (21) killed (passenger, Canadian)

16.11.18 R.E.8 E247, 15 Sqn, Selvigny

Spun and burst into flames on practice flight, France

2Lt Arthur Manders (28) killed

17.11.18 AW F.K.8 B4185, 10 Sqn, Menin

Flying accident, Belgium

2Lt Leslie Horner Proctor (22) killed

2Lt William Kenneth Salton (21) killed

19.11.18 B.E.2 B6181, Artillery Observation School, Heliopolis

Stalled in steep turn and spun in, Egypt

Lt William Hughes (26) killed

Cpl Alfred Perry (28) killed

19.11.18 Bristol Fighter F4443, O Flight, Elincourt

Crashed after take-off, Elincourt, France

Capt Francis Herbert Hodgson (22) killed

2Lt John Hector Taylor (20) killed

19.11.18 AW F.K.8 F7517, 82 Sqn, Menin / Bertangles

Crashed, Belgium

2Lt Thomas Gordon Speake (19) died 20.11.18

A Mech 1 Arthur Greenwood injured

19.11.18 Caudron G.IV 3298, 212 TDS, Vendome

Stalled and nose dived into hangar, Vendome, France

Flt Cadet Stanley Frederick Bladwell (18) killed

20.11.18 D.H.9 E9012, 3 Aircraft Depot, Courban

Hit hill in fog, Moreuil, near Amiens, France

Lt Alfred George Bathurst Norman (19) killed

21.11.18 Bristol Fighter C887, 22 Sqn, Aulnoye

Crashed after diving through fog, near Bettignies, France

Lt Leonard Norman Akerman Caple (25) killed

21.11.18 Camel E1493, 205 TDS, Vendome

Spun off loop, Vendome, France

Probationary Flight Officer Arthur Mark McElhinney (21) killed

21.11.18 Curtiss JN-4 C637, 93 (Canadian) TS, Camp Borden

Struck by propeller, Camp Borden, Canada

2Lt Edgar Zephaniah Sexton (22) killed (Canadian)

21.11.18 Pup, 3 School of Aeronautics, Heliopolis

Flying accident, Alexandria, Egypt

Flt Cadet Owen Drewitt (21) killed

22.11.18 Curtiss JN-4 C615, School of Aerial Fighting (Canada), Beamsville

Flying accident, Beamsville, Ontario, Canada

Lt Thomas Edgar Logan (24) killed (Canadian)

A Mech 3 Gomer Price Miles injured

22.11.18 D.H.4 A7857, 18 Sqn, La Brayelle

Nose dived off steep turn and crashed, Bellvue, France

2Lt Ernest Fletcher Wilkinson (19) killed

A Mech 1 Thomas Talbot Whitlock unhurt

24.11.18 D.H.9 D1097, 49 Sqn, Bavai

Crashed into shell dump on take-off, Marquion, France

2Lt George Walter Waddington (27) died 25.11.18

2Lt Benjamin Riley (18) killed

26.11.18 Sopwith, 19 TDS, El Rimal

Flying accident, Ismailia, Egypt

2Lt George Ray Wheeler (21) killed

27.11.18 Sopwith Dolphin D3585, 19 Sqn, Abscon

Spun into field adjoining aerodrome, France

2Lt Noble Alexander Weir (20) killed (Canadian)

30.11.18 Pup B6112, 19 TDS, El Rimal

Crashed off low turn, Egypt

Flt Cadet David McWhinie (20) killed

3.12.18 Bristol Fighter F6181, 20 Sqn, Ossogne

Spun into ground, Charleroi, Belgium

2Lt Sydney Edwin Booth (23) killed

Cpl Richard Moors (32) killed

9.12.18 Camel F3098, 203 Sqn, Auberchicourt

Crashed, near Auby, France

2Lt Robert Henry Thompson (26) killed

11.12.18 R.E.8 B5041, 42 Sqn, Aulnoye

Crashed and caught fire after take-off, Aulnoye, France

Lt Sidney Smith Owen (27) killed

Lt William Dixon Wicks (29) killed

14.12.18 Camel E7213, 66 Sqn, San Pietro in Gu, Italy

Spun and crashed on aerodrome, Italy

2Lt Percy Herbert Jenner (24) killed

14.12.18 Camel F1536, 11 Aircraft Park

Spun on turn after take-off, Ghistelles, Belgium

2Lt Joseph Bernard Fast (22) killed (American)

15.12.18 Sopwith Dolphin C4071, 1 Aeroplane Supply Depot, Marquise

Wings collapsed during roll after take-off, Belgium

Lt Victor Joseph Weber (19) killed

17.12.18 Sopwith Camel H809, 3 Sqn, Inchy

Wings folded up while diving on target, Berck-sur-Mer, France

Lt William Henry Maxted (19) killed

18.12.18 D.H.9 D2951, Aegean Sqn, Mudros

Crashed, Dardanelles

2Lt Roland Barrett Poole (19) killed

Lt Basil Hampden Church injured (pilot)

20.12.18 Avro 504K E3429, 60 TDS, Aboukir

Crashed off low turn, Egypt

Flt Cadet Peter Beaton (21) killed (South African)

21.12.18 Snipe E8269, 208 Sqn, Stree

Spun in, Thuilles, France

2Lt Thomas Francis McGuire (19) killed

22.12.18 D.H.4 F2636, 57 Sqn, Spy

Crashed in fog, Louvres, near Paris

2Lt Robert Rooke Gilpin (22) killed (New Zealander)

Maj-Gen Charles Dudley Rhodes injured (American)

23.12.18 S.E.5A B8535, Aerial Observation School, Heliopolis

Spun in during aerobatics, Heliopolis, Egypt

Capt Robert William Dobbie AFC (24) killed

24.12.18 Handley Page O/400 D4580, 215 Sqn, Alquines

Wrecked in field adjoining aerodrome while turning to land, France

2Lt William Reid Dallas (24) killed

2Lt James Henry O'Grady (21) killed

A Mech 3 James Walter Morton (20) killed

24.12.18 Sopwith Camel C54, 45 Sqn, Le-Hameau

Midair collision with Camel E1500 near aerodrome, France

Lt Ernest Harold Masters (19) killed

31.12.18 AW F.K.8 D5036, 18 TDS, Ismailia

Stalled and crashed, Egypt

2Lt Edward Albert Williams (24) killed

1.1.1919 Spad VII A8824, 72 Sqn, Baghdad

Wings separated from fuselage, Mesopotamia

2Lt Trevor Lewis Williams (21) killed

3.1.19 S.E.5A E5900, 56 Sqn, Bethencourt

Wings collapsed coming out of dive during firing practice, France

Lt Edward William Graham (20 killed

4.1.19 D.H.10 F1867, 1 Aeroplane Supply Depot, Marquise

Sideslipped and crashed, near Wimereux, France

2Lt George White Willis (19) killed

A Mech 1 William George Dye (19) killed

A Mech 1 Walter Lewsey injured

7.1.19 Avro 504K E1765, 16 TDS, Abu Sueir

Flying accident, Egypt

2Lt Albert Edward Elliott (29) killed

9.1.19 Gotha G.VII G.105/18, 100 Sqn, Bickendorf

Crashed, near Monschau, Germany

2Lt John Harrison Gardner (20) killed

2Lt James Wood (19) killed

13.1.19 Sopwith Dolphin F7056, 19 Sqn, Abscon

Struck RE hangar and nosedived during practice, France

Lt John Clarke-Morris (19) killed

A Mech 2 Henry Thomas Ford (19) died 15.1.19

21.1.19 Sopwith Camel E1501, 65 Sqn, Bisseghem

Nose dived during firing practice on aerodrome, Belgium

2Lt Paul Thomas Grant (22) killed (Canadian)

24.1.19 Sopwith Camel E7241, 70 Sqn, Bickendorf

Midair collision with Camel F4001, near Cologne, Germany

Lt Alexander Webster (26) killed

24.1.19 Sopwith Camel F4001, 70 Sqn, Bickendorf

Midair collision with Camel E7241, near Cologne, Germany

2Lt Robert Sinclair (20) killed

29.1.19 Camel F6318, 5 Fighting School, Heliopolis

Spun in during gunnery practice, Egypt

2Lt Douglas Greenhalgh Frost (29) killed

29.1.19 Camel E7171, 28 Sqn, Sarcedo

Flying accident, Italy

2Lt Albert Edward Hitchcock (19) killed

30.1.19 D.H.4 B7940, 2 Aeroplane Supply Depot, Cambrai

Flying accident, France

A Mech 2 Albert Edward Wilson Wardell (20) died 31.1.19

2Lt Henry (Harry) Spear Sandiford injured

31.1.19 D.H.9 E8877, 206 Sqn, Bickendorf

Caught fire in flight, Buschbell, near Cologne, Germany

Lt Charles Linnaeus Cumming (30) killed

2Lt Andrew John Waters (19) killed

4.2.19 AW F.K.8 C8473, 18 TDS, Moascar (Ismailia)

Stalled on turn, Egypt

Sgt Edward Smith Linton (21) killed

6.2.19 Gotha G/IX G.257/18, 100 Sqn, Bickendorf

Crashed out of control, Cologne, Germany

Lt Leonard Stanley Hewett (21) killed

2Lt Beavan Carleton-Smith (19) killed

6.2.19 S.E.5A H7162, 29 Sqn, Bickendorf

Wings collapsed during roll and caught fire, Bickendorf, Germany

2Lt Edgar George Davies DFC (20) killed

10.2.19 Sopwith Dolphin F7048, 23 Sqn, Clermont

Stalled, spun and burst into flames, Belgium

2Lt Chester Frank Yokum (19) killed (Canadian)

11.2.19 Snipe E8169, 43 Sqn, Bickendorf

Midair collision with Camel E7228 on practice flight, Cologne, Germany

2Lt Eric Brownlee Brodie (20) killed

11.2.19 Sopwith Camel E7228, 70 Sqn, Bickendorf

Midair collision with Snipe E8169 on practice flight, Cologne, Germany

2Lt Harry Charles Hammond (19) killed

14.2.19 Bristol Fighter, 111 Sqn, Ramleh

Stalled in turn near the ground, Aboukir, Egypt

Capt Edward Gentleman Bannister AFC (25) killed

Capt Frank Jefcoate MBE (37) killed

18.2.19 Sopwith Camel F2010, 70 Sqn, Bickendorf

Crashed on practice flight, Deutz, Cologne, Germany

2Lt Smith Green (28) killed

18.2.19 Bristol Fighter F4475, 48 Sqn, Bickendorf

Hit water while flying low over Rhine, near Cologne, Germany

Capt Leonard Allan Payne MC (24) drowned (South African)

2Lt Robert Lascelles Ford rescued

21.2.19 Sopwith 1½ Strutter, 1 Sqn, Slavo-British Aviation Corps, Bereznik

Crew shot by Bolshevik troops after forced landing, Onega, Russia

Lt P Kravetz killed (Russian)

2Lt Noel Daniel Nunan (41) died 24.2.19

3.3.19 Avro 504K E1759, 5 Fighting School, Heliopolis

Midair collision with D5505, Abbassia, Egypt

2Lt Cyril Lester Gordon Downe (25) killed (Australian)

2Lt William Frederick Heron (25) killed

3.3.19 Avro 504K D5505, 5 Fighting School, Heliopolis

Midair collision with E1759, Abbassia, Egypt

Lt Clarence Henry Marchant (25) killed

3.3.19 Bristol Fighter E2458, 88 Sqn, Nivelles

Stalled on climbing turn on take-off, Belgium

2Lt William Roy Kellough (23) killed

6.3.19 Martinsyde G.100 7461, 30 Sqn, Kifri

Brought down by ground fire, Khun, Bushire, South Persia

Capt Allen Percy Adams DFC (21) killed

6.3.19 D.H.4 A7940, 57 Sqn, Morville

Crashed into trees on hill, La Reid, Belgium

Lt Frederick Oswell Thornton DFC (21) killed

Lt Percy Samuel Burnay (26) killed

12.3.19 Bristol Fighter F5817, 48 Sqn, Bickendorf

Dived into ground, Lohmar, Germany

2Lt Charles Arthur Allen (24) killed

2Lt William Kennedy (19) killed

20.3.19 D.H.4 F2653, 57 Sqn, Morville

Stalled and crashed on forced landing in snowstorm, near Anhee, Belgium

2Lt Algernon Sydney Smith (20) killed

Lt Ralph Melville Dixon unhurt

27.3.19 D.H.9A E9715, 18 Sqn, Bickendorf

Stalled on forced landing in snowstorm, Profondeville, Belgium

Capt Ronald Towers Minors (25) killed

27.3.19 B.E.2e?, 114 Sqn, Quetta

Hit mound on take-off, overturned and caught fire, Jacobabad, India

A Mech 2 Amos Adams (25) killed

Pilot injured

27.3.19 D.H.9A F987, 110 Sqn, Maisoncelle

Hit hillside in mist on mail flight, Vaals, Netherlands

Lt William Douglas Campbell Hutton (19) killed

Lt Robert Burgess unhurt (pilot)

29.3.19 Handley Page O/400 B8807, 216 Sqn, Marquise

Crashed into trees on take-off, Ferques, near Marquise, France

2Lt Frank Harrington Sullivan (20) killed (American)

2Lt Arthur Westall (18) died 30.3.19

AC1 George Wakeford Tucknott injured

12.4.19 B.E.2e, Observers School

Accident, Egypt

Sgt Cyril Joseph Levi (20) killed (observer)

23.4.19 D.H.9A E706, 99 Sqn, Aulnoy

Hit hangar on landing; airmen killed in hangar, Tourmignies, France

LAC Alfred Mace (23) killed

AC1 Charles Reginald Peploe (33) killed

LAC Frederick James Clarke injured

A Mech 1 James McCallum injured

A Mech 2 James O'Donnell injured

A Mech 3 Cyril George Lincox injured

2Lt Donald Campbell Bain unhurt (pilot)

25.4.19 Bristol Fighter E2649, 88 Sqn, Nivelles

Spun in on aerodrome on practice flight, Nivelles, Belgium

Lt Reginald John Twilton (23) killed

Sgt Paul Gaillard killed (Belgian)

3.5.19 D.H.4A, 25 Sqn, Maubeuge

Stalled and nose dived after engine failure on take-off, Maubeuge, France

Major Hugh Huntley Robinson MC (29) killed

Lt Arthur Howard Bartlett Stace (20) killed (pilot)

6.5.19 Bristol Fighter D2721, 8 Sqn, La Bellevue

Flying accident, France

Lt Herbert John Weaver (20) killed

AC1 Ernest James Tricker (20) killed

9.5.19 D.H.4 H7121, 25 Sqn, Maubeuge

Stalled on approach to aerodrome, Maubeuge, France

2Lt John George Barclay (23) killed

AC2 James Borthwick (17) killed

14.5.19 D.H.9 D7380, 206 Sqn, Bickendorf

Spun in from 500ft, Cologne, Germany

2Lt Stanley Gibbs (27) killed

Sgt Arthur Baden Page (19) killed

15.5.19 D.H.4A H5894, 1 Communication Sqn, Kenley

Crashed in sea, Boulogne harbour, France

Capt Elgie Blyth Barwise Jefferson (23) drowned

Mr Aaron Aaronsohn (42) drowned

15.5.19 D.H.9A, 221 Sqn, Chechen

Sideslipped and crashed on landing, Chechen Island, Caspian Sea, Russia

Lt Bertram Eric Nelson Turner (23) killed

2Lt George Edwin Jemmeson (19) killed

17.5.19 Handley Page O/400 D5439, 58 Sqn, Heliopolis

Crashed on landing, Centocelle, Rome, Italy

2Lt Frederick George Prince (27) killed

2Lt Sidney Spratt (19) killed

Col Thomas Edward Lawrence DSO injured

AC1 Herbert Edward Tunley injured

AC2 Frederick Joseph Daw injured

19.5.19 Fokker, 7 Sqn, Buchheim

Crashed on aerodrome, Cologne, Germany

Capt Leslie Ivan Barker (27) killed

20.5.19 R.E.8 C2910, 59 Sqn, Duren

Stalled, spun and burst into flames during Lewis-gun practice, Germany

Lt Neil McEachran (24) killed

2Lt Harry Davis (26) killed

30.5.19 Bristol Fighter, 11 Sqn, Spich

Flying accident, Germany

Capt George William Norman Risdale Haynes (24) killed

8.6.19 D.H.9A E9898, 110 Sqn, Maisoncelle

Crashed on mail flight to Cologne, Floreffe, near Namur, Belgium

Lt Gilbert Gunn Bannerman (26) killed

Lt William Nichol Wilson (19) killed

15.6.19 R.E.8 B6591, 63 Sqn, Mosul

Flying accident, Mosul area, Iraq

Lt Charles Gattens (27) killed

Sgt Hirst Lindley killed

16.6.19 S.E.5A C8709, 84 Sqn, Bickendorf

Flying accident, Germany

2Lt Harry Thomas Clark (24) killed

21.6.19 D.H.9, 2 Sqn, Slavo-British Aviation Corps, Archangel

Hit by shrapnel on bombing raid and crashed, near Topsa, N Russia

Lt Clarence Raymond Wentworth Knight (21) died as PoW

Lt David Neil injured (Canadian)

22.6.19 Bristol Fighter C4728, 111 Sqn, Ramleh

Spun off low turn, Ramleh, Palestine

Lt-Col Arthur Courtney Boddam-Whetham DSO (35) killed

Lt John Mcfarlane Denholm Mills AFC (22) killed (pilot)

23.6.19 Sopwith Dolphin, 79 Sqn, Bickendorf

Crashed off low turn, Cologne, Germany

2Lt Ivan Turkington (18) killed

9.7.19 Handley Page O/400 D4591, 214 Sqn

Crashed in mountains, near Pourrières, Var, France

Lt Clifford Hall (20) killed

Lt Francis Cyril Sumner (19) killed

Cpl Louis Hyman Jaffe (30) died 10.7.19

Cpl Elton Humpherus Flintoft (19) died 10.7.19

11.7.19 B.E.2e A2931, 31 Sqn

Missing in action, near Fort Chuna, Khyber Pass, India

Lt Feray Vulliamy Devonshire (28) reported killed 20.7.19

13.7.19 Sopwith Pup C480, 80 Sqn, Aboukir

Flying accident, Cairo, Egypt

Capt Adrian James Boswell Tonks DFC (21) died 14.7.19

20.7.19 Fairey IIIB N9251, HMS Pegasus

Crashed into barge on take-off, Dvina River, Russia

2Lt Jean Marie Gondre (19) drowned

2Lt Archibald James Rankin unhurt (pilot)

23.7.19 ?, 16 TDS, Heliopolis

Flying accident, Egypt

Lt Desmond George Conaty (23) died 26.7.19

25.7.19 ?, 1 Aeroplane Supply Depot, Marquise

Flying accident, France

Sgt George Sutton (22) killed

26.7.19 Handley Page O/400 F304, 216 Sqn

Crashed in sea, 1m from Monterosso, near Cape Mesco, Italy

Lt Charles Ingham Collinge (21) killed

2Lt Austin Allan Adams injured

Sgt Ashley injured

AC1 Alexander Balfour injured

1.8.19 Sopwith Snipe E6350, Slavo-British Aviation Corps, Bereznik

Dived into ground while stunting, Bereznik, Russia

Maj Alexander Alexandrovich Kozakov (30) killed (Russian)

10.8.19 D.H.9A, 2 Sqn, Slavo-British Aviation Corps, Archangel

Pilot shot by Bolsheviks after forced landing, N Russia

2Lt John Martin d'Arcy Levy (28) killed

2Lt Charles Edward Bugg PoW

13.8.19 Camel N6825, HMS Vindictive

Crashed on take-off, Biorko Island, Gulf of Finland

Lt Norman Samuel Taylor (20) killed

15.8.19 S.E.5A F9123, 1 Sqn, London Colney

Lost in English Channel, en route Amiens - Lympne

Fg Off Gore William Hemsworth (20) drowned

17.8.19 Mail plane, RAF

Spectator hit by propeller while taking off after engine problems, Pecrot, Belgium

12-year old Belgian boy killed

20.8.19 Bristol Fighter, 5 Sqn, Hangelar

Flying accident, Cologne, Germany

Lt Richard Ralph Evans (21) killed

Lt Victor Limerick (22) killed

20.8.19 Short 184 N9090, HMS Pegasus

Spun in on test flight, Dvina River, Russia

2Lt Claude Melvin Le Moine (24) killed (Canadian)

Flt Sgt Walter Henry William Quantrell injured

28.8.19 D.H.9 E8994, 47 Sqn, Beketovka

Observer hit by ground fire, Tcherni-Yar, Russia

Capt John Lawrence McLennan MC (29) killed (Canadian)

Capt Walter Fraser Anderson unhurt

29.8.19 Avro, A V Roe & Co Ltd.

Landed among spectators, Winschoten, Groningen, Netherlands

Mrs Harmina de Ruijter (38) killed

Adam Molema (8) killed

Capt Walter George Raymond Hinchliffe & 2 or 3 passengers unhurt

5.9.19 Bristol Fighter F4625, 48 Sqn, Quetta

Crashed on landing and caught fire, Quetta, India

Capt Gilbert Bernard Edwards Steele (21) killed (Indian Army)

2Lt William Edward Purdin injured (pilot)

17.9.19 D.H.4 F5784, 2 Communications Sqn, Buc, Paris

Crashed pulling out of high-speed dive on test flight, near Paris, France

Flt Lt Theodore Algernon Cooch (28) killed

A Mech 1 Thomas Blackman (19) killed

17.9.19 Sopwith 1½ Strutter, HMS Vindictive

Missing after being brought down by Bolshevik fire during raid, Kronstadt, Russia

Lt Francis John Unwin (21) killed

17.9.19 Sopwith 1½ Strutter, HMS Vindictive

Crashed, Biorko, Gulf of Finland

Lt Samuel Dawson DFC (24) killed (New Zealander)

28.9.19 Vimy F8622, 274 Sqn, Bircham Newton

Hit telegraph pole on take-off and caught fire, Lake Bracciano, near Rome, Italy

Capt Cecil Hill Darley DSC DFC (30) killed

Capt Charles Curtis Darley injured

2.10.19 D.H.9A J585, 99 Sqn, Ambala

Crashed, near Ambala, India

Lt Joseph Clarke MC (28) killed

Sgt Maynard George Spong (21) killed

24.10.19 D.H.9A, 47 Sqn, Beketovka

Bombs exploded on take-off, Beketovka, near Tsaritsin, Russia

Capt Basil Graham Homfray Keymer DFC (20) killed

Lt Douglas Blaxland Thompson (27) killed

25.10.19 Camel, HMS Vindictive

Shot down by flak while attacking observation balloon, Krasnaya Gorka, Petrograd Bay, Russia

Plt Off Fred Cardwell (20) killed

9.12.19 Martinsyde Type A Mk. I G-EAMR, Martinsyde Ltd

Crashed in sea, San Giorgio Bay, Corfu

Capt Cedric Ernest Howell DSO DFC MC (23) drowned (Australian)

A Mech 2 George Henry Fraser (39) drowned (Australian)

18.12.19 Vickers Viking I G-EAOV, Vickers Ltd

Crashed on landing in fog, Cottévrard, near Rouen, France

Capt Sir John William Alcock KBE DSC (27) killed

23.12.19 Bristol Fighter H1551, 48 Sqn, Quetta

Crashed, Quetta, India

Plt Off Michael Henry Tisdall (31) killed

AC2 Alexander James Siddons Jordan (19) killed

31.12.19 Bristol Fighter E2538, 31 Sqn, Risalpur

Stalled on climbing turn, Risalpur, India

Fg Off James Pipe (21) died 1.1.20

AC2 J H Hart injured

19.3.1920 D.H.9A H4387?, 99 Sqn, Mianwali

Bomb exploded on forced landing in river bed, Waziristan, India

Fg Off Adrian Lancelot Courtenay-Dunn (20) died 21.3.20

Sgt Obs William James Palmer DFM injured

20.3.20 Bristol Fighter F4447, 20 Sqn, India

Crashed on bombing raid, Sherani, India

Fg Off William Deane MC (23) killed

Obs Off Robert Bissett Gordon DFC (27) killed

1.4.20 Handley Page O/400 F302, 216 Sqn, Qantara

Crashed while flying from Khartoum to Cairo; Dagash, near Abu Hamad, Sudan

Fg Off John Barclay Jaques MC (25) killed

Fg Off Desmond Wilkie Sibley (21) killed

Sgt Edmund West Wadey DFM (23) killed

AC2 Reginald Collin Meldrum (19) killed

16.4.20 Bristol Fighter F4627, 5 Sqn, India

Crashed turning with insufficient bank, Loralai LG, India

Fg Off Robert Pughe (21) killed

17.5.20 Bristol Fighter D8059, 12 Sqn, Bickendorf

Collision with H1566, Lindenthal, Cologne, Germany

Flt Lt Cyril Burfield Ridley DSC (25) killed

17.5.20 Bristol Fighter H1566, 12 Sqn, Bickendorf

Collision with D8059, Lindenthal, Cologne, Germany

Fg Off John Dartnell de Pencier (21) killed (Canadian)

27.5.20 Bristol Fighter D7927, 70 Sqn, Heliopolis

Spun in after engine failure on take-off, Almaza, Egypt

Air Cdre Robert Marsland Groves CB DSO AFC (40) killed

Fg Off Clarence Oscar Bird DFC (30) killed

14.6.20 Bristol Fighter E2293, 14 Sqn, Ramleh

Forced landed, Sinai Desert, en route Ramleh - Ismailia

Fg Off Neale Fitzgerald Eagar (32) died 21.6.20 (New Zealander)

AC1 Percy William James Thacker (20) died

28.6.20 D.H.10 E9081, 60 Sqn, Risalpur

Spun, crashed and caught fire on test flight, Risalpur, India

Fg Off John Romilly Swanston DFC (22) killed

AC2 Frank Cecil Oliver (19) killed

5.7.20 Bristol Fighter H1594, 12 Sqn, Bickendorf

Crashed on practice flight, Heumar, Cologne, Germany

Fg Off Alexander John Macqueen (31) killed

AC2 A Hunt injured

2.8.20 Bristol Fighter H1462, 6 Sqn, Baghdad

Spun in from 3000ft on recce from Baghdad, Iraq

Fg Off Robert Daniel Cecil Palmer DFC (22) killed

Fg Off Harold Hutchinson (23) killed

3.9.20 D.H.9 D9824, 47 Sqn, Helwan

Stalled and spun off climbing turn, Almaza, Egypt

Observer Off Brennan Claud Sydney Byrne (25) killed

18.9.20 R.E.8 D4698, 30 Sqn, Kasvin

Spun in on landing, Kasvin, Persia

Flt Lt Frank Nuttall MC DFC AFC (32) killed (New Zealander)

LAC Leonard Alfred Dellow (22) killed

22.9.20 D.H.9A F2838, 84 Sqn, Shaibah

Shot down; landed in river, Dangatora, near Samawah, Mesopotamia

Fg Off Henry Charles Edward Bockett-Pugh DFC (21) killed as prisoner

Fg Off Ian Donald Roy McDonald MC DFC (22) killed as prisoner

18.10.20 Fairey IIIC N9257, HMS Pegasus

Spun into sea on test flight, Feneraki, near Constantinople, Turkey

Obs Off Ernest James Garner AFC (27) drowned

Fg Off Frederick Henry Isaac injured (pilot)

1.11.20 D.H.9A E779, 84 Sqn, Nasiriyah

112 lb bomb exploded accidentally, Nasiriyah, Iraq

AC2 Alexander Langton Marshall (19) killed

AC2 Wallace Wallwork (20) killed

29.11.20 D.H.10 E9062, 216 Sqn, Heliopolis

Crashed in low turn, Heliopolis, Egypt

Fg Off Cecil Osborne Rigden (23) killed

AC1 Arthur Leonard Goodill (19) killed

Fg Off Sydney Trevor Brander Cripps injured

8.12.20 D.H.9A E780, 30 Sqn, Persia

Forced landed 15m from Rostamabad, NW Persia; pilot shot by Bolsheviks trying to escape

Plt Off William Sidebottom DFC (27) killed

AC2 Allen Liston unhurt

9.12.20 Bristol Fighter D7867, 6 Sqn

Crashed in desert landing, Tauq, Iraq

Fg Off Robert Narcissus Essell DFC (21) killed

Mr Colin Campbell Garbett CIE injured (secretary to the High Commissioner of Iraq)

14.4.1921 Bristol Fighter D7831, 208 Sqn, Ismailia

Collision with E2298, Bilbeis, Egypt

Fg Off William Ash Armstrong (22) killed

Fg Off Edward Blake Jones (22) killed

14.4.21 Bristol Fighter E2298, 208 Sqn, Ismailia

Collision with D7831, Bilbeis, Egypt

Flt Lt George Malcolm Clarke AFC (27) killed

Observer Off Frank James Smith MC MM (32) killed

14.4.21 Bristol Fighter H1533, 14 Sqn, Ramleh

Stalled after engine failure, Ramleh, Palestine

Fg Off Pierse Joseph Cox (33) killed

Fg Off Christopher Pilkington AFC (29) injured

29.4.21 Snipe E7647, 56 Sqn, Aboukir

Crashed in sea, Aboukir, Egypt

Fg Off Frederick William Deane DFC (25) drowned

4.5.21 Bristol Fighter F4895, 12 Sqn, Bickendorf

Hit telephone wires, Lindenthal, Cologne, Germany; repaired

Fg Off Geoffrey Bradney Pershouse (23) killed

LAC Robert Roberts (20) killed

19.5.21 Bristol Coupe Tourer G-EAWQ (M-AAEA), Bristol Aeroplane Co Ltd / Alberto Bayo

Hit mountainside in fog, near Anzuola, 25m SW of San Sebastian, Spain

Andrew Haig Forson (28) killed

8.6.21 D.H.10 E9061, 216 Sqn, Heliopolis

Spun off flat turn, Abbassia rifle range, near Heliopolis, Egypt

Fg Off Herbert Milbourne Coombs DFC (23) killed

14.8.21 D.H.9A E9900, 47 Sqn, Helwan

Spun in, Heliopolis, Egypt

Fg Off Sydney Hugh Potter (24) killed

Cpl Horace Merilion Lake (20) killed

15.8.21 Bristol Fighter F4926, 208 Sqn, Ismailia

Stalled in on turn, Heliopolis, Egypt

Fg Off Ian Cecil Slater (24) killed

Gen Charles Richard Newman CMG DSO injured (Chief of the General Staff in Egypt)

21.8.21 Avro 548 G-EAVH, A V Roe & Co Ltd

Crashed, near Montevideo, Uruguay

Frank Singleton killed

Passenger killed

12.9.21 D.H.9A H153, 55 Sqn, Mosul

Forced landed and caught fire after engine failure, Catas, 20m SW of Rowanduz, Iraq

Fg Off Cyril Hollis Teagle (23) died 16.9.21

AC1 Stanley Sydney Stephen Cox injured

30.9.21 D.H.9A H66, 84 Sqn, Shaibah

Bomb exploded on take-off, Nasiriyeh, Iraq

Fg Off Maitland Hyslop (26) killed

AC2 Edward Plummer (20) killed

17.12.21 D.H.10 E9084, 216 Sqn, Heliopolis

Swung and crashed on take-off on test flight, Baghdad West, Iraq

Flt Lt Edmund Roger Tempest MC DFC (27) killed

Fg Off David D'Arcy Alexander Greig DFC (21) injured

6.1.1922 D.H.10 E5450, 60 Sqn, Risalpur

Crashed on landing, Risalpur, India

Fg Off Hubert Bernard Delma Harrington (25) killed

LAC William Albert Woodall (21) killed

Fg Off James Charles Belford unhurt

13.1.22 D.H.9A E8474, 8 Sqn, Hinaidi

Collision with H102 during formation break, Hinaidi, Iraq

Flt Lt Albert Grounds Peace AFC (28) killed

AC2 Walter William Stephen Bown (20) killed

13.1.22 D.H.9A H102, 8 Sqn, Basra

Collision with E8474 during formation break, Hinaidi, Iraq

Fg Off Frank Henry Barton (24) killed

AC2 Eric Pattinson injured

31.1.22 D.H.10 E7839, 60 Sqn, Risalpur

Spun in after engine failure, Risalpur, India

Fg Off Percy Justice Gardiner (27) killed (Australian)

AC2 George Fletcher Stewart (19) killed

3.3.22 Bristol Fighter E2442, 20 Sqn, Ambala

Collision with H1548, near Gurusar Sutlani railway station, between Amritsar and Lahore, India

Flt Lt John Bertram Fox MC (28) killed

Flt Sgt Allen Benjamin Hemmings (30) killed

3.3.22 Bristol Fighter H1548, 20 Sqn, Ambala

Collision with E2442, near Gurusar Sutlani railway station, between Amritsar and Lahore, India

Fg Off Joseph Buckley (24) killed

AC2 Charles Reginald Richardson (22) killed

7.4.22 D.H.18A G-EAWO, Daimler Hire Ltd

Collision with Farman Goliath F-GEAD, over Thieuloy-St-Antoine, Oise, France

Lt Robert Edward Duke (28) died 8.4.22

Hermann Conrad Hestermann (18) killed (steward)

5 killed in F-GEAD

28.4.22 Bristol Fighter H1495, Aden Flight, Khormaksar

Crashed turning to land on ferry flight across Red Sea and fell into 14ft of water, Perim

LAC Charles Francis Barnes (21) killed

Plt Off Bertram William Trelawney Hare injured

29.4.22 Bristol Fighter H1647, 4 FTS, Abu Sueir

Overshot landing, Heliopolis, Egypt

Flt Lt Edward Gerald O'Gorman MB (26) killed (Capt, RAMC)

16.5.22 Bristol Fighter D7845, 6 Sqn, Baghdad West

Engine failure on take-off; crashed and caught fire, Baghdad West, Iraq

Fg Off Lionel Conrad Hooton MC (32) killed

AC2 George William Butler (20) killed

31.5.22 Bristol Fighter D7844, 6 Sqn, Suleimaniyeh

Engine failure; crashed, Suleimaniyeh, Iraq

Flt Lt Frank Neville Hudson MC (24) died 6.6.22

Flt Lt Ernest Drudge MBE injured

17.8.22 D.H.9A H70, 27 Sqn, Dardoni

Stalled and spun on turn after take-off and caught fire, Dardoni, India

Fg Off David Chalmers Duncan (23) killed

Fg Off Robert Blaine Luard (24) killed

23.8.22 D.H.9A E9910, 4 FTS, Abu Sueir

Spun into ground, Abu Sueir, Egypt

Fg Off Harold Frank Potter (28) killed

Fg Off Frederick William Gordon Bedford (23) killed (Lt, Black Watch)

23.8.22 D.H.9A E9913, 8 Sqn, Hinaidi

Stalled, spun and caught fire, Hinaidi, Iraq

Fg Off Robert Lionel Hartley AFC (31) killed

AC1 Alfred Glasby (21) killed

16.9.22 D.H.9A E899, 84 Sqn, Shaibah

Crashed on landing, Shaibah, Iraq

AC1 Bernard Hayes (21) killed

Fg Off James Lionel Airey injured

4.10.22 Vickers Vernon J6865, 45 Sqn, Hinaidi

Crashed on take-off and caught fire, Kirkuk, Iraq

Flt Lt Robert Charles Lyon Holme MC (25) killed

Flt Lt Alfred Lewis Messenger AFC (24) died 16.10.22

AC1 Albert Annott Milne (20) killed

6.10.22 D.H.9A H155, 30 Sqn, Kirkuk

Crashed and caught fire, 6m SW of Kirkuk, Iraq

Fg Off Evelyn Archer Locke-Waters (24) killed

24.10.22 Snipe H4866, 1 Sqn, Hinaidi

Crashed on roof of house during bombing raid, Rania, 100m E of Mosul, Iraq

Fg Off Frank Simon Harricks (26) killed

4.11.22 Camel F6302 (G-EBER), Fg Off W J McDonough, Abu Sueir

Flew into buildings while low-flying, Abu Sueir, Egypt

Fg Off William Burns Thomson DFC (25) killed

28.12.22 D.H.9A E8468, 27 Sqn, Dardoni

Hit by bomb dropped by another machine and crashed, Palose, Waziristan, India

Fg Off Edward Eric Turner DFC (26) killed

AC1 James Frederick Sly (22) killed

6.2.1923 Vimy F9165, 216 Sqn, Heliopolis

Nosed over on forced landing on soft ground, Ziza, 20m S of Amman, Transjordan

Fg Off Harold Joseph Bradley killed

Fg Off Arthur Reginald Jones injured (pilot)

AC2 Percy Leonard Leavesley injured

23.2.23 Vimy F9150, 216 Sqn, Heliopolis

Crashed, Mokattam Hills, near Cairo, Egypt

Fg Off Philip Frank Axford Curtis (23) killed

Fg Off Clifford Frederick Embleton (24) killed

LAC William Percival Plows (22) killed

AC1 Frederick Moss injured

7.4.23 Bristol Fighter J6594, 20 Sqn, Quetta

Spun off low turn, near Quetta, India

Fg Off Desmond Reginald Loch (22) killed

Fg Off Hugh Mansfield Stringer (23) killed

24.4.23 Snipe F2487, 56 Sqn Detached Flight, San Stefano

Spun into ground, San Stefano, Turkey

Fg Off George Hatfield Dingley Gossip (26) killed (Australian)

15.6.23 Bristol Fighter F4922, 4 FTS, Abu Sueir

Stalled and spun, Khormaksar, Aden

Fg Off Frederick Grenville Porter (23) killed

AC2 Stephen Henry Brown (20) died 17.6.23

18.6.23 Vimy FR3173, 216 Sqn, Heliopolis

Crashed, Mokattam Hills, near Cairo, Egypt

Flt Lt Neville Byron Ward (27) killed

Fg Off Percy William Lingwood (26) killed (pilot)

AC1 William Jarvis (26) killed

AC2 Frederick William Skuse (19) killed

12.7.23 Bristol Fighter J6633, Aircraft Park Lahore

Fell out during half roll, Lahore, India

LAC Victor Trevor Loxton (20) killed

21.8.23 Bristol Fighter J6769, 28 Sqn, Peshawar

Spun into ground during camera gun practice, Peshawar, India

Fg Off Fielding Griffith Whitmore (22) killed

LAC Gerald Arthur Taylor (23) killed

15.9.23 S.E.5A G-EBFH, Maj J C Savage (Skywriting Corporation of America)

Hit tree, crashed and caught fire, Blackwood Field, Nashville, Tennessee

Capt Derek Allin Adey Shepperson (25) killed

11.10.23 D.H.9A E8676, 60 Sqn, Dardoni

Stalled and spun after take-off, Dardoni, India

Fg Off Miles Tallentire (24) died 14.10.23

AC1 Arthur Leonard Young (21) died 12.10.23

4.12.23 D.H.9A H173, 55 Sqn, Mosul

Spun off low turn, Hinaidi, Iraq

Fg Off Aubrey Ledger (36) killed

Indian officer injured

14.12.23 D.H.9A F1642, 55 Sqn, Mosul

Spun into ground from 1500ft, Mosul, Iraq

Plt Off John Owen Barnes killed

LAC George Redvers Sainsbury (23) killed

17.12.23 Avro 504K E1772, 4 FTS, Abu Sueir

Spun into ground, Abu Sueir, Egypt

Plt Off Joseph Catz (25) killed

4.1.1924 D.H.9A '9854', 84 Sqn, Shaibah

Spun and crashed, in desert south of Nasiriyah, Iraq

Fg Off Robert Cuthbert Harrison (23) killed

LAC Harold Walter Key killed

4.1.24 Snipe H4906?, 1 Sqn, Hinaidi

Crashed, believed pilot fainted in the air, Hinaidi, Iraq

Flt Lt John Mecredy McAlery (31) killed

25.1.24 Bristol Fighter D8039, 20 Sqn, Quetta

Hit telephone wire while making forced landing on Baleli road, 3m from Quetta, India

LAC Albert Victor Stevens (22) killed

Fg Off John Nicholson Jaques injured

29.1.24 D.H.9A E8629, 27 Sqn, Risalpur

Flew into tree on take-off and caught fire, near Risalpur, India

Fg Off David Jasper Hugh-Jones (26) killed

Cpl Thomas Henry Hall (22) died 11.2.24

11.3.24 Parnall Panther N7461, 442 Flt, HMS Argus

Lost overboard on take-off, HMS Argus, off Mallorca

Flt Lt Kenneth Cromar Tilman (27) killed

Plt Off Richard Lewes injured (pilot)

17.3.24 Bristol Fighter D8099, 45 Sqn, Hinaidi

Stalled and spun, Hinaidi, Iraq

Plt Off Walter Harry Ryder (23) killed

LAC Kenneth Turner (24) killed

2.4.24 D.H.9A E8661, 4 FTS, Abu Sueir

Stalled, spun and caught fire, near Abu Sueir, Egypt

Sgt Archibald Crawford Murray (23) killed

11.4.24 D.H.9A J552, 84 Sqn, Shaibah

Stalled on turn soon after leaving ground, Jalibah, Iraq

Flt Lt Walter Horace Ernest Kemp AFC (27) killed

AC2 Arthur Lee Adams (31) killed

16.5.24 Bristol Fighter D7821, 20 Sqn, Quetta

Stalled after take-off, Quetta, India

Fg Off Edmund Cronin Usher-Somers (24) killed

Lt Edward Charrington Mackenzie (26) killed

26.6.24 D.H.9A H151, HQ Trans-Jordania, Amman

Spun into ground on take off and burst into flames, Amman, Transjordan

Fg Off Reginald Cyril Creamer DFC (25) killed

LAC Frank Charles Perrin (22) killed

21.7.24 Snipe E7638, 1 Sqn, Hinaidi

Stalled and crashed, Kirkuk, Iraq

Fg Off Myles Birket Foster Watson (22) killed

22.7.24 D.H.9A E9911, 55 Sqn, Mosul

Stalled on turn and crashed, Mosul, Iraq

Sgt Charles Albert Dicks (22) killed

Mohamed Agha Crag killed (Deputy of Lacchi)

23.7.24 Bristol Fighter?, 20 Sqn, Quetta

Propeller swinging accident, Quetta, India

LAC Harry Charles Wordsworth (22) killed

24.7.24 D.H.9A H147, 84 Sqn, Shaibah

Forced landed in desert, south of Jalibah, Iraq

Flt Lt William Conway Day MC (28) died

Fg Off Donald Ramsay Stewart (21) died

28.7.24 Bristol Fighter J6646, 28 Sqn, Peshawar

Crashed in fog, Duncans Picquet, Razmak, India

Fg Off Edward Bell (28) killed

AC1 Percy Slack (22) died 30.7.24

28.7.24 Bristol Fighter F4286, 28 Sqn, Peshawar

Flew into hillside in fog and bombs exploded, Razmak, India

Fg Off Ian Patrick Anderson (26) killed

AC1 Kenneth Robert Taylor (22) killed

4.8.24 Bristol Fighter D8057, 28 Sqn, Peshawar

Crashed following engine failure, Peshawar, India

Fg Off Douglas McGillycuddy Morphy (24) killed

22.9.24 Avro 504K E9379, 4 FTS, Abu Sueir

Spun in, Abu Sueir, Egypt

Plt Off Stanley Edward Hall (25) killed

2.10.24 Bristol Fighter J6606, 14 Sqn, Ramleh

Spun in, Heliopolis, Egypt

Fg Off Colin Bousfield (29) killed

11.10.24 D.H.9A J7253, 84 Sqn, Shaibah

Flew into ground, overturned and burned, Shaibah, Iraq

Fg Off John Hayward Godfrey Franklin (20) killed

AC2 Thomas Williams injured

17.10.24 D.H.9A F2807, 4 FTS, Abu Sueir

Spun in and burst into flames, 2m NW of Abu Sueir, Egypt

Fg Off Richard Gurney Peckover (25) killed

1.11.24 Bristol Fighter F4566, 5 Sqn, Dardoni

Spun in off low turn, Dardoni, India

Flt Lt Arthur Francis Quinlan (29) killed

LAC F G Jones injured

12.11.24 Snipe F2499, 1 Sqn, Hinaidi

Spun into ground, Hinaidi, Iraq

Fg Off Ellis Reid (22) killed

Lt William Henry Edwin Cotter injured

17.1.1925 Bristol Fighter F4502, 14 Sqn, Amman

Crashed, Ramleh, Palestine

Fg Off Ronald Reid Hardcastle Bruce (25) killed

LAC Alec Sutton injured

17.1.25 Bristol Fighter HR1636, 208 Sqn, Moascar, Ismailia

Flying accident, Ismailia, Egypt

Fg Off James Alexander McLaren MC killed

29.1.25 Flycatcher N9666, 402 Flt, HMS Eagle

Overturned, Hal Far, Malta

Fg Off Richard Lewes (22) killed

21.3.25 D.H.9A E8792, 27 Sqn, Miramshah

Shot down during bombing raid and caught fire, Waziristan, India

Fg Off Edward John Dashwood (22) killed

Fg Off Noel Cecil Hayter-Hames (23) killed

30.3.25 Bristol Fighter, 28 Sqn, Quetta

Crashed, Quetta, India

Fg Off Thomas Donald Berridge (23) killed

AC2 Alexander Bidmead injured

17.4.25 D.H.9A, 84 Sqn, Shaibah

Flying accident, near Shaibah, Iraq

Fg Off Thomas Thomson (28) killed

Flt Lt Cyril Jameson Truran AFC injured (pilot; cashiered)

18.4.25 Bristol Fighter F4961, 6 Sqn, Mosul

Hit by rifle fire on bombing mission, crashed and burnt, Mirkhan, Sinjar, Iraq

Fg Off Rupert William Pontifex (23) killed

AC2 Edward Barber (22) killed

30.4.25 Fairey IIID N9780, 440 Flt, HMS Eagle

Caught fire; stalled and crashed, Mellieha, Malta

Fg Off Christopher Denison (22) killed

Telegraphist Carl Llewellyn Dewhurst Oliver (25) died 6.5.25

Lt Henry Thew Rust injured

4.5.25 Bristol Fighter, 6 Sqn, Mosul

Flying accident, Kani Utman, Iraq

Lt John Ellerthorpe Griffith (28) killed (Iraq Levies)

Flt Lt Walter Arthur Bouchier Savile injured (pilot)

9.5.25 Bristol Fighter, 31 Sqn, Ambala

Crashed on night landing, Ambala, India

Fg Off Robert Richard Studdert Waller (22) died 10.5.25

20.5.25 Bristol Fighter, 31 Sqn, Ambala

Dived into street, Sialkot, India

Fg Off Arthur Findley (26) killed

Capt Gregory Rich (29) killed (Indian Army)

21.6.25 D.H.9A, 60 Sqn, Risalpur

Crashed, Peshawar, India

Fg Off Norris Carden Bretherton (25) killed

Act Sgt Henry Eustace Blanche (25) killed

26.6.25 D.H.9A ER8649, 4 FTS, Abu Sueir

Wing broke off in loop, Abu Sueir, Egypt

Plt Off Daniel Geoffrey Wilson (24) killed

LAC Charles Wilby Gammage (23) killed

8.7.25 D.H.9A, 30 Sqn, Kirkuk

Crashed on hilltop, near Malula, Chamchamal, Iraq

Fg Off Marcus Glanfield Penny (25) killed (Lt, RA)

Lt George Donald Edward Heather (25) killed (Iraq Levies)

5.8.25 D.H.9A J7042, 55 Sqn, Hinaidi

Hit bund on take-off, crashed and burnt, Hinaidi, Iraq

Sgt John Reginald Gaze (26) killed

LAC Francis Young (22) killed

12.8.25 D.H.9A, 84 Sqn, Shaibah

Crashed in sandstorm, near Ur, Iraq

Plt Off John Jellett FitzGerald (26) killed

AC1 Frank Edward Leatherdale injured

2.10.25 Bristol Fighter, 20 Sqn, Kohat

Flying accident, Kohat, India

Fg Off Edgar Thomas O'Neil Hogben (26) died 5.10.25 (Lt, RA)

13.10.25 D.H.9A J7102, 8 Sqn, Hinaidi

Crashed following a fire in the air, junction of Lesser Zab and Tigris rivers, Iraq

Sgt Thomas Alexander Graham (23) died 18.10.25

AC Ridley Stanton injured

21.10.25 D.H.9A, 4 FTS, Abu Sueir

Dived in, Abu Sueir, Egypt

Plt Off Geoffrey Walter Cripps (23) killed

23.11.25 D.H.9A H120, 30 Sqn, Hinaidi

Crashed and caught fire, Hinaidi, Iraq

Fg Off Joseph Albert Moore (28) killed

AC1 Arthur Algernon Rickaby (28) killed

23.12.25 D.H.9A E8751, 4 FTS, Abu Sueir

Hit boat mast on Suez Canal and crashed, near Nefisha, Egypt

Plt Off Cecil William Woodbyrne (22) killed

AC1 Arthur Thomas Groom (23) died 24.12.25

6.2.1926 Bristol Fighter

Flying accident, Heliopolis, Egypt

Fg Off Arthur Cleverton Tremellen (27) killed (pilot)

Flt Lt Sturley Philip Simpson injured

10.2.26 Flycatcher N9892, 402 Flt, HMS Eagle

Spun and crashed, Hal Far, Malta

Fg Off Henry Roger Hancox (27) died 11.2.26 (Lt, RN)

19.2.26 Bristol Fighter, Aden Flight, Khormaksar

Flying accident, Nobat Dakim, South Arabia

Flt Lt Eric Barnes Mason (29) killed

AC1 Jack Gwynne Cole (24) killed

1.3.26 Bristol Fighter, 5 Sqn, Risalpur

Checking officer in car hit by bomb dropped on range, Risalpur, India

Fg Off Edward Langley Wilson Hill Alms (26) killed

5.3.26 Bristol Fighter, Aircraft Depot Karachi

Crashed during bombing practice, Drigh Road, Karachi, India

Fg Off Camille Percy Maurice Benjamin Caillard (28) killed

LAC Andrew Barron (29) killed

26.3.26 D.H.9A, 4 FTS, Abu Sueir

Stalled in after spin, Abu Sueir, Egypt

Plt Off Ivan Randolph Sweeting (23) killed

Sgt Rupert Horrocks (26) killed (pilot)

30.3.26 Fairey IIID N9758, 441 Flt, HMS Hermes

Went over ship's side while landing on HMS Hermes, off Calafrana, Malta

Fg Off Thomas Lawe Guy Bryan (25) drowned (Lt, RM)

31.3.26 Bristol Fighter, 28 Sqn, Quetta

Crashed while engaged in wireless work, Quetta, India

Fg Off Reginald John Willson (32) killed

LAC Arthur John Burgess (23) killed

4.4.26 D.H.9A E8648, 60 Sqn, Arawali

Crashed, Arawali, India

Plt Off David John Lloyd (29) killed

Lt Walter John Vezey (25) killed (RE)

15.4.26 D.H.9A, 84 Sqn, Shaibah

Crashed in sandstorm, near Jaliba, 100m N of Basra, Iraq

Fg Off James Eric Tomes (23) killed

LAC Frank Edward Leatherdale (22) killed

17.4.26 D.H.9A J7108, 14 Sqn, Amman

Spun in from 500ft, Amman, Transjordan

Sqn Ldr Harley Alec Tweedie OBE AFC (37) killed

Flt Lt Stanley Harry Wallage MC (30) killed

22.4.26 ?, HMS Hermes

Airman hit by propeller on deck, HMS Hermes, Malta

AC1 Henry Frank Mills (22) killed

9.5.26 Avro, 4 FTS, Abu Sueir

Crashed, Abu Sueir, Egypt

LAC Howard Keith Warwick (23) died 8.6.26

13.5.26 Snipe E8384, 1 Sqn, Hinaidi

Caught fire during night flight, Hinaidi, Iraq

Plt Off Stuart Adolphus Young (28) died 14.5.26

29.6.26 D.H.9A J7843, 4 FTS, Abu Sueir

Crashed near Station No 6, Suez Canal, while landing at Abu Sueir in fog

Plt Off Noel Jardin Anderson (22) killed

LAC Edward Ernest Gregg (22) killed

5.7.26 DH.50J G-EBFO, de Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd

Mechanic shot in flight, between Baghdad and Basra, Iraq

Arthur Buller Lynes Elliott (26) died 6.7.26

Alan Cobham unhurt

6.7.26 Bristol Fighter, 5 Sqn, Risalpur

Stalled on approach, Razmak, India

Fg Off Clement Conrad Harris (29) killed (Lt, RA)

LAC Cecil Robert Avery (23) killed

26.7.26 Vickers Vernon II J7143, 45 Sqn, Hinaidi

Crashed on take-off onto shed roof, Hinaidi, Iraq

Sqn Ldr Eric Miller Pollard (31) killed

Flt Lt Reginald Carey Brenton Brading DFC (27) killed

Fg Off Oswald Kempson Stirling Webb (26) killed (pilot)

Sgt Edgar Kennedy (25) killed

AC1 Horace Leslie Davis (23) killed

AC2 Edgar Whittle (24) killed (working in shed)

Mr Francis Crawfurd Inglis (33) killed

Plt Off George Percy Mee injured

AC1 James Douglas Henderson unhurt

1.8.26 Bristol Fighter J6640, 31 Sqn, Ambala

Crashed on take-off, Multan, India

LAC Percy William Edward Crunden (26) killed

Fg Off Jack Courtney Marcy injured

10.8.26 D.H.9A J6967, 4 FTS, Abu Sueir

Pilot hit by propeller, Belbeis, Egypt

Plt Off Ronald William Coneybeer (22) killed

Sgt Newton William Baker unhurt

10.8.26 D.H.9A ER928, 47 Sqn, Helwan

Crashed in fog near pyramids, Helwan, Egypt

Fg Off Herbert Gerald Slater (26) killed

AC1 Thomas Reginald Harvey (28) killed

15.8.26 Bristol Fighter, 20 Sqn, Peshawar

Crashed, Dalbandin, Baluchistan, India

LAC William Slater Bolam (24) killed

Wg Cdr John Oliver Archer CBE injured

1.9.26 D.H.9A, 55 Sqn, Hinaidi

Flying accident, Hinaidi, Iraq

Fg Off William Osmond Du Port (22) killed

LAC William Arthur Pearse (22) died 2.9.26

14.9.26 Bristol Fighter, 31 Sqn, Ambala

Flying accident, near Lahore, India

Plt Off Dick Culverwell Sherman (23) killed

22.9.26 Bristol Fighter, 5 Sqn, Risalpur

Sank in River Indus, near Attock, India

AC1 Percy Jones (25) drowned

Fg Off Denniss Robinson injured

1.10.26 Bristol Fighter J6631, 20 Sqn, Peshawar

Crashed and caught fire, Peshawar, India

Fg Off Philip Hedgeland Nicholls (21) died 5.10.26

LAC George Cairns injured

18.10.26 Bristol Fighter C802, 208 Sqn, Ismailia

Flying accident, Moascar, Ismailia, Egypt

Fg Off Vincent Bingham Bingham-Hall MC (28) killed

Plt Off William Higgins killed (Marine, RM)

21.10.26 Avro Bison II N9969, 423 Flt, HMS Eagle

Crashed in sea, 5.5m N of Valletta, Malta

Lt Joseph Ennis Sclater Anderson (28) killed

Lt Henry Leigh Carslake (26) killed

Fg Off Hugh Nelson Lay (23) drowned (Lt, RN)

Telegraphist Robert William Gibbs (24) killed

29.12.26 Bristol Fighter, 28 Sqn, Ambala

Dived into ground, Ambala, India

Fg Off (Hon Flt Lt) Alastair Neil Macneal (27) killed

LAC Cyril Arthur Overy (21) killed

18.1.1927 Avro Bison II N9972, 423 Flt, HMS Eagle

Hit cliff and crashed in sea after take-off from Hal Far, Ghar Hasan, Malta

Flt Lt Cyril Fraser Brewerton DSC (28) killed

Fg Off Edwin Chafe (27) killed (Lt, RN)

Lt Guy Owen-Jones (25) killed

Leading Telegraphist George William Burton (28) killed

27.1.27 Flycatcher N9916, 405 Flt, HMS Furious

Crashed attempting to land on HMS Furious, off Portugal

Fg Off Arthur Sattin (33) drowned

28.1.27 Blackburn Dart N9800, 462 Flt, HMS Furious

Stalled and crashed in sea, off Gibraltar

Fg Off Gordon Thursby Campbell (27) killed (Lt, RN)

1.2.27 Flycatcher S1069, 402 Flt, HMS Eagle

Collision with Fairey IIID N9576, off Benghisa Point, Marsaxlokk Bay, Malta

Fg Off John Yarnton Mills (25) killed (Lt, RN)

Wg Cdr Gilbert George Herbert Cooke DFC AFC injured in Fairey IIID

Flt Sgt Arthur Edmund Lawrence Worster injured in Fairey IIID

Fg Off Alexander Harold James Howlett unhurt in Fairey IIID (pilot)

12.3.27 Fairey IIIF S1139, 60 Sqn, Kohat

Stalled, crashed and caught fire, Peshawar, India

Fg Off (Hon Flt Lt) Robert Owen Rigg (26) killed

LAC William James Meaden (24) killed

LAC Patrick John Sexton (21) killed

25.5.27 D.H.9A J7831, 14 Sqn, Ramleh

Crashed, Gaza, Palestine

Fg Off Robert Douglas Vernon Howard (32) killed (RAFO; Imperial Airways pilot)

Albert Edward Turvey (24) killed (Imperial Airways wireless operator)

26.5.27 D.H.9 G-IAAB, J J C Cocks, Lahore

Missing, between Konia and Costantinople, Turkey

Fg Off John James Crofts Cocks (32) presumed dead

LAC Jack Rowston (23) presumed dead

9.6.27 Flycatcher N9887, 402 Flt, HMS Eagle

Crashed in sea during low bombing exercise from Hal Far, Marsaxlokk, Malta

Fg Off Haydon Marriott Sutherland Forbes DSC (29) killed (Lt Cdr, RN)

24.6.27 Bristol Fighter, 31 Sqn, Quetta

Crashed during shadow-fighting practice, Old Chaman, India

Fg Off Randal Earl Slacke (22) killed

LAC Alfred Claudius Hart (25) killed

12.7.27 Flycatcher N9910, 403 Flt, HMS Hermes

Crashed into water, near Chang Chan Island, Hong Kong harbour

Fg Off (Hon Flt Lt) Leonard William Hennell Phillips (27) killed (Lt, RN)

19.7.27 D.H.9A J7868, 4 FTS, Abu Sueir

Stalled on take-off, spun and caught fire, Aboukir, Egypt

Cpl Reginald William Richard Robins DFM (25) killed

22.7.27 D.H.9A, 47 Sqn, Helwan

Accident, El Tabbin, River Nile, Egypt

AC1 Harold Kauntze Bacon (22) killed

Fg Off Francis Stanhope Homersham DCM MM unhurt

24.8.27 D.H.9A, 45 Sqn, Helwan

Flying accident, Heliopolis, Egypt

Flt Sgt Gilbert Smith (38) died 26.8.27

LAC (Act Sgt) George Bruce Gillie injured (pilot)

31.8.27 Fokker F.VIIa G-EBTQ "St. Raphael", Princess Anne of Löwenstein

Lost on trans-Atlantic attempt from Upavon

Sqn Ldr Frederick Frank Reilly Minchin CBE DSO MC (37) killed (RAFO)

Fg Off Leslie Hamilton DFC (29) killed

Princess Anne of L�wenstein-Wertheim-Freudenberg (63) killed

7.9.27 Stinson SM-1 Detroiter (M202) "Sir John Carling", Carling Breweries

Lost on trans-Atlantic attempt from Harbour Grace, Newfoundland

Fg Off James Victor Medcalf killed (29) (RAFO)

Capt Terence Bernard Tully AFC (35) killed (Canadian)

15.9.27 Bristol Fighter H1632, 30 Sqn, Hinaidi

Flying accident, Hinaidi, Iraq

Wg Cdr Arthur Bruce Gaskell DSC (39) killed

LAC William Ronald Kittow-Roberts (22) killed

19.11.27 D.H.9A, 84 Sqn, Shaibah

Stalled, spun and caught fire, Shaibah, Iraq

Sgt Arthur Alfred Cole (24) killed

LAC Patrick Conlon (29) killed

9.1.1928 Bristol Fighter, 6 Sqn, Mosul

Crashed on take-off, Hinaidi, Iraq

Plt Off Lionel Edward Ruggles Fisher MC (30) killed (Lt, RARO)

Lt Sidney Gordon Haserick (27) killed

30.1.28 D.H.9A J8118, 45 Sqn, Helwan

Flying accident, Helwan, Egypt

LAC Harold Edwin Fisher (22) killed

Sgt Frederick Ernest O'Meara injured

20.2.28 D.H.9A, 55 Sqn, Hinaidi

Shot down by Wahabi raiders, Busaiyah, Iraq

Fg Off Rolf Booth Hilton Jackson (24) killed

Gunner captured

12.3.28 Avro 548 G-EBSC, Henderson Flying School Ltd, Youngsfield, Wynberg

Dived in after take-off, Harrismith, South Africa

James Henry Dewhirst DFC (35) killed

Dr Joubert killed

12.3.28 DH.60X Moth G-EBSQ "Miss Propaganda", M Carberry, Nyeri, Kenya

Spun and crashed, Ngong Road landing ground, near Nairobi, Kenya

Mrs Maia Alfreda Ivy Carberry (Lady Carbery) (24) killed

Dudley Cowie (22) killed

13.3.28 Stinson SM-1 Detroiter X4183 "Endeavour", The Hon Elsie Mackay

Lost on trans-Atlantic attempt from Cranwell

Capt Walter George Raymond Hinchliffe DFC (33) killed

Hon Elsie Mackay (35) killed

28.3.28 D.H.9A, 14 Sqn, Amman

Crashed, near Amman, Transjordan

Flt Lt George McCormack (32) killed

LAC James Kimberley (33) killed

2.4.28 D.H.9A J7854, 30 Sqn, Hinaidi

Spun in, near Hillah, Iraq

Plt Off Jack Whitworth Wood (26) killed

AC1 William Waugh (22) killed

3.4.28 Fairey IIIF S1216, 440 Flt, HMS Hermes

Engine exploded in flight, Hong Kong

Fg Off Alfred William Beverley Hale (21) killed

Lt John Henry Patrick Graham (23) killed

Telegraphist Stanley Jackson (26) killed

25.4.28 D.H.9A H3450, 27 Sqn, Risalpur

Crashed in Indus River after flying under bridge, Attock, India; repaired

LAC Ernest Arthur Turner (22) drowned

Sgt David Irving unhurt (reduced to AC2)

8.6.28 Bristol Fighter, 6 Sqn, Mosul

Spun in, near Mosul, Iraq

Sgt Alexander Joseph Garner (23) killed

Sgt William Frank Futcher (26) killed

12.6.28 D.H.9A, 84 Sqn, Shaibah

Spun off low turn, Shaibah, Iraq

Sgt Francis George Bamford (21) killed

LAC Arthur Sidney Frost (25) killed

20.6.28 Flycatcher N9661, 403 Flt, HMS Hermes

Broke up pulling out of dive on target, Wei-hai-wei

Fg Off Raymond Arthur Aldridge (27) killed (Lt, RN)

25.6.28 Blackburn Dart S1119, 463 Flt, HMS Courageous

Hit funnel on take-off and crashed in sea off HMS Courageous, off Malta

Fg Off John Nicholson (27) killed (Lt, RN)

26.6.28 D.H.9A, 14 Sqn, Amman

Crashed, near Amman, Transjordan

Plt Off John Henry Lorraine Maund (24) killed

AC1 Jack James Heatherstone Middleton (21) killed

3.7.28 Bristol Fighter, 31 Sqn, Quetta

Crashed, Quetta, India

Fg Off Clarence Reginald McEvoy (36) killed (Australian)

LAC James Leslie Mason (21) killed

4.7.28 Bristol Fighter, 6 Sqn, Mosul

Hit telegraph wires and crashed into River Tigris, Mosul, Iraq

Fg Off Alexander Bruce Kay (23) killed

LAC Alfred Henry Bolton injured

31.7.28 Fairey IIIF, 8 Sqn, Khormaksar

Accident, near Aden

Sgt Cecil Norman Morris (27) killed

Lance-Cpl (Act Sgt) Gwilym Williams injured

14.8.28 Fairey IIIF, 8 Sqn, Khormaksar

Crashed in sandstorm, Sheikh Othman, Aden

Flt Lt Edward Norman Tickner Edwardes (33) killed

LAC Albert Wyndham Jones injured

29.8.28 Avro 504N J8719, 4 FTS, Abu Sueir

Stalled, spun and caught fire, Abu Sueir, Egypt

LAC Sydney Charles Stevens (24) killed

31.8.28 D.H.9A J7833, 14 Sqn, Amman

Stalled on downwind turn after take-off and caught fire, Amman, Transjordan

Sgt Victor Robert Saunders (24) killed

LAC Frederick William Fletcher (23) killed

18.10.28 DH.60G Moth G-EBWV, de Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd

Lost on transatlantic attempt from St John's, Newfoundland

Lt-Cdr Henry Crawford MacDonald (32) killed

26.12.28 Fairey IIIF S1206, 47 Sqn, Khartoum

Stalled at low altitude and crashed, El Obeid, Sudan

Fg Off Arnold William Alexander Ricks (23) killed

Capt James Charles Doyle killed

Sgt Charles Leonard Long (28) killed

2.1.1929 D.H.9A J7838, 55 Sqn, Hinaidi

Forced landed and overturned after engine failure on test flight, Hinaidi, Iraq

Plt Off Raymond Russell Carroll (22) killed

Plt Off Edward Victor L'Estrange injured (pilot)

6.2.29 Fairey IIID S1023, 441 Flt, HMS Argus

Dived into water, Gibraltar Bay

Fg Off Richard Francis Bain Cecil (27) killed (Lt, RN)

Lt Heathcote Andrew John Grant (28) killed

14.2.29 D.H.9A J8192, 30 Sqn, Hinaidi

Starting accident: wireless operator hit by propeller, Hinaidi, Iraq

LAC John Prunty (21) died 16.2.29

2.3.29 Avro 504K G-AACX?, Dominion Aircraft Ltd

Nose dived on approach, Willowmore, Cape Colony, South Africa

John Colquhoun (Ian) Don (24) killed

Salomon Johannes Jacobus Vermaak (35) killed

Johanna Jacomina Jansen Van Vuuren Vermaak (30) killed

3.3.29 Wapiti?, 84 Sqn, Shaibah

Wireless operator shot in battle with Wahabi raiders, 20m S of Kuwait

AC1 James Richard Knight (21) killed

18.3.29 Fairey IIIF SR1191, 47 Sqn, Khartoum

Crashed on take-off, Gwelo, Southern Rhodesia

Fg Off Yvon William Burnett (28) killed

LAC (Act Sgt) Thomas Condy Turner (23) killed

13.5.29 Fairey IIIF S1304, 440 Flt, HMS Hermes

Went over side of HMS Hermes while attempting to land, Mirs Bay, Hong Kong

AC1 James Arthur George Wallis (20) drowned

Fg Off James Edmund Fenton unhurt (pilot, Lt, RN)

AC1 Francis Thomas Harding unhurt

27.6.29 Wapiti IIA J9408, 30 Sqn, Shaibah

Crashed and overturned, near Luqait, Iraq; repaired

Flt Lt Christopher George Halliday (33) killed

AC1 John Laverty injured

24.8.29 Vickers Victoria, 216 Sqn, Heliopolis

Crashed after take-off, Heliopolis, Egypt

Plt Off John Wilson (22) killed

Sgt John Melville (28) killed (pilot)

LAC Mervyn Henry Creed (25) died 25.8.29

LAC Charles Ernest Langan (24) killed

Sgt Sydney Deacon injured

AC1 Frank Wilfred Mabbett injured

6.9.29 DH.66 Hercules G-EBMZ "City of Jerusalem", Imperial Airways

Stalled on approach at night and caught fire, Jask, Persia

Capt Albert Edward Woodbridge (31) killed (Flt Lt, RAFO)

John Court (25) killed (mechanic)

Vernon Garrold Bell (37) killed

H Bourne injured (wireless operator)

H C Amor injured (flight engineer)

24.10.29 D.H.9A J8176, 55 Sqn, Hinaidi

Hit signpost and crashed. near Diyala, Hinaidi, Iraq

Cpl William Walmsley (30) killed

Fg Off Edmond John Hugh Fulford Moreton injured

26.10.29 Short Calcutta G-AADN "City of Rome", Imperial Airways

Wrecked after forced landing on sea in bad weather, 10m SW of La Spezia, Italy

Capt Lascelles Spence Birt (27) drowned (Fg Off, RAFO)

Terence Francis Pembroke (27) drowned (flight engineer)

Sidney Jarvis Stone (28) drowned (wireless operator)

Miss Marjorie Ruth Bomford (36) drowned

Charles Ritchie (49) drowned

Henry King Robinson (38) drowned

Bertie Ernest Turney (40) drowned

29.10.29 Fairey IIID S1018, 442 Flt, HMS Hermes

Stalled turning after take-off, crashed into harbour and sank, Hong Kong

Fg Off Albert Ross Ward (25) drowned

LAC G T Cant unhurt

Telegraphist Walter Francis Sidney Aplin unhurt

17.12.29 Fairey Long Range Monoplane J9479

Crashed on mountain, 30m S of Tunis, N Africa

Sqn Ldr Arthur Gordon Jones-Williams OBE MC (31) killed

Flt Lt Norman Hugh Jenkins OBE DFC DSM (34) killed

1930 - 1939

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