A list of fatal accidents to British aircraft overseas 1930 - 2 Sep 1939

8.1.1930 Avro 504N J8716 & J8981, 4 FTS, Abu Sueir

Collision, Abu Sueir, Egypt

Flt Lt Richard Samuel Greenslade (35) killed

Fg Off Charles Edson Galpin (28) killed (New Zealander)

Cpl William Henry Chilman (23) killed

LAC Leonard Vincent Green (23) killed

23.4.30 Fairey IIIF S1201, 47 Sqn, Khartoum

Stalled after engine failure, Heliopolis, Egypt

Plt Off Francis Slade Barron (26) killed

AC1 Cyril Fred Davis (22) killed

5.5.30 Bristol Fighter F4414, 20 Sqn, Peshawar

Hit telephone wire and crashed, Jhelum LG, Punjab, India

Fg Off John William Hawke (23) died 15.5.30

LAC Ernest Raymond Charlesworth (28) killed

14.5.30 Bristol Fighter F4562, 20 Sqn, Peshawar

Crashed due to engine trouble, Ali Musjid, near Peshawar, India

Flt Lt James Charles Henry Tavendale (26) killed

LAC Henry John Chapell (22) killed

15.5.30 Fairey IIIF S1306, 440 Flt, HMS Hermes

Airman fell out of aircraft, Kai Tak, Hong Kong

LAC Alfred John Jarvis (23) killed

Lt Richard Pennington Garnett (pilot)

17.5.30 Wapiti IIA J9401, 11 Sqn, Risalpur

Pilot killed on bombing raid; crashed landing at base, Risalpur, India

Fg Off Richard William Alexander Stroud (23) killed

AC1 Charles Samuel Wiltshire (22) killed

21.5.30 DH.60G Moth G-EBZY (ZK-ABV), Bryant House Airways, Te Rapa

Spun in whilst joyriding, Te Awamutu, New Zealand; rebuilt

Alfred William Saunders DFC (42) killed

Alfred Trench Minchin (21) killed

5.6.30 Fairey IIID S1078, 202 Sqn, Kalafrana

Spun into water, off Birzebbuga, Malta

Fg Off Reginald Frederick Francis (31) killed

LAC Charles Drewery Harris (23) killed

13.6.30 Wapiti IIA J9712, 60 Sqn, Kohat

Stalled after take-off and caught fire, Kohat, India

Sgt Edward Albert Hindelang (23) killed

LAC William Henry Lansdell (25) died 14.6.30

3.7.30 DH.60M Moth G-AAWV, E L Hook, Heston

Crashed in jungle, Arakan Hills, near Prome, Burma

Eric Laurance Hook (27) died after 8.7.30 (Australian)

James Matthews survived

5.7.30 DH.80A Puss Moth G-AAZY, Baron de Precourt, Villacoublay, Paris

Spun and crashed shortly after take-off in bad weather, Petit Clamart, France

Bernard Levavasseur de Précourt, baron de Précourt (28) killed

Ballet killed (mechanic)

Comte Etienne des Roys killed

7.7.30 Fairey IIID N9730, 202 Sqn, Kalafrana

Collided with an RAF dinghy while taxying, Malta

LAC Henry Frederick Arnold (23) died 8.7.30 (in boat)

9.7.30 Wapiti IIA J9625 & J9636, 55 Sqn, Hinaidi

Collision with taxying aircraft on take-off, Hinaidi, Iraq

Sgt John Ritchie Gordon (23) killed

26.7.30 Fairey IIIF J9134, 8 Sqn, Khormaksar

Crashed, Khormaksar, Aden

Fg Off Geoffrey Norman Pilcher (25) killed

LAC Robert Angus Laidler (26) killed

15.8.30 D.H.9A J8138, 4 FTS, Abu Sueir

Crashed, Abu Sueir, Egypt

Fg Off Eric Tennant Kingsford (27) killed (Lt, P of W Vols)

3.9.30 Wapiti IIA J9489 & J9623, 30 Sqn, Mosul

Midair collision at 4000ft, near Aqra, Iraq

LAC James Cooper (29) killed

Fg Off Charles Peter Hanlon injured [died 25.12.30]

LAC Thomas Walter Kent injured

Fg Off Hugh Lindsay McCulloch unhurt

15.9.30 Wapiti, 11 Sqn, Risalpur

Flying accident, Lowarai Pass, North-West Frontier Province, India

Sgt Owen Cambridge Clarke (28) killed

LAC Frank Spencer Valentine (23) killed

21.9.30 DH.60G Moth G-AALZ, Aero Club Zagreb

Crashed on approach and caught fire, Velika Gorica, near Zagreb, Yugoslavia

2 killed

5.10.30 H.M. Airship R101 G-FAAW, Air Ministry

Crashed in bad weather, near Beauvais, France

48 killed:

Lt-Cdr Noel Grebowski Atherstone AFC (36) (First Officer)

George Kimberley Atkins (30) (Wireless Operator)

Major Percy Bishop OBE (42) (Chief Inspector, Aeronautical Inspection Department)

Richard Blake (33) (Engineer)

AVM Sir William Sefton Brancker KCB AFC (Ret) (53) (Director of Civil Aviation)

James Buck (20) (Lord Thomson's valet)

Charles Arthur Burton (29) (Engineer)

Fg Off Alexander Bushfield (Ret) (52) (Aeronautical Inspection Dept)

Samuel Church (25) (Rigger)

Wg Cdr Reginald Blayney Bulteel Colmore OBE (43) (Director of Airship Development)

John Francis Curran alias William Frank Hodnett (29) (Assistant Steward)

Frank Elliott (28) (Wireless Operator)

Christopher John Fergusson (36) (Engineer)

Hector Eric Ford (26) (Rigger)

Percy Archdale Foster (28) (Rigger)

William Rose Gent AFM MSM (53) (Chief Engineer)

Maurice Alfred Giblett (36) (Chief meteorological officer)

Eric Anderson Graham (28) (Cook)

Alfred Charles Hasting (29) (Engineer)

George William Hunt AFM (41) (Chief Coxswain)

Flt Lt Herbert Carmichael Irwin AFC(36) (Captain)

Sqn Ldr Ernest Livingstone Johnston OBE AFC (38) (Navigator) (RAFO)

Spencer Thomas Keeley MSM (31) (Chief Wireless Operator)

Thomas Arthur Auckland Key (34) (Charge-Hand Engineer)

William Henry King (32) (Engineer)

Maurice Frank Littlekit (29) (Engineer)

Christopher Hugh Mason (33) (Assistant Coxswain)

Thomas William Megginson (18) (Galley Boy)

Wilfred Moule (30) (Engineer)

Arthur William James Norcott (29) (Rigger)

Sqn Ldr William Hickley Lovell O'Neill MC (40) (Deputy Director of Civil Aviation, India)

Leonard Frederick Oughton (29) (Assistant Coxswain)

Sqn Ldr William Palstra MC (38) (RAAF)

Flt Sgt Walter Augustus Potter (33) (Assistant Coxswain)

Walter George Radcliffe (31) (Rigger)

Martin George Rampton (31) (Rigger)

Arthur James Richardson (29) (Rigger)

Lt-Col Vincent Crane Richmond (37) (Assistant Director of Airship Development/Technical)

Sqn Ldr Frederick Michael Rope (42) (Assistant to Director of Airship Development/Technical)

Ernest George Rudd (25) (Rigger)

Albert Henry Savidge (30) (Chief Steward)

Major George Herbert Scott CBE AFC (42) (Assistant Director of Airship Development/Flying)

Sidney Ernest Scott (40) (Charge-Hand Engineer)

George William Short (34) (Charge-Hand Engineer)

Fg Off Maurice Henry Steff (34) (Second officer)

Cecil Edgar Taylor (30) (Rigger)

The Right Hon Lord Thomson PC CBE DSO (55) (Air Minister)

Albert Henry Watkins (28) (Engineer)

6 survivors:

Arthur Victor Bell injured (Engineer)

John Henry Binks injured (Engineer)

Alfred John Gale Cook injured (Engineer)

Arthur Disley injured (Chief electrician)

Henry James Leech injured (Foreman engineer, Royal Airship Works)

Alfred Victor Alexander Savory injured (Engineer)

7.10.30 Fairey IIIF S1324, 448 Flt, HMS Eagle

Wireless operator fell out of aircraft after collision with S1371, Aboukir Bay, Egypt

Cpl Leslie Arthur Knight (29) killed

Flt Lt Harold Hunter Down unhurt

15.10.30 Ripon S1365, 461 Flt, HMS Glorious

Failed to recover from dive, Hal Far, Malta

Fg Off Maurice Thomas Cowin (25) killed (Lt, RN)

LAC Edward George Barker (27) killed

27.10.30 ?, HMS Courageous

Observer walked into revolving propeller after landing, HMS Courageous, at sea with Atlantic Fleet

Lt David Alexander Christison Sillar (29) killed

Lt Thomas Sturges Jackson (pilot)

30.10.30 Handley Page W8g G-EBIX "City of Washington", Imperial Airways

Stalled and crashed in fog after engine failure, Neufchâtel, Boulogne, France

Fred Howard Mason (29) killed (mechanic)

Alfred Conrad James (28) killed (ground engineer)

Harry Bolsover (37) died 2.11.30

James Street killed (American)

John Joseph (Paddy) Flynn injured (pilot, Fg Off, RAFO)

Frederick Basil Tomkins injured

3.11.30 Avro 621 Trainer G-ABFL, A V Roe & Co Ltd / Wevelghem Flying School

Crashed on delivery flight, Wevelghem, Belgium

Jack Chapman (29) killed

11.12.30 DH.60X Moth seaplane G-EBUJ, Royal Singapore Flying Club

Spun into sea, Singapore harbour; rebuilt

Lionel Francis Willes Johnson (25) drowned

31.12.30 Wapiti IIA J9635, 55 Sqn, Hinaidi

Overturned on landing, Hinaidi, Iraq

LAC Alexander Donaldson Chambers (26) died 1.1.31

2Lt Nasir Husain Janabi unhurt (pilot, Iraqi Air Force)

5.1.1931 Wapiti J9092, 84 Sqn, Shaibah

Overturned on landing at night and caught fire, Shaibah, Iraq

Sqn Ldr Harry Stewart (36) killed

LAC Henry Irving Wood injured

10.1.31 Wapiti IIA J9380, 39 Sqn, Risalpur

Hit by eagle, wing collapsed and crashed, Risalpur, India

Sgt James Edward Wren (28) killed

Cpl Thomas William Penny Jeffrey AFM (29) killed

17.2.31 Horsley S1444, 36 Sqn, Seletar

Crashed into the sea, off Seletar, Singapore

Fg Off Sidney Alexander Davis (20) killed

Cpl Victor Redvers Ransome Boyce (29) killed

23.3.31 Wapiti, 55 Sqn, Hinaidi

Hit tree attempting message pickup, Qara Dagh, near Suleimania, Iraq

Sgt William Henry Anthony (25) killed

AC1 Robert Hugo Nicholas (23) killed

26.3.31 Bristol Fighter H1493, 6 Sqn, Ismailia

Fatal starting accident: airmen hit by propeller, Ismailia, Egypt

LAC Harry Smith (24) killed

LAC Ronald George Luck injured

4.4.31 Fairey IIIF SR1143, Communication Flight Heliopolis

Stalled landing, Ismailia, Egypt

Sqn Ldr John Keith Waugh DSC (39) died 8.4.31 (Canadian)

AC1 David Golphin injured

AC1 James Alexander Shirreff Thomas injured

12.4.31 Avro 616 Avian IVA G-ABCF (VH-UPT) "Southern Cross Junior", A James, Sydney

Wing folded back in flight, Mascot, Sydney, Australia

Leonard J Palmer (29) killed

Albert E James (30) killed

24.4.31 Bristol Fighter, 20 Sqn, Peshawar

Crashed, Khajuri Plain, near Peshawar, India

Fg Off David Harry Gadsdon Wood (24) killed

AC1 Ronald Frederick Ring (21) killed

14.5.31 DH.60G Moth G-ABAK, D G Finch-Hatton

Stalled and crashed after take-off, Voi, Kenya

Capt the Hon Denys George Finch-Hatton (44) killed

Mohamed bin Hamisi killed (Kenyan)

14.6.31 DH.80A Puss Moth G-ABBH, H A Brock, Heston

Spun in during gale, Verneuil-sur-Avre, France

Harold Ashley Brock (28) killed

John Robertson killed

7.7.31 Vickers Victoria IV JR8927, 216 Sqn, Heliopolis

Crashed, near Deversoir, Egypt

LAC George William Curtis (22) killed

AC1 Thomas Henry Mann injured

Fg Off Charles Edmund William Nigel Cavendish Pelly unhurt (pilot)

Plt Off Francis Guy Mason unhurt

Cpl Herbert Edward Rogers unhurt

LAC Douglas Walter Lambert unhurt

AC1 George Lewis Lidstone unhurt

10.7.31 Fairey IIIF G-AATT, Air Survey Co Ltd, Northolt

Crashed in River Nile in storm, near Nimule, Uganda

Ronald Wilfred Lott Andrews (28) drowned

William Walter Howard drowned

E W Hills rescued

5.8.31 Atlas, 208 Sqn, Heliopolis

Crashed in fog and burst into flames, near Almaza aerodrome, Egypt

Flt Lt Arthur Reginald Jones (32) killed

LAC Edgar Giles Clive Henry (21) killed

8.9.31 Blackburn Bluebird III G-EBWE, K V Wright, Farnborough

Engine broke away after take-off, Baulers, Nivelles, Belgium

Fg Off Charles Roosmale McMullin (37) killed (RAFO)

Kenneth Vernon Wright (27) killed

9.9.31 Atlas I K1015, 4 FTS, Abu Sueir

Flying accident, Abu Sueir, Egypt

LAC John Hudson (22) killed

1.10.31 Atlas I J9960, 208 Sqn, Heliopolis

Crashed on take-off, Ismailia, Egypt

Fg Off Frederick Ernest Abbott (23) killed

Lt-Col Percy Stewart Rowan DSO (28) killed

2.10.31 Ripon S1467, 461 Flt, HMS Glorious

Dived into sea, off Famagusta, Cyprus

Flt Lt Archibald Guthrie Elliot (33) killed (Lt Cdr, RN)

Lt Cdr Frederick Sidney Benney (36) killed

7.10.31 Vickers Victoria IV J8919, 70 Sqn, Hinaidi

Airman fell from aircraft, near Kut-al-Amara, Iraq

LAC Ralph Reginald Fuller (22) killed

14.10.31 Wapiti, Aircraft Depot, Karachi

Crashed in river bed, Hubb River, Marud Khan, near Karachi, India

Sqn Ldr Trevor Edward Salt AFC (37) killed

LAC Albert Emsley Parker injured

24.10.31 Blackburn Bluebird IV G-ABPV, Blackburn Aeroplane & Motor Co Ltd

Spun and crashed, Tatoi, Athens, Greece

M Sakellariou killed (Greek Army)

21.12.31 Flycatcher N9670, 406 Flt, HMS Emerald

Spun into the sea while machine-gunning floating targets, Bahrein

Fg Off Peter Dabney Heinemann (26) killed (Lt, RN)

12.1.1932 Atlas AC K1526, 208 Sqn, Heliopolis

Crashed after wings separated, Mena village, near Giza pyramids, Egypt

Flt Lt Francis Joseph O'Doherty (29) killed

AC1 Denis John Maurice O'Mahony (28) killed

17.2.32 Fairey IIIF S1491, 450 Flt, HMS Courageous

Crashed in sea, off Marsa Scirocco, Malta

Able Seaman James Starley (23) killed

Fg Off George Frederick Whistondale baled out (pilot)

21.2.32 Comper Swift EI-AAL "Shamrocket 1", M G A Scally, Baldonnel

Crashed, Berre, Marseille, France

Maurice G A "Manco" Scally (32) killed

25.2.32 Flycatcher N9679, 401 Flt, HMS Courageous

Collision with S1273, off Malta Harbour

Flt Lt Hugh Ditton (34) killed (Lt Cdr, RN)

25.2.32 Flycatcher S1273, 401 Flt, HMS Courageous

Collision with N9679, off Malta Harbour

Fg Off Reginald Stradling Collins (24) killed

3.4.32 Wapiti, 30 Sqn, Mosul

Hit by hostile gunfire on recce, Barzan district; landed, Adraf Diana, Rowanduz, Iraq

Sgt Herbert Victor Hudson (25) killed

AC1 Thomas Frank Merrick injured

21.4.32 Atlas, 208 Sqn, Heliopolis

Flying accident, Heliopolis, Egypt

Fg Off Henry Thomas Clark (20) killed

LAC Henry Arthur Crook injured

25.4.32 Ripon S1265, 462 Flt, HMS Glorious

Ditched in sea, off Ras il Pellegrin, west coast of Malta

Fg Off Paul Leslie Hylder Dundas Irven (23) killed (Lt, RN)

Midshipman Archibald Hamilton (18) killed

23.5.32 Fairey IIIF J9814, 14 Sqn, Amman

Failed to recover from spin, 2m N of Gaza, Palestine

Fg Off Eric Victor Newcomen Bramley (21) killed

LAC Gerald William Moore (24) killed

LAC Leslie Charles Menet baled out

25.5.32 Wapiti, 55 Sqn, Hinaidi

Lost on reconnaissance, Northern Kurdistan

Sgt Lawrence Frederick Gordon Basting (24) killed

LAC Leonard Gordon Edmonds (22) killed

1.7.32 Wapiti, 27 Sqn, Kohat

Flying accident, Kohat, India

Sgt Matthew Brown (25) died 2.7.32

LAC Hubert William Stephenson (24) killed

28.7.32 Fairey IIIF J7810, 47 Sqn, Khartoum

Crashed on take-off, Juba, Mongalla Province, Sudan

Lt James Wilfred Moncrieff Fletcher (28) killed (Sudan Defence Force)

Sgt Herbert Lazelle injured (pilot)

LAC Norman Charles Frank Clay injured

12.8.32 Avro 616 Avian IVM G-AAKA, F B Taylor & G W Salt, Kuala Lumpur

Missing, Gulf of Martaban, en route from Moulmein, Burma to Rangoon

Fergus Burtholme Taylor (29) killed

Geoffrey Wyndham Salt (27) killed

15.9.32 Supermarine Southampton II S1128, 205 Sqn, Seletar

Crashed landing on glassy surface and sank, Johore Strait, near Seletar, Singapore

LAC Leonard Stephen Davey (24) drowned

LAC Robert Cecil Hinkin (20) drowned

Fg Off Wilfred Farnsworth Hilchie injured (pilot)

LAC Stanley Cyril Sweetland injured

AC1 Herbert Ronald Shawyer injured

16.9.32 Fairey IIIF JR9792, 47 Sqn, Khartoum

Crashed landing on River Nile, Nyinakok, near Wau, Bahr el Ghazal province, Sudan

Sgt Reginald Eaves Claridge (25) drowned

AC Harold Percy Marsh unhurt

AC1 Edward Thomas New unhurt

29.10.32 DH.80A Puss Moth G-ABFU, M Nathan, Rome

Hit electricity pylon in fog, near Rencurel, near Grenoble, France

Maurice Nathan (52) killed

George Montefiore (32) killed

30.11.32 Wapiti, 55 Sqn, Hinaidi

Crashed on landing, near Ramadi, Iraq

Flt Lt Cyril Rutherford Mason (33) died 12.12.32

LAC Charles Edward Bicknell injured

2.12.32 Horsley S1449, 36 Sqn, Seletar

Dived into sea during torpedo practice, Rhio Strait, near Singapore

Plt Off Donald Edward Forman (20) killed

LAC Eric Thompson Laycock injured

15.12.32 Avro 504N J8986, 4 FTS, Abu Sueir

Flying accident, Abu Sueir, Egypt

Act Plt Off Brian Radcliffe Moeran (22) killed

22.12.32 Fairey IIIF, 47 Sqn, Khartoum

Crashed, Gedaref, Sudan

Fg Off Albert Gwillim Cleland (22) killed

LAC Albert Henry Lovell (24) killed

Unknown warrant officer Sudan Defence Force killed

3.1.1933 Fairey IIIF K1158, 14 Sqn, Amman

Passenger baled out after collision with Gordon K2636; a/c landed safely, near Amman, Transjordan

AC1 Charles Stocks (23) killed

Flt Lt Richard Llewellyn Roger Atcherley unhurt

Plt Off George Richard Moorby unhurt in K2636

22.1.33 DH.83 Fox Moth G-ABZM, W M Omsted, Oslo

Crashed into the North Sea, off SW Norway

Wilhelm M Omsted killed (Norwegian)

Lt Sigurd Ibs Aagenæs killed (Norwegian)

25.1.33 Avro, 4 FTS, Abu Sueir

Flying accident, flight-testing a repaired aircraft, Abu Sueir, Egypt

Flt Sgt Henry Thomas Inglis AFM (34) killed

31.1.33 DH.80A Puss Moth G-AAYB, P G T Rodd, Brooklands

Stalled on turn after take off from frozen lake, St Moritz, Switzerland

Lt-Cdr Patrick Geoffrey Tremayne Rodd (31) killed

Charles Schaer injured (Swiss)

17.2.33 Avro 621 Tutor G-ABZR, National Aviation Day Displays

Crashed during aerobatics, Wingfield aerodrome, Cape Town, South Africa

Flt Lt Harold Lawson (36) killed (RAFO)

Edward Louis Ross killed

16.3.33 Wapiti, 28 Sqn, Ambala

Crashed atempting to avoid woman with baby, Ambala racecourse, India

Plt Off Robert Brandon Young (25) killed

Baby killed

LAC Frederick Thomas James Parr injured

Woman injured

20.3.33 Wapiti IIA K1276, 5 Sqn, Quetta

Crashed, Spezard, near Quetta, India

Fg Off Justin Arrowsmith Brown (28) killed

LAC John Wood (22) killed

24.3.33 Osprey S1688, 407 Flt, HMS Exeter

Hit ship's mast and crashed, Arosa Bay, Spain

Fg Off Thomas Godfrey Carey (28) killed (Lt, RN)

Lt Barclay Selwyn Francis Alton (21) killed (RM)

28.3.33 AW Argosy II G-AACI "City of Liverpool", Imperial Airways

Crashed after cabin fire, near Eessen, Dixmude, Belgium

Capt Lionel Louis Leleu (35) killed (Fg Off, RAFO)

W R Brown killed (flight engineer)

Ernest Finney Stubbs (24) killed (wireless operator)

Louis Ottewell Dearden (32) killed

Lionel Aglio Dibdin (51) killed

Mrs Cecily Grace Dibdin (50) killed

Miss Valerie Forrester Thomson (28) killed

Eugene Kreglinger (35) killed (Belgian)

Hugh McIlrath (21) killed (Australian)

Miss Katherine McIlrath (19) killed (Australian)

Sir John Thomas Podger Rowland (54) killed

Charles Frederick Rowsell (68) killed

Alexander A Thompson killed

Albert Voss (69) killed

Miss Lotte Voss (16) killed (German)

12.4.33 Avro Avian V G-ABLK "Southern Cross Minor", W N Lancaster

Forced landed in Sahara, 170 miles south of Reggane, Algeria

William Newton Lancaster (35) died 20.4.33

15.4.33 Atlas I J9965, 208 Sqn, Heliopolis

Flying accident, Ghobet el Boos landing ground, near Suez, Egypt

Plt Off William Athol Wynne Jameson (20) killed (New Zealander)

LAC Arthur Leonard Alleway (24) killed

25.4.33 Horsley II S1437, 36 Sqn, Seletar

Dived in sea during camera-gun practice, Johore Strait, Singapore

LAC John James Frederick Firth (21) killed

Fg Off George William Patrick Grant injured

28.4.33 Gordon I K2632, 14 Sqn, Amman

Two passengers thrown out by bump, near Zerka, Amman, Transjordan

LAC Reginald Henry George Willmott (24) killed

Plt Off Jack Bradley parachuted; injured

Plt Off William John Howard Ekins unhurt (pilot)

5.5.33 Hart, Aircraft Park, Lahore

Crashed on landing, Lahore, India

Fg Off Norman Daniel Lamb (26) died 10.5.33

12.6.33 Wapiti IIA K1390, 55 Sqn, Hinaidi

Caught fire at 7000ft and abandoned, near Hinaidi, Iraq

Fg Off Arthur Columba Drew (24) died 19.6.33 (Australian)

LAC Maurice Glyn Friese-Greene injured

30.6.33 Wapiti, 28 Sqn, Ambala

Crashed on low turn and caught fire, Ambala racecourse, India

Plt Off Denis Henry Furze (20) killed

LAC Albert William Lusty (24) killed

25.7.33 DH.60M Moth K1212, 8 Sqn, Khormaksar

Crashed on bombing range, Aden

Fg Off Eric Arthur Collyns (22) killed (New Zealander)

14.8.33 Wapiti IIA J9749, 27 Sqn, Kohat

Spun on forced landing in storm, Latamia, near Bannu, India

LAC Maurice Edward Bertram Castle (23) killed

Flt Lt Philip Slocombe injured

14.12.33 Wapiti IIA J9729, 5 Sqn, Quetta

Crashed, Loni Camp, near Ahmednagar, India

Plt Off Raymond Edward de Pentheny O'Kelly (22) killed

Lt Kenneth Thomas Darling injured

20.12.33 Atlas I K1012, 4 FTS, Abu Sueir

Crashed, Abu Sueir, Egypt

LAC John Joseph Francis McDermott (23) killed

30.12.33 Avro Ten G-ABLU "Apollo", Imperial Airways

Hit wireless mast and crashed, Ruysselede, near Bruges, Belgium

Fg Off John Moore Gittins (27) killed (RAFO)

Flt Lt Hugh Granville Loch (26) killed (RAFO)

Alfred Dennis Druitt Brown (33) killed

Miss Maude Desmond (22) killed

Louis John Herman Grein (62) killed (Dutch)

Samuel Halperin (40) killed (Polish)

Gerard Mes (33) killed (Dutch)

Thomas Robert Sydenham Perry (35) killed

Victor Hugh John Schroeder (51) killed

Charles Alfred Young killed

5.1.1934 DH.60G Moth G-ABDV, E Frost, Paris-Orly

Hit electricity pylon on forced landing in bad weather, near Nevers, France

Miss Evelyn Frost (30) killed (American)

Geoffrey Benskin Ruddle injured (pilot)

13.2.34 Fairey IIIF S1339, 822 Sqn, HMS Furious

Airman ran into propellor as aircraft was being hoisted out, HMS Furious, Trinidad

LAC Ernest Hobbs (22) killed

15.3.34 Vildebeest II K2919, 100 Sqn, Seletar

Stalled and crashed in South China Sea, 50m from Singapore

Act Sgt Frederick Lovett (32) drowned

Sgt Albert Edward Herniman rescued (pilot)

10.4.34 Gordon I K2624, 47 Sqn, Khartoum

Crashed during local reconaissance, 20m N of Rumbek, Sudan

Flt Lt Edmund Henry Searle psa (38) killed

LAC Arthur George Woolley (24) died 11.4.34

Mr Francis "Frank" Charles Swan Lorimer injured (District Commissioner, Rumbek)

7.5.34 Atlas K1505?, 4 FTS, Abu Sueir

Flying accident, Abu Sueir, Egypt

Act Plt Off Alexander Burr Dreghorn (21) killed

6.6.34 Vildebeest II K2920, 100 Sqn, Seletar

Crashed, off Ponggol Point, Singapore

Plt Off Martin John Okes Parish (22) killed

LAC Ivor James John Ginello (22) killed

10.6.34 Avro 621 Tutor G-AARZ, A V Roe & Co Ltd

Spun in during aerobatic contest, Vincennes, Paris, France

Capt Placido d'Abreu killed (Portuguese)

17.7.34 Fairey IIIF S1860, Station Flight Hal Far

Hit a flare and burst into flames after heavy landing, Hal Far, Malta

Flt Lt Thomas Henry Perry-Keene (32) died 21.7.34

LAC Leslie Charles Tite injured

23.8.34 DH.85 Leopard Moth G-ACLX, J J van der Leeuw

Crashed into hillside, Mporoto mountains, near Tukuyu, Tanganyika

Dr Johannes Jacobus van der Leeuw (40) killed (Dutch)

18.10.34 Osprey K2780, 803 Sqn, HMS Eagle

Seaman walked into propeller, HMS Eagle, between Hong Kong and Shanghai

Able Seaman Edward George Russell killed

Lt John Casson (pilot)

22.10.34 Fairey Fox I G-ACXX, J K C Baines

Crashed, Palazzo San Gervasio, near Foggia, Italy

Fg Off Harold Darwin Gilman (28) killed (Australian)

James Keith Campbell Baines (28) killed

20.11.34 Atlas I K1010, 4 FTS, Abu Sueir

Crashed, Abu Sueir, Egypt

LAC William Stewart Burns (24) killed

20.12.34 Osprey III K3630, 406 Flt, HMS Emerald

Crewman struck by propellor, HMS Emerald, off Calcutta, India

LAC Martin Wales Rackham (21) killed

24.1.1935 Gordon I KR2641, 47 Sqn, Khartoum

Passenger fell from aircraft, near Kolagi Springs, Dafur Province, Sudan

LAC James Richard Harffey (21) killed

12.2.35 Nimrod I S1626, 800 Sqn, HMS Courageous

Collision with S1621 over the sea, off Malta

Fg Off Peter John Pearson Rogers (22) killed

Sub-Lt Philip Alexander Roby Bremridge injured in S1621

15.2.35 Short Singapore III K3595, 210 Sqn, Pembroke Dock

Crashed in Peloritani mountains in bad weather, near Messina, Sicily

Flt Lt Henry Longfield Beatty (33) killed

Fg Off John Alexander Charles Forbes (29) killed

Sgt Herbert James Willis (25) killed

LAC William Patrick Wallace (26) killed

LAC Roland Dennis James Rees (28) killed

LAC Cyril Norton Allen (22) killed

Cpl Stephen Thomas Bailey (28) killed

AC1 Leslie Wogan (20) killed

Mr Reginald John Penn (41) killed (Senior Technical Officer, RAE)

15.4.35 Blackburn Bluebird IV G-AAIR, R W H Knight, Lamerton

Crashed, Agades, French West Africa

Ronald William Henry Knight (28) killed (Fg Off, RAFO)

Capt Arnault killed (French)

28.4.35 Vickers Victoria J8232, 216 Sqn, Heliopolis

Officer hit by propellor, Tororo, Uganda

Fg Off Martin Cedric Moore (27) killed

8.5.35 Wapiti IIA K1124, 55 Sqn, Hinaidi

Shot down by tribesmen, Diwaniyah district, Middle Euphrates area, Iraq

Plt Off Stanley John McNab Newman (22) killed

AC2 Alfred Edward Hawkins (24) killed

10.5.35 Wapiti IIA J9853, 30 Sqn, Mosul

Hit armoured car on musketry range, Mosul, Iraq

Flt Lt Henry Spear Sandiford (36) killed

AC1 John Gilbert Plevey (23) killed (in armoured car)

LAC Jack Woledge Rogers injured

LAC Harold Gilbert Keattch injured (in armoured car)

6.6.35 Percival Gull Four G-ADGK, Mrs E M Highfield, Heston

Crashed on approach, Baden Baden, Germany

Cyril Joseph Highfield (36) killed

Kistermann injured (German)

Weber injured (German)

13.6.35 Horsley S1601, 36 Sqn, Seletar

Crashed in sea during dive-bombing practice, off Seletar, Singapore

Fg Off Ronald Talbot Smith (23) killed

17.7.35 Fairey Fantome G-ADIF, Fairey Aviation Co Ltd.

Spinning nose dive, Evere, Brussels, Belgium

Stephen Herbert Gerard Trower (34) killed (Lt, RN, Ret) (Fg Off, RAFO)

5.9.35 Wapiti IIA K2292, 5 Sqn, Risalpur

Bomb exploded while being unloaded, Abbottabad, India

Sgt George Whitlow Brereton (38) killed

LAC Roland Albert Ayers (25) killed

Pte Tom Johnston Brown (29) killed

Lascar F Akireful killed (Indian)

Lascar Mahomed Din killed (Indian)

Cpl Robert Frost injured

Cpl Samuel Ernest Fraser injured

LAC Charles Edward Johnson injured

LAC Frank Burton injured

LAC Alfred Lee Tyler injured

LAC James Oliver injured

Lascar Majid Khan injured (Indian)

23 Indian army other ranks injured

26.9.35 Tutor K3314, 4 FTS

Stalled off the top of a loop and spun into the ground, Sarafand, Palestine

Fg Off William Daniel Dennehy (28) killed (New Zealander)

Fg Off Theodore Cecil Sanders (23) killed

8.11.35 Lockheed 8D Altair G-ADUS "Lady Southern Cross", Sir Charles Kingsford-Smith

Lost at sea, off Burma

Sir Charles Kingsford-Smith (38) killed (Australian)

John Thompson "Tommy" Pethybridge (28) killed (Australian)

29.12.35 Fairey IIIF J9827, 45 Sqn, Helwan

Spun into ground in steep turn, near Nairobi, Kenya

Fg Off Conrad Charles Francis (21) killed

Cpl Herbert James Bryant (26) killed

31.12.35 Short S.8 Calcutta G-AASJ "City of Khartoum", Imperial Airways

Crashed into sea on landing out of fuel, off Alexandria, Egypt

William John Amor (28) drowned (flight engineer)

Harold John Ackroyd Baker (23) drowned (wireless operator)

Hugh Cyril Richardson killed (steward)

Albert John Buckman (34) killed

Miss Helen Lois Vivienne Eckford (30) killed

Allan Leonard Garrett (28) drowned (Australian)

Mrs Kathleen Ursula Horsman (34) killed

James C Luke (57) drowned (American)

Capt Reginald Frank Mason (44) killed

Charles Rex Rastall (25) killed

Albert Tartaglione killed (Italian)

William George Wellstead (42) killed

Capt Vernon Gorry Wilson rescued (pilot)

23.1.1936 DH.85 Leopard Moth G-ADUL, B Malcolm, Brooklands

Crashed into hangar on take-off, Alicante, Spain

Miss Emma Bettina Elizabeth Amy (Betty) Malcolm (22) killed

27.1.36 Gordon K1776, RAF, Middle East

Spun into ground out of cloud, Gebeit, Sudan

Flt Lt Sylvanus George Connolly (34) killed

Flt Lt Philip Vaughan Edwards (33) killed

LAC Frank Campling (22) killed

5.2.36 Nimrod I K2841, 801 Sqn, HMS Furious

Stalled after take-off; crashed in sea, between Gibraltar and Las Palmas

Sgt James Edward Acock (24) killed

8.2.36 Wapiti IIA J9391, 60 Sqn, Kohat

Crashed into hillside in storm, near Etah, 120m SE of Delhi, India

Fg Off Alfred Owen Douglas Cox (22) killed

Cpl Archibald Charles Wood injured

19.2.36 Heyford IIA K4034, 97 Sqn, Boscombe Down

Ditched out of fuel at night, off Le Havre, France

Sgt Walter Job (34) drowned

AC1 Cyril Adolphus Tregannon Bickham (23) drowned

AC2 William Watkin (24) drowned

Fg Off Robert Humphrey Page rescued

26.2.36 Vincent K4131, 8 Sqn, Khormaksar

Overshot landing into gully, Bir Uzia LG, near Khormaksar, Aden

Flt Lt Harry Hugh Vivian Tristem (30) killed

AC1 Arthur Jesse Clapham (21) killed

LAC John Buchan Tainsh unhurt

5.3.36 Fairey IIIF S1390, 822 Sqn, HMS Furious

Went over side into sea on landing, off Gibraltar

Lt Cdr George Alexander Turner Laing (34) killed

Fg Off Thomas Charles Geoffrey Holford unhurt (pilot, Lt, RN)

Lt Geoffrey Nethercote Beaumont unhurt

19.3.36 Vildebeest II K2927, 100 Sqn, Seletar

Dived into sea during night practice attack on HMS Kent, Johore Straits, Singapore

Flt Lt William Dalrymple Gairdner DFC (37) killed

LAC Stephen Paul Jenner (24) killed

LAC Thomas William Watson (23) killed

3.5.36 Gordon I K2626, 35 Sqn, Gebeit

Stalled after take-off, crashed and destroyed by fire, Atbara, Sudan

Plt Off Frank Frederick Essam (21) killed

LAC Thomas Richard Newton (27) killed

LAC Jack Trundle Read (22) killed

22.5.36 Osprey III K3642, 447 Flt, HMS London

Stalled after take-off, Aboukir, Egypt

Flt Lt John Wyatt Hale (33) died 31.5.36 (Lt Cdr, RN)

Lt John Bridgewater unhurt

23.5.36 Vildebeest III K4171, 36 Sqn, Seletar

Collision with K4183, over sea, 10m N of Penang, Malaya

Plt Off William Mortimer Norman (23) killed

Cpl Frank Johnson (30) killed

LAC Sydney Cyril Hickson (20) killed

23.5.36 Vildebeest III K4183, 36 Sqn, Seletar

Collision with K4171, over sea, 10m N of Penang, Malaya

AC1 Alexander French Wilson (21) killed

Sgt Alec George Sollis baled out

5.6.36 Vildebeest III K4608, 22 Sqn, Hal Far

Engine cut after take-off, stalled and crashed, Hal Far, Malta

Fg Off John Asher Sutherland (22) killed (Canadian)

AC1 Frederick George Chalk (21) killed

9.6.36 Demon K4535, 41 Sqn, Sheikh Othman

Collision with K4536 in formation, Sheikh Othman, Aden

AC1 Allan Sanderson Bailey (21) killed

Plt Off John Athelstan Richards baled out

9.6.36 Demon K4536, 41 Sqn, Sheikh Othman

Collision with K4535 in formation, Sheikh Othman, Aden

AC1 Francis Allday (23) killed

Plt Off Edward Graham baled out

14.6.36 Vincent K4669, 4 Aircraft Park, Atbara

Sideslipped into ground, 25m SE of Adarama, Sudan

Sqn Ldr William Catchpole AFC (42) killed

Flt Lt Robert Todd (25) killed

Sgt Ernest Alfred Whetter (31) killed

AC1 William Marlow (21) killed

22.6.36 Vincent K4120, 84 Sqn, Shaibah

Stalled and crashed, Shaibah, Iraq

LAC John Albert Borthwick (21) died 25.6.36

24.6.36 Hart K3005, 12 Sqn, Aden

Crashed in sea, 25m NE of Khormaksar, Aden

Plt Off Eric William Spencer (20) killed

LAC John Greatorex (22) killed

7.7.36 Vickers Valentia K3166, 216 Sqn, Heliopolis

Sideslipped into ground on night approach, Mersa Matruh, Egypt

Sgt Ronald George Allan (25) killed

LAC Edward Adams (26) killed

LAC John White (20) killed

AC1 Albert George Hassall killed

Capt Francis Edward Mackay Barford (38) killed

Capt Herbert Frank Gordon d'Arcy Symonds (37) killed

Lt Douglas Elliott Mackintosh killed

Fg Off Norman De Warrenne Boult injured

LAC Thomas Sellars injured

Capt John Park Weir injured

Capt Thomas Brodie injured

Capt Duncan Scott Cochrane injured

Lt Thomas Leslie Gwyther Charles injured

13.7.36 Nimrod I S1634, 802 Sqn, HMS Glorious

Spun in, near Aboukir, Egypt

Fg Off Kenrick Alan Stewart (23) killed

15.7.36 Tutor K3402, Station Flight Hal Far

Dived into sea, off Marfa Point, Malta

Fg Off James Kininmonth Leslie Carstairs (21) killed

Flt Lt George Douglas Green injured (pilot)

18.7.36 Demon K4541, 8 Sqn, Khormaksar

Crashed, near Khormaksar, Aden

Fg Off Denis Henry Spencer (22) killed

6.8.36 Miles Satyr G-ABVG, W N Yamamoto

Stalled on take-off and dived into ground, Kastrup, Copenhagen, Denmark

William Nobuyuki Yamamoto (22) killed (Japanese)

12.8.36 DH.86 G-ADEB, British Airways

Hit mountainside at night, near Altenkirchen, 30m SE of Cologne, Germany

Capt Charles Sydney Gill (35) died 17.8.36 (Fg Off, RAFO)

Kenneth John Bayliss (23) killed (wireless operator)

15.8.36 Fokker F.XII G-ADZI, British Airways

Crashed and destroyed by fire on delivery flight to Spain, Biarritz, France

Jan Kazimierz Franciszek Lasocki (36) killed (Polish)

22.8.36 Short S.17 Kent G-ABFA "Scipio", Imperial Airways

Sank after crash landing in rough weather, Mirabella Bay, Crete

Thomas Alexander Cecil Forbes (60) killed

Lt Richard Glen Wilson-Dickson (27) killed

Capt Arthur Sidney Wilcockson injured (pilot)

Long injured (first officer)

Birkenshaw injured (wireless operator)

Hemming injured (steward)

Barrington injured

Esmond Ayton Beevor injured

Flt Lt Charles Gilbert Davies-Gilbert injured

Father James M Drought injured (American)

W G Miller injured

3.9.36 Hart K4473, 6 Sqn, Ramleh

Crashed on forced landing on hillside, near Tulkarem, Palestine

Plt Off Thomas Barry Hunter (21) killed

AC1 Edward George William Lincoln (22) killed

4.9.36 Wapiti V J9730, 31 Sqn, Drigh Road

Hit telegraph wires and crashed, near Fort Sandeman, India

Flt Lt William Corbet Yale (35) killed

LAC John Mumbray injured

7.9.36 Osprey III K3917, 802 Sqn, HMS Glorious

Dived into ground after take-off, Hal Far, Malta

Fg Off Francis Stanley May (26) killed (Lt, RM)

21.9.36 Hart K2110, 39 Sqn, Risalpur

Dived into ground, Peshawar ranges, India

Fg Off Charles Henry Thornton Warner (26) killed

LAC John Leopold Bunyan injured

1.10.36 Airspeed AS.6J Envoy G-AENA "Gabrielle", M H Findlay & K H F Waller

Crashed into trees on take-off, Abercorn, Northern Rhodesia

Capt Maxwell Hutcheon Findlay DSC AFC (38) killed (Fg Off, RAFO)

Arthur H Morgan killed (wireless operator)

Charles Derek Peachey injured

Kenneth Herbert Fraser (Ken) Waller injured

16.10.36 Glider, Mbeya Gliding Club

Crashed on club's first flight, Mbeya, Tanganyika

Renford Leigh Davey (23) died 11.36 (Imperial Airways ground engineer)

2.11.36 Percival Gull Four G-ABUV, M Maxwell, Hanworth

Crashed into bed of River Var, near Nice, France

Marius Maxwell (48) killed

Joseph Raynaud (16) killed (French)

30.12.36 DH.89A Dragon Rapide G-AEGS, Iraq Petroleum Transport Co Ltd, Haifa

Overturned on forced landing in gale, Afuleh, Palestine

John Eskdale Little (44) killed

Nahum Papper killed

E J Downing injured (pilot)

W Hayward injured (mechanic)

Rutherford injured

J Walker injured

2.1.1937 GAL ST.25 Monospar Jubilee G-ADMD, H R d'Erlanger, Gatwick

Hit tree on forced landing, Lomaso, near Trento, Italy

Baron Henry Roland d'Erlanger (41) killed

20.1.37 Vincent K4692, 47 Sqn, Khartoum

Hit trees on take-off, Pibor Post, Sudan

Sgt James Bannon (23) killed

Capt Leslie Reid Warton (31) killed (Sudan Defence Force)

AC2 Thomas Luke Carpenter injured

20.1.37 Audax I K5232, 4 FTS, Abu Sueir

Broke up recovering from dive, near Kantara, Egypt

AC1 Stanley Harvey (22) killed

LAC Harold Norman Norris unhurt (pilot)

2.2.37 Short Singapore III K3594, 205 Sqn, Seletar

Crashed on take-off, Seletar, Singapore

Plt Off Robert Douglas Blair (22) drowned

Sqn Ldr Albert Wentworth Bates injured

LAC William Trevor Davies injured

AC1 Joe Lee injured

AC1 Leonard Frank Wilkins injured

AC1 Alexander Thomas Edward Daniells injured

5.2.37 Swordfish I K5947, 825 Sqn, HMS Glorious

Collision with K5938, off Alexandria, Egypt

Fg Off Gerald Arthur Vardon (24) killed (Lt, RN)

Telegraphist Bert Overal (25) killed

15.2.37 Shark II K5619, 821 Sqn, HMS Courageous

Missing, off Alexandria, Egypt

Fg Off George Eric Lake (24) killed (Sub-Lt, RN)

Lt Roderick William Macdonald (24) killed

Telegraphist William Henry Currie (22) killed

11.3.37 Wapiti V J9748, 5 Sqn, Miranshah

Hit telegraph wires, Tanai, near Wana, India

Fg Off Kenneth Northcote Lees (25) killed

AC1 F Atkinson injured

16.3.37 DH.86 G-ACVZ "Jupiter", Imperial Airways

Crashed in pine wood, near Elsdorf, 15m W of Cologne, Germany

Capt George Barker Holmes (43) killed (Flt Lt, RAFO)

Gwyn Evans Langman (25) killed (wireless operator)

Charles Francis Wolley Dod OBE (44) killed

23.3.37 Gordon I K2741, 14 Sqn, Amman

Collision with Gordon K2618, near Amman, Transjordan

AC1 Ronald Walker (20) killed

Flt Lt Michael Arthur Aylmer baled out, unhurt

24.3.37 Short S.23 Empire G-ADVA "Capricornus", Imperial Airways

Crashed in the Beaujolais Mountains, Croix de Fut Fray, near Ouroux, France

Capt Alexander Paterson (29) killed

Garth Edmunds Klein (30) killed (first officer)

Dennis R O'Brien (22) killed (flight clerk)

Francis Albert Edward Jefcoate (31) killed (steward)

Miss Beatrice Mercy Coates (50) killed

James L Cooper unhurt (wireless operator)

13.4.37 Wapiti IIA K1301, 27 Sqn, Kohat

Crashed on take-off, Miramshah, India

Plt Off John Barrington Pascoe-Webb (22) killed (Australian)

LAC Raymond William Gibbs (25) killed

15.5.37 Miles M.2H Hawk Major G-ADZU, Phillips & Powis Aircraft Ltd, Hamble

Crashed during aerobatics, Ebelsberg, Linz, Austria

Arthur Lasnausky (25) killed (Austrian)

Jamshetji (Jimmy) Tata (21) killed (Indian)

31.5.37 Handley Page HP.42W G-AAXE "Hengist", Imperial Airways

Destroyed in hangar fire, Karachi, India

Henry Holroyd Dugdale (31) died 11.6.37 (Imperial Airways engineer)

17.6.37 Gordon I K2736, 4 FTS, Abu Sueir

Passenger thrown out of aircraft by bump, Almaza, Egypt

Act Plt Off Robert Henry Rice (34) killed

21.6.37 Miles M.11A Whitney Straight G-AETB, T S Fermor-Hesketh, Brooklands

Crashed after wing failure, Cires-les-Mello, near Beauvais, France

Lt the Hon Thomas Sharon Fermor-Hesketh (26) killed

2Lt Benjamin Alexander Ludford-Astley (22) killed

23.6.37 DH.60M Moth K1895, 8 Sqn, Khormaksar

Crashed, near Khormaksar, Aden

Plt Off Peter John Gordon Davies (22) killed

LAC William Roy Moys injured

18.7.37 Miles M.2 Hawk G-ADGR, J Rowntree, York

Nose dived and crashed on approach, Evere, Brussels, Belgium

Mrs Beatrice Anne Rowntree (24) killed

Julian Rowntree injured (pilot)

10.9.37 Audax I K3715, 4 FTS, Abu Sueir

Stalled and spun in circuit, Abu Sueir, Egypt

Act Plt Off George Lofty Fraser (23) killed

1.10.37 Short S.23 Empire G-ADVC "Courtier", Imperial Airways

Flew into water on landing, Phaleron Bay, Athens, Greece

Wg Cdr Wilfred Reginald Dyke Acland DFC AFC (43) drowned

Alexandre Elefterakis drowned (Greek)

John Raymond Henderson (48) drowned (American)

Capt E Poole injured (pilot)

John Selby (Jack) Hall injured (first officer)

A T Dunk injured (wireless operator)

E H Macquarie injured (steward)

G A Boughton injured (flight clerk)

Sqn Ldr John Bussey injured

Mrs Greer injured

M S Chronis injured (Greek)

J Dagge injured

Rev Richard Rees injured (RAF chaplain)

G Meiner unhurt

8.10.37 Gordon I K2739, 14 Sqn, Amman

Stalled and spun on approach, Mudawara, Transjordan

Flt Lt Harold George Adams (28) killed

Flt Lt Archibald Harold Houghton (28) killed

Fg Off Edward Gough (39) killed

12.10.37 Percival Vega Gull G-AEKD, P Randolph, Gravesend

Crashed on landing, Sanganer, Jaipur, India

Lt Patrick Randolph (25) killed

Peter Quentin Reiss injured

20.10.37 Wapiti IIA K1302, 5 Sqn, Miranshah

Crashed following engine failure on reconnaissance flight, near Dosalli, Waziristan, India

LAC Edward Walter Joisce (25) killed

Plt Off Gerald Charles Neil Close baled out

25.10.37 Wapiti IIA K1259, 27 Sqn, Kohat

Spun in after collision with drogue, Lachi, near Kohat, India

Sgt Jack Norman Bushnell (25) killed

LAC George Oswald Carr (25) killed

28.10.37 Miles M.2S Hawk Major G-ADLH, G P Nair, Woodley

Stalled on approach, near Rouen, France

Govind Paramaswaran Nair (32) killed (Indian)

30.10.37 Vincent I K6346, 84 Sqn, Shaibah

Stalled and dived into ground, Khor Gharim, Oman

Wg Cdr Aubrey Robert Maxwell Rickards OBE AFC (39) killed

Plt Off Robert Henry McClatchey (22) killed (Canadian)

AC1 Leslie George O'Leary (19) killed

30.11.37 Walrus I K8345, 711 Flt, HMS London

Hit power cable and dived into sea, Kalafrana, Malta

Flt Lt Patrick Arthur Booth (30) killed (Lt, RN)

LAC Norman Stewart Burns (21) killed

5.12.37 Short S.23 Empire G-ADUZ "Cygnus", Imperial Airways

Crashed on take-off due to incorrect flap settings, Brindisi, Italy

Frederick Lawrence Stoppani (27) killed (steward)

Maj William Ian Falconer MacDonald (47) killed (Australian)

Capt Roger Pierre Mollard injured (pilot)

Act Capt Frederick Undecimus Hollins injured (first officer; Fg Off, RAFO)

Francis George Hanscombe injured (flight clerk)

Edward Charles Barnes injured (wireless operator)

Flt Lt John Howard Barringer injured

James Charles Patrick injured

Mrs Queenie Mary Falconer Ritchie injured (Australian)

Air Marshal Sir John Maitland Salmond GCB CMG CVO DSO injured

Capt Prabhu Datt Sharma injured (Indian)

Ralph Mountain unhurt (second officer)

Robert Lutyens unhurt

7.12.37 Vincent K4691, 47 Sqn, Khartoum

Stalled and crashed, Pap Village, near Juba, Sudan

Fg Off Frederick William Richmond (21) killed

The Right Reverend Herbert Guy Bullen MC MA (41) killed (Bishop of Sudan)

11.1.1938 DH.60M Moth K1893, 8 Sqn, Khormaksar

Lost wings during aerobatics, Dar Mansur, near Sheikh Othman, Aden

Plt Off Martin Henry Bromley Davies (22) killed

LAC John Hockings Campbell (24) killed

20.1.38 Osprey IV K5747, 716 Flt, HMS Amphion

Crashed into mountain, Helderberg, near Somerset West, Cape, South Africa

Flt Lt John Charles Hugh Price (27) killed (Lt, RN)

Able Seaman Leslie Vincent Hammond (28) killed

22.1.38 Nimrod I S1580, 802 Sqn, HMS Glorious

Spun into sea attempting landing on HMS Glorious, near Malta

Plt Off Charles Henry Heber-Percy (23) killed

25.2.38 Hart K4494, 33 Sqn, Ismailia

Collision with K4445 in cloud, Great Bitter Lake, Egypt

LAC George Griffiths (26) killed

Fg Off Hale Winter Bolingbroke baled out; unhurt

Act Plt Off John Morton Littler baled out of K4445; injured

28.3.38 Supermarine Stranraer K7288, 228 Sqn, Pembroke Dock

Crashed in sea, 15m SW of Ushant, France

Flt Lt Reginald Henry Hobbs (28) killed (New Zealander)

Plt Off John Philip Owens killed

Cpl James Henry Audley (28) killed

AC1 Benjamin David Carysfort Lewis (22) killed

LAC Edward Weston Neale (22) killed

Mr Arnold Edward Barlow (21) killed

4.4.38 Vildebeest II K2944, 100 Sqn, Seletar

Missing at night, near Horsburgh Lighthouse, Singapore

Sgt William Douglas MacMillan Roberts (26) killed

AC1 Ernest John Beisly (25) killed

AC1 Malcolm Renfrew Hunter (20) killed

18.5.38 Vildebeest II K2942, 100 Sqn, Seletar

Crashed in sea after collision with K2941, Seletar bombing range, Singapore

Cpl Leonard Francis Stone (27) killed

AC1 William John Ashton (21) killed

Fg Off Frank Howard Roberts baled out

14.6.38 Vincent K4686, 223 Sqn, Nairobi

Undershot, hit ditch and overturned, Utete, Tanganyika

Fg Off Mark Henry Romer (24) killed

21.6.38 Vildebeest II K2918, 100 Sqn, Seletar

Crashed into sea at night (presumed colllision), 10m SW of Cape Rachado, Malaya

Fg Off George Leslie Arthur Cooper (25) killed

LAC William Stanley Lawrence killed

AC1 George Leonard Walters (21) killed

21.6.38 Vildebeest II K6372, 100 Sqn, Seletar

Crashed into sea at night (presumed colllision), 10m SW of Cape Rachado, Malaya

Fg Off (Act Flt Lt) Richard Clive Meares (25) killed

Plt Off Hugh Angus Bethune (23) killed (New Zealander)

LAC Hugh Thomas killed

29.6.38 Blenheim I K7102, 30 Sqn, Habbaniya

Engine cut after take-off; stalled and dived into ground, Habbaniya, Iraq

Plt Off Charles Alexander Stephen (25) killed

AC1 Harold Davies (21) killed

19.7.38 Audax K4839, Aircraft Park Lahore

Stalled avoiding cliff in dust storm and crashed in Indus, Kundian, India

Flt Lt George Nelson (29) killed

LAC George Green (25) died 21.7.38

23.7.38 Hart K2115, 11 Sqn, Risalpur

Failed to recover from spin, near Mardan, India

Fg Off Walter Louis Rowbottom (22) killed

27.7.38 AW.15 Atalanta G-ABTG "Amalthea", Imperial Airways

Flew into hillside, near Kisumu, Kenya

Capt Meuric Vivian Johnstone (28) killed (Fg Off, RAFO)

John Everitt Ray (22) killed (first officer)

Maurice James Gough (29) killed (ground engineer)

Trevor Morris killed (wireless engineer)

5.8.38 Wellesley I L2643, 14 Sqn, Amman

Wing broke off while recovering from dive on bombing range, Zerka, Transjordan

Sgt Richard Herbert Sweeting (23) killed

AC1 Walter Horace Crofts (20) killed

18.8.38 Hardy K5920, 6 Sqn, Ramleh

Shot down, Kafr Haris, near Nablus, Palestine

Fg Off Robert Cassells Waddell DFC (24) killed

AC1 Richard Jennings (27) killed

24.8.38 Wellesley I L2666, 223 Sqn, Nairobi

Flew into trees on high ground while descending in cloud, Uplands Railway Station, Kenya

Sgt Frederick Arthur Casewell (23) killed

AC1 William Albert Beckett (22) killed

Act Sgt Wilfred Mann injured

26.8.38 Hardy I K4317, 6 Sqn, Ramleh

Fired at from ground; crashed and burnt, near Attil, Tulkarem, Palestine

Plt Off Francis Thomas May (21) killed

AC1 Terence Bagge (26) killed

29.8.38 Wapiti IIA K1284, 27 Sqn, Kohat

Hit wires and crashed on approach, Mirozai, India

Plt Off Gilbert Prowse French (22) killed

AC1 Clarence Ponting Rushworth (22) killed

12.9.38 Fairey IIIF J9798, 47 Sqn, Khartoum

Missing off coast out of fuel, near Gaza, Palestine

Lt Frederick Scarborough (46) killed

Plt Off Desmond Edward Bell (23) killed

11.10.38 Hardy I K4306, 6 Sqn, Ramleh

Hit by ground fire and abandoned, N of Hebron, Palestine

Sgt Harold Clifford Tarrant Packer (24) killed

LAC Robert Alexander Haxton unhurt

17.10.38 Gladiator L7610, 33 Sqn, Ismailia

Broke up in the air during aerobatics, near Kantara, Egypt

Act Plt Off Lionel Reed (25) killed

22.10.38 Vincent K4129, 8 Sqn, Khormaksar

Stalled and spun, Khormaksar, Aden

Plt Off Roy Stamford Chill (23) killed

LAC Leslie Vernon Wilton (22) killed

10.11.38 Gladiator, 33 Sqn, Ramleh

Crashed under ground fire, near Nablus, Palestine

Sgt Arthur Jevon Tebbs (24) died 18.11.38

25.11.38 Gladiator, 33 Sqn, Ramleh

Crashed on forced landing due to enemy action, near al-Maliha, W of Jerusalem, Palestine

Plt Off Henry Granville Hudson (26) killed

27.11.38 Short S.23 Empire G-AETW "Calpurnia", Imperial Airways

Flew into water in storm, Lake Habbaniyah, Iraq

Capt Ernest Henry Attwood (39) killed (Flt Lt, RAFO)

Alexander Ninian Spottiswoode (30) killed (first officer, Flt Lt, RAFO)

Frederick George Ubee (36) killed (flight clerk)

Basil Roderick Bayne Rees (24) killed (wireless officer)

D E Anderson injured (steward)

D B Harrison injured (probationary station officer, Canadian)

10.12.38 Blenheim I K7097, 30 Sqn, Habbaniya

Crashed, 60m SW of Ramadi, Iraq

Sqn Ldr Percy Kinsey (31) killed

Sgt Vernon Walter Garside (24) killed (pilot)

AC1 Reginald Walter Carpenter (25) killed

AC1 Lewis William Cooper (22) killed

AC1 Frederick Oscar Gamble (32) killed

Capt John Barnett Harvey (30) killed

23.12.38 Supermarine Walrus I L2255, 714 Flt, HMS Manchester

Hit overhead cable and crashed in creek, near Cochin Harbour, India

Sub-Lt John Frederick Repington Collis (22) killed

Act Sub-Lt Peter Noble Boxer (21) killed

Lt Francis Myrddin Griffiths injured

21.1.1939 Short S.23 Empire G-ADUU "Cavalier", Imperial Airways

Forced landed in Atlantic after carburettor icing and sank, 285m SE of New York

Robert James Spence (29) drowned (steward)

Donald Walters Miller (47) drowned (American)

John Gordon Noakes (62) drowned (American)

Capt Marmaduke Jonathan Rowland Alderson injured

Neil Richardson rescued (first officer)

Patrick Chapman rescued (wireless officer)

David Williams rescued (steward)

Mrs Katherine Fox Ingham rescued (Bermudian)

Mrs Katharine Miller rescued (American)

Mrs Louise Noakes rescued (American)

Miss Nellie Tucker Smith rescued (Bermudian)

Charles Talbot rescued (American)

Mrs Edna Watson rescued (Bermudian)

30.1.39 Swordfish I K5933 & K5976, 825 Sqn, HMS Glorious

Collision on approach to HMS Glorious at night, off Alexandria, Egypt

Flt Lt Richard Arthur William Dobbs (26) killed (Lt, RN)

Fg Off Henry Ralph Puzey Bridgen (23) killed

Fg Off Gordon Clifford Newcombe (25) killed (Lt, RN)

Fg Off John Godfrey Lincoln (26) killed (Lt, RN)

Acting Leading Signalman Robert Henry Peerman (23) killed

Leading Seaman Bernard Anthony Coughlin (22) killed

1.2.39 Gladiator I K8038, 33 Sqn, Ramleh

Flew into the side of a wadi, near Deir Ballut, Palestine

Act Plt Off John Marcus Joseph Poynton (21) killed (New Zealander)

3.2.39 Gordon I K2607, Station Flight, Ramleh

Control lost in cloud, Solomon's Pools, near Jerusalem, Palestine

Sqn Ldr Geoffrey Henry Owen Mills (27) killed

Mr Bernard Matthews Timbers baled out; injured

Mr Harold Francis Charrington baled out; unhurt

13.2.39 Wellesley I L2655, 14 Sqn, Amman

Flew into hill in cloud, 3m S of Wadi Sir, near Amman, Transjordan

Plt Off Lawrence Selby Bullwinkle (22) killed

Sgt Charles James Chick (25) killed

LAC Desmond James Segrave (22) killed

27.4.39 Magister N3845, 208 Sqn, Heliopolis

Caught fire in flight, Koubbeh, near Heliopolis, Egypt

Fg Off David Roderick Hopper (21) killed

Fg Off Derek Leslie Rea Hutchinson (28) killed (Capt, RTR)

1.5.39 Short S.23 Empire G-ADVD "Challenger", Imperial Airways

Overshot landing onto reef, Lumbo Bay, Mozambique

Tom Webb (33) killed (wireless officer)

George Knight (35) killed (flight clerk)

Act Capt Frederick Donald Smith injured

William Godfrey Neal Sanders injured (first officer)

Jock Gavshon injured (supernumerary first officer)

John Albert Millard unhurt (steward)

Lt-Col Frederick Hermann Kisch unhurt

Gerold McKee Lauck unhurt

H F Russell unhurt

17.5.39 Audax K4862, 39 Sqn, Risalpur

Dived into ground at night, near Risalpur, India

Fg Off Gerald Elsmie (24) killed

19.5.39 Sea Gladiator N5534, 802 Sqn, HMS Glorious

Dived into sea, off Swagemi Point, near Aboukir, Egypt

Sub-Lt (A) William Agard Sykes (22) killed

20.5.39 Walrus I L2308, 712 Sqn, HMS Glasgow

Capsized on landing, between Canada and New York

Able Seaman Leslie Newman Goy (22) killed

Petty Officer Ronald Lunberg unhurt (pilot)

31.5.39 Gordon I K2645, Communications Flight, Habbaniya

Caught fire after heavy landing, Habbaniya, Iraq

Sgt Reginald Charles Phillips (22) died 2.6.39

LAC William Edward Gates injured

LAC Ronald Hills injured

5.6.39 Sunderland I L5801, 230 Sqn, Seletar

Crashed on take-off, Johore Straits, Singapore

Plt Off Allan Henry Barnes (25) killed (New Zealander)

LAC William Brian Cook (28) killed

LAC George William James Mills (21) killed

AC1 Gordon Hallam Leighton (23) killed

Fg Off (Act Flt Lt) William Weir Campbell injured

Cpl Stanley Hugh Williams injured

LAC John Joseph Alfed Smith injured

AC1 James Colville injured

9.6.39 Hardy K4068, 6 Sqn, Ramleh

Bomb exploded while disarming, Ramleh, Palestine

LAC Henry David Dyer (23) killed

AC1 Henry George Wheaton (22) killed

8.7.39 Audax K5566, 28 Sqn, Miranshah

Undershot forced landing, Miranshah, India

AC1 John Blythe Baxter (20) killed

Plt Off William Chapman Duncan injured

13.7.39 Walrus I L2258, Spotter Flight, RAF Kai Tak

Hit water in turn, Taitam Bay, Hong Kong

Plt Off David Henry Bryan-Gower (21) killed

Sgt Jack Ogden (26) killed

14.7.39 Gladiator I K8010, 80 Sqn, Helwan

Failed to recover from dive, 4m N of Wadi Natrun, Egypt

Plt Off Rodney James Bartholomew (24) killed

17.7.39 Gauntlet II K7885, 102 MU, Abu Sueir

Dived into ground, near Abu Sueir, Egypt

Fg Off George William de Vinchelez Le Sueur (26) killed

22.7.39 Wellesley I L2671, 223 Sqn, Nairobi

Wing detached during recovery from dive at air display, Nairobi, Kenya

Lt Frank C Camp (26) killed (SAAF)

Cpl Thomas Snaith (24) killed

8.8.39 Short Singapore III K4584, 203 Sqn, Basra

Hit sea wall on take-off, Aboukir, Egypt

Sgt Leonard Clunie Steed (26) killed

AC1 William Halliburton Scott (21) killed

AC1 Alfred Albert Shaw (26) died 10.8.39

Sqn Ldr James Rowland Scarlett-Streatfield injured

Plt Off Peter Roland Mathews Williams injured

Cpl Philip Ingrey injured

Cpl John Riddell Smith injured

AC1 William Nixon Arrowsmith injured

AC1 William Hetherington Ard injured

9.8.39 Blenheim I L1546, 39 Sqn, Risalpur

Struck by lightning, caught fire and dived into ground, Kutumba, India

Wg Cdr Burton Ankers DSO DCM (46) killed

Cpl Robert Samuel Gilbert (26) killed

AC1 Arthur Reginald Harris (26) killed

AC2 Richard Wallace Bloss baled out

Mr Cecil Rendle Tapper baled out

15.8.39 Lockheed 10A Electra G-AESY, British Airways

Ditched in sea after cabin fire, near Storstr�m Bridge, Masnedsund, Denmark

Alfred Stanley Marsdin Leigh (25) drowned (wireless operator)

Erich Bruno Wilhelm Beuss drowned (German)

Cesar Agustin Castillo drowned (Mexican)

Anthony Crommelin Crossley, MP (36) drowned

Samuel James Simonton (37) drowned (American)

Clifford Frederick Cecil Wright rescued (pilot)

30.8.39 Audax K7505, 4 FTS, Abu Sueir

Dived into ground off turn in circuit, Rutbah, Iraq

Plt Off Clive James (24) killed

LAC Harry Lee (20) killed

31.8.39 Hudson I N7248, 224 Sqn, Leuchars

Crashed into sea, SW of Bergen, Norway

Fg Off Andrew George Henry Bell killed

Sgt Stuart Norman Saunders (22) killed

AC1 Frank Schofield killed

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