A list of fatal air accidents in Britain and Ireland 1925 - 1929

18.2.1925 Siskin V 29

Crashed after structural failure on test flight, Whitley, Coventry

Major Stefan Sanatescu killed (Romanian Air Force)

27.2.25 Avro 504K H3083, 99 Sqn, Bircham Newton

Spun off stall turn, Bircham Newton

Plt Off Cecil Stanley Marshall Woode (20) killed

AC1 Ernest Forrester injured

4.3.25 Grebe II J7364, 32 Sqn, Kenley

Hit trees while low-flying and crashed into hut, Locks Heath School, Warsash, Hants.

Dora Elizabeth Eckett (12) killed

Miss Lena Booker injured

Florence Humby injured

Dorothy Malins injured

Fg Off Alexander Hutchinson Montgomery unhurt

25.3.25 Snipe E6792, 32 Sqn, Kenley

Hit trees while low-flying, Tillingdown, Caterham

Plt Off Ian Malcolm Scott (20) killed

7.4.25 Virginia VIII J7439, 9 Sqn, Manston

Landed in the sea in fog, off Beresford Gap, Birchington; rebuilt

Plt Off Neil Coull Walker (19) drowned

AC1 Ernest Edward Mills (20) drowned

Plt Off Eric Alfred Claude Bushell injured (pilot)

AC2 Horace Eustace Grellis injured

8.4.25 Bristol Fighter H1486, Armament & Gunnery School, Eastchurch

Dived into sea during target practice, Leysdown, Sheppey

Plt Off Anthony Cecil Carbery Mason (25) killed

1.5.25 Fairey IIID N9756, 443 Flt, Leuchars

Collision with N9754, near Guardbridge, Fife

Fg Off Harry Lestourgeon Roseveare (25) killed (Lt, RN)

Cpl Tom Vincent Warwick (21) killed

Lt Edward Acton Alcock Gibbon unhurt in N9754

AC1 Austin Joseph Stewart unhurt in N9754

5.5.25 Blackburn Kangaroo G-EAIT, North Sea Aerial & General Transport

Nose dived after take-off, Brough

Fg Off Hugh Crichton McDonald (26) killed (RAFO)

15.5.25 D.H.9A J7053, 1 FTS, Netheravon

Lost wings recovering from dive, Everleigh, Wilts

Fg Off David Brown Morgan (24) killed (Lt, RN)

22.5.25 Snipe E6794, 32 Sqn, Kenley

Dived into wall after roll, Northolt

Fg Off Arthur Reinagle Woodyatt (21) killed

25.5.25 Fawn II J7226, 100 Sqn, Spittlegate

Spun off stall turn, Ropsley, near Spittlegate

Plt Off Jack Terence Eve (21) killed

AC1 George Edward Bruce (26) killed

AC2 Percival Thomas Sharpe injured

25.5.25 Fawn, 12 Sqn, Andover

Parachutist killed on practice jump, Andover

Cpl Sidney Ronald Wilson (25) killed

Fg Off Horace John White unhurt (pilot)

LAC Reginald Charles Reed unhurt

26.5.25 Fawn II J7221, 12 Sqn, Andover

Wireless operator electrocuted in flight

Flt Sgt Frank Lowry (37) killed

Fg Off John Kenneth Smith unhurt (pilot)

5.6.25 Grebe, 56 Sqn, Biggin Hill

Mechanic hit while swinging propeller, Biggin Hill

LAC William Richard John Bacchus (24) killed

2.7.25 Avro 504K H3098, 19 Sqn, Duxford

Stalled on turn while landing, Duxford

Fg Off Herbert Vincent Kerckhove MC (25) killed

14.7.25 Avro 504K H9814, 1 FTS, Netheravon

Stalled on turn while landing, Charlton, Wilts

Fg Off John Ryan (27) killed (Mate, RN)

16.8.25 Felixstowe F.5 N4039, 480 Flt, Calshot

Flew into water on landing at night and caught fire, Calshot

AC1 Reginald Frederick Charles Copsey (22) killed

Flt Lt Norbert Marie Sackville Russell injured (pilot)

Fg Off Robert Collins injured

Cpl Herbert Essam injured

28.8.25 Siskin III J7181, 111 Sqn, Duxford

Midair collision with J7553, Hinxton Grange, 2m E of Duxford

Plt Off Hugh Peck (18) killed

28.8.25 Siskin IIIDC J7553, 111 Sqn, Duxford

Midair collision with J7181, Hinxton Grange, 2m E of Duxforde

Fg Off Harry Butlin (26) killed

Plt Off Dermot De Robeck (18) killed

4.9.25 Blackburn N9827, RAF, Gosport

Spun in from 200ft, Shoot Farm, Lee-on-Solent

Fg Off (Hon Flt Lt) Geoffrey Ashton Cavis-Brown (28) killed

14.9.25 Bristol Fighter C799, 5 FTS, Sealand

Caught fire in flight and nose dived, Willows Farm, Sealand

Plt Off William Langdon Spurway (23) killed

16.9.25 Bristol Fighter F4485, 2 FTS, Digby

Spun in, Branston, near Digby

Fg Off William Cay Williams (32) killed

Plt Off Frederick Martin Kellaway (19) killed (pilot)

21.9.25 Avro 504K E9410, 502 Sqn, Aldergrove

Stalled avoiding tree, Tirgracey, near Antrim

Fg Off Henry Collins Evans (24) killed

AC2 Victor Edward Giles unhurt

22.9.25 Bristol Fighter: BF.VI, Irish Army Air Corps

Hit tree and crashed at the Curragh

Comdt Thomas Joseph Maloney (26) killed

Sgt Tracey injured

23.9.25 Bristol Trainer G-EBHH, Bristol Aeroplane Co., Filton

Collision with Bristol Trainer G-EBJA, Filton

Fg Off George William Thorpe (27) killed (RAFO)

23.9.25 Bristol Trainer G-EBJA, Bristol Aeroplane Co., Filton

Collision with Bristol Trainer G-EBHH, Filton

Fg Off Percival Albert Cox (30) killed (RAFO)

24.9.25 Snipe E6490, 17 Sqn, Hawkinge

Dived into ground after wing failure, near Castle Hill, Folkestone

Flt Lt Arthur Wilfred Cuddon-Davis (29) killed

25.9.25 Grebe II J7385, 29 Sqn, Duxford

Collision with J7395 during practice attack, Elmdon, 4m S of Duxford

Flt Lt Basil Royston Carter AFC (27) killed

25.9.25 Grebe II J7395, 29 Sqn, Duxford

Collision with J7385 during practice attack, Elmdon, 4m S of Duxford

Sgt Thomas James McGrath (28) killed

16.10.25 Bristol Fighter, School of Army Cooperation, Old Sarum

Lost in poor visibility; dived into ground, near Wilton

Plt Off John Stroyan Branch (20) killed

Plt Off John Alexander Ballantyne (20) killed

16.10.25 Farman F.60 Goliath F-HMFU "Ile de France", Air Union

Crashed in fog, Wadhurst, near Tunbridge Wells

Miss Kate Veronica Burke (57) killed (American)

Rev Daniel S Burke injured (American)

Joseph L Burke injured (American)

Roger Paul Ernest Thierry unhurt (pilot, French)

Pierre Auclaire unhurt (mechanic, French)

A Denny unhurt

Miss Marion Redner unhurt (American)

M Finardi Riccardo unhurt

Albert Tullice unhurt

20.11.25 Grebe, 29 Sqn, Duxford

Crashed in sea diving on target, off Leysdown, Sheppey

Plt Off Cecil William Montague Smith (28) killed

26.11.25 Snipe DC, 3 Sqn, Upavon

Nose dived after take-off, near Upavon

Flt Lt James Anderson Slater MC DFC (28) killed

Plt Off William John Reginald Early (20) killed

16.12.25 Avro 504K E2914, 9 Sqn, Manston

Midair collision with E3798 during spin, Manston

LAC Edward Emmanuel Dunn (23) killed

LAC William Edward Parrish injured in E3798

12.2.1926 Vimy J7451, RAF, Old Sarum

Hit tree on forced landing in smoke and fog, Winterslow, near Salisbury

Sqn Ldr Alfred George Horsley-Carr OBE (33) killed

Sgt William Norman Pink injured (pilot)

AC2 Clifford Bartlett Cardall unhurt

26.2.26 Fairey IIID seaplane, 480 Flt, Calshot

Stalled and spun turning after take-off, Calshot

Flt Lt Geoffrey William Hemming DSC (27) killed

Fg Off Robert Collins (28) died 28.2.26

10.4.26 Avro 504K H9535, Inland Area Aircraft Depot, Henlow

Collision with Vickers Vimy F9184; crashed locked together, Henlow

Fg Off William Scott (49) killed

10.4.26 Vimy F9184, Inland Area Aircraft Depot, Henlow

Collision with Avro 504K H9535, Henlow

Fg Off Charles Victor Lacey AFC (39) killed

LAC Reginald Richard Germain (24) killed

LAC Basil Henry Greene Young (22) killed

AC1 James William Simmons (24) killed

30.4.26 Flycatcher, 406 Flt, Donibristle

Dived into ground out of cloud, Donibristle

Plt Off Nigel Hugh Portal (23) killed (Lt, RN)

2.5.26 Sopwith Gnu G-EAGP, Lloyd Aviation Co

Hit trees recovering from spin, Hardwick Cemetery, King's Lynn

Fg Off Arthur Orde Bigg-Wither (27) killed (RAFO)

George Mark Lloyd injured

Arthur Golding Barrett unhurt

14.5.26 Grebe, 32 Sqn, Kenley

Nose dived and crashed, Caterham Hill

Fg Off Basil Douglas John Broadway (22) killed

17.5.26 Fawn II J7221, 12 Sqn, Andover

Spun on approach, Abbotts Ann, near Andover

Sgt Ralph England Hawkins (25) killed

LAC Sydney Marsh Cox (21) killed

21.5.26 Flycatcher N9659?, RAF, Leuchars

Hit sand dunes in bombing practice, Tents Muir, Leuchars

Fg Off Peter Granville Smith (23) killed (Lt, RN)

31.5.26 Breguet 14T bis F-ADAI, Air Union

Lost in English Channel en route Paris - Croydon

Xavier R A de Masin (29) drowned

16.6.26 Siskin III, 41 Sqn, Northolt

Spun off climbing turn after take-off, Northolt

Fg Off Anthony Clifford Addams (21) killed

24.6.26 Gnosspelius Gull No. 2, Ellis, Heppell & Thompson, Cramlington

Stalled and crashed, Cramlington

Fg Off Stanley Arthur Packman (31) killed (RAFO; Maj, RARO)

2.7.26 Fawn II J7191, 100 Sqn, Spittlegate

Veered on night take-off, hit car and overturned, Weston Zoyland

LAC Frederick William Miller (23) killed

Miss Fanny Vera Clare (19) killed (in car)

Fg Off Herbert Victor Alder unhurt (pilot)

13.7.26 Snipe E7717, 5 FTS, Sealand

Crashed into field, near Queensferry Bridge, Cheshire

LAC Robert Lloyd Carr (24) died 1.8.26

15.7.26 Snipe E6530, RAF Cadet College, Cranwell

Spun and nose dived, North Rauceby, near Cranwell

Flt Cadet Humphrey Francis Morell Pickford (20) killed

19.7.26 Siskin V G-EBLQ, Sir W G Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft Ltd, Whitley

Spun into ground, Whitley, near Coventry

Fg Off David Arthur Hughes (29) killed (RAFO)

27.7.26 Avro 504K G-EADP, Northern Aviation Co

Passenger fell from aircraft in flight, Morecambe

Pearson Hardcastle (51) killed

Samuel Summerfield (pilot)

Margaret Mercer (passenger)

3.8.26 Spencer spherical balloon G-FAAM "Miramar 1st", C G Spencer & Sons Ltd, Highbury

Envelope parted from basket, Hoo Park, Kempston, Bedford

Ernest Thompson Willows (40) killed (pilot)

Ernest Crowsley (37) killed

Mrs Flora Crowsley (37) killed

William Francis Harbage (34) killed

Mrs Nellie Harbage (32) killed

Jack Lowe injured (handler, fell from trail rope)

12.8.26 D.H.9A, 1 FTS, Netheravon

Spun in, Netheravon

LAC Clarence Henry Hooper Gooding (21) killed

16.8.26 Bristol Fighter, 13 Sqn, Odiham

Stalled and dived into ground, Old Dean Common, Frimley

Fg Off Theodore Harold James Wright (28) killed (Lt, Seaforth Highlanders)

Lt William Lewis Roberts MC injured

17.8.26 Blackburn Dart N9799, RAF, Gosport

Hit hill in fog, Hulverstone Down, near Freshwater, IOW

Fg Off John Leslie Llewellyn Rees (26) killed (Lt, RM)

18.8.26 Bleriot 155 F-AIEB "Wilbur Wright", Air Union

Hit barn roof and crashed in bad weather, College Farm, Hurst, near Aldington, Kent

Pierre Charles Marcus de Lisle (37) died 19.8.26 (pilot)

Gabriel Victor Ducos (29) died 15.9.26 (mechanic)

Robert Blaney (22) killed (American)

Ugo G J Rizzi (48) killed (Italian)

Harriet Ames injured (American)

Miss Edna Bennett injured

Edna Fearn injured (American)

Marguerite Hazzard injured (American)

Stanley Hazzard injured (American)

Robert McAdam injured

Lawrence Stroh injured (American)

Mildred Vaiden injured (American)

Victoria Vaiden injured (American)

Lord Norreys unhurt

Mrs Valetta Grant unhurt

18.8.26 Grebe II J7576, 19 Sqn, Duxford

Crashed on forced landing and caught fire, Gog Magog Golf Club, near Cambridge

Fg Off Roy Nugent Treherne Gape (22) killed

19.8.26 Gamecock I J7906, Gloster

Crashed on test due to wing flutter, Chosen House, Hucclecote, Gloucester

Flt Lt Hugh Robert Junor DFC (28) killed (RAE test pilot)

23.8.26 Virginia J7418?, 58 Sqn, Worthy Down

Spun and crashed, near Worthy Down

Plt Off Hugh James Fitzgerald Kempthorne (22) killed

28.8.26 Avro 548 G-EBAJ, Lt Col G L P Henderson

Spectator hit by propeller of taxying aeroplane, Croydon

Gladys Maud Houghton (13) died 7.9.26

John Samuel James Craigen (pilot)

31.8.26 Bristol Fighter, 16 Sqn, Old Sarum

Hit tree, Decoy Pond Farm, near Beaulieu Road station, New Forest

Plt Off Alfred Lionel Rene Page (19) killed

LAC Eric Arthur Lister Lowe (24) died 1.9.26

2.9.26 Avro 504K G-EASG, Southern Counties Aviation Co, Brooklands

Crashed and burned, Phoenice Farm, Polesden Lacy, near Great Bookham

Ronald Herbert Leavey (27) killed (pilot)

Arnold Keene (29) died 3.9.26 (mechanic)

Mrs Marjorie Lily Stallard (28) killed

6.9.26 Avro Bison S1113, 421 Flt, HMS Furious

Fell into sea on deck landing, off Nab Tower, Bembridge, Isle of Wight

Leading Telegraphist James William Haddow (26) drowned

Fg Off Sylvanus George Connolly injured (pilot)

LAC George Frederick Wyborn injured

9.9.26 Avro 504K, Surrey Flying Services

Passenger jumped from aeroplane unattached to parachute, Beaumont Leys, Leicester

Mrs Dorothy Evelyn Cain (25) killed

Capt Arthur Frederick Muir (pilot)

10.9.26 Bristol Fighter, 2 Sqn, Manston

Crashed, West Down Camp, Tilshead, Wilts.

Fg Off Reginald Richard Reedman (23) killed

Major Oliver Birkbeck, Royal Artillery (Territorial) injured

20.9.26 Grebe II J7584, 56 Sqn, Biggin Hill

Stalled during low aerobatics, Biggin Hill

Fg Off Henry Frederick Luxmoore (23) killed

21.9.26 Bristol Fighter: 17, Irish Army Air Corps

Dived into ground during Army manoeuvres, Hempstown

Lt Timothy J Prenderville (23) killed (pilot)

Lt Edmond Leo O'Reilly (25) killed

21.9.26 D.H.4B, US Embassy, Kenley

Crashed after engine failure and caught fire, Riddlesdown, Kenley

Cdr Robert Andrew Burg (41) died 26.9.26 (US Navy)

Major Clarence Leonard Tinker injured (pilot, USAAC)

2.10.26 Bleriot 155 F-AICQ "Cl�ment Ader", Air Union

Crashed on fire, near Hildenborough, Kent

Henri Jacques Mallet (27) killed (pilot)

Jean Bouyer (29) killed (mechanic)

Miss Gertrude Emily Phillips Hall (48) killed

Leonard Charles Viney Hambleton (28) killed

Joseph Henry Noble (45) killed

Miss Flora Helen Oxley Parker (37) killed

Miss Margaret Nathalie Stainton (35) killed

8.10.26 Grebe, 56 Sqn, Biggin Hill

Veered on take-off and overturned, Kenley

WO1 Erik Gutzeit Haug (28) killed (Norwegian)

9.11.26 Bristol Fighter, 4 Sqn, Farnborough

Spun on approach, South Farnborough

Plt Off Cyril Vernon Mossman (24) killed

AC2 Cecil Herbert Hayward (19) killed

11.11.26 D.H.9A J7610, 207 Sqn, Eastchurch

Spun, nose dived and caught fire, Eastchurch

Sgt George Frederick Taylor (23) killed

AC2 Percy Charles Hinton (18) killed

12.11.26 D.H.9A J7354, RAF Cadet College, Cranwell

Stalled on turn and caught fire, Ailsworth, near Wittering

Flt Cadet David Gam Harcourt Wood (19) killed

22.11.26 D.H.9A J7310, 24 Sqn, Kenley

Stalled on take-off, crashed and caught fire, Kenley

Flt Lt Felix St.John Woollard AFC (34) killed

Fg Off Frederic Laing Collison (28) killed

22.11.26 DH.60X Moth G-EBNP, London Aeroplane Club, Stag Lane

Spun in, Stag Lane

Plt Off John Stuart Merson Michie (24) killed (RAFO)

Sydney Lane Foster St Barbe injured (instructor)

30.11.26 Avro 504N, CFS, Wittering

Spun in, Easton-on-the-Hill, near Wittering

Fg Off Clarence Graham Crowden (22) killed

Plt Off Edward Blakeway Steedman injured

7.12.26 Gamecock I J7891, A&AEE, Martlesham

Broke up in flight, near Kesgrave Wood, Ipswich

Fg Off Gilbert Vernon Wheatley (27) killed

9.12.26 Grebe, 25 Sqn, Hawkinge

Nose dived off low turn and caught fire, Hawkinge

Fg Off John Harry Campbell Purvis (20) killed

17.12.26 ?, Deutsche Lufthansa

Mechanic hit by propeller, Croydon

Karl Walther (26) killed (German)

28.1.1927 Siskin III J7171, 41 Sqn, Northolt

Dived into garden in squally weather, Beatrice Avenue, Norbury, London

Flt Lt William Geoffrey Meggitt MC (32) killed

2.2.27 Woodcock II J7736, 3 Sqn, Upavon

Stalled and dived in, Upavon

Plt Off Gomer Flower Lewis (19) killed

4.2.27 Grebe II J7582, 56 Sqn, Biggin Hill

Hit hillside in fog and caught fire, near Rottingdean, Sussex

Plt Off Sidney Arthur Vernon Evans (25) killed

9.3.27 Vimy, RAF, Biggin Hill

Parachute opened too low on practice jump, Biggin Hill

Cpl Arthur Ernest East AFM (25) killed

Flt Sgt Harry Woods (pilot)

10.3.27 Bristol Jupiter Type 89 G-EBOA, Beardmore Flying School, Renfrew

Stalled, crashed and caught fire, Renfrew

Fg Off John Matthew Walker (27) killed (RAFO)

11.3.27 Spencer balloon G-FAAU?, Daily Express

Balloon jumper electrocuted landing on power lines, Kingsbury, Middx.

LAC Ernest Arthur Dobbs AFM (26) killed

18.3.27 Horsley II J8012, 11 Sqn, Netheravon

Stalled, nose dived and caught fire, Water Farm, Elham, Kent

Plt Off Frederick Priestman (21) killed

LAC John William Pickering (23) killed

19.4.27 Virginia J7714, 9 Sqn, Manston

Crashed after hitting parked D.H.9A on take-off, Eastchurch

Fg Off William James Kelly (24) killed

Plt Off John Frederick Dowdeswell (21) killed

Flt Sgt Albert George Alderton (32) killed

AC2 Everett Daniels (25) killed

2.5.27 Avro 504N, 2 FTS, Digby

Crashed, Temple Bruer, near Digby

Plt Off Keith Conway Blatchford (18) died 3.5.27

12.5.27 D.H.9J G-EBLH, de Havilland Civil Flying School, Stag Lane

Crashed, Littlewick, near Maidenhead

Fg Off William Alan Foot (27) killed (RAFO)

13.5.27 Bristol Fighter F4940, RAF College, Cranwell

Stalled and nose dived landing downwind, Henlow

Flt Cadet Alfred Cyril Bentley (20) killed

13.5.27 Fairey IIID, RAF, Gosport

Spun after engine failure, Bedenham, near Gosport

Fg Off (Hon Flt Lt) Richard Fenner Carter (30) killed

16.5.27 Avro 504N H255, 5 FTS, Sealand

Spun off flat turn, Sealand

Plt Off Arthur George Mace (21) killed

16.5.27 Gamecock I J8043, 32 Sqn, Kenley

Collision with J8042 after formation take-off, Kenley

Plt Off Arthur Leslie Holden (21) killed

Plt Off Richard Pace unhurt in J8042

30.5.27 Avro 504N, CFS, Wittering

Dived in off turn on practice forced landing, Easton, near Wittering

Fg Off Horace Miller (30) killed

Fg Off Edmund Gwyn Hordern injured

4.6.27 DH.37A G-EBDO "Lois", A S Butler

Hit number board during race practice, Ensbury Park Racecourse, Bournemouth

Claude St John Plevins (24) killed

Major Harold Hemming injured (pilot)

6.6.27 Blackburn Bluebird I G-EBKD, Robert Blackburn

Collision with Widgeon, West Parley, Bournemouth

Sqn Ldr Walter Hunt Longton DFC AFC (34) killed

6.6.27 Westland Widgeon III G-EBPW, R A Bruce, Yeovil

Collision with Bluebird, West Parley, Bournemouth

Flt Lt Lawrence Pratt Openshaw (35) killed (RAFO)

16.6.27 Snipe DC, CFS, Wittering

Spun in, Wothorpe, near Stamford

Flt Lt Humphrey William Baggs (32) killed

Fg Off Sydney Fleetwood Bell (26) killed

22.6.27 Fairey IIID S1094, RAF, Leuchars

Crashed in garden after engine failure, Dundee

Fg Off Rawdon Frank Gerald Salmond (23) killed (Lt, RN)

5.7.27 Woodcock II J8300, 17 Sqn, Upavon

Crashed and caught fire, Upavon

Sgt Frederick Thomas Pennicott (25) killed

18.7.27 Bristol Fighter II J7671, 13 Sqn, Andover

Crashed in flames, London Road, Camberley

Plt Off William Horace Shorter (25) killed

AC1 Leslie Rogers (20) killed

20.7.27 Gamecock I, 32 Sqn, Kenley

Crashed during target practice, Holbeach ranges

Plt Off Richard Griffith Pace (22) killed

25.7.27 Woodcock II J7967, 17 Sqn, Upavon

Midair collision with J7976 in formation flight, Northolt

Fg Off Ian Andrew Anderson (22) killed

Sgt Ernest John Boswell Smith-Marriott unhurt in J7976

28.7.27 Bristol 99A Badminton G-EBMK, Bristol Aeroplane Co.

Spun in at Winterbourne after engine failure on take-off from Filton

Capt Franklyn Leslie Barnard OBE AFC DSC (30) killed (Fg Off, RAFO)

1.8.27 Bristol Fighter, 13 Sqn, Andover

Spun on approach in bad weather, Cove Common, Farnborough

Fg Off Alexander Goodison Boon (25) killed (Lt, Royal Scots)

LAC Stanley Noel Vincent (21) killed

22.8.27 Fokker F.VIII H-NADU, KLM

Crashed after fin failed, St.Julians, Riverhead, near Sevenoaks, Kent

Jacobus Laurentius Anthonius Maria Brunklaus (25) killed (mechanic)

Evert van Dijk injured (pilot)

A Broek injured (Dutch)

Miss A Dijkstra injured (Dutch)

W den Hertog injured (Dutch)

George Edward De Lengerke injured

Miss de Lengerke injured

J Macfadyen injured

A H J Odding injured (Dutch)

Kauffman unhurt (Dutch)

Roth unhurt

26.8.27 Woodcock II J7734, 3 Sqn, Upavon

Spun off low turn, Upavon

Plt Off Harold Cyprian Kelly (22) killed

30.8.27 D.H.9A J6957, RAE, Farnborough

Observer hung up on tail by parachute, Farnborough

Robert James Lowthian (23) killed (scientific officer)

Flt Lt Edgar Arnott Hodgson unhurt (pilot)

9.9.27 D.H.9A, RAF Cadet College, Cranwell

Spun in, near Leadenham Hill Top

Flt Cadet Robert Spencer Beddall (19) died 10.9.27

23.9.27 DH.60X Moth G-EBRZ, Capt A Milburn, Sherburn

Spun in near Sherburn-in-Elmet

Miss Dorothy Evelyn Ellison (25) killed

Capt Anthony Milburn injured

24.9.27 Siskin IIIA J8057, 111 Sqn, Duxford

Midair collision with 19 Sqn Avro 504K J8361, Duxford

Sgt James Kelly (24) killed

Sgt Osmond Cecil Tostevin & LAC Ralph Cleland unhurt in Avro

9.10.27 DH.60 Moth G-EBLI, London Aeroplane Club, Stag Lane

Spun in from 6,000ft, Marsh Farm, Great Stanmore

Charles Harold Swan (24) killed

13.10.27 Bristol Fighter

Wheel hit girl on landing, Worthy Down

Alice Mary Dennett (4) killed

Fg Off Rodney Beresford unhurt (pilot)

20.10.27 Fairey IIID, Training Base, Leuchars

Spun after engine failure, Leuchars

Fg Off William Harvey Osborne Rumfitt (23) killed (South African)

AC1 Francis William Tomlinson killed

AC1 Herbert William Furness injured

9.11.27 Bristol Fighter C810, RAE, Farnborough

Crew baled out while lost, Tilkhurst, East Grinstead

Fg Off Campbell Mackenzie-Richards (27) killed

Prof Harry Norman Green unhurt

3.12.27 Fairey Fox I J7941, 12 Sqn, Andover

Flew into trees landing in fog, The Ridgeway, Enfield

Fg Off Robert Darley Whelan (27) killed

AC2 Henry Arthur Lacy (22) killed

6.12.27 Horsley J7995, RAF, Eastchurch

Civilian workman hit by landing aeroplane, Eastchurch

Albert John Fagg (62) died 9.12.27

Flt Lt Edward Derek Davis unhurt

Sgt Harold Lawrence Whitlock unhurt (pilot)

17.1.1928 Woodcock, 17 Sqn, Upavon

Wing collapsed in loop, Upavon

Plt Off Guy Stevinson (21) killed

23.1.28 Blackburn Turcock G-EBVP, Blackburn Aeroplane Co.

Wing hit ground on low turn, Martlesham Heath

Fg Off Harold Campbell Gambier Dauncey (21) killed

5.2.28 Blackburn Bluebird II G-EBRG, Yorkshire Aeroplane Club

Failed to recover from spin, Sherburn-in-Elmet

Albert Critchley (30) killed

8.2.28 Gamecock I J7919, 43 Sqn, Tangmere

Dived into ground in mist, Stoughton, Sussex

Plt Off Peter John Basil Chalmers (20) killed

17.2.28 Grebe II J7372 & J7392, 25 Sqn, Hawkinge

Collision during dogfight practice, Capel-le-Ferne, Kent

Plt Off Eric James Watson (21) killed

Fg Off Leonard Arthur Walsh baled out

1.3.28 Grebe II J7293, 29 Sqn, Duxford

Stalled and crashed in field, near Duxford

Sgt Herbert Trickett (24) killed

2.3.28 Fairey IIIF S1168, 207 Sqn, Eastchurch

Nose dived off sharp turn, Isle of Grain

Sgt William Bean Maltman (26) killed

LAC Sidney Cresswell Mason (22) killed

AC1 William George Lowman (22) killed

11.3.28 Farman F.60 Goliath F-AEFC "Provence", Air Union

Crashed in sea in snowstorm, 9m off Folkestone

Andre Schmutz (28) killed (pilot)

Raymond Paul Andre Terade (30) killed (mechanic)

12.3.28 Supermarine S.5 N221, RAF High Speed Flight

Flew into water at high speed, off Calshot

Flt Lt Samuel Marcus Kinkead DSO DSC DFC (31) killed

14.3.28 Bristol Fighter II J7666, 2 Sqn, Manston

Midair collision with Virginia J8239, Manston

Fg Off Horace James Joseph Mumford-Mathews (22) killed

Lt David Francis Cumin Scott (27) killed

Fg Off Ratcliffe unhurt in J8239

22.3.28 Avro 504N J8581, Home Aircraft Depot, Henlow

Hit telegraph wires and crashed, Holwell, near Henlow

Flt Lt Frank Jezzard MBE (36) killed

LAC Percy Jack Hooper injured

25.3.28 Avro Avian G-EBVZ, Winifred Brown, Woodford

Overshot landing into wall and hit spectators, Hough Hill, Stalybridge; repaired

Jack Humphrey Hood (7) killed

Edith Hood injured

James Pointer injured

Mary Taylor injured

Miss Winifred Sawley Brown unhurt (pilot)

Walter Samuel Browning unhurt

2.4.28 Bristol Fighter II J7651, 2 Sqn, Manston

Hit tree and crashed, Old Heath, Colchester

Fg Off Jack Hadden (26) killed (Lt, Black Watch)

AC1 George Henry Towers (21) killed

5.4.28 Avro 504N E9352, 502 Sqn, Aldergrove

Crashed after engine failure, hitting girl, Dunmurry, near Lisburn

Winifred Daphne Fox (8) killed

Fg Off Stewart Davidson injured (pilot)

26.4.28 Siskin IIIA J8956, RAF Cadet College, Cranwell

Dived in and caught fire, Cranwell

Flt Cadet Peter Anthony Meakin (21) died 27.4.28

6.5.28 DH.60X Moth G-EBSN, Bristol & Wessex Aeroplane Club

Spun, crashed and burned, Filton

Fg Off Richard Eric Hopper (21) killed (RAFO)

Donald Vaughan Tanner (26) killed

8.5.28 Siskin IIIA J8402, 41 Sqn, Northolt

Crashed on marsh after diving on target, Holbeach ranges, Gedney Drove End

Fg Off Geoffrey Bradbury (23) died 20.5.28

10.5.28 Supermarine Southampton S1126, 480 Flt, Calshot

Hit mast of tender and crashed on landing, Invergordon

Cpl Ernest Bradford drowned

Flt Lt Alick Charles Stevens injured (pilot)

2 crew unhurt

11.5.28 Bristol Fighter, 16 Sqn, Old Sarum

Crashed off low stall turn, Old Sarum

Fg Off Gerald Arthur Underdown (21) killed

LAC Donald Martin Thomas (20) killed

12.5.28 Fairey IIIF Mk. II S1260, 446 Flt, Gosport

Stalled and crashed, Alexandra Road, South Farnborough

LAC James George Bolton (24) killed

Telegraphist Percival Reginald Carter (26) killed (RN)

Capt Edward James Osborne Ellison injured (pilot, RM)

21.5.28 Avro 504N, 602 Sqn, Renfrew

Spun attempting loop, Gleniffer Braes, near Paisley

Fg Off James Pearson Drew (24) killed (AAF)

29.5.28 Avro 504K G-EBLA, A G Cooper

Crashed in bay during aerobatics, Weymouth

Fg Off Arthur Gabbetis Cooper (39) drowned (RAFO)

Ernest Francis Carpenter injured

5.6.28 Woodcock II J7728 & J8316, 3 Sqn, Upavon

Collision during practice attack, Chisenbury Down, near Upavon

Fg Off Philip Cranswick MC (33) killed

Fg Off Douglas James Frederick McMillan (25) killed

1.7.28 Avro 504N H2534, 23 Sqn, Kenley

Dived into ground, Clifton, near Henlow

Flt Lt Harold Charles Calvey (31) killed

Flt Sgt William Charles Hollier (35) killed

4.7.28 Fokker F.VIIa/3m G-EBYI, Alfred L�wenstein

Owner fell out of aircraft, English Channel, off Kent

Capt Alfred Leonard L�wenstein CB (51) killed

Donald Herbert Drew (pilot)

7.7.28 Avro 504N, 603 Sqn, Turnhouse

Dived into ground, Sighthill Farm, Hermiston, near Corstorphine

Plt Off John Temple Lyall Shiells (27) killed (AAF)

13.7.28 Vickers Vulcan G-EBLB, Imperial Airways

Crashed on test flight, Little Woodcote, near Croydon

Emily Joan Benjafield (18) killed

Andrew Hall (40) killed

William Edward Halstead (44) killed

Phyllis Smith (21) killed

Capt John Spafford injured (pilot)

Albert Graham Tucker injured

20.7.28 ANEC IV Missel Thrush G-EBPI, G N Warwick

Crashed on mountain, Broad Law, near Peebles

Fg Off Guy Nevile Warwick (23) killed (RAFO)

2.8.28 Woodcock J7974, 3 Sqn, Upavon

Wing failed during air-firing practice, Holbeach range

Flt Lt Lance Harold Browning MC DFC (31) killed

3.8.28 DH.60X Moth G-EBYD, London Aeroplane Club, Stag Lane

Broke up during aerobatics, Canons Park, Edgware

Lt Edmund Lawrance Debbonaire Moore (27) killed (RN)

17.8.28 Avro 504N J9016, 2 FTS, Digby

Midair collision with D.H.9A J7795, Digby

Plt Off Adrian Gordon Cole (22) killed

17.8.28 D.H.9A J7795, 2 FTS, Digby

Midair collision with Avro 504N J9016, Digby

Fg Off Alfred Rodney Feather (26) killed

Plt Off Bertrand Guy d'Olier (26) killed

22.8.28 DH.60X Moth G-EBSK, Nottingham Aero Club, Hucknall

Spun after take-off and caught fire, Hucknall

Robert Anthony Blake (31) killed

William Richardson (36) killed

30.8.28 Avro 504N H2201, 2 FTS, Digby

Stalled on turn, Nocton Heath, Lincs

Plt Off James Graydon Riess (20) died 31.8.28

31.8.28 Avro 504N, 3 FTS, Grantham

Stalled on flat turn and dived into ground, Grantham

Plt Off Edward Leo Johnstone (25) killed

2.9.28 D.H.9A J8107, 605 Sqn, Castle Bromwich

Nose dived off sharp turn and caught fire, Great Glen, near Leicester

Plt Off George Herbert Aldridge (26) killed (AAF)

6.9.28 Blackburn N9834, 422 Flt, HMS Argus

Missing in North Sea on flight off HMS Argus, Cromarty Firth

Plt Off Samuel Hatton killed (RN)

Lt Charles Sheldon Booth (24) killed (RN)

Telegraphist Edmund George Bourke Grigson (26) killed (RN)

9.9.28 Spencer balloon, C G Spencer & Sons Ltd, Highbury

Fell off house roof while retrieving balloon, Hillmorton Road, Rugby

Capt Henry Owen Spencer (52) killed

Percival Spencer unhurt (pilot)

19.9.28 Siskin IIIA J8871, Armament & Gunnery School, Eastchurch

Stalled after take-off, Eastchurch

Fg Off Athal Patrick Woulf de Wytt (23) killed

20.9.28 Avro 548 G-EBFM, Henderson School of Flying, Brooklands

Stalled on turn and nose dived, Brooklands

Miss Margaret Honor Wellby (22) killed

11.10.28 Fairey Fox I J7946, 12 Sqn, Andover

Tail broke off in dive, Hendon

Flt Lt William Edmund Somervell AFC (35) killed

Cpl Christopher John Loud (26) killed

13.10.28 DH.60X Moth G-EBSS, Cinque Ports Flying Club, Lympne

Pilot thrown out of aeroplane in spin, Selby Farm, Botolph's Bridge, near Lympne

Guy Thornton Skinner (29) killed

31.10.28 Avro 504N, 3 FTS, Grantham

Stalled on low turn after take-off, Grantham

Flt Lt Gordon Archer (34) died 24.11.28

LAC Robert Wallace injured

6.11.28 Atlas I J9043, 26 Sqn, Catterick

Dived into the ground in bad weather, Grinton Moor, N Yorkshire

Plt Off Charles Lilburn Myers (20) killed

AC2 Henry Chadwick (21) killed

7.11.28 Avro 504K E3150, 2 FTS, Digby

Stalled on turn, near Boothby Graffoe

Plt Off Richard Harold Coupe (23) killed

8.11.28 Horsley, 100 Sqn, Bicester

Crashed on forced landing in dark and caught fire, near Gawcott, Bucks.

Sgt Herbert Edward Lockwood (25) killed

AC2 Charles Robert Thane injured

9.11.28 S.E.5A G-EBQQ, Lt G Madocks, Brooklands

Spun in, Brooklands

Lt Gwynn Henry Buller Madocks (25) killed

10.12.28 Siskin IIIA J8872, Duxford Meteorological Flight

Collision with 19 Sqn Siskin J8851, near Whittlesford

Flt Sgt Osmond Cecil Tostevin (35) killed

Fg Off Edward Gordon Cayley baled out of J8851

20.1.1929 DH.60 Moth G-EBPS, P A Wills

Lost speed in turn and spun, Duxford

Fg Off Edward Gordon Cayley (23) killed

Philip Aubrey Wills injured

30.1.29 Fairey IIID N9759, Armament & Gunnery School, Eastchurch

Spun off steep turn, Eastchurch

Fg Off Geoffrey Hugh Conningsby Ingle (22) killed

LAC Frank Nelson Howick (25) killed

AC2 George Henry Johnson (22) killed

18.2.29 Siskin IIIA J9319, 25 Sqn, Hawkinge

Pilot overcome by fumes; crashed, Lagham Manor, South Godstone

Flt Sgt John William Pearce (28) killed

28.2.29 Siskin IIIA, 19 Sqn, Duxford

Failed to recover from dive, Duxford

Flt Lt George Anthony Fielding Bucknall (28) killed

1.3.29 Gamecock I J8094, 23 Sqn, Kenley

Midair collision with J8415, Kenley

Fg Off Patrick Nelson Sealy-Allin (23) killed

Flt Sgt James Guy Freeman parachuted unhurt from J8415

9.3.29 DH.60X Moth G-AABA, Nottingham Aero Club, Hucknall

Crashed in sea, 90m ESE of Hull

Fg Off Arthur John Peacey (28) killed (RAFO)

2.5.29 Atlas TM J9470, 3 FTS, Grantham

Stalled and crashed, near Grantham

Plt Off Lionel Treadway Milner (22) killed (2Lt, KOYLI, TA)

Sgt Geoffrey Leslie Williams (27) killed (pilot)

3.5.29 Vickers Venture I J7280, Home Aircraft Depot, Henlow

Passenger thrown out while low flying; crashed near Barnet

AC1 Richard Frederick Mason (19) killed

Fg Off Denys Stanley Thomas unhurt; cashiered for being drunk

10.5.29 Avro 504N J8727, 1 FTS, Netheravon

Crashed on forced landing and caught fire, near Beaches Barn, Netheravon

Plt Off Malcolm Menzies Jackson (20) killed

16.5.29 Siskin IIIA, 19 Sqn, Duxford

Crashed after slow roll, Northolt

Fg Off John Walden Bayes (23) killed

16.5.29 Vickers Vanguard G-EBCP (J6924), Vickers Aviation Ltd

Dived into the ground, Shepperton, Middx.

Flt Lt Edward Rodolph Clement Scholefield AFC DCM (Ret) (34) killed

Frank William Sherratt (29) killed

18.5.29 DH.60X Moth G-EBUW, Hilbert Hamer (The Irving Air Chute Co), Letchworth

Dived into the ground, Odsey, Cambs

Fg Off Leonard Butler (32) killed (RAFO)

Hilbert Gustav Hamer (35) killed

17.6.29 Handley Page W.10 G-EBMT "City of Ottawa", Imperial Airways

Crash-landed into the English Channel 3m off Dungeness following engine failure

Mme Louise B�siger drowned (Swiss)

Mrs Annie Gerzon (36) drowned (Dutch)

Mrs Emmie Ickerson (56) drowned (Australian)

Leon Thomas Malcolm (44) drowned (Canadian)

Adolph Meister (74) drowned (American)

Miss Jean Roberts drowned

Alfred Freeman Smith (64) drowned (Australian)

Rudolph Paul David Brailli injured (pilot)

Nigel Robert Barnett injured (engineer)

Allen Ernest Fleming injured (Australian)

Mrs Margery Fleming injured (Australian)

Miss Marjorie Smith injured (Australian)

Homer Willard Tatham injured (American)

17.6.29 Siskin IIIDC J9196, 3 Sqn, Upavon

Wings folded back during aerobatics, near Netheravon

Plt Off James Ernest Jorgensen (21) killed

Sgt Charles Benjamin Groom (28) killed

27.6.29 Siskin IIIA J8949, 56 Sqn, North Weald

Failed to recover from spin, Hendon

Fg Off Vickers Osborne Eyre (23) killed

2.7.29 Atlas, 1 FTS, Netheravon

Crashed, near Netheravon

Plt Off Ronald Yule Bootes (22) killed

4.7.29 Avro 504K G-AAED, J Sale & A Barnett, Shoreham

Spun in on downwind approach, Stag Lane

Plt Off Dermott Patrick Howard Esler (24) died 5.8.29 (RAFO)

Ernest John Anthony Barnett (22) killed

William John Williams (22) killed

9.7.29 DH.9J G-EBOQ, Armstrong Whitworth Reserve School, Whitley

Stalled and spun when landing, Whitley, Coventry

Fg Off John Douglas Williamson (21) died 27.7.29 (RAFO)

11.7.29 Avro 504N J9006?, 1 FTS, Netheravon

Dived in on approach to forced landing, Upper Studley, near Trowbridge

Plt Off Reginald Montague Swaine (19) killed

17.7.29 Fairey IIIF, 207 Sqn, Eastchurch

Crashed in sea off low roll, Skipsea range, Yorks

Fg Off Stanley Frank Prince (24) drowned

LAC Edward William Buttenshaw (22) killed

19.7.29 DH.60X Moth G-EBZS, de Havilland School of Flying

Spun in off loop, near Borehamwood

Plt Off Walter Patrick Dillon Bennett (21) killed (RAFO)

28.7.29 Simmonds Spartan G-AAMC, National Flying Services Ltd

Spun into trees during low aerobatics and caught fire, Hanworth

Fg Off Jack Harley Caulfeild (25) died 30.7.29 (RAFO)

29.7.29 DH.60G Moth G-AAJU, Capt G F Boyle, Heston

Midair collision with G-AAKL, Valley Farm, near Kingsbury, Middx.

Capt George Frederick Boyle (36) killed

29.7.29 DH.60G Moth G-AAKL, The De Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd, Stag Lane

Midair collision with G-AAJU, Valley Farm, near Kingsbury, Middx.

Fg Off (Hon Flt Lt) Arthur Statham White (37) killed (RAFO)

Frederick Lincoln Knight (32) killed

14.8.29 Gamecock I J7914, 23 Sqn, Kenley

Stalled off steep turn after take-off, Sutton Bridge

Fg Off Charles Henry Jones (24) killed

10.9.29 Siskin IIIA, 17 Sqn, Upavon

Crashed, Upavon

Plt Off Lawrence Errington Jeff Lucas (20) killed

19.9.29 Avro 548 G-AABW, Surrey Flying Services, Croydon

Stalled and spun, Westwood Farm, near Welling Station, Kent

Arthur Norman Brunning (28) killed

Stanley Victor Annis injured

23.9.29 DH.60M Moth G-AAHB, E M Tiarks, Filton

Stalled and nose dived, Ford Farm, Winterbourne, Bristol; rebuilt as G-AASR?

Edward Matthias Tiarks (24) killed

Lt Edward Victor Somerset (26) killed

23.9.29 Atlas TM J9471, 3 FTS, Grantham

Spun in on practice forced landing approach, near Grantham

LAC Ernest George Richard Lane (21) killed

Flt Lt Reginald Pyne injured

3.10.29 Virginia X J7424, 58 Sqn, Worthy Down

Airman killed swinging propeller at night, Upper Heyford

AC1 George William Edgley (19) killed

10.10.29 Atlas TM J9440, 1 FTS, Netheravon

Crashed and caught fire after collision with J9437, Netheravon

LAC Thomas White Caird alias Thomas White Kelly (25) killed

Plt Off Hugh Dunsmuir Primrose injured in J9437

11.10.29 Siskin IIIA, 29 Sqn, North Weald

Hit factory roof on low pass and caught fire, Brough

Fg Off John Clarke (24) killed

28.10.29 Horsley TB Mk. II S1245, 36 Sqn, Donibristle

Crashed in sea near HMS Argus, Firth of Forth, near Queensferry

AC2 Robert Henry Wilson (24) killed

Flt Lt Alexander Harold James Howlett injured

6.11.29 Junkers G.24 D-903 "Oberschlesien", Deutsche Lufthansa

Crashed on hill in fog, Foster Down, between Godstone and Caterham, Surrey

Bruno Rodschinka (38) killed (1st pilot)

Prince Eugen zu Schaumburg-Lippe (30) died 9.11.29 (2nd pilot)

Wilhelm Ullrich (36) killed (mechanic)

Heinrich Niklas (31) killed (wireless operator)

Herbert John Gaspar (40) killed

David Leo Jones (26) killed

Granville Thomas Guthrie Milne (42) killed

Lt Cdr George Pearson Glen Kidston injured

3.12.29 Bristol Fighter IIIDC J8454, Home Aircraft Depot, Henlow

Dived in inverted after becoming lost, Clifton, near Henlow

Fg Off Harold Vernon Forbes (24) killed

Fg Off Donald Vernon Ivins injured

1930 - 1934

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