A list of fatal air accidents in Britain and Ireland 1930 - 1934

18.1.1930 DH.60X Moth G-EBWZ, A J Stevens, Brooklands

Dived in, Victory Park, Addlestone

Alec James Stevens (30) died 14.2.30

Roland Ruutz Rees injured (American)

21.1.30 Fairey IIIF J9637, 207 Sqn, Bircham Newton

Crashed in orchard in fog, Chilton, near Sudbury, Suffolk

Fg Off Donald Mackenzie (25) killed

Cpl Leonard Edward Barnard (24) killed

4.2.30 Blackburn Iris III S1263, Air Ministry

Mechanic hit by propeller, Brough

John Henry Frow (22) killed

10.2.30 Farman F.63bis Goliath F-FHMY "Picardie", Air Union

Crash landed and caught fire after tailplane failed, near Marden, Kent

Albert Allen Hodges (28) killed

Mrs Edith Hodges (21) killed

Henri Nevot injured (pilot)

Rene Le Albaux injured (mechanic)

Louis Le Solliec injured

Hugh Curson injured

13.2.30 Siskin DC J9190?, 32 Sqn, Kenley

Controls jammed; parachute failed to open, Coulsdon Common

Sgt Cecil Arthur Alfred Fell (27) killed

17.3.30 Grebe IIIDC J7519, 23 Sqn, Kenley

Bounced and overturned on landing, Farnborough

Sgt John Martin (26) died 6.4.30

Flt Lt Richard Llewellyn Roger Atcherley injured (pilot)

24.3.30 Virginia J7709, 58 Sqn, Worthy Down

Overturned on night landing, Worthy Down

Fg Off Ernest Richard White (22) killed

Plt Off Percy James Pratt (20) killed

Sqn Ldr Alban Spencer Ellerton injured (pilot)

LAC Donald Angus Reich injured

AC2 Frederick Bernard Palmer unhurt

1.4.30 D.H.9A J8159, RAF College, Cranwell

Spun during forced landing practice and caught fire, Cranwell

Flt Cadet William Henry Hodgkinson (21) killed

6.4.30 Blackburn Bluebird IV G-AAOA, National Flying Services, Hanworth

Spun, nose dived and caught fire, Powell's Orchard, Feltham

George Edward Watts (28) killed

7.4.30 Junkers W.33d D-1649 "Baikal", Deutsche Lufthansa

Crashed on hill and burnt, Broomlands Farm, Limpsfield Common, Surrey

Karl Wessell (24) killed (pilot)

Gustav Ferdinand Connert (24) killed (mechanic)

8.4.30 Siskin IIIA J8888, 19 Sqn, Duxford

Stalled on gliding turn, Duxford

Fg Off Roger Pridgin Teale (22) killed

10.4.30 Grebe IIIDC J7530, Armament & Gunnery School, Eastchurch

Spun in after loop, Eastchurch

Fg Off Ernest Leonard Wilson (25) killed

Telegraphist James Ronald Armison (21) killed

25.4.30 Avro 504N, RAF College, Cranwell

Stalled and spun in, Cranwell

Sgt William Henry Fearn (28) killed

AC1 Leslie Edward Charlton (20) killed

6.5.30 DH.60X Moth G-AAPN, National Flying Services, Hanworth

Dived into garden, Hampton, Middlesex

Hugh Samuel Roger Elliott (49) killed

26.5.30 Avro 504N J8728, CFS, Wittering

Sideslipped and crashed, Barholm, near Stamford

Fg Off Vincent Humphries Nicolay (21) killed

Fg Off Philip Francis Luxton injured

6.6.30 Avro 504N J8709, RAF College, Cranwell

Collision with J9693 on approach, Cranwell

Flt Lt Henry Leonard Drake (29) killed

Flt Cadet Francis de la Poer Beresford-Peirse injured

Flt Cadet George Wroughton Montagu injured in J9693

7.6.30 Blackburn Bluebird IV G-AASU, Airwork, Heston

Stalled and nose dived after take-off, near Hendon

Plt Off George Ernest Villiers (18) killed (AAF)

Henry Herman Evelyn Montagu Winch injured

8.6.30 DH.60G Moth G-AAIV, Airwork, Heston

Mechanic hit by propeller of runaway aeroplane, Heston

Arthur Everitt Massey (27) killed

Evelyn Henry Newman (pilot)

Alfred James Bartlett (passenger)

12.6.30 Horsley II J8005, 100 Sqn, Bicester

Collision with 3 Sqn Bulldog J9574 during display practice, Chisenbury Down, near Upavon

Sgt Frederick Ernest O'Meara (25) killed

LAC William Hagen baled out

Plt Off Malcolm Avondale Douglas-Hamilton baled out of Bulldog

13.6.30 DH.60 Moth J8820, CFS, Wittering

Stalled coming out of slow roll, Wittering

Flt Lt Nigel Henry Nevill Fletcher (30) killed

17.6.30 DH.60M Moth K1209, 29 Sqn, North Weald

Hit lawn roller on take-off and caught fire, North Weald

Wg Cdr Bernard Edward Smythies DFC (43) killed

AC1 Frederick Reginald Stanley Holben injured

18.6.30 Bristol Fighter, School of Photography, Farnborough

Spun and crashed, Farnborough

Fg Off John Cecil Lauga Claxton (21) killed

29.6.30 DH.60G Moth G-AAHX, Henderson Flying School, Croydon

Dived in off turn, Purley Way Warren, near Croydon Airport

Alexander Arnot Anderson (34) killed

Charles William Hammett (42) killed

15.7.30 Gamecock I J7894, 23 Sqn, Kenley

Spun into ground, Gedney Dawsmere, near Holbeach range

Fg Off Peter Bagwell Rogers (22) killed

20.7.30 DH.60X Moth G-EBUR, Lt S E H Spencer, Hamble

Crashed off low loop and caught fire, Detling

Lt Samuel Edward Harrison Spencer (27) killed (RN)

Miss Mary Gladys Grace (26) killed

21.7.30 Junkers F.13ge G-AAZK, Walcot Air Line, Croydon

Broke up in flight, Meopham, Kent

Lt-Col George Lockhart Piercy Henderson MC AFC (42) killed (pilot)

Charles d'Urban Shearing (27) killed (co-pilot)

Frederick Hamilton-Temple-Blackwood, Marquess of Dufferin and Ava (55) killed

Rosemary Millicent Ward Leveson-Gower, Viscountess Ednam (36) killed

Capt Sir Edward Simons Ward (48) killed

Mrs Sigrid Loeffler (45) killed

22.7.30 Albatros L100 D-1906, Aero Club von Deutschland

Navigator hit by propeller, Heston

Wolff-Dietrich von Redern (27) killed

Hermann von Oertzen (pilot)

Rolf Kortlepell (passenger)

3.8.30 Avro, 603 Sqn, Turnhouse

Stalled and crashed after engine failure, Turnhouse

Flt Lt Alexander Robertson Hunter Miller (28) killed (AAF)

Fg Off James Esme Glenny unhurt (AAF)

6.8.30 Siskin IIIA, 41 Sqn, Northolt

Hit tree, crashed and caught fire, Casthorpe, Barrowby, near Grantham

Plt Off Wilfred Sawyer (21) killed

8.8.30 Siskin IIIA J9325, 25 Sqn, Hawkinge

Crashed off slow turn, near Falmer, Sussex

Sgt Owen Herbert McNair (23) killed

24.8.30 Martinsyde F.4 G-EBMI, E D A Bigg, Woodley

Dived in following wing flutter on test flight, Woodley

Samuel Wilfred Giddy (27) killed

9.9.30 Avro 504N J9007, 2 FTS, Digby

Hit trees and caught fire, Nocton Heath, Lincoln

Plt Off Peter Strickland Ball (19) killed

11.9.30 SABCA Fokker F.VIIb/3m OO-AIN, Sabena

Crashed after take-off from Croydon at night, Wallington

Edouard G L Sobry (26) killed (pilot)

Fernand Coremans (25) killed (mechanic)

23.9.30 Bristol Fighter J8458, 2 FTS, Grantham

Dived into ground after engine failure on take-off, Treeton, South Yorks

Plt Off Alfred Cecil Sant (22) died 25.9.30

30.9.30 Bulldog IIA K1083 & K1085, 17 Sqn, Upavon

Formation of three flew into trees on hillside in fog, Arundel Park, Sussex

Flt Lt Gerald Christopher Allan Armstrong (26) killed in K1083

Sgt Wilfred Birkinshaw (28) killed in K1085

Plt Off Geoffrey John Pawson slightly injured in third Bulldog (J9587)

9.10.30 Vickers Type 150 J9131, 22 Sqn, A&AEE, Martlesham

Engines failed on take-off, Martlesham Heath; rebuilt

AC1 William Henry Dack Minns (22) killed

Flt Lt Herbert Seton Broughall MC DFC unhurt (pilot)

LAC Letley unhurt

Cpl Gray unhurt

15.10.30 Avro 504N K1059, 3 FTS, Grantham

Spun in, Spittlegate Heath Farm, near Grantham

Flt Lt James Stanley Blomfield (28) killed

AC2 Cyril Williamson (20) killed

16.10.30 Atlas TM K1186, RAF College, Cranwell

Stalled and dived into ground, Cranwell

Flt Cadet Ernest Hamley Fawkes (20) killed

19.10.30 Westland Widgeon II G-EBJT, E D Whitehead Reid, Bekesbourne

Crashed into trees, East Sutton Park, near Detling

Dr Edward Douglas Whitehead Reid (47) died 20.10.30 (Flt Lt, AAF)

Miss Annie Irene Burnside (27) killed

22.10.30 DH.60 Moth G-EBPR, National Flying Services, Hanworth

Spun in, Boddington Hill, Wendover, Bucks

Plt Off Thomas Eustace Whittome (25) killed

Arthur Raymond Ellis (30) killed

30.10.30 Atlas I J9985, RAF College, Cranwell

Spun into ground and burnt, Cranwell

Flt Cadet Peter Berry (19) killed

1.11.30 DH.60G Moth G-AAEI, D H Corsellis, Stag Lane

Hit fence on landing in fog and caught fire, Stag Lane

Douglas Henry Corsellis (34) killed

4.11.30 Virginia X J7561, 9 Sqn, Manston

Stalled, dived into ground and burnt out, Manston; repaired

Fg Off Frederick Robert Walter Goad (21) killed

Sgt George William Roberts (24) killed

AC1 Alan William Edwards injured

4.11.30 Siskin IIIA J9907, 56 Sqn, North Weald

Lost wings and crashed, Little Wood, Barnes Farm, Fryerning, Ingatestone, Essex

Fg Off Max Ian Barnett (23) killed

9.11.30 DH.60X Moth G-AAMT, Nottingham Aero Club, Tollerton

Crashed in field, Cotgrave, near Tollerton

Ronald Leslie Wing (20) killed

19.11.30 Atlas, 26 Sqn, Catterick

Crashed and caught fire, near Leeming Bar

Plt Off John Anthony Chance (21) killed

Sgt Adam Maitland injured

25.11.30 Horsley II J8013, 100 Sqn, Donibristle

Midair collision with J8015 after take-off, near Tentsmuir, Leuchars

Flt Lt Alexander Harold James Howlett (41) killed (Australian)

25.11.30 Horsley II J8015, 100 Sqn, Donibristle

Midair collision with J8013 after take-off, near Tentsmuir, Leuchars

Flt Lt Gerald Brooks killed

30.11.30 Avro 504N K1041, Home Aircraft Depot, Henlow

Stalled and dived into field, Pinner Park Farm, Moss Lane, Pinner, Middx.

Flt Lt Douglas Wells Gibbon (25) killed

12.1.1931 Siskin IIIA J8946, 29 Sqn, North Weald

Crashed after collision in formation with Siskin J8865, North Weald

Fg Off Frank Lemon (23) killed

Plt Off David Victor Angell unhurt in J8865

12.1.31 Vimy F9178, 2 FTS, Digby

Hit dyke bank on forced landing, near Westwoodside, Lincs

Flt Lt Geoffrey Maynard Edward Shaw (31) killed

Plt Off John Edward Furlong Chapman (19) killed

Flt Sgt Alfred George Rogers (34) killed

AC2 Cecil Alfred James Jones unhurt

19.1.31 Virginia X J8241, 7 Sqn, Worthy Down

Hit building on landing, Worthy Down

Fg Off Walter Sydney Monroe (23) killed

Fg Off John Barton (30) killed

LAC James Stanley Milner (24) killed

Fg Off John Rene Whitley unhurt

Nine injured in station HQ

25.1.31 Avro 504K G-AACW, Home Counties Aircraft Services Ltd, Gatwick

Spun in, near Gatwick Aerodrome

William James Martin (22) killed (pilot)

Fg Off Laurence Herbert Irving-Bell (Ret) (31) killed

Sydney Joseph William Meathrel (20) killed

27.1.31 Blackburn Bluebird IV G-AAOH, S Hargreaves, Hanworth

Spun in, Bushey Park, Middx

Sydney Enoch Hargreaves (48) killed

William George Andrews (29) killed

4.2.31 Blackburn Iris III N238, 209 Sqn, Mount Batten

Flew into water on landing, Plymouth Sound

Wg Cdr Charles Gilbert Tucker (44) drowned

Fg Off Frederick Kingsley Wood (23) killed

Sgt Edmund Walter Harris Wilson (24) drowned

LAC William Henry Stark (22) drowned

LAC Cecil Gwilym Davies (22) drowned

LAC Louis Charles Oates (25) drowned

LAC Harold Corrie Ongley (25) drowned

LAC William Sydney Rutledge (24) drowned

LAC William George Steven (19) drowned

Flt Lt Maurice Hibbert Ely injured

Flt Lt Charles Ryley injured

Cpl William Mansell Barry unhurt

13.2.31 Atlas TM K1187, RAF College, Cranwell

Lost speed in turn and dived into ground, near Temple Bruer, Lincs.

Fg Off Anthony Frederick Paul Anning (25) killed

Flt Cadet Arthur Moreland Acton-Adams (20) killed (New Zealander)

1.3.31 DH.60G Moth G-AACL

Missing in snowstorm, English Channel

Charles Compere Job (20) presumed killed

7.3.31 Avro 504N H2975, 602 Sqn, Renfrew

Collision with Wapiti J9603, between Port Glasgow and Kilmacolm

Plt Off George Christopher Philips (21) killed (AAF)

7.3.31 Wapiti IIA J9603, 602 Sqn, Renfrew

Collision with Avro 504N H2975, between Port Glasgow and Kilmacolm

Plt Off Harold Land (24) killed (AAF)

AC2 Edward Ellice Smith baled out (AAF)

8.3.31 Brant Scud glider, Dr H Allan

Dived into the ground on winch launch, Faulkners End Farm, Harpenden

Thomas Eaton Lander MC (37) killed

19.3.31 Siskin IIIA J9912, 29 Sqn, North Weald

Hit tree while low-flying, Bourn, Cambs

Plt Off David Victor Angell (21) killed

21.3.31 Angus Aquila G-ABIK, A L Angus, Hanworth

Spun off steep turn, Hanworth

Arthur Leighton Angus (26) killed

23.3.31 Fairey IIIF S1341, RAF, Leuchars

Crashed and burnt out, Kenly Moor, near Boarhills, Fife

Fg Off Alexander Maximilian McDowell (24) killed (Lt, RN)

27.3.31 Atlas I J9952, 2 Sqn, Manston

Crashed into sea in fog, off Reculver, Kent

Fg Off Charles Richard Fildes Wintringham (21) drowned

AC1 Leonard Alexander Ellard (18) drowned

31.3.31 Hart J9938, 33 Sqn, Bicester

Hit flagstaff and crashed, Bicester

Sgt Stanley Herbert Martin (25) killed

LAC George Henry Mason (25) killed

1.4.31 Gamecock I J8073, Armament & Gunnery School, Eastchurch

Spun on steep turn, Rochford, Essex

Fg Off Charles Hugh Rudgard Little (22) killed

2.4.31 Avro Avian IIIA G-EBZD, C M Brown, Croydon

Crashed off loop, Carshalton, Surrey

Charles Maurice Brown (27) killed

Fg Off Ernest Frederick Smith (36) killed (RAFO)

23.4.31 DH.60M Moth K1838, 24 Sqn, Northolt

Collision with 43 Sqn Siskin J8893, Seahurst Park, near Tangmere

AVM Felton Vesey Holt CMG DSO (45) killed

Flt Lt Henry Michael Moody MC (32) killed

Sgt Charles George Wareham unhurt in Siskin

2.5.31 Avro 504K F8813, 2 FTS, Digby

Stalled on low flat turn and spun, Ashby de la Launde

Fg Off Stewart Sinclair Mackay (24) killed

AC2 Josiah Swain injured

5.5.31 Horsley J8932, RAE, Farnborough

Abandoned after becoming uncontrollable, Farnborough

Flt Lt Henry Richmond Danvers Waghorn AFC (27) died 7.5.31

Mr E R Alexander injured (RAE observer)

6.5.31 Atlas I J9979?, 13 Sqn, Netheravon

Engine came out after propeller blade broke, Netheravon

AC1 Alexander Brownlow Merriman (22) killed

Fg Off George Reginald Weighill baled out

10.5.31 Avro 504, Aviation Tours Ltd, Croydon

Parachutist hit head on landing, Whitley, Coventry

George Henry (Pat) O'Hara (23) died 11.5.31

Capt H Lawson (pilot)

12.5.31 Avro 504N J8751, RAF College, Cranwell

Spun and crashed, Fulbeck, near Cranwell

Flt Cadet Hugh Leslie James Bertram (18) killed

18.5.31 Horsley II J8619, 504 Sqn, Hucknall

Hit boat while low-flying and crashed in water, Lough Neagh

James Hannon (33) killed (fisherman)

Fg Off William Bernard John Sharp unhurt (pilot)

19.5.31 Blackburn Dart N9995, 464 Flt, HMS Courageous

Head-on collision with N9997, Moray Firth, near Invergordon

Fg Off Henry Nathaniel Milo Nangle (27) killed (Lt, RN)

19.5.31 Blackburn Dart N9997, 464 Flt, HMS Courageous

Head-on collision with N9995, Moray Firth, near Invergordon

Fg Off James Arbuthnot Sutherland Colquhoun (24) killed (Lt, RN)

8.6.31 Siskin III G-ABHT, Air Service Training, Hamble

Crashed after attempting loop, Sarisbury, Hants

Fg Off Francis Albert O'Brien (35) killed (RAFO)

13.6.31 Avro Avian IVM G-AAHJ, ADC Aircraft Ltd, Croydon

Wing broke during aerobatics, Fen Ditton, Cambridge

Kenneth George Murray (22) killed

18.6.31 Blackburn Bluebird III G-AABF, Miss S O'Brien & Mrs E Gallien

Spun in after take-off, Hatfield

Miss Sicele Julia Mary Annette O'Brien (43) killed

Mrs Enid Merlin Gordon Gallien (44) killed

7.7.31 Bristol Type 89 Trainer G-EBOC, Bristol Aeroplane Co., Filton

Collision with Bristol Type 89A G-AAWJ on approach, Filton

Fg Off Charles Henry Carter (22) killed (RAFO)

Flt Lt Edgar Henfrey Bryant (RAFO) injured in G-AAWJ

12.7.31 DH.60G Moth G-ABDR, C E A Flewitt, Castle Bromwich

Crashed in rainstorm, Erdington, near Castle Bromwich

Charles Edward Ansell Flewitt (23) killed

Fg Off John Roderick Horton Baker injured

14.7.31 Siskin IIIDC J9190, 3 FTS, Grantham

Hit by Tomtit J9777 while taxying, Grantham; repaired

LAC Edwin James Palmer (22) killed

Plt Off Derek Harcourt Oxley injured in Tomtit

18.7.31 DH.60G Moth G-EBYK, P E Noble, Heston

Spun and crashed following engine failure, Arborfield Cross, near Wokingham

Mrs Violet Oonah Baring (31) killed

Philip Ernest Noble (61) killed

7.8.31 Siskin IIIA J9905, 41 Sqn, Northolt

Crashed on night landing and caught fire, Hawkinge

Plt Off Denis George Vaughan-Fowler (21) killed

9.8.31 Bellanca CH-300 Pacemaker seaplane NR687E, Transamerican Airlines Corp.

Came down in storm, North Sea, en route Lerwick - Copenhagen

Parker Dresser Cramer (35) killed (American)

Oliver Louis Paquette (30) killed (Canadian)

18.8.31 Supermarine S.6A N247, RAF High Speed Flight, Calshot

Dived into sea on take-off, off Calshot

Fg Off Gerald Lewis Brinton (26) killed (Lt, RN)

19.8.31 ?, KLM

Wireless operator hit by propeller, Croydon

Lambertus Gerardus Maria Eymaal (22) killed

Quirimus Teras (pilot)

12.9.31 Desoutter I G-AANC, National Flying Services, Hanworth

Crashed in fog, near Leith Hill, near Ockley, Surrey

Capt Edmund Louis Owen Baddeley (36) killed

Lt Peter Claude Boileau (26) killed

Lt Graham George Hughes (27) killed

18.9.31 DH.60M Moth G-AAKR, N B Cohen, Lympne

Crashed after wing broke in steep dive, Newingreen, near Lympne

Nigel Benjamin Cohen (23) killed

20.9.31 DH.60G Moth G-AAJR, Hampshire Aeroplane Club, Hamble

Lost at sea, off Cornwall

John Courtney Jewell (22) killed

30.9.31 Bulldog IIA K1674, 23 Sqn, Kenley

Crashed during aerobatics, Coulsdon Common

Plt Off Noel Arthur Ireland (21) killed

3.10.31 Simmonds Spartan G-AAML, Lt C R V Pugh, RN

Crashed into tree on approach after elevator disconnected, Croydon

Miss Ines Alston (24) died 23.10.31

Lt Charles Richard Vernon Pugh injured

26.10.31 Atlas I J9526, 13 Sqn, Netheravon

Collision with K1017 during formation change, Sidbury Hill, Tidworth

Fg Off Henry Charles Singleton (22) killed

AC2 Reginald Henry Lanaway (22) killed

26.10.31 Atlas I K1017, 13 Sqn, Netheravon

Collision with J9526 during formation change, Sidbury Hill, Tidworth

Plt Off Roger Williams (23) killed

LAC Robert Wilfred Older baled out

29.10.31 Siskin IIIA J8881, 25 Sqn, Hawkinge

Spun in, Caesar's Camp, near Hawkinge

2Lt Aat Sucharitkul (21) killed (Siamese)

30.10.31 Tutor I K2498, 3 FTS, Grantham

Crashed during aerobatics, Bulwell Hall golf links, near Nottingham

Fg Off Jack Eugene Markby (25) killed (New Zealander)

Fg Off Louis McHardy (27) killed (New Zealander)

8.11.31 DH.60M Moth G-AAVU, Brooklands Flying School

Hit wind sock on landing in bad weather, Hendon; rebuilt

Fg Off Edward Arnold Jones (35) killed (RAFO)

Flt Lt William Evelyn Patrick Johnson injured

24.11.31 DH.60M Moth K1210, Station HQ, Kenley

Collision with 23 Sqn Bulldog K1677, Kenley

Flt Lt Ernest Vair Sleigh Lacey (30) killed

Plt Off John Edward Shrimpton (24) killed

Plt Off Edmund Stokes unhurt in Bulldog

24.11.31 Atlas TM K1499, RAF College, Cranwell

Stalled and crashed, Roxholm, near Cranwell

Flt Cadet Norman Gilley Dathan (18) died 30.11.31

28.11.31 DH.60M Moth K1203, Base Training Sqn, Gosport

Crashed in garden after aerobatics, Hill Head, near Lee-on-Solent

Fg Off John Burslem Mackenzie (22) killed

Fg Off Arthur George Teideman (21) killed

13.12.31 DH.60 Moth G-EBOT, Herts & Essex Aero Club, Broxbourne

Spun and caught fire, Broxbourne

The Hon George Garrow Tomlin (33) killed

13.12.31 Avro Avian III G-EBYO, Mrs Vera Brailey, St Lythans

Spun into ground after loop, St Lythans, Cardiff

Capt Cecil Albert Baker (30) killed

Oliver Evans injured

19.12.31 DH.60M Moth K1854?, Station HQ, Boscombe Down

Crashed inverted in fog, Beacon Hill, between Amesbury and Bulford

Flt Lt George Justice Southam (29) killed

Fg Off George Walter Lawson (22) killed

26.1.1932 Parnall Peto N255

Lost with 60 crew when HM Submarine M2 sank off Portland, Dorset

Fg Off Henry Castlehow Toppin (28) considered died 29.1.32 (pilot) (Lt, RN)

Lt Claude Richard Townsend (29) considered died 29.1.32 (observer)

LAC Leslie Gregory considered died 29.1.32

LAC Frank James Harmon (23) considered died 29.1.32

15.2.32 Fairey IIIF S1332, RAF, Leuchars

Midair collision with Avro 504N J8509, near Leuchars

Fg Off Herbert George Hicks (27) killed

AC1 Richard Beattie (25) killed

Sub-Lt Arthur Allison Fitzroy Talbot injured in Avro

20.2.32 DH.60X Moth G-AAPO, National Flying Services, Hanworth

Spun in, Sunbury Way, Hanworth

George Lawrence Maitland Warne (45) died 29.12.32

17.3.32 Avro 504N J8568, Central Flying School, Wittering

Crashed and burnt out, Pilsgate, Barnack, near Wittering

Sgt Joseph Ivan Richardson (26) killed

Sgt Noel William Nicholls (28) killed

8.4.32 Short S.7 Mussel seaplane G-AAFZ, Short Brothers, Rochester

Pilot collapsed after landing on the Medway, Rochester

Albert Eustace Short (56) died

14.4.32 Avro 504N K2352, 2 FTS, Digby

Stalled, dived into field and caught fire, East Winch, near King's Lynn

Plt Off Adrian John Warford-Mein (22) killed (Australian)

26.4.32 Bulldog IIA K1673, 23 Sqn, Kenley

Collided with Bulldog K1675 and spun into ground, Hartfield, Sussex

Plt Off Archibald Campbell Johnstone (20) killed

Sgt Edward Daniel Jack baled out of K1675

28.4.32 DH.60G Moth (ZS-ACY)?, de Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd., Stag Lane

Crashed on test flight with wing locking bolt disconnected, Edgware

Jack Edgar Tyler (33) killed

29.4.32 Avro 504N K1253, 502 Sqn, Aldergrove

Crashed in fog on mountain top, Cloughcorr, Co Antrim

Fg Off John Frederick Sutton (22) killed

1.5.32 B.A.C. II G179, North Kent Gliding Club

Stalled and crashed, Ash, near Sevenoaks

William Herbert Cruse (27) died 2.5.32

6.5.32 Avro 504N K1042 & K1050, CFS, Wittering

Collision during formation change, near Stamford

Fg Off Duncan Shimwell McDougall (28) killed

Fg Off Nicholas Erskine White (24) killed

15.5.32 B.A.C. V G159, Preston and District Gliding Club

Stalled and dived into beach, Middleton Sands, near Heysham

Alan Worden Graham (30) killed

18.5.32 DH.60X Moth G-AAPL, National Flying Services Ltd, Hanworth

Crashed after wing failure at 1500ft, Waltham, near Grimsby

Thomas Clement Brett (29) killed

Montague Montgomery Hobbs (28) killed

19.5.32 DH.60X Moth G-EBZW, Norfolk & Norwich Aero Club

Spun off low flat turn, Mousehold, Norwich

Henry Carden Wright (31) killed

21.5.32 Spartan Three Seater G-ABTT, Spartan Aircraft Ltd

Flew into tree during race, Stanton, Suffolk

Flt Lt Frank George Gibbons DFC (32) killed

22.5.32 Desoutter II G-ABFO, Personal Flying Services, Croydon

Hit hillside in fog, Meoul, 6m S of Stranraer

Major Irwin Napier Colin Clarke DSC (39) killed

Ernest Victor Barton (36) killed

24.5.32 Siskin DC, 5 FTS, Sealand

Spun in and caught fire, Barton aerodrome, Manchester

Sgt Jack Treadwell (29) died 10.6.32

LAC William Patrick Lane (22) killed

26.5.32 Fury I K2064, 1 Sqn, Tangmere

Collision with K2036 in formation, Buckingham Park, near Shoreham

Plt Off Neville Howard Jackson (20) killed

Fg Off George James Stewart Chatterton baled out of K2036

8.6.32 Ripon S1560, 466 Flt, HMS Furious

Dived into sea during practice bombing run, off Portree, Skye

Fg Off Dennis John Margetts (27) killed (Lt, RN)

Lt James Newsham (31) killed

8.6.32 Boulton Paul Sidestrand, 101 Sqn, Andover

2 crew members baled out following engine failure; aircraft landed safely, Andover

Sqn Ldr Leonard Maurice Elworthy (37) killed

Flt Lt John Rene Whitley injured

Sgt Horace Clifton Westwood unhurt (pilot)

Cpl Jabez Lander Thrussell unhurt

9.6.32 Avro 504N F8812 & K1815, 2 FTS, Digby

Midair collision, Bloxholme, near Digby

Plt Off John David Best (23) killed

Plt Off Horatio Bethune Leggatt (22) killed

17.6.32 Atlas, Cambridge University Air Squadron, Duxford

Spun on approach, Netheravon

Plt Off Geoffrey Douglas Watson (21) killed (RAFO)

4.7.32 DH.60X Moth G-AAMM, National Flying Services Ltd, Hanworth

Hit top of telegraph pole on landing and crashed, Woodley; rebuilt

Mrs Ella Viola (Veronica) Hughes (38) died 14.7.32

William Alfred Blackmore Greenfield unhurt (pilot)

26.7.32 DH.60G Moth G-AAKM, Skegness & East Lincs Aero Club

Crashed after parachute fouled tailplane, Littleport, Cambridgeshire; rebuilt

Robert Ernest Hopkins (22) killed

Flt Lt Geoffrey Roger Cole Spencer injured (pilot)

27.7.32 Wapiti K1369?, 501 Sqn, Filton

Hit tree, crashed and caught fire, Howletts House, near Bekesbourne

Fg Off Peter Walter Johnston Pharazyn (21) killed (Special Reserve; New Zealander)

27.7.32 DH.80A Puss Moth G-ABDH, Brian Lewis & Co Ltd, Heston

Broke up in thunderstorm, near Thursley, Surrey

Bruce Bayne Bossom (21) killed

Mrs Emily Bayne Bossom (43) killed

Otto Adolf Joseph Emich Alexander, Graf zu Erbach-F´┐Żrstenau (23) killed

1.8.32 DH.60G Moth G-AAEL, Reginald H Lemon, Armthorpe

Spun in from 500ft, Armthorpe, Doncaster

Harry Addy (21) killed

Mark Allinson (14) died 2.8.32

Augustus Grey Diswell Alderson injured (pilot)

4.8.32 Bluebird IV G-AATO, Blackburn reserve school, Brough

Dived into ground, Broomfleet, near Brough

Plt Off William Harvey Salt (20) killed (RAFO)

16.8.32 Fairey IIIF S1528, RAF Training Base, Leuchars

Spun in from 800ft, 1m NE of Leuchars

Fg Off Andrew Bankes Kay (23) killed (Lt, RN)

AC2 William Robert Foreman killed

27.8.32 Blackburn Bluebird IV G-AATM, North Sea Aerial & General Transport Ltd, Brough

Stalled on turn during flour-bombing display, Coal Aston Aerodrome, near Sheffield

Fg Off John Leonard Mayer DFC (34) died 6.10.32 (RAFO)

9.9.32 Bulldog J9581?, 3 Sqn, Upavon

Broke up in flight, Netheravon

Fg Off Percy John Walter Hawkins (23) killed

14.9.32 ?, Sussex Aviation and Aero Club, Bishopstone

Mechanic struck while swinging propeller, Bishopstone

Thomas Murray Morrison (26) died 17.9.32

John Sale (pilot)

17.9.32 Liore et Olivier 212 F-AIFE, Air Union

Crashed in fog, Selsdon Park, Surrey

Gustave Demeuldre (35) killed (pilot)

Raymond Freval injured (mechanic)

26.9.32 Flycatcher N9929, 401 Flt, HMS Furious

Bomb hit u/c axle on bombing practice; exploded and crashed, Holbeach range

Fg Off Henry Maitland King (25) killed (Lt, RN)

5.10.32 Avro 504K G-AAUJ, Cornwall Aviation Co. Ltd.

Spun in during aerobatics, Plompton, near Harrogate

Robert Arthur Snow (33) killed

Edward Duncan Crundall DFC injured (pilot)

George Reginald Walker injured

7.10.32 Virginia X J8237, 58 Sqn, Worthy Down

Crashed after wing failure and caught fire, Compton, near Godalming

Fg Off Arthur Wilfrid Brian Page (24) killed

Plt Off Bernard Henry Gully (21) killed

AC1 Reginald Charles Lewis baled out; injured

AC1 George Henry Ralphs baled out

LAC William Herbert Quane baled out

Cpl Frederick Edward Brooks baled out

9.10.32 DH.60X Moth G-EBZU, Northern Air Lines

Spun and crashed shortly after take-off from Barton, Higher Irlam, Lancs

Olga Homewood (25) killed

Leslie Graham Homewood injured (pilot)

12.10.32 Tutor K2509, 3 FTS, Grantham

Spun in off loop, Great Ponton Heath, near Grantham

Flt Lt Harold Claude Marett (28) killed (New Zealander)

Act Plt Off Adrian Kinross White (19) killed (New Zealander)

27.10.32 Audax I K2007, 4 Sqn, Farnborough

Dived into ground after midair collision with K2000 in loop, Farnborough

Fg Off Neville Herbert Thompson (29) killed (Lt, Sherwood Foresters)

LAC Henry George Harvey (23) killed

Flt Lt William Hawkesley Burbury unhurt in K2000

29.10.32 Junkers W.33f D-2017 "Marmara", Deutsche Lufthansa

Lost at sea in storm, off Dover, Kent

Wilhelm Cuno killed (pilot)

Werner Drebes killed (wireless operator)

4.12.32 DH.60X Moth G-AAYS, Hampshire Aeroplane Club, Hamble

Dived into sea, Southampton Water, near Netley

Fg Off Eric Douglas Bishop (23) died 5.12.32

Plt Off Richard James Berens (21) drowned

4.1.1933 Bulldog IIIA R-5, A&AEE, Martlesham

Broke up during aerobatics, Norton Heath, Essex

Fg Off John Laurence Armstrong (26) killed (New Zealander)

12.1.33 Blackburn Iris V S1263, 209 Sqn, Mount Batten

Sank following collision with dockyard launch after landing, Plymouth Sound

LAC Alfred Dore Slatter (20) drowned

Sqn Ldr John Hugh Oscar Jones injured (pilot)

Cpl Henry Seward Beale Mace injured

LAC (Act Cpl) Frederick Leonard Petch injured

LAC Ernest Alfred Fuller injured

LAC Francis Joseph Soper injured

AC1 Norman William Watson injured

AC1 James Douglas Frederick Williams injured

Sgt John Herbert Claude Saffery unhurt

8.2.33 Virginia X J7129, 9 Sqn, Boscombe Down

Hit tree in mist and caught fire, Wexcombe, Wilts

Fg Off Thorold Paul Pilcher (20) killed

Sgt Albert Roy Allen (24) killed

Cpl Cyril Smith (26) killed

AC2 Edward Cecil Sholl (26) killed

LAC John William Henry Hipwell injured

28.2.33 Fury I K1936, 43 Sqn, Tangmere

Collision with K1933 in circuit, Tangmere

Plt Off Robert Vincent Rolph (20) killed (Canadian)

Plt Off Colin Campbell McMullen injured in K1933

23.3.33 Atlas, Cambridge University Air Squadron, Duxford

Lost speed after take-off and crashed, Boscombe Down

Mr Howard Lecky Somerville Sikes (22) killed

31.3.33 Atlas TM J9452, 5 FTS, Sealand

Overturned on forced landing in field and caught fire, Sealand

Act Plt Off Owen William Walter Reed (20) killed

23.4.33 DH.60X Moth G-EBTV, Skegness & East Lincolnshire Aero Club

Dived into sea, off Seacroft, Skegness

Joseph Henry Barton (20) drowned

Walter Shaw unhurt (pilot)

30.4.33 Avro 504K G-ABZC, Devonshire Aviation Tours, Exeter

Crashed on forced landing out of fuel, Chard, Somerset

Gerald Banfield (23) killed

James Henry Hickling injured (pilot)

Charles Guppy injured

1.5.33 Hart K2974, 601 Sqn, Hendon

Hit ground pulling out of dive in formation practice, Hendon

Plt Off Edward Antony James Bulwer-Lytton, Viscount Knebworth, MP (29) killed (AAF)

LAC Ralph Harrison (21) killed

13.5.33 B.A.C. Drone No. 4, Maidstone Flying School

Sideslipped and crashed, West Malling

Charles Herbert Lowe-Wylde (32) killed

15.5.33 Ripon S1667, 811 Sqn, HMS Furious

Crashed on landing, HMS Furious, off Cromarty

Plt Off John Tosswill Longman (21) drowned

17.5.33 Bulldog, 3 Sqn, Upavon

Lost control near ground, Upavon

Fg Off William Ivan Clarke (21) killed

18.5.33 DH.60M Moth K1225, Practice Flight, Manston

Stalled and crashed during practice forced landing, near Manston

Fg Off Lionel Arthur Hutchings (29) killed

Lt Charles Douglas Packard injured

19.5.33 Bulldog IIA K2201, A&AEE, Martlesham Heath

Collision with K2191 in formation loop, Martlesham

Flt Lt George Edwin Campbell DFM (32) killed

Flt Lt James Francis Moir baled out of K2191

19.5.33 Avro 504N J8533, 5 FTS, Sealand

Collision with J8676 on approach; instructor baled out too low, Sealand

Flt Lt Murray Meyrick Restell-Little (33) killed

Act Plt Off Patrick Hunter Dunn unhurt

19.5.33 Avro 504N J8676, 5 FTS, Sealand

Collision with J8533 on approach, Sealand

Act Plt Off John Frederick Napier Fairbanks (21) killed

24.5.33 DH.60G Moth EI-AAH, Irish Aero Club, Baldonnel

Crashed in sea after loop, off Dalkey Island, Co Dublin

Major Samuel William Dunckley (42) drowned

Edward Dodwell Clayson (33) drowned

1.6.33 DH.60G Moth G-AAKX, Gravesend Aviation Ltd

Lost at sea, Thames estuary

Richard Fortescue (22) killed

6.6.33 Avro Avian IVM G-ABDN, H B Chantrey, Heston

Spun off turn after take-off and caught fire, Skegness

Hubert Bentinck Chantrey (29) killed

Miss Vera Emily Field (30) killed

11.6.33 Handley Page Clive G-ABYX, National Aviation Day Displays

Boys hit on undershot landing, Middleton Park, Leeds

Fred Smith (12) killed

Leslie Taylor (8) killed

Flt Lt Hugh Coleman Johnson (pilot)

13.6.33 Vickers Vildebeest VI N230, RAE, Farnborough

Stalled and crashed after take-off and caught fire, Farnborough

Flt Lt Francis Stafford O'Hanlon (29) killed

15.6.33 Atlas TM K1486, RAF College, Cranwell

Hit dike on landing, overturned and caught fire, Brauncewell

Flt Cadet John William Gard (19) killed

19.6.33 Siskin IIIA J8624, 2 FTS, Digby

Crashed while diving on target, Donna Nook range

Plt Off Edward Gordon Villiers (23) killed

29.6.33 Fairey Seal K3516, RAF, Leuchars

Passenger dragged out by parachute on catapult launch, Leuchars

Cpl Thomas Alexander Rae (33) killed

Flt Lt Arthur Mostyn Wray unhurt

7.7.33 DH.60G Moth EI-AAI, Irish Aero Club

Collision with Fox Moth G-ABWF during display, Limerick

William Robert Elliot killed (CFI of Irish Aero Club)

William Ower (25) killed

Geoffrey Tyson & George Whitfield unhurt in Fox Moth

3.8.33 Avro 631 Cadet C.3, Irish Air Corps

Crashed after collision in formation flight, Clondalkin, near Baldonnel

Lt James Patrick Twohig (26) killed

Lt Arthur G Russell unhurt in 2nd machine

5.8.33 Vickers Vespa V.6, Irish Air Corps

Spun in during display, Phoenix Park, Dublin

Capt Oscar Aloysius Patrick Heron (36) killed

Pte Robert Tobin (21) died 6.8.33

15.8.33 Wapiti, 605 Sqn, Castle Bromwich

Girl in boat hit during air-firing practice, Leysdown, Sheppey

Miss Enid Jean Marrian Chesterton (17) killed

Fg Off John Henry Wood (pilot)

AC1 John Bohemia (air gunner)

27.8.33 Avro 504, British Hospitals Air Pageants

Parachute collapsed during display, Plompton, near Harrogate

Alfred Henry Crawshay Evans (29) killed

30.8.33 DH.60G Moth G-AAGS, S P Tyzack, Sywell

Crashed into estuary after wing struck pedestrians on beach, Barmouth

Wilfred Allport (20) killed

Clifford Allport injured

Miss Ethel Doreen Tyzack injured (pilot)

14.9.33 ?, HMS Furious

Veered on take-off and hit stokers, HMS Furious, Spithead

Leading Stoker John Bailey (25) killed

Leading Stoker Matthew William Rapson injured

Sub-Lt George William Robert Nicholl (pilot)

15.9.33 Spartan Arrow G-ACHF, Lady Clayton, Brooklands

Pilot jumped from aeroplane after throttle lever broke on the ground, Brooklands; repaired

Lady Dorothy Mary Clayton East Clayton (26) killed

15.9.33 DH.84 Dragon G-ACHX, Wrightson & Pearce Ltd, Heston

Hit hedge on take-off, Armthorpe, Doncaster; repaired

Capt George Arthur Pennington (34) killed

Fred Darling injured

Mrs Norah Valerie Hartigan injured

Fred Lane injured

Herbert Henry Gratwicke Blagrave unhurt

Peter Edward Gratwicke Blagrave unhurt

Archie Burns unhurt

Gordon Richards unhurt

16.9.33 Virginia X K2670 "Richborough Castle", 500 Sqn, Manston

Overshot landing into ditch, Brooklands

Fg Off Leslie Maurice Few (29) killed (Special Reserve)

Flt Lt Walter George Woolliams injured

Fg Off William Kent Le May injured (Special Reserve)

LAC George Donaldson injured

LAC Leonard George Manning unhurt

22.9.33 Bulldog IIA K2138, 17 Sqn, Upavon

Hit haystack on take-off, Imber Clump LG, Salisbury Plain

Sgt Robert Hugh Little (26) killed

25.9.33 Fury I K2073, 1 Sqn, Tangmere

Dived into ground, West Thorney, near Emsworth

Sgt William Molesworth Hodge (25) killed

26.9.33 Gordon K1732, 40 Sqn, Abingdon

Crashed in fog and caught fire, Spindlestone Farm, near Bamburgh, Northumberland

Fg Off Norman Charles Meyrick Styche (25) killed

AC1 Maurice Albert Charles White (20) killed

26.9.33 Gordon K1741?, 40 Sqn, Abingdon

Lost in fog and crashed into sea, off Hartlepool

Sgt John William Eric Christian (27) drowned

Cpl Aubrey Cleaton Lewis (27) drowned

28.9.33 Spartan Three Seater I G-ABWV, Rollason Aviation, Croydon

Flew into hillside in fog, Little Ponton, near Grantham

George Blackburn Watson (27) killed

1.10.33 Percival Gull Four G-ACAL, British Air Navigation Co., Heston

Crashed in mist, Sandhurst, near Hawkhurst, Kent

Capt Arthur Jack Graham Styran MC AFC (43) killed

Ian Charles MacGilchrist (27) killed

Bertram Wilson (38) killed

1.10.33 Spartan Three Seater II G-ABZH, Aerofilms Ltd

Stalled on approach, Colpe Farm, near Drogheda, Ireland

Fg Off Robert Kingsley Rose (34) killed (RAFO)

Patrick Hoey injured

Mrs Hoey injured

2.10.33 Ripon S1428, 811 Sqn, HMS Furious

Crashed during Fleet manoeuvres, 6m off Tarbat Ness, Scotland

Fg Off Osmund Fitzmaurice Llewellyn Bullock (28) killed (Lt, RN)

Leading Telegraphist William Frederick Goyns (33) killed

17.10.33 Supermarine Southampton I S1121, C Flt Calshot

Bounced and dived into sea on take-off, Southampton Water, off Calshot

Fg Off John Charles Francis Peacock (28) died 18.10.33

LAC Harry George Thomas Foley (20) killed

Wg Cdr Theodore Quintus Studd DFC injured

AC1 James Barry O'Connell unhurt

4.12.33 Bulldog IIA K1654 & K1659, 17 Sqn, Upavon

Collision during fighting practice, Milton Lilbourne, Wilts.

Plt Off Griffith Owen Llewellyn (21) killed

Sgt John Cyril Hopkins (27) killed

5.12.33 G.A.L. Monospar ST.4 Mk.II G-ACKT, Duchess of Bedford, Woburn

Crashed avoiding electricity pylon, Thrupp's Farm, Lidlington, Bedford

Flt Lt James Bernard Allen (35) killed (RAFO)

29.12.33 Bulldog K1685, 111 Sqn, Hornchurch

Spun in, Hall Farm, Shenfield, Essex

Fg Off Ronald Rowley Murphy (25) killed (New Zealander)

13.1.1934 Parnall Elf G-AAIO, F R Hall, Down Hatherley

Spun, crashed and burned, Park Corner, near Sapperton, Glos

Fred Rowland Hall (43) killed

Roy Weston Hall (17) killed

20.1.34 Blackburn Bluebird IV G-AAOI, York County Aviation Club

Stalled, crashed and caught fire, Sherburn-in-Elmet

James Varley Quarmby (26) killed

Clifford Shaw (26) killed

28.1.34 Comper Swift G-ABJR, C R Shillingford, Brooklands

Spun off slow roll, Brooklands

Charles Raymond Shillingford (29) killed

6.3.34 Blackburn Bluebird IV G-AABV, T E Richardson, Hedon

Spun off slow roll, Hedon

Dr John Hugh Paton MB ChB (34) died 7.3.34 (Fg Off, RAFO)

11.3.34 Wallace I K3563, 501 Sqn, Filton

Crashed after engine failure, Crossways, Thornbury

LAC Charles Edward Griffiths (22) killed (Special Reserve)

Fg Off William Kent Le May parachuted (Special Reserve)

23.3.34 Atlas, RAF College, Cranwell

Spun in from 400ft, North Rauceby, near Cranwell

Flt Cadet Stanley Jefferys Treasure (20) killed

24.3.34 DH.60X Moth G-EBWT, Herts & Essex Aero Club, Broxbourne

Stalled and crashed, Nazeing, Essex

Norman Geoffrey Bartholomew (22) killed

Eric Alfred William Dymond injured (pilot)

23.4.34 Fury I K2044, 1 Sqn, Tangmere

Collision with K2047; baled out too low, Northolt

Flt Lt Richard Brown (27) killed

23.4.34 Fury I K2047, 1 Sqn, Tangmere

Collision with K2044 during flight attack practice, Northolt

Fg Off William Erskine Snell Tanner (21) killed

1.5.34 Hart Trainer K3152, RAF College, Cranwell

Collision with Bulldog K3928, near Digby

Fg Off Dennis John Douthwaite (25) killed

Flt Cadet John Askell Rutherfoord (20) killed

1.5.34 Bulldog Trainer K3928, RAF College, Cranwell

Collision with Hart K3152, near Digby

Flt Lt Joseph Seymour Tanner (26) killed

Flt Cadet John Aickin Plugge (19) killed (New Zealander)

9.5.34 Wibault 282.T12 F-AMHP, Air France

Lost in English Channel in low cloud, 12m SSE of Dungeness, Kent

Francois Cannet killed (pilot)

Joseph Ollier killed (wireless operator)

Myles Anthony Murphy (32) killed (steward, British)

Baron Gilbert de Neufville killed (French)

Arthur Louis Fraissard (38) killed (Swiss)

Guichard killed (French)

18.5.34 Bulldog IIA K2194, 41 Sqn, Northolt

Flew into towed target and crashed into the Wash, Holbeach ranges

Sgt Frank Baker (22) killed

20.5.34 Dunning sailplane, Herbert J Dunning

Wing tip hit ground on steep turn after take-off, Lancing

John Ashton Lawford (34) died 21.5.34

24.5.34 Atlas TM K2533, Station Flight, Andover

Spun in and caught fire, Monxton, near Andover

Fg Off George Elyton Sloan Williams (26) killed (New Zealander)

Cpl Robert Foley Brown (27) killed

31.5.34 Liore et Olivier 213 F-AIVG, Air France

Hit radio mast on take-off and crashed, Croydon

Capt Raymond de Fives (34) killed

Roger L'Huillier (24) killed

16.6.34 DH.83 Fox Moth G-ABYO, Norman Edgar (Western Airways), Whitchurch

Dived in on forced landing and destroyed by fire, Five Lanes, Caerwent, Monmouthshire

Arthur Turner (41) killed

Douglas Frank Charles Brecknell injured (pilot)

Godfrey Jones injured

17.6.34 Avro Tutor G-ACOV, Air Pageants Ltd

Crashed during aerobatics at Sky Devils Air Circus, Stretton, Burton-on-Trent

Cecil Hardy (32) killed

Arthur George Bullmore injured (pilot)

17.6.34 R.F.D. Primary G114, London Gliding Club, Dunstable

Crashed after flying wire failed, Dunstable

Louis Adrien Desoutter (34) died 23.6.34

23.6.34 DH.60X Moth G-EBZZ, Herts & Essex Aero Club, Broxbourne.

Spun and dived into field, Cold Harbour Farm, Stanstead Abbots, Herts.

Einar Mathieson (27) killed (Norwegian)

Eric Alfred William Dymond survived (pilot)

24.6.34 DH.60G Moth G-AACO, Scarborough Aero Club, Ganton, East Heslerton

Dived in and caught fire, East Heslerton, Yorks.

Gerald Henry Lawson Royle (16) killed

25.6.34 DH.82 Tiger Moth G-ACBB, Bristol Aeroplane Co., Filton

Collision with G-ACBE, Nibley, Yate

Fg Off Geoffrey Paulet French Hills (34) killed (RAFO)

Fg Off Hamish McKenzie Kerr baled out (RAFO)

25.6.34 DH.82 Tiger Moth G-ACBE, Bristol Aeroplane Co., Filton

Collision with G-ACBB, Nibley, Yate

Fg Off John Macphee Darroch (37) killed (RAFO)

Fg Off Cyril Raymond Lawence Shaw (34) killed (RAFO)

30.6.34 Avro 504N G-ACRS, National Aviation Day Displays

Crashed during display, Cove, near Aldershot

Sgt William "Jock" Mackay (33) died 1.7.34

30.6.34 Hart K2983, 600 Sqn, Hendon

Stalled and crashed, Hendon

Sqn Ldr Stanley Beresford Collett (38) killed (AAF)

Fg Off Robert Francis Gordon Lea injured (pilot, AAF)

5.7.34 Hart I K2432, 18 Sqn, Upper Heyford

Failed to pull out of dive on target, Northolt

Sgt Henry Thomas Light (25) killed

LAC William St George Dowsing (20) killed

6.7.34 Heyford I K3497, 99 Sqn, Upper Heyford

Hit hedge and tipped up on night landing, Upper Heyford

Sgt George Robinson (27) killed

Plt Off Eric Scott Butler injured

AC1 Frank Hancox Smith injured

LAC Charles Marcus Butterworth injured

LAC Harry Ardern injured

10.7.34 DH.60G Moth G-ABPC, Surrey Flying Services Ltd, Croydon

Farm worker hit during practice forced landing, Bayhorne Farm, Horley

Harry Knight (70) killed

Suhrid Mallik unhurt (pilot, Indian)

Duncan Mactavish unhurt (passenger)

21.7.34 DH.53 Humming Bird G-EBQP, S V Pantvaidya, Hamble

Stalled and crashed, Hamble

Shrikrishna Vaman Pantvaidya (26) killed (Indian)

26.7.34 Audax, 2 Sqn, Manston

Aircraft hit man on ground during Territorial exercise, Telscombe, near Brighton

William George Outlaw (35) killed (Co Sgt-Major, 4th Battalion Suffolk Regiment, TA)

Fg Off Walter Ronald Farley unhurt (pilot)

31.7.34 DH.83 Fox Moth G-ACEE, The Scottish Motor Traction Co Ltd, Turnhouse

Crashed into trees after take-off, Riverside Park, Dundee

Stewart Menzies Campbell (30) died 1.8.34

Nan Craighead (16) killed

Fg Off John Annesley Hankins injured (pilot, New Zealander)

25.8.34 DH.84 Dragon 2 G-ACMO, Jersey Airways

Veered on take-off and hit boys on sea wall, West Park Beach, Jersey

Dennis Harry Dutot (9) killed

Raymond Potigny (9) injured

Mr Wood (pilot)

25.8.34 Miles M.2 Hawk G-ACKI, G J Armstrong-Evans, Reading

Stalled on approach, Morston, Norfolk

Plt Off Peter Hilary Pomeroy Simonds (24) killed

George Joseph Armstrong Evans injured (pilot)

2.9.34 DH.60G Moth G-AAEU, Kent Flying Club, Bekesbourne

Spun and crashed during aerial treasure hunt, Adisham Downs, near Charing, Kent

John Wilfrid James (33) killed

Norman Ian Ramsay (19) killed

3.9.34 Bulldog IIA K2866, 29 Sqn, North Weald

Hit wires and crashed, Ham Street, Kent

Fg Off John Graham Bigelow (22) killed

10.9.34 Fairey IIIF Mk. II (F.968), Irish Air Corps

Hit tree, crashed and caught fire, Terenure, Dublin

Lt Arthur G Russell (33) killed

Private Daniel Joseph Twomey (20) killed

Sgt Patrick Leo Canavan injured

16.9.34 Blackburn Bluebird IV G-AAVF, Lincolnshire Aero Club

Forced landed after hitting photographer, Limber, near Grimsby

Mrs Rosa Dorothy Davy (46) killed

Capt Charles Ian Marr Johnson unhurt (pilot)

Miss Barbara Davy unhurt (passenger)

22.9.34 Handley Page W.10 G-EBMM "Youth of New Zealand", National Aviation Displays Ltd

Crashed after control lost, College Farm, near Aston Clinton, Bucks.

Fg Off Charles Henry Godwin Bremridge (30) killed (RAFO)

James Donovan (47) killed (engineer)

Arthur Vernon Littlejohns (40) killed (rigger)

Donelly Arthur Dell Harington (18) killed (apprentice)

29.9.34 Airspeed Courier G-ACSY, London, Scottish & Provincial Airways

Spun and crashed, Shoreham, near Sevenoaks, Kent

Fg Off Ronald Maxwell Smith (26) killed (RAFO)

Frederick Victor Garrett-Reed (34) killed

Mrs Ellen Rose-Innes (66) killed

Dr Picotee Elizabeth Rose-Innes (26) killed

2.10.34 DH.89 Dragon Rapide G-ACPM, Hillman's Airways

Crashed into English Channel in low cloud, 4 miles off Folkestone

Fg Off Walter Robert Bannister (43) killed (RAFO)

Louis Beigneux killed (French)

Jean Louis Bordaz (32) killed (French)

Miss Phyllis Budden (19) killed

Andrew McGregor Ritchie (31) killed

Albert Paul de Sanno (66) killed (American)

Helene Slabodsky (32) killed (French)

5.10.34 Baffin K4075, 810 Sqn, HMS Courageous

Crashed landing on HMS Courageous, off Isle of May, Firth of Forth

Fg Off Leonard Nicholas Elsner (23) drowned

Sgt Harry Brett Bexley injured

26.10.34 Atlas, 5 FTS, Sealand

Dived into ground, Rake Farm, Sandycroft, near Hawarden

Act Plt Off Eric Godwin Hall (21) killed

28.10.34 DH.60G Moth G-ABTS, Henlys Ltd, Heston

Spun in after take-off, Stallpits Farm, Shrivenham, Berks; rebuilt

2Lt William Fletcher (21) died 11.11.34

Archibald George Hamilton (24) killed

3.11.34 DH.60X Moth G-EBXG, Nottingham Flying Club, Tollerton

Wing failed in loop; crashed and burnt, Chilwell Manor golf course, near Beeston, Notts

Fg Off Philip Spencer Rook (24) killed (Special Reserve)

Plt Off Alan Cuyler Grant-Dalton (24) killed (Special Reserve)

7.11.34 DH.60X Moth G-AAAG, Portsmouth Aero Club

Spun into the Solent in bad weather, off Spithead

John Cash (34) killed

Ronald Keith Randall (19) killed

23.11.34 DH.80A Puss Moth G-AAZN, G H Turner, Barton

Crashed in thick fog, Rough Stone Farm, near Bradnop, Leek, Staffs

Geoffrey Heap Turner (24) killed

9.12.34 Hart K3887, 605 Sqn, Castle Bromwich

Collision with Moth G-ACOH on approach, Castle Bromwich

Fg Off Walter Collinson Barnaby (29) killed (AAF)

AC2 Frederick James Macdonald Hardie (29) killed (AAF)

9.12.34 DH Moth Major G-ACOH, Midland Aero Club, Castle Bromwich

Collision with Hart K3887 on approach, Castle Bromwich

Frank Smith (32) killed

1935 - 1937

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