A list of fatal air accidents in Britain and Ireland 1920 - 1924

21.2.1920 Bristol Fighter H1567, 2 Sqn, Oranmore

Missing in Irish Sea en route Shotwick - Baldonnel

Lt Croye Rothes Pithey DFC (27) killed (South African)

21.2.20 Bristol Fighter H1621, 2 Sqn, Oranmore

Missing, en route Shotwick - Baldonnel

Lt Hardress de Warrenne Waller (22) killed

21.2.20 Bristol Fighter H1612, 100 Sqn, Baldonnel

Missing, en route Shotwick - Baldonnel

Lt Horace Lloyd Holland (21) killed

29.4.20 Felixstowe F.5 N4044, 230 Sqn, Felixstowe

Spun into sea, off Felixstowe

Sqn Ldr Edwin Roland Moon DSO (33) killed

Fg Off Albert John Fyfield (24) killed

Sub-Lt Guiltherine J d'A Fonseca (24) killed (Portuguese Navy)

AC2 Gerald Tipping Bass (19) killed

Flt Lt Charles Oscar Modin injured

Fg Off Louis Henry Pakenham-Walsh injured

10.6.20 D.H.16 G-EARU, Aircraft Transport & Travel Ltd, Croydon

Overturned on forced landing after engine failure, Swanley, Kent

Mrs Madeline Dorothy Day (28) died 31.5.21

Capt Bayliss injured

Sibery Day injured

Mr Taw injured

24.6.20 Avro 504K G-EADR, Bournemouth Aviation Co

Wings collapsed, Werrington, near Peterborough

Donald Hastings Sadler (21) killed (pilot)

Charles Guest (21) killed

Philip Warwick Rinquest (31) killed

12.7.20 D.H.9A F1646, 24 Sqn, Kenley

Spun off low turn and burned, Kenley

Fg Off Victor Oliver Reynolds (28) killed

AC2 Percy Braithwaite (19) killed

5.8.20 Bristol Fighter C4870, 1 Flying Training School, Netheravon

Spun off steep turn, Netheravon

Flt Lt Michael Amyas Julian Orde (32) killed

Fg Off Burton Ankers DCM injured

16.8.20 AW F.K.3 G-EALW, By Air Ltd, Coventry

Crashed after engine failure, Biddenham, near Bedford

James Gordon Riley (21) killed

Henry Hamblin injured

28.8.20 Bristol Fighter F4528, 2 Sqn Detached Flight, Castlebar

Crashed after hitting trestle, Castlebar

Major Harry Francis Chads MC (29) killed

Fg Off Norman Herford Dimmock injured (pilot, Australian Flying Corps)

25.9.20 Central Centaur IIA G-EAPC, Central Aircraft Co

Spun in, Sharvel Lane, Hayes

Lt Frederick Benjamin Goodwin Castleman (22) killed (Central chief pilot)

Ellen Rowland (14) died 27.9.20

George Rowland (43) killed

Imelda Mary Trafford (23) killed

Gladys Sybil Wilkinson (16) killed

Mrs Mary E Wilkinson (43) killed

4.11.20 Bristol Fighter F4852, 24 Sqn, Kenley

Hit tree landing in fog, Kenley

Fg Off Harold Oliver Prout AFC (33) killed

Fg or Obs Off Horace Edgar Fenwick (24) killed

14.12.20 Handley Page O/400 G-EAMA, Handley Page Transport

Hit tree and house roof after take-off and caught fire, Golders Green

Robert William Bager (34) killed (pilot)

John H Williams (27) killed (mechanic)

Montague Samuel Salinger (50) killed

Adolphe M Van Der Elst (40) killed (French)

Piero Curioni injured (Italian)

E Rosenthal injured

Alexandre Bona unhurt (Italian)

Eric Studd unhurt

25.1.1921 D.H.4 O-BAIN, SNETA

Crashed in mist on hill between Hope Farm and the "Valiant Sailor"

public house, Folkestone, Kent

Prosper Joseph George (28) died 28.1.21 (Belgian)

24.2.21 Avro 504K F8751, 4 Sqn, Farnborough

Spun in, Cove, near Farnborough

Fg Off William Leslie Gordon Spinney (29) killed

Obs Off Allan Hesketh DFC injured

10.3.21 D.H.10 F8423, Aeroplane Experimental Establishment, Martlesham Heath

Spun and crashed on test flight, Hasketon, Suffolk

Fg Off Harold William Gardner (27) killed

31.3.21 D.H.4 D8393

Stalled and crashed after engine failure on test flight, Biggin Hill

Fg Off Noel Butler Hemsley MBE (28) killed

Edward Fenton Terry (28) killed

15.4.21 Bristol Fighter F4933, School of Army Co-operation, Old Sarum

Crashed off turn after engine failure, Mouxton, Hants

Fg Off Bernard Frederick Deane (23) killed

AC2 Philip Frederick Elliott (20) killed

20.5.21 Parnall Panther N7433, 210 Sqn, Gosport

Stalled on take-off, Gosport

Fg Off John Henry Talbot Carr (22) killed

A Mech 1 John Armstrong (19) killed

25.5.21 Bristol Fighter G-EAWZ, P J Pinckney

Stalled and crashed, Hamble

Philip John Pinckney (61) killed

Thomas Lawrence Tebbit (23) killed (pilot)

Miss Frances Pinckney injured

21.6.21 Snipe E8220, CFS, Upavon

Spun in off loop, Enford, Wilts

Flt Lt Andrew Frederick Weatherby Beauchamp-Proctor VC DSO MC* DFC (24) killed (South African)

24.6.21 Snipe E6156, 25 Sqn, Hawkinge

Spun during practice landings, near Caesar's Camp, Folkestone

Fg Off Harry Marinus Struben (22) killed

6.7.21 Bristol Fighter, 4 Sqn, Farnborough

Airman hit by propeller while starting engine, Farnborough

A Mech 2 Frederick Charles Ashcroft (18) killed

12.7.21 Nieuport Goshawk G-EASK, Nieuport and General Aircraft Co Ltd

Crashed, Burnt Oak, near Hendon

Harry George Hawker (29) killed (Australian)

15.8.21 Bristol Fighter C761, 6 FTS, Manston

Nose dived off low turn after engine failure and caught fire, Manston

Fg Off Stephen Percival Marcus (26) killed (South African)

16.8.21 Bristol Braemar C4297, Aeroplane Experimental Establishment, Martlesham Heath

Crashed on take off and hit a hangar, Martlesham Heath

Flt Lt Oliver Manners Sutton MC (25) killed

AC2 Charles Sheridan (21) killed

Cpl Cecil Stanley Ellison injured

AC2 F Barman unhurt

19.8.21 Bristol Fighter H1419, 2 FTS, Duxford

Stalled on turn after engine failure and spun, Croxton, near Thetford

Plt Off Eric Raven Lush (23) killed

Plt Off Edward Arthur Rush (19) killed

24.8.21 H.M. Airship R38 (ZR-2), RAF, Howden

Broke up in flight, River Humber estuary, near Hull, Yorks

CBM Charles Ivan Aller (31), US Rigid Air Detachment, United States Navy killed

LAC George Stanley Anger (31) killed

Lt Cdr Valentine Nicolas Bieg (31), USN killed

Sgt Frederick Ernest Burton (24) killed

Charles Ivor Rae Campbell OBE (49) killed (Superintendent, Royal Airship Works)

Lt Cdr Emory W Coil (32), USN killed

CMM Robert M Coons (25), USN killed

CMM Lloyd Erwin Crowl (32), USN killed

AC1 Charles Watt Donald (20) killed

AC1 John Cecil Drew (22) killed

Cecil William Duffield (27) killed (National Physical Laboratory)

Lt Marcus Herbert Esterly (30), USN killed

Flt Sgt William Hunter Greener (29) killed

CMM John T Hancock (31), USN killed

Flt Sgt Sidney James Heath AFM (38) killed

Lt Henry Willets Hoyt (31), USN killed

CMM William A Julius (27), USN killed

CBM Maurice Lay (33), USN killed

Flt Lt Ivo Cecil Little AFC (25) killed

Lt Charles Gray Little (26), USN killed

CMM Albert L Loftin (23), USN killed

Air Cdre Edward Maitland Maitland CMG DSO AFC (41) killed

Flt Sgt Alfred Thomas Martin (39) killed

Sergeant John William Augustus Mason (24) killed

Fg Off Thomas Frederick Mathewson AFC (33) killed

Cdr Louis Henry Maxfield (37), USN killed

Flt Lt Rupert Samuel Montagu DSC (26) killed

LAC William Oliver (29) killed

John Robert Pannell (36) killed (National Physical Laboratory)

AC2 Roy Parker (21) killed

AC1 Charles William Penson (23) killed

CBM Ad Pettit (31), USN killed

Flt Lt John Edward Maddock Pritchard OBE AFC (31) killed

Flt Sgt John Rye (34) killed

Flt Sgt Frank Smith (28) killed

CMM William J Steele (26), USN killed

AC1 Eric Edward Steere (21) killed

Flt Lt Godfrey Main Thomas DFC killed

Flt Sgt Harold Thompson (25) killed

Frank Warren (44) killed (Royal Airship Works)

CMM George Welch (42), USN killed

Fg Off Victor Houghton Wicks (29) killed

LAC John William Willson (27) killed

AC2 Robert Withington (21) killed

LAC Ernest Wynne Davies injured

Flt Lt Archibald Herbert Wann injured (pilot)

Henry Bateman unhurt (National Physical Laboratory)

Cpl Walter Augustus Potter unhurt

CMM Norman O Walker, USN unhurt

3.10.21 Vimy F9157, 6 FTS, Manston

Spun off low turn and caught fire, Manston

Fg Off Leslie Wallis Beal (22) killed

AC1 Terence Curtis (21) killed

AC2 Robert J Reeves (21) killed

AC2 Albert Arthur Revell (19) killed

AC2 Walter Edward Thrupp (20) killed

3.12.21 Vimy F9162, Inland Area Aircraft Depot, Henlow

Sideslipped and crashed, Henlow

Cpl Frank Richard Lawrence (20) killed

Flt Lt Harold Jacer Roach AFC injured

AC2 John Herbert Palmer unhurt

10.1.1922 B.A.T. Bantam F1653, Royal Aircraft Establishment, Farnborough

Crashed on test flight, near Farnborough

Flt Lt Frederick Thomas Williams MBE (30) died 18.1.22

8.2.22 Avro 504K H9829, 4 Sqn, Farnborough

Hit tree on take-off, Farnborough

Flt Lt Robert Charles Jenkins MBE MC (26) killed

Obs Off Allan Hesketh DFC injured

10.2.22 D.H.14 Okapi J1938, RAE, Farnborough

Hit tree and crashed in flames, Dropmore Park, Burnham Beeches

Fg Off Geoffrey Robinson MC (28) killed

John Seymour Mitchell (28) killed (civil technical officer)

10.2.22 Bristol Fighter D7856, 100 Sqn, Baldonnel

Crashed after take-off, Baldonnel

Fg Off Palmer John Parry (25) died 11.2.22

AC2 James Ernest Harris (21) killed

25.2.22 Bristol Fighter F4807, 2 FTS, Duxford

Stalled on turn, Duxford

Plt Off Burns Alan Campbell South (21) killed

1.3.22 Avro 504K E3568, 5 FTS, Shotwick

Stalled landing and nose dived into ground, Shotwick

Fg Off Denis Arthur Mullan killed

7.3.22 Avro 504K D4542, 5 FTS, Shotwick

Lost at sea off North Wales

Fg Off Brian Holding (22) killed

23.3.22 D.H.10A E5497, 6 FTS, Manston

Stalled on take-off after engine failure, Manston

Fg Off Denys Newson Dickson (22) killed

LAC Joseph McCausland unhurt

28.3.22 D.H.9A E967, 39 Sqn, Spittlegate

Stalled after take-off, dived in and caught fire, Spittlegate

Fg Off Charles Willie Bragg (26) killed

LAC Walter Wren (22) killed

7.4.22 Bristol Fighter F4420, 2 FTS, Duxford

Crashed, Chettisham, near Ely

Plt Off George Hopkins (23) killed

13.4.22 Vickers Viking Mk. IV G-EBBZ, Sir Ross Smith

Spun off turn, Brooklands

Sir Ross Macpherson Smith (29) killed (Australian)

Lt James Mallett Bennett (26) killed

2.5.22 Bristol Fighter D7804, 5 FTS, Shotwick

Spun in, Shotwick

AC2 Samuel Thompson (19) killed

Plt Off Ian Patrick Anderson injured

24.5.22 Bristol Fighter J6673, 2 Sqn, Duxford

Stalled on turn, nose dived and crashed, Digby

Fg Off Ernest George Green MC (30) killed

Sgt Walter John Stivey (32) killed

3.6.22 Bleriot-Spad 33 Berline F-ACMH, Cie Messageries Aeriennes

Crashed in sea, off Folkestone

Paul Ernest Morin (35) killed (pilot)

Paul Carroll killed (French)

Dr Gordon Ley (36) killed

22.6.22 Snipe F2409, School of Technical Training (Men), Manston

Crashed during race practice, Northolt

Flt Lt Ronald St Clair McClintock MC (29) killed

7.7.22 Avro 504K F8747, RAF (Cadet) College, Cranwell

Collision with H2364, Cranwell

Cadet Vyvian Osborne Gillmore (19) killed

Cadet Francis Gerald Cator injured in H2364

17.7.22 Parnall Panther N7509, 205 Sqn, Leuchars

Sideslipped and nose dived after engine failure, Donibristle

Fg Off Alex Thomas James Anderson (24) killed

Fg Off Robert Dyet Lambert injured

24.7.22 Snipe DC E6600, 25 Sqn, Hawkinge

Spun in off turn, Sugar Loaf Hill, Folkestone

AC1 Frank Kershaw (21) killed

Fg Off Henry Edward Walker injured

3.10.22 Avro 504K G-EAWK, E Williams, Neath

Dived into sea, Swansea Bay

Frederick Percival Bush (23) drowned (pilot)

Evan Williams (43) drowned

Sgt-Major John Stanley Hudson Biggins (36) drowned

9.10.22 Avro 504K H2482, 5 FTS, Shotwick

Spun in off loop, Shotwick

Fg Off Hubert Everitt Ranson (29) killed

Plt Off Victor John Hatton injured

24.10.22 Bristol Fighter F4831, 24 Sqn, Kenley

Spun on approach, Kenley

Plt Off Matthew Charles Hayter (21) killed

29.11.22 Bristol Fighter F4340, Armament & Gunnery School, Eastchurch

Midair collision with Snipe E6479, Warden Isle, off Sheppey

Fg Off William James Gayes (24) killed

Fg Off John Harold Vickers injured in Snipe

18.12.22 Gloucestershire Nightjar J6930, AEE

Spun in after engine failure at 200ft, Brockworth

Fg Off John Wilson Wallwork MC (24) killed

10.1.1923 D.H.16 G-EALM, de Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd

Stalled on turn after engine failure, Stanmore Common

Capt Ralph Edmund Keys DFC (28) killed

Leslie Lihou Arnell (20) killed

Edward Bernett injured

Samuel Hawke injured

Harry Picken injured

11.1.23 Bristol Fighter F4482, 1 FTS, Netheravon

Spun after engine failure, Henlow

Cpl Arthur James Amess (21) killed

2.2.23 Avro 504K J732, 39 Sqn, Spittlegate

Spun in during aerobatics, Spittlegate

Fg Off Cyril Chambers (24) killed

Fg Off John Edmund Layard Drabble injured

16.2.23 Avro 504K H2613, 2 FTS, Duxford

Crashed, Whittlesford

Plt Off Jack Wilkinson Hardstaff (20) killed

20.3.23 Bristol Fighter F4761, 5 FTS, Shotwick

Stalled on approach, Shotwick

Plt Off Leonard Basil William Blake Wride (19) killed

26.3.23 D.H.9A E8628, 5 FTS, Shotwick

Broke up in loop, Heswall, Cheshire

Plt Off Robert Cecil Brooke-Hunt (24) killed

24.4.23 D.H.9A E8489, 39 Sqn, Spittlegate

Stalled on low turn and crashed, Spittlegate

Fg Off Maurice Crosbie Trench (26) killed

Plt Off Frederic Samuel Harris (20) killed

1.5.23 Nightjar J6938, 401 Flt, Leuchars

Spun off steep turn, Leuchars

Fg Off Edward Perceval Osburne Haughton (23) killed

22.5.23 Avro 504K E9213, CFS, Upavon

Crashed after engine failure, Tidworth

Fg Off Alexander Claude Hine (27) killed

AC1 Baden Powell injured

14.6.23 Westland Walrus Mk. II N9510, RAF, Gosport

Spun in, Bunford, near Yeovil

Plt Off James Barclay Rose (20) killed

23.6.23 Bristol M.1D Monoplane G-EAVP, Bristol Aeroplane Co

Crashed near Chertsey, Surrey

Major Ernest Leslie Foot MC (28) killed

25.6.23 D.H.9: D.I, Irish Air Service, Fermoy

Spun and crashed into tree on farm near Fermoy

2Lt John Francis McDonagh (21) died 26.6.23

Lt McCulloch injured (pilot)

26.6.23 Vimy F9163, 100 Sqn, Spittlegate

Crashed after engine failure on take-off, Spittlegate

Sgt Herbert Baden Beaumont (22) killed

Sgt Jeffery Royston William Sladden injured

AC2 Edward Charles Farmery injured

7.7.23 D.H.9A H3431, 24 Sqn, Kenley

Crashed on house, Kenley

Fg Off Edward William Logsdail (27) killed

Fg Off Marcel Gustave Louis Trapagna-Leroy (24) killed

11.7.23 Blackburn N9583, RAF, Gosport

Nose dived and crashed, Lee-on-Solent

Plt Off Guy Wake (24) killed

13.7.23 Snipe E8259, 56 Sqn, Biggin Hill

Stalled, crashed and overturned after engine failure on take-off, Biggin Hill

Plt Off Maurice James Fitzmaurice (20) died 14.7.23

8.8.23 Avro 504K H2002, 100 Sqn, Spittlegate

Sideslipped on turn, Spittlegate

Fg Off Robin Jaques (26) killed

27.8.23 Farman F.60 Goliath F-AECB, Air Union

Stalled and crashed following an engine failure, East Malling, Kent

Leslie Edward Alexander Gunther (19) killed

Jean-Jules Denneulin injured (pilot)

Jean Morin injured (mechanic)

Solomon Bertish injured

Mark Oliver injured

Max Treisman injured

Centeswall injured (Danish)

Albert Milton Austin injured (American)

Douglas Smith injured (American)

Mrs Smith injured (American)

Jean Murat unhurt (French)

27.8.23 D.H.6 G-EAWD, de Havilland School of Flying

Crashed, Mitchell's Farm, Stanford Rivers, Essex

Edouard Wilhelm H Duyzings (37) killed (Dutch)

28.8.23 "Brokker" glider, CFS, Upavon

Dived into ground, Milton Hill, near Pewsey

Fg Off Neville Charles Waltho (25) killed

14.9.23 DH.34 G-EBBS, Daimler Airways

Stalled attempting precautionary landing, Ford End Farm, Ivinghoe, Bucks

George Edward Pratt (27) killed (pilot)

Leslie George Scott Robinson MC (32) killed (co-pilot)

Ethel Russell Armitage (21) killed

John Grimshaw (37) killed

Albert Hayward Turner (42) killed

29.9.23 D.H.9A E8695, 39 Sqn, Spittlegate

Dived into ground after take-off and caught fire, Spittlegate

Plt Off Edward Bernard Coventry (21) killed

Cpl William Wardle (21) killed

13.10.23 Peyret monoplane

Wings folded up in flight, Lympne

Alexis Maneyrol (32) killed (French)

15.10.23 Bristol Fighter J6665, CFS, Upavon

Stalled on approach, Farnborough

Plt Off Edward Charles Keey (21) killed

16.10.23 Vimy F9187, 7 Sqn, Bircham Newton

Overturned landing at night, Bircham Newton; repaired

AC1 Ronald Sinclair Watson (20) killed

Plt Off Robert Bruce Fleming unhurt

Plt Off Anthony Malone unhurt

AC2 Donald Charles Frederick West unhurt

20.10.23 Siskin III J6983, Armstrong Whitworth

Spun in on test flight, Whitley, Coventry

Major Joseph Clifford Griffiths (27) killed (Chief instructor of AW Flying School)

7.11.23 Snipe F2492, CFS, Upavon

Wings collapsed during aerobatics, Upavon

Fg Off Laurance Farrell Wilson (24) killed

30.11.23 Short Springbok Mk I J6975, AEE, Martlesham Heath

Spun in from 1500ft, Martlesham Heath

Fg Off Ernest Bird (26) killed

Cpl George Roger Budd (26) killed

13.12.23 Sperry Messenger G-EBIJ, Sperry Gyroscope Co

Forced landed in sea off Rye, Sussex

Lawrence Burst Sperry (30) drowned (American)

15.1.24 Bristol Fighter C4721, Directorate of Research (Air Ministry)

Lost speed in turn after engine failure, Isle of Grain

Flt Lt William Reginald Curtis (30) killed (pilot)

Sqn Ldr Sidney Mechen Cleverly (38) killed

23.1.24 Bristol Fighter: BF.II, Irish Air Service, Baldonnel

Spun in from 1000ft, Baldonnel

Lt Timothy Nevin (28) died 24.1.24

14.2.24 Cooper-Travers Hawk monoplane, Maj H Cooper & Lt-Col J L Travers

Crashed on test flight, Croydon

Lt-Col James Lindsay Travers (40) killed

15.2.24 Snipe F2472, 56 Sqn, Biggin Hill

Spun in on landing, Biggin Hill

Plt Off John Charles Savory (20) killed

15.2.24 Snipe E7601, 25 Sqn, Hawkinge

Hit ground during formation dive, Hawkinge

Flt Lt George Howard Homer Scutt MC (25) killed

26.2.24 Fairey IIID N9485

Ground crewman hit by propeller, Calshot

Cpl George Congerton (34) killed

3.3.24 Snipe E6617, 111 Sqn, Duxford

Collision with Avro 504K H3071 on landing, Duxford

Fg Off Jasper Godfrey Peck (22) killed

Flt Lt Vaudrey Adolph Albrecht injured

3.3.24 Avro 504K H3071, 2 FTS, Duxford

Collision with Snipe E6617 on landing, Duxford

Sgt George Thomas Bond (22) killed

Plt Off William Alfred Tattersall injured

3.3.24 Vimy F9181, Night Flying Flight, Biggin Hill

Crashed on landing and caught fire, Biggin Hill

Fg Off Sydney William Smith (23) killed

Sgt Frederick Lister (21) killed

Sgt Hedley Sydney Horace Meech unhurt

14.3.24 D.H.9A E8724, 1 FTS, Netheravon

Spun on turn taking off, crashed and caught fire, Farnborough

Cpl Isaac Burthorn Shelley (23) killed

4.4.24 Bristol Fighter D7816, 1 FTS, Netheravon

Caught fire and dived into ground, West Kennett

Plt Off Jack Hamilton Pledger (23) killed

8.4.24 Bristol Fighter F4606, School of Army Cooperation, Old Sarum

Stalled and crashed, Old Sarum

Plt Off Francis Frederic Rowsell Goldsmid (21) killed

LAC Harold Samuel Nicholls (20) killed

9.4.24 Bristol Fighter J6784, 4 Sqn, Farnborough

Spun in after take-off, Farnborough

Plt Off Charles William Moss (23) killed

24.4.24 Fokker F.III H-NABS, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Missing at sea, en route Lympne - Rotterdam

Adriaan Pieter Johannes Pijl (27) killed (pilot, Dutch)

W J van Hien (35) killed (Dutch)

Carel Johannes Marinus Modderman (43) killed (Dutch)

29.4.24 Bristol Fighter F4954, 5 FTS, Shotwick

Spun in and burst into flames, Shotwick

Plt Off Thomas Percy Taylor Jones (28) killed

AC2 Cyril Sydney Richards (22) killed

2.5.24 Bristol Fighter F4485, 2 FTS, Duxford

Collision with Avro 504K F8945, Duxford

Plt Off Eric Martin (29) killed

5.6.24 D.H.9A E8654, 39 Sqn, Spittlegate

Midair collision with J7087, Spittlegate

Fg Off Rowan Heywood Daly DSC DFC (26) killed

Sgt William Henry Brewer (24) killed

5.6.24 D.H.9A J7087, 39 Sqn, Spittlegate

Midair collision with E8654, Spittlegate

Fg Off Leslie Gordon Lucas (28) killed

AC1 Leslie Coppleston (22) killed

5.6.24 DH.42 Dingo J7006, 41 Sqn, Northolt

Broke up in flight, Northolt

Flt Lt Robert Howell Craster Usher MC AFC (27) killed

25.6.24 Supermarine Sea Lion Mk III N170, Marine Aircraft Experimental Establishment

Crashed due to uncontrolled porpoising on take-off, at sea off Felixstowe

Fg Off Edward Ewart Paull Smith (25) drowned

29.7.24 Bristol Fighter F4552, RAF Cadet College, Cranwell

Spun in, Cold Harbour, near Spittlegate

Flt Cadet Harry Howarth Aspinall (20) killed

31.7.24 Fairey Fawn II J6990, 11 Sqn, Netheravon

Spun in from 200ft, Netheravon

LAC George William Maskell (22) killed

Sgt W F Grey injured

6.8.24 Bristol Fighter F4484?, 2 FTS, Digby

Stalled on turn, Digby

Plt Off Geoffrey Shewell Hall (22) killed

12.8.24 Bristol Fighter C806, 5 FTS, Sealand

Spun in, Sealand

Plt Off Christopher Ernest Hillier (20) killed

Plt Off Hampden Charlton Mason Shaw (22) killed

15.8.24 Avro 504K H9863, 2 FTS, Digby

Dived into ground after engine failure, Metheringham Heath; repaired

Fg Off George Searle Lomax Hayward MC (29) killed

Plt Off Charles Victor Brealey (27) killed

26.8.24 Bristol Fighter F4955, 13 Sqn, Andover

Lost speed in turn and nose dived on photographic flight, Lavant, near Chichester

Fg Off John William Carl Harcourt-Vernon (23) killed

AC1 Charles Carpenter (23) killed

28.8.24 Snipe F2444, 19 Sqn, Duxford

Dived out of inverted flight; two children hit, Duxford

Fg Off Stanley James Mason (27) killed

Emily Miller injured

Elsie Riches injured

12.9.24 Nieuport Nightjar J6932, 404 Flt

Spun into ground, Leuchars

Fg Off Guy Francis Reeves (22) killed

15.9.24 Snipe F2484, 17 Sqn, Hawkinge

Stalled on climbing turn after take-off, Eastchurch

Plt Off Arthur Douglas Baillie (26) killed

2.10.24 Bristol Fighter F4572, 13 Sqn, Kenley

Spun in, Penton Mewsey, near Andover

Fg Off Archibald Hay Stirling (24) killed

AC1 William James Arthur Turton (22) killed

9.10.24 Siskin III J7147, 41 Sqn, Northolt

Looped and dived into ground, Netheravon

Plt Off Harold St George-Taylor (25) killed

10.11.24 Fawn II J7202, 11 Sqn, Netheravon

Collision on approach with Snipe E6968, Netheravon

Sgt Frederick George Morfett (22) killed

Sgt George Taylor (42) killed

10.11.24 Snipe E6968, 1 FTS, Netheravon

Collision on approach with Fawn J7202, Netheravon

Fg Off John Maurice Chandler (24) killed (Lt, RN)

28.11.24 Snipe E6838, 29 Sqn, Duxford

Spun in off aerobatics, Melbourn, near Duxford

Fg Off Cyril William Anthony Byrne (20) killed

3.12.24 Avro 504K 'E6671', CFS, Upavon

Spun into ground on gliding turn, Upavon

Plt Off Douglas Elphinstone Gain (23) died 4.12.24

AC1 Denham Brown Waight injured

24.12.24 DH.34B G-EBBX, Imperial Airways

Crashed after take-off and caught fire, Castle Hill, Purley, Surrey

David Arthur Stewart (34) killed (pilot)

Mrs Annie Chaffey Bailey (64) killed

Dr Plinio Barbosa Lima (32) killed (Brazilian)

Maurice Edward Luxemburg (18) killed

Archibald John Sproston (39) killed

George Sproston (76) killed

Marie Sproston (21) killed

Cedric Trudgett (21) killed (Chilean)

1925 - 1929

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