A list of fatal air accidents in Britain, 1 Sep - 11 Nov 1918

1.9.1918 R.E.8 D4975, 7 Training Squadron, AFC, Leighterton

Stalled turning on approach and spun, Leighterton

2Lt William Parkes (26) killed

1.9.18 Short 184 N2961, Seaplane Station Cattewater

Forced landed and wrecked in heavy sea, English Channel, off Portland

Lt Joseph Whitehead (29) drowned

2Lt Fred Forster Smith (21) drowned (pilot)

2.9.18 Avro 504K D2110, 54 Training Depot Station, Fairlop

Crashed while stunting, Fairlop area

Capt Iorwerth Gwilym Davies (25) killed

2.9.18 Felixstowe F.3 N4414, 74 Wing, Calshot

Spun on landing, Calshot

Capt Thomas O'Connor DSC (36) killed

Lt Brien Beckford Ball injured

Lt Francis Walter Fox injured

Sgt Mech William Robinson injured

3.9.18 Avro 504 B8762, 38 TDS, Tadcaster

Collision with Avro C700 during formation flight, Tadcaster

Lt Joseph Vincent Arnold (28) killed

3.9.18 Avro 504 C700, 38 TDS, Tadcaster

Collision with Avro B8762 during formation flight, Tadcaster

Lt George Frederick Woollard (22) killed

3.9.18 Avro 504 B8692, 47 TDS, Doncaster

Collision in formation with Pup B4136, Doncaster

Lt John Moriarty Tidmarsh (25) killed

2Lt George Bernard O'Flynn (19) killed

Lt Corlett Harry Alvord injured in Pup (American)

3.9.18 Avro 504 D6319, 21 TDS, Driffield

Collision during air fighting practice, Driffield

Flt Cadet Joseph Edward Denton (18) killed

Capt Jens Frederick Larson unhurt in 2nd machine (American)

3.9.18 Bristol Fighter C4648, 1 (Observers) School of Aerial Gunnery, New Romney

Midair collision with C4781, New Romney

Lt George Wheeler Armstrong (21) killed (American)

2Lt Kenneth Clinton William Garden (25) killed

3.9.18 Bristol Fighter C4781, 1 (Observers) School of Aerial Gunnery, New Romney

Midair collision with C4648, New Romney

Lt Leslie John Boswood (21) killed

2Lt Frank Arnold Parfitt (20) killed

3.9.18 Camel C101, 8 TS, AFC, Leighterton

Spun and crashed, near Leighterton

Cadet Cecil Thomas Watts (25) killed

3.9.18 Camel C6761, 26 TDS, Edzell

Hit scaffolding pole on take-off

2Lt Bernard Stanley Rourke (19) killed

3.9.18 Camel D9569, 189 NTS, Hornchurch

Crashed off low loop, South Ockendon

2Lt Brian Gerald Mahoney (28) killed (New Zealander)

3.9.18 Camel F4177, 3 TDS, Lopcombe Corner

Spun into ground during aerial firing, Lopcombe Corner area

2Lt Donald Arthur Busby (18) killed

3.9.18 Short 184 N2962, 239 Sqn, Torquay

Missing, English Channel

Lt Alfred Glanville Bishop (21) killed

2Lt Frederick Arthur Huycke (21) killed (Canadian)

4.9.18 D.H.6 C7849, 260 Sqn, Westward Ho!

Stalled on a turn in bad weather and spun into ground, Devon

2Lt Herbert Cecil Kibby (23) died 27.10.18

4.9.18 S.E.5A D6175, 41 TDS, London Colney

Wing broke pulling out of dive, Seaford, Sussex

2Lt Cyril John Towler (22) killed

5.9.18 Sopwith Pup B6012, Fleet Practice Stn Turnhouse

Collision with Strutter 9894 over Firth of Forth

2Lt Hugh Angus Sutherland (20) killed (Canadian)

5.9.18 Sopwith 1 Strutter 9894, Fleet Practice Stn Turnhouse

Collision with Pup B6012 over Firth of Forth

Flt Sgt Arthur Wright (27) drowned

2Lt Reginald Pyne injured

5.9.18 Camel B7906, 50 TDS, Eastbourne

Lost control in loop, Hailsham, Sussex

2Lt William Rose Barnett (28) killed

5.9.18 Camel C3294, 50 TDS, Eastbourne

Collision with Camel F3207 in formation, Eastbourne

1Lt Eugenio da Silva Possolo (24) killed (Brazilian Navy)

5.9.18 Camel F3207, 50 TDS, Eastbourne

Collision with Camel C3294 in formation, Eastbourne

2Lt Reginald Horace Sanders (24) killed

5.9.18 Camel D9556, 32 TDS, Montrose

Machine collapsed in flight, Montrose

Cadet Cecil Dugald Reid (18) killed

5.9.18 Camel E1455, 2 Fighting School, Marske

Failed to recover from spin, Marske

2Lt Gerald Hugh Smyth (20) killed

5.9.18 D.H.9 C1333, 1 Fighting School, Turnberry

Turned downwind after take-off, stalled and spun

2Lt William Arthur Crocker Rymal (22) killed (Canadian)

Flt Cadet Alexander McLean (19) killed

5.9.18 Sopwith Dolphin C3998, 4 TDS, Hooton Park

Stalled on turn, spun and caught fire, Hooton Park area

2Lt Claude Elsden Elliott (24) killed (Canadian)

6.9.18 Avro 504 B4352, 26 TDS, Edzell

Spun into ground, Edzell

Lt Harold Belfit Hill (24) killed

2Lt Edgar Black Mathews injured

6.9.18 Avro 504 D5851, 2 TDS, Gullane

Failed to come out of flat spin, Gullane

2Lt Rolfe McKiel (21) killed (Canadian)

2Lt Harold Alfred Murton injured

6.9.18 Avro 504 E1849, 14 TDS, Lake Down

Collision while turning in formation, Stockbridge

Capt Walter Gordon Cope (28) killed

Flt Cadet Edward Vaughan James Lyndale Caldwell (22) killed

6.9.18 Bristol Fighter B1160, 45 TDS, Rendcomb

Ballast weight jammed controls; dived into ground, Rendcomb

Lt Cecil Frederick Johnstone Thompson (21) killed

6.9.18 Camel E1457, CFS, Upavon

Midair collision with S.E.5A C1777, Upavon area

2Lt William Kay Misenhimer (24) killed (Canadian)

6.9.18 D.H.6 C5172, 256 Sqn, Seahouses

Came down in North Sea in haze, off Coquet Island

2Lt Morley Roy Shier (23) killed (Canadian)

6.9.18 R.E.8 C3382, 36 TDS, Yatesbury

Stalled in turn and spun, Yatesbury area

2Lt Alexander Rose (30) killed

6.9.18 R.E.8 D4874, 40 TDS, Harlaxton

Stalled on low turn in darkness and spun, Harlaxton

Flt Cadet Stanley Redvers Iddon (18) killed

7.9.18 Camel C106, 5 TS, AFC, Minchinhampton

Spun inverted into Dutch barn following loop, near Minchinhampton

Lt Geoffrey Dunster Allen (21) killed

7.9.18 Camel F1391, CFS, Upavon

Spun off climbing turn, Upavon

2Lt Dudley Matthew Nichols (18) killed

7.9.18 F.E.2b D9101, 1 School of Navigation & Bomb-dropping, Stonehenge

Run over by machine landing in darkness, Stonehenge

Pte 2 Harry Richardson (48) killed

Lt Sidney Claude Young unhurt (pilot)

7.9.18 F.E.2b D9753, 191 NTS, Upwood

Stalled and spun, Upwood

2Lt Albert Ernest Parks (20) killed

2Lt Adam Howie Thompson (26) killed

7.9.18 R.E.8 C3386, 1 TDS, Stamford

Spin and nose dived, Stamford area

Flt Cadet Herbert Rowland Harrison (21) killed

8.9.18 Avro 504 D6370, 38 TDS, Tadcaster

Mechanic hit by propellor of machine taking off, Tadcaster

A Mech 3 Albert Carson (44) killed

Flt Sgt Sydney Hayter (pilot)

9.9.18 Bristol Fighter E2320, 5 AAP, Filton

Walked into propellor when engine being run on test, Filton

A Mech 3 Harry Burrows (20) killed

9.9.18 Camel F2197, CFS, Upavon

Dived in off turn while formation-flying, Upavon area

2Lt Harold Augustus Freeman (19) killed (Canadian)

9.9.18 D.H.6 C6635, 10 TDS, Harling Road

Hit hangar on take-off and caught fire

2Lt Thomas Leslie Bourke (22) killed

2Lt Alfred Hare Tomlin (25) died 16.9.18 (Canadian)

9.9.18 F.E.2b A6537, 8 TDS, Netheravon

Stalled turning after engine failure on take-off, Netheravon

2Lt John Frederick Clark (23) died 10.9.18

9.9.18 Grain Griffin N102, Vindictive Flight, Isle of Grain

Hit bank while taking off downwind, Isle of Grain

Lt Alan Vivian Lewis (20) killed

2Lt George Edward Durrance injured

9.9.18 R.E.8 B6638, 27 TDS, Crail

Stalled and spun into ground

Flt Cadet Arthur Winstanley (19) killed

11.9.18 Avro 504K D8890, 52 TDS, Cramlington

Stalled on gliding turn and nose dived, Cramlington

2Lt Alexander Oswin Coghill (26) killed

Flt Cadet Cecil Gwyn Sutton-Jones (28) killed

11.9.18 S.E.5A E4074, 41 TDS, London Colney

Stalled on turn, sideslipped and nose dived, Barnet area

Flt Cadet Thomas Burt (19) killed

11.9.18 Sopwith Pup C420, 47 TDS, Doncaster

Midair collision with Avro 504 D5862, Doncaster area

Lt Harry Lombard Savage (20) killed (American)

2Lt Rowland Trueman injured in D5862

11.9.18 Vickers Vimy B9954, Aeroplane Experimental Station, Martlesham Heath

Stalled, nose dived and caught fire, Martlesham area

Lt Gordon Shaw Wilkin (22) killed (Canadian)

A Mech 1 David Mcqueen Scott injured when bombs exploded

A Mech 3 Albert Percy Rowden injured when bombs exploded

12.9.18 Avro 504K E3468, 34 TDS, Scampton

Stalled in turn and spun, Scampton

2Lt Sidney Lasenby Rose (31) killed

2Lt William Edward Finch injured (pilot)

12.9.18 AW F.K.8 F3453, 7 AAP, Kenley

Nose dived turning after take-off on ferry flight, Kenley

Lt Frederick Plummer (30) killed

13.9.18 Avro 504K F2535, 42 TDS, Hounslow

Fitter struck by propeller, Hounslow

A Mech 3 Percy Allen Haines (18) killed

13.9.18 D.H.6 C7890, 242 Sqn, Newhaven

Sideslipped and caught fire on battle patrol, Newhaven area

2Lt Roy Theodore Stewart (19) killed (Canadian)

13.9.18 Handley Page O/400 C9702, 8 TDS, Netheravon

Run over by aeroplane taxying at night

Pte Joseph James Hopkinson (46) died 15.9.18

Lt Finlay unhurt (pilot)

13.9.18 R.E.8 C2484, 10 TDS, Harling Road

Spun into ground off flat turn, Wyton

Flt Cadet William Rice Jones (29) killed

13.9.18 Camel F4189, 53 TDS, Dover

Crashed inverted off half roll, Dover area

Flt Cadet Eric Henry Evans (22) killed

14.9.18 R.E.8 B4111, 52 TDS, Cramlington

Dived into North Sea, off Blackhall, Durham

2Lt Robert Jones (18) drowned

15.9.18 Avro 504 C5801, 204 TDS, Eastchurch

Midair collision with Avro 504 D7073, Eastchurch area

Lt Leslie Archer Philip (21) killed (South African)

Flt Cadet William Fenn Ashfield injured

15.9.18 Avro 504 D7073, 204 TDS, Eastchurch

Midair collision with Avro 504 C5801, Eastchurch area

Cadet Edward Wilmot Heritage (19) killed

15.9.18 Camel B2469, 42 TS, Wye

Folded up pulling out of dive on ground target, Wye

2Lt David Hegler McGibbon (20) killed (Canadian)

15.9.18 Camel C6754, 50 Sqn, Bekesbourne

Accident while low-flying, Bekesbourne

Capt William Goodliff Scotcher MC (28) killed

15.9.18 Camel E1572, 42 TDS, Hounslow

Wings folded up at 2000ft, Feltham

2Lt Frank Watson Baillie (19) killed (Jamaican)

15.9.18 S.E.5A E1257, CFS, Upavon

Midair collision with S.E.5A E4051, Upavon area

2Lt Lawrence McLean Lord (18) killed (Canadian)

15.9.18 S.E.5A E4051, CFS, Upavon

Midair collision with S.E.5A E1257, Upavon area

2Lt Russell Roberts Caldwell (19) killed (Canadian)

15.9.18 ?, 8 TS, Witney

Mechanic hit by propeller, Witney

Cpl John Stanleigh Christiansen (28) killed (USAS)

Lt Michael Henry Picot unhurt (pilot)

16.9.18 Camel F2162, 50 Sqn, Bekesbourne

Spun into ground during aerial combat practice, Faversham area

2Lt Gerald Christie Rogerson (18) killed

16.9.18 R.E.8 D4746, Artillery & Infantry Co-operation School, Worthy Down

Extensions broke in steep dive, spun and caught fire, Worthy Down

Major Thomas Llewelyn Davies MC (25) killed

Capt William Ernest Dawson (24) killed (pilot)

17.9.18 Camel C8322, 29 TDS, Beaulieu

Midair collision with Camel C96, Beaulieu area

2Lt Arthur Fred Belyea (23) killed (Canadian)

17.9.18 Camel C96, 29 TDS, Beaulieu

Midair collision with Camel C8322, Beaulieu area

Lt Austin Wyard Blackie (22) killed (American)

18.9.18 Avro 504K E3560, 47 TDS, Doncaster

Lost control and nose dived, Doncaster area

Flt Cadet Albert Daniel Morgan (28) killed

18.9.18 D.H.6 B3023, 244 Sqn, Bangor

Stalled on low turn and spun, Bangor

A Mech 3 Ely Walker Shaw (18) killed

Capt Desmond Adolph Tuck injured (pilot)

18.9.18 D.H.6 C2093, 35 TDS, Duxford

Spun off flat turn, Duxford

Lt Christopher Salmon Macpherson (21) killed (Canadian)

18.9.18 Camel E7156, 34 TDS, Scampton

Stalled on low turn after engine failure and spun into ground, Scampton

Lt Louis Bertram Hawkswell (22) killed

19.9.18 Camel B3802, CFS, Upavon

Spun at low altitude, Yatesbury

2Lt Rudolph William Dusseau (21) killed (USAS)

19.9.18 D.H.6 C5174, 256 Sqn, Seahouses

Upset by wind gust on take-off, Edinburgh

A Mech 3 Thompson Mackenzie (18) killed

2Lt Clarence Wilfred Kerr injured (Canadian)

20.9.18 Avro 504K D8802, 14 TDS, Lake Down

Choked engine on take-off, stalled turning downwind and spun, Lake Down

2Lt Francis John Harry Willis (25) killed

20.9.18 Camel D9578, 37 Sqn, Stow Maries

Turned sharply after take-off and spun, Stow Maries

Lt Edward Cecil Henry Robert Nicholls (20) killed

21.9.18 Curtiss H.16 N4070, Seaplane Stn Dundee

Flew into mast of ship and caught fire, on River Tay, Dundee

Capt Algernon Holland (28) killed

A Mech 2 Eli Marriott (21) killed

A Mech 2 Francis Edward Wilson (19) killed

2Lt Frederick Ivor Atkins injured

22.9.18 Bristol Fighter C880, 141 Sqn, Biggin Hill

Stalled on climbing turn and spun into ground, Biggin Hill

2Lt Baldwin Childerboss Macdougall (19) killed (Canadian)

Flt Cadet John Alexander Jenkins (18) killed

22.9.18 Camel B7895, 40 TS, Croydon

Misjudged height during firing practice and dived into ground, Selsdon Park, near Croydon

2Lt Arthur Parry Jones (19) killed

22.9.18 D.H.9 E9669, 1 School of Navigation & Bomb-dropping, Stonehenge

Stalled on climbing turn and spun, Stonehenge

Lt Herries Knocker Dudley-Scott (19) killed

Flt Cadet John Wilcock (18) killed

23.9.18 Avro 504K D8818, 3 TDS, Lopcombe Corner

Spun following low loop, Lopcombe Corner area

2Lt Wesley Holford Wilson (21) killed (South African)

23.9.18 Avro 504 E1608, 32 TDS, Montrose

Stalled and spun from 100ft, Montrose

Flt Cadet Harold Kingsley Percival (28) killed (Australian)

23.9.18 Camel B5617, 32 TDS, Montrose

Wing came off pulling out of steep dive, Montrose

2Lt Maxwell Edden Preston (19) killed

23.9.18 Camel C1582, 78 Sqn, Hornchurch

Stalled and spun with missing engine, Hornchurch

2Lt Roland Albert James Sadler (22) killed

23.9.18 D.H.6 C7212, 29 TS, Hendon

Nose dived off turn after low engine failure, Hendon

2Lt Harry Wilfred Press (21) killed (Canadian)

2Lt Albert Emanuel Colin Churcher (29) killed

23.9.18 ?, 51 TDS, North Shotwick

Hit by propellor after engine started prematurely, Shotwick

Pvt John H Williams (18) killed (USAS)

24.9.18 Submarine Scout airship S.S.37A, RAF, Cranwell

Wireless operator hit by propellor, Cranwell

A Mech 3 Frederick James Coombs (18) killed

24.9.18 R.E.8 C2897, 1 AAP, Coventry

Midair collision with S.E.5A F851, Radford, Coventry

Lt Hedley Herbert Berry (23) died 27.9.18

A Mech 3 Percival George Welsman (31) killed

Lt Charles Geoffrey Baker injured in S.E.5A

25.9.18 Avro 504K D9367, 186 NTS, East Retford

Choked engine on take-off, turned and stalled, East Retford

Flt Cadet John Edward Kirkby Doe (18) killed

25.9.18 Bristol Fighter E2160, 39 Sqn, North Weald

Engine failure, North Weald

Lt Roy Garon Underwood (19) killed

2Lt Reginald Pym Hitchin-Kemp (21) killed

25.9.18 Camel E7157, 34 TDS, Scampton

Lost control while firing Very light pistol, looped and spun, Scampton area

Sgt Walter Gladstone Stroud (18) killed

26.9.18 Camel C1612, 28 TDS, Weston-on-the-Green

Lost control pulling out of dive, Little Chesterton, Oxon

2Lt Walter Balmer Williscroft (29) killed (Canadian)

26.9.18 F.E.2b B1856, 1 School of Navigation & Bomb-dropping, Stonehenge

Pilot hit on head by propellor trying to put out ground fire, Harlestone, Northants.

Lt William Joseph Kelly (21) killed (Canadian)

2Lt Arthur Craig Taylor unhurt (Canadian)

26.9.18 Sopwith 1 Strutter, HMS Furious

Fitter struck by propeller while starting engine, Turnhouse area

A Mech 1 Henry Cecil Pady (26) killed

27.9.18 Camel F1315, 61 Sqn, Rochford

Collision with Camel F1395 in formation, Rochford

Lt John Wilton Sheridan (29) killed

27.9.18 Camel F1395, 61 Sqn, Rochford

Collision with Camel F1315 in formation, Rochford

2Lt Reginald Frank Sanders (19) killed

27.9.18 Camel F1474, 3 AAP, Norwich

Spun off low turn, Norwich area

Lt Patrick Dalrymple Willes (20) died 29.9.18

27.9.18 Camel F2105, 188 NTS, Throwley

Spun into ground, Throwley

Lt Gavin ("Guy") Black Motherwell McMurdo (19) killed

27.9.18 Avro 504 C5840, 30 TDS, Northolt

Collision with Avro 504 C627 in formation, near Ruislip

Sgt Thomas Corfield (24) killed

Lt James MacLarty injured in C627

28.9.18 D.H.9 D580, 10 TS, Gosport

Stalled and spun turning after take-off and caught fire

Capt Reginald English Rumsey (28) died 9.12.18

29.9.18 Camel E1456, 2 Fighting School, Marske

Spun into sea from 1000ft, Saltburn

Major Leslie Peech Aizlewood MC AFC (23) killed

29.9.18 Camel E1574, 63 TS, Joyce Green

Choked engine on take-off, turned back and spun into ground, Joyce Green

Sgt Henry Girling Henderson (22) killed

29.9.18 Camel E7154, 46TDS, South Carlton

Lost control in roll and spun into ground, South Carlton area

Flt Cadet Hector Campbell Wright (18) killed (American)

29.9.18 D.H.9 B9381, 1 TDS, Stamford

Nose dived off turn and caught fire, Stamford area

Flt Cadet John Henry Maclaurin (18) killed

Pvt William Christopherson (26) killed (USAS)

30.9.18 Bristol Fighter E1911, 39 TDS, Spittlegate

Stalled at 100ft and nose dived, Gunby, near Grantham

2Lt Harold Leslie Martin (26) killed

30.9.18 Camel F1359, 29 TDS, Beaulieu

Dived into ground off half roll, Beaulieu area

2Lt Frank Rice Reid (20) killed (Canadian)

30.9.18 Camel F1410, 1 Fighting School, Turnberry

Looped, spun and caught fire, Turnberry

Lt Gerald Arthur Lamburn (19) killed

30.9.18 Camel F1948, 8 TS, AFC, Leighterton

Spun and nose dived, Leighterton

Lt Patrick George Walsh (22) killed

1.10.18 Avro 504K D8979, 9 TDS, Shawbury

Struck on head when engine started unexpectedly, Shawbury

Pvt Louis Edwin Houseal (23) killed (USAS)

1.10.18 Camel D9525, Fleet Practice Stn Turnhouse

Nose dived and spun into ground

2Lt Harry Ivor Montague Monk (22) killed

1.10.18 Camel H767, 61 Sqn, Rochford

Stalled and dived in on forced landing, Bromley area

Lt Humphry William Herbert Lucas MC (24) died 2.10.18

1.10.18 F.E.2b 4992, 200 NTS, East Retford

Stalled on turn and dived into ground, East Retford area

2Lt Cyril Bertram Millington (22) killed

1.10.18 S.E.5A D3497, 2 TDS, Gullane

Structural failure in flight

2Lt William Milne Wright (29) killed

1.10.18 S.E.5A F856, 1 AAP, Coventry

Stalled on low climbing turn, Radford, Coventry

Sgt Dafelyn Tawelog Austin Jones (21) killed

1.10.18 Sopwith Dolphin, 91 Sqn, Kenley

Stalled turning near ground, Croydon area

2Lt William Millar Gourlay (19) killed

2.10.18 S.E.5A D5998, CFS, Upavon

Crashed, Upavon area

2Lt Donald Springer Osborne (22) died 5.10.18 (Canadian)

3.10.18 Camel 'S637', 28 TDS, Weston-on-the-Green

Stalled and spun pulling out of dive on ground target, near Bicester

2Lt Murdoch Cook (22) killed

3.10.18 Sopwith Dolphin, 91 Sqn, Kenley

Crashed, Welcomes Farm, Kenley

Sgt Wilfred Gibson (20) killed

4.10.18 D.H.6 A9603, 12 TDS, Netheravon

Aeroplane accident, Netheravon area

Flt Cadet William Whitfield Hamilton (32) killed

4.10.18 F.E.2b D9159, 1 School of Navigation & Bomb-dropping, Stonehenge

Walked into revolving propellor, Stonehenge

Cpl Clarence Henry Haggerty (24) killed (USAS)

4.10.18 Felixstowe F.2A N4537, Seaplane Stn Felixstowe

Sideslipped attempting to land downwind, Felixstowe

Capt Trevor William Stuart Harris (22) killed

A/Cpl Matthew Brown Blackadder injured

2Lt L W Morwick unhurt

2Lt William Galloway unhurt

A Mech 1 Arthur William Goody unhurt

4.10.18 S.E.5A C8860, 21 TDS, Driffield

Banking steeply after take-off, spun, nose dived and caught fire, Driffield

2Lt James Barker (24) killed

6.10.18 D.H.9 D3222, 11 TDS, Old Sarum

Spun on steep turn and caught fire, Gillingham, Dorset

2Lt Douglas Forster (19) died 7.10.18

2Lt Charles Hedley Edgecombe (30) killed (Canadian)

6.10.18 F.E.2b A6564, 1 School of Navigation & Bomb-dropping, Stonehenge

Stalled and spun into ground, Stonehenge

2Lt William Havery Russell (19) killed

8.10.18 Avro 504K D8861, 54 TDS, Fairlop

Stalled on turn with engine off, Fairlop area

Flt Cadet Frank Seliere Everett (22) killed

8.10.18 Bristol Fighter C4789, 33 TDS, Witney

Wing broke off recovering from dive, Witney

2Lt Charles Massie Doolittle (23) killed (Canadian)

8.10.18 Camel F2207, 29 TDS, Beaulieu

Got into spin after roll, Beaulieu area

Cadet Richard Gordon Eastwood (18) killed

8.10.18 Camel F4209, 40 TS, Croydon

Dived into ground, Purley

2Lt Duncan Lane Donaldson (28) killed (South African)

8.10.18 R.E.8 C2677, 37 TDS, Yatesbury

Broke up diving on target, Yatesbury area

Flt Cadet Robert Paxton Forsyth McCallum (21) killed

9.10.18 Bristol Fighter D8012, 44 TDS, Port Meadow

Crashed attempting forced landing, Alcester area

2Lt Herbert Joseph Lamb (24) killed (Canadian)

10.10.18 Bristol Fighter D7824, 33 TDS, Witney

Stalled on gliding turn and spun, Witney

Capt Norman Alexander Doggart (27) killed

11.10.18 Avro 504 C5775, CFS, Upavon

Stalled attempting forced landing after engine failure, Upavon area

Sgt James Harrison (22) killed

11.10.18 Curtiss H.16 K-38, US Navy, Killingholme

Spun into North Sea after engine failure, off Immingham

Lieutenant (junior grade) Charles McGhee Tyson (29) drowned

Machinists Mate, Second Class Bennett Sergai (25) drowned

Electrician, 3rd class Robert Evans Richardson (22) drowned

Lt Stanley Thomas Curran injured (pilot)

12.10.18 Avro 504K E3467, 34 TDS, Scampton

Stalled and spun after engine failure on take-off, Scampton

2Lt Herbert Toft (22) killed

Cadet Harold Charles Steele injured

12.10.18 Avro 504K D4530, 13 TDS, Ternhill

Stalled and spun after engine failure, Ternhill area

Lt William Burt Bickell (24) killed (Canadian)

Flt Cadet George Lancaster Robinson (21) injured; died (pneumonia) 1.11.18 (Canadian)

13.10.18 Avro 504K E3083, 35 TDS, Duxford

Stalled turning on approach, Duxford

2Lt Frederick Cawley (20) killed

13.10.18 Avro 504K F2268, 39 TDS, Spittlegate

Hit by propeller when engine started while sucking in, Spittlegate

Flt Sgt Albert Edgar Warne AM (23) killed

13.10.18 B.E.2e C7088, 45 TDS, Rendcomb

Nose dived from flat turn at 100ft on first solo, near Cirencester

Flt Cadet Charles William John Davis (19) killed

13.10.18 Camel B7431, 34 TDS, Scampton

Spun off attempted low roll, Scampton area

2Lt George Edwin Davidson (19) killed (Canadian)

13.10.18 Camel C118, 50 TDS, Eastbourne

Lost control in low roll, Eastbourne area

Lt Charles Robert Chapman (19) killed

13.10.18 Camel C4, CFS, Upavon

Wings folded back pulling out of dive, Upavon area

Sgt Thomas Henry Little (23) killed

13.10.18 Camel E5147, 44 Sqn, Hainault Farm

Lost control in searchlight beam, Hainault Farm area

Lt Claud Handley Trotter (23) killed

13.10.18 R.E.8 C2628, 7 TS, AFC, Leighterton

Spun in after take-off, Leighterton

2Lt George Viner Wicks (28) killed

14.10.18 Avro 504K E3557, 38 TDS, Tadcaster

Failed to recover from spin, Tadcaster

Pvt Ludwig Larsen Linde (34) killed (USAS)

2Lt George Joseph Ellsmere injured (Canadian)

14.10.18 Camel C6752, 26 TDS, Edzell

Stalled on turn and spun into ground, Edzell

Lt Edward Claude England Derwin (24) killed

14.10.18 Camel F2004, 188 NTS, Throwley

Spun into ground, Throwley area

Lt Edward William Frank Hopgood (21) killed (Canadian)

15.10.18 Avro 504 D48, 34 TDS, Scampton

Crashed on forced landing after engine failure, Newark Cemetery

Lt Joseph Henry Francis (Harry) Beresford (23) killed

15.10.18 Camel B7368, 43 TDS, Chattis Hill

Wing folded back in dive, Chattis Hill

Flt Cadet Arthur Drybrough Binnie (19) killed

15.10.18 Camel D1880, 2 Fighting School, Marske

Struck by S.E.5 while assisting ground handling, Marske

2Lt John Edward Quin (21) killed

Sgt Robert Smith Lightbody injured

16.10.18 Avro 504K D8844, 204 TDS, Eastchurch

Spun on turn after engine failure on take-off

Flt Cadet Eric Bottomley Rayner (18) died 17.10.18

16.10.18 Avro 504K F2235, 40 TS, Croydon

Spun after engine failure at 100ft after take-off, Croydon

2Lt Percy Llewellyn Brown (25) killed (Canadian)

Boy Sidney E Norman injured

16.10.18 Camel B7241, 56 TDS, Cranwell

Wings collapsed diving at ground target, Cranwell

Lt Bertram Morgan DCM (27) killed

16.10.18 Camel D9523, HMS Tiger, Turnhouse

Broke up pulling out of dive, Turnhouse

2Lt Philip Roderick Hale (19) killed

16.10.18 F.E.2b A5648, 200 NTS, East Retford

Hit tree on forced landing after engine failure, East Retford

Flt Cadet Edwin Valentine French (18) killed

16.10.18 Sopwith Snipe E8079, 42 TDS, Hounslow

Collision with Avro at 1500ft, Feltham

2Lt Andrew Jack Prentice (19) killed

Flt Cadet Hugh Sinfield & instructor unhurt in Avro

17.10.18 Bristol Fighter F9403, 33 TDS, Witney

Stalled on low climbing turn and spun, Witney

Flt Cadet Arthur Edward Kaye (19) killed (Canadian)

17.10.18 Camel E7280, 3 TDS, Lopcombe Corner

Spun after half-roll, Lopcombe Corner area

Flt Cadet Spencer Harold Millard (18) killed

17.10.18 S.E.5A D8432, 47 TDS, Doncaster

Dived off steep turn, hit building and caught fire, Doncaster

2Lt Philip Roy Firth (19) killed

18.10.18 Camel D1820, CFS, Upavon

Midair collision with Camel F2196, Upavon

2Lt George Alexander Moir (22) killed (Canadian)

18.10.18 Camel F2196, CFS, Upavon

Midair collision with Camel D1820, Upavon

2Lt George Victor Muir (18) killed

18.10.18 Camel E1417, 54 TDS, Fairlop

Stalled inverted and sideslipped, Ilford

Capt Francis Balfour Sedgwick (22) killed

19.10.18 Avro 504K F2250, 51 TDS, North Shotwick

Misjudged turn near ground, North Shotwick

Lt Herbert Westgarth Soulby (22) killed

Cadet Harold Beever injured

19.10.18 Camel E1507, 10 TS, Gosport

Wing buckled pulling out of steep dive, Gosport

Lt Ronald Arthur Ronaldson Clark MC (24) killed

19.10.18 D.H.4 B5519, 1 TDS, Stamford

Stalled and spun, Stamford

Flt Cadet Arthur Muir Rennie (19) killed

19.10.18 F.B.A. Type B Flying boat N2737, 209 TDS, Lee-on-Solent

Sideslipped and nose dived into sea, Lee-on-Solent area

Flt Cadet John Wood (22) killed

19.10.18 R.E.8 D4763, 5 TDS, Easton-on-the-Hill

Wing failed, spun and nose dived, Stamford area

2Lt Frank Robert Morgan (21) killed

20.10.18 Avro 504 C5928, 22 TDS, Gormanston

Nose dived into ground after engine failure, Gormanston

2Lt Reginald Walter Norris (23) killed

2Lt Percy Camm (23) killed

20.10.18 D.H.9 C1372, 1 Fighting School, Turnberry

Stalled on climbing turn and fell into sea, Turnberry Bay

Lt James Stanley Brown (29) killed

2Lt Charles Alexander Fletcher MM (23) killed

21.10.18 Avro 504K E3009, 42 TDS, Hounslow

Sideslipped off loop, Hounslow

Capt Brian Charles O'Driscoll Douglas (24) killed

22.10.18 Avro 504K E1640, 2 TDS, Gullane

Failed to return from height test

Flt Cadet William Charles Redvers Dando (18) killed

22.10.18 Camel C8367, 189 NTS, Hornchurch

Broke up in dive, Hornchurch

Lt James Gustave Schmolle (19) killed (South African)

22.10.18 Sopwith Snipe E8018, 42 TDS, Hounslow

Spun into orchard, Wellington Road, Hounslow

Sgt Eric Thomas Fleet (18) killed

22.10.18 Curtiss Model H-16 A-1072, US Navy, Whiddy Island

Crashed landing on glassy water, Whiddy Island, Bantry Bay, Ireland

Electrician, third class Walfred Allen Anderson (23) killed (radio operator)

Neil Emerson Kemp injured

23.10.18 Avro 504K E3598, 189 NTS, Hornchurch

Failed to recover from spin, Hornchurch

Lt William Thomas Cole (21) killed

A Mech 1 Harold Keates (24) killed

23.10.18 Avro 504K F9701, Armament Experimental Station, Orfordness

Failed to recover from spin, Orfordness area

A Mech 1 Ewart Hayes (32) killed

Capt Philip George Scott injured

23.10.18 Bristol Fighter B1288, 1 (Observers) School of Aerial Gunnery, New Romney

Stalled on low turn and spun, Kent

Sgt Hardy John Woolley (18) killed

2Lt George Henry Ernest Roxburgh injured

23.10.18 Camel D8124, 72 TS, Beverley

Dived in out of control, Driffield

2Lt Henry Beverley Isherwood (18) killed

23.10.18 D.H.9 D5804, 1 School of Navigation & Bomb-dropping, Stonehenge

Sideslipped on low turn and crashed, Hungerford area

2Lt James Hyatt Clark MM (29) died 4.11.18

2Lt Owen Meredith Huby (29) killed

23.10.18 F.E.2b D3788, 12 TDS, Netheravon

Overturned and caught fire on forced landing at night, Sutton Veny area, Wilts.

2Lt Harry Brouard Ward (27) killed (Canadian)

23.10.18 ?, 92nd Aero Sqn, Ford Junction

Crashed in sea in fog, off Littlehampton

1Lt Norton Downs, Jr (23) drowned (USAS)

23.10.18 ?

Hit trees and crashed on forced landing in fog, Chessington, Surrey

1Lt Charles Thomas Evans Jr (24) killed (USAS)

1Lt E Fawcett injured (USAS)

24.10.18 Avro 504 D4509, 41 TDS, London Colney

Stalled on turn and spun, London Colney

Flt Cadet Alfred Seddon (18) killed

24.10.18 Avro 504K E3445, 3 Fighting School, Sedgeford

Crashed off low stalling turn, Sedgeford

2Lt Henry Birkett (19) killed

Lt George Ivan Douglas Marks injured (pilot, Canadian)

24.10.18 Camel F9632, 43 TDS, Chattis Hill

Half-rolled off dive and spun, Chattis Hill area

Flt Cadet Frederick Kay Foss (21) killed (Canadian)

25.10.18 Camel C8382, 54 TDS, Fairlop

Spun into ground from a loop, Northolt

2Lt Fred Poulton Whittaker (21) killed

26.10.18 Avro 504K E3668, 31 TDS, Fowlmere

Spun during stall turn practice, Fowlmere

2Lt Wilfred Baldwin (18) killed

Flt Cadet Joseph Edward Currie (23) killed

26.10.18 Camel B7449, 2 Fighting School, Marske

Spun and nose dived, Marske

2Lt William Leslie Murray (20) killed

26.10.18 Camel E7148, 46 TDS, South Carlton

Stalled and spun on forced landing, South Carlton area

2Lt Hiram Claude Fox (21) killed (Canadian)

26.10.18 S.E.5A, 38 TDS, Tadcaster

Overstrained wings pulling out of dive, Tadcaster area

Flt Cadet Charles Spurgeon Theobald (26) killed (Canadian)

26.10.18 Sopwith Dolphin B7954, 29 TDS, Beaulieu

Spun into ground from 500ft, Beaulieu

Flt Cadet Douglas Walter Baker (21) killed

26.10.18 Camel F2208, 29 TDS, Beaulieu

Stalled and nose dived after propeller shot through, Beaulieu area

2Lt Malcolm Gifford Vande Water (24) killed (American)

27.10.18 B.E.2e C7100, 47 TDS, Doncaster

Spun on turn after low engine failure, Doncaster area

Act Lt Harold Leslie James Carter (18) killed

27.10.18 Bristol Scout, 43 TDS, Chattis Hill

Officer hit by aeroplane taking off, Chattis Hill

Lt Keith Macdonald Scobie (21) killed

Capt George Aubrey Cox unhurt (pilot)

27.10.18 D.H.9 D1094, 6 TDS, Boscombe Down

Stalled in turn and spun, Boscombe Down

2Lt Edmond Louis Roger Delteil (19) killed (French)

28.10.18 Bristol Fighter C4692, 2 Fighting School, Marske

Crashed in sea after collision with E2550, off Marske

2Lt Donald Davis McAlpin (24) killed (American)

Flt Cadet Arthur Edward Johnson (23) killed (Canadian)

28.10.18 Bristol Fighter E2550, 2 Fighting School, Marske

Crashed in sea after collision with C4692, off Marske

2Lt Edgar Taviner (25) killed

Flt Cadet Edward Lloyd (19) killed

28.10.18 Camel D1812, 204 TDS, Eastchurch

Flew into hilltop in fog, Thunderbarrow Down, near Shoreham, Sussex

Lt Arthur Joseph Smee (23) killed

28.10.18 Curtiss H.16 N4067, US Navy dett, Killingholme

While turning, struck the water and caught fire, River Humber, Killingholme

Ensign Benjamin Lee II (23) drowned (pilot)

Machinist's Mate Raymond George Fisher (23) drowned

Ensign Garrison rescued (second pilot)

28.10.18 F.E.2b D9152, 58 TDS, Cranwell

Stalled and spun into ground, Cranwell

2Lt Mendel Francis Thwaite (19) killed

28.10.18 Sopwith Pup C258, 46 TDS, South Carlton

Spun after engine failure, South Carlton area

2Lt Philip Clive Weaver-Adams (19) killed

29.10.18 Camel E9982, 51 TDS, North Shotwick

Error of judgement, Flint area

2Lt Frank Albert Samuelson (22) killed (American)

29.10.18 F.B.A. Type B Flying boat N2731, 209 TDS, Lee-on-Solent

Failed to recover from dive into sea, Lee-on-Solent area

Flt Cadet William Leslie James (18) killed

29.10.18 R.E.8 D1552, 40 TDS, Harlaxton

Spun off turn with failing engine, Harlaxton

Lt Alan William Mather (24) killed

30.10.18 Bristol Fighter C4799, 1 (Observers) School of Aerial Gunnery, New Romney

Hit bank on landing and overturned, New Romney

Lt George Norton (21) died 10.5.19

Sgt William Warhurst unhurt

30.10.18 Camel B7180, 29 TDS, Beaulieu

Stalled on climbing turn and spun, Brockenhurst

2Lt Edward Percival Augustus Topley (18) killed

30.10.18 D.H.9, RAF

Engine started prematurely while turning propeller, Amesbury area

Pvt Charles Einar Anderson (21) killed (USAS)

30.10.18 R.E.8 D1567, 48 TDS, Waddington

Crashed on approach, Waddington

Flt Cadet Ralph Mossop (19) killed

31.10.18 Bristol Fighter B8942, 201 TDS, East Fortune

Stalled on climbing turn and sideslipped, East Fortune

Lt Lynn Newton Bissell (19) killed (Canadian)

Lt Eric Wensley Bragg (22) killed

31.10.18 Camel F1980, 189 NTS, Hornchurch

Spun off attempted loop, Hornchurch

Flt Cadet Arthur Ernest Trafford (22) killed

31.10.18 Camel F6426, 61 Sqn, Rochford

Spun off flat turn, Rochford area

2Lt Harold Edward Crosby (25) killed (Canadian)

31.10.18 S.E.5A C8829, 30 TDS, Northolt

Stalled and spun into the ground, Northolt area

2Lt William Knox (19) killed

31.10.18 ? 7112?

Children hit by aeroplane taking off from field, between Letchworth and Baldock

Margaret Field (14) killed

Horace Field (13) injured

1.11.18 Bristol Fighter C4774, W.T. Flight, 21 Wing, Port Meadow

Hit ground during low stunting, Port Meadow, Oxford

Capt Lenox Stanley Arbuthnot (22) killed

2Lt Albert Vincent Scholes MM (21) killed

1.11.18 S.E.5A E6032, 94 Sqn, Upper Heyford

Stalled on low flat turn, Upper Heyford

Lt Alan Thomas Reed (21) killed

2.11.18 Camel E1524, 204 TDS, Eastchurch

Failed to pull out of dive on target, Eastchurch

Lt Alfred James Pick (23) killed

3.11.18 Sopwith Dolphin C8127, 4 TDS, Hooton Park

Spun in on sharp turn, Eastham

2Lt Walter Shorrock (24) killed

4.11.18 Avro 504K D8916, 56 TDS, Cranwell

Collision in air with B.E.2e 8409 while landing, Cranwell

Lt Henry Michael De Bathe (29) killed

4.11.18 B.E.2e 8409, 58 TDS, Cranwell

Collision in air with Avro 504K D8916, Cranwell

Capt Hugh Sutherland (21) killed

Cadet James Hops injured

5.11.18 Avro 504 D7127, 10 TDS, Harling Road

Spun into ground, Harling Road, Norfolk

Flt Cadet Cyril Ignatius Casserly (23) died 7.11.18 (Canadian)

2Lt John Edward Hunt injured

5.11.18 D.H.9 C1239, 52 TDS, Cramlington

Stalled and nose dived into ground after take-off, Cramlington

2Lt George Henry Woodland (19) killed

A Mech 3 Frederick George Ryder (17) killed

5.11.18 D.H.9 D2902, 11 TDS, Old Sarum

Spun in after take-off, caught fire and bombs exploded, near Old Sarum

Cadet Claude George Angeloff (28) killed

Sgt William Henry Cox (32) killed (on ground)

Cpl Edmund Gill (30) killed (on ground)

14 injured on ground

6.11.18 Bristol Fighter F4576, 138 Sqn, Chingford

Forced landing into trees, Chingford

Lt John Simpson Bower-Binns (28) killed

Sgt Walter Henry Martin (28) killed

6.11.18 Camel E1422, 54 TDS, Fairlop

Collision in air, Fairlop

2Lt Harry Walter Jassby (22) killed (Canadian)

7.11.18 Avro 504K D2040, 28 TDS, Weston-on-the-Green

Struck telegraph wires in mist and crashed, Bicester

2Lt Edgar Stanley Scott (19) killed

2Lt James Tough injured (Canadian)

7.11.18 ?, Handley Page Training Camp, Ford Junction

Crashed on beach at night, Climping, near Littlehampton

2Lt George Jonathan Golonsbe (26) drowned (USAS)

7.11.18 ?, 50 TDS, Eastbourne

Injured while swinging propeller

Pvt Hugh Hancock Hamill (19) died 10.11.18 (USAS)

8.11.18 Avro 504K D2117, 42 TS, Wye

Crashed, Chilham Wood, near Wye

Flt Cadet George Edgar Critchley (18) killed

8.11.18 Camel F9417, 3 TDS, Lopcombe Corner

Dived into ground, Lopcombe Corner area

2Lt Volney Norris Merrill (20) killed (Canadian)

8.11.18 Sopwith Dolphin C8061, 29 TDS, Beaulieu

Stalled and dived on take-off, Beaulieu

2Lt Wesley Alexander Archibald MM (24) killed (Canadian)

9.11.18 Camel F2027, 50 TDS, Eastbourne

Wing failed pulling out of dive on target, Eastbourne

2Lt Henry Edward Crook (18) killed

9.11.18 Avro 504 B8719, 51 TDS, North Shotwick

Stalled on forced landing approach after engine failure, Chester area

2Lt Francis Athol Hinton (29) killed (New Zealander)

9.11.18 Camel F1946, 51 TDS, North Shotwick

Dived into ground, Shotwick area

Flt Cadet Vernon Francis Gibson (20) killed

10.11.18 S.E.5A E1323, CFS, Upavon

Spun off turn, Andover area

2Lt Clarence Earl Young (23) killed (Canadian)

10.11.18 Bristol Fighter D8030, Armament Experimental Station, Orfordness

Passenger fell out, Orfordness area

Lt Oliver Byerley Walter Wills MC (26) killed

Capt Horatio Thomas Other Windsor unhurt

11.11.18 Avro 504K E330, 1 TDS, Easton-on-the-Hill

Stalled on climbing turn and nose dived into ground, Stamford area

2Lt Allan William MacDonald (23) killed

Flt Cadet Edward Reginald Spurrier injured

11.11.18 R.E.8 C2624, 5 TDS, Stamford

Spun off low turn, Stamford

2Lt Eric Berkeley Jones (22) killed

11.11.18 ?, 57 TDS, Cranwell

Pedestrian hit by low-flying aeroplane, on road between Welby and Londonthorpe, near Grantham

Lt Aubrey Parker Orde Ward (34) killed

Lt Arthur Joseph Allen (pilot)

Capt Geoffrey Martin Puckridge (observer)

12 Nov 1918 - 1919

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