A list of fatal air accidents in Britain, Jul - Aug 1918

1.7.1918 D.H.6 C7683, 211 Training Depot Station, Portholme Meadow

Spun while turning into aerodrome, Portholme Meadow, Huntingdon

Lt John Harry Caudell (21) died 8.7.18

1.7.18 R.E.8 B4069, 47 Training Squadron, Waddington

Broke up in dive, Waddington area

2Lt Leonard Crone (27) killed (Canadian)

2.7.18 Avro 504 D6306, 63 TS, Joyce Green

Dived in off half roll, Joyce Green

Flt Cadet Harwood Woodwark Barton (17) killed

2.7.18 B.E.2c 9473, 202 TDS, Cranwell

Sideslipped on turn and caught fire

Probationary Flight Officer William Francis Twohey (22) died 3.7.18 (Canadian)

2.7.18 B.E.2c 9989, 203 TDS, Manston

Stalled on turn and nose dived, Northdown, St. Peter's, Broadstairs

Flt Sgt William Rowland Felton (25) killed

2.7.18 B.E.2e, 15 TS, Spittlegate

Midair collision with AW F.K.8 B9542, Spittlegate area

Lt George Andrew Falconer Henderson (23) died 4.7.18

Lt George Eric Gwynne Craig injured

Lt Herbert Huleatt James injured in B9542

2.7.18 Camel E1446, 36 TS, Montrose

Pulled out of dive too quickly, Montrose

2Lt Thomas Cooke Clarkson (29) killed (Canadian)

2.7.18 F.E.2b D9097, 13 TDS, Ternhill

Nose dived into ground and caught fire, Ternhill

2Lt Edward George Nicholls-Pratt (19) killed

2.7.18 Spad VII A8834, Pool of Pilots, Manston

Stalled and nose dived, Manston area

2Lt Edward Percival John Hull (24) killed

3.7.18 Avro 504 D1638, 3 TDS, Lopcombe Corner

Overturned on landing downwind, Christchurch area

2Lt Leonard William Messenger (25) died 4.7.18

3.7.18 Camel C9, 10 TS, att 1 School of Special Flying, Gosport

Spun into ground from 1200ft, Gosport area

2Lt Robert Victor Bartley (30) killed (AFC)

3.7.18 Camel D6680, 2 TDS, Gullane

Landed in sea after diving on target

2Lt William Alexander Hunter (21) drowned

3.7.18 D.H.9 D1001, 117 Sqn, Hucknall

Spun off turn after engine failure and caught fire, Hucknall

2Lt Harry Leonard Prior (24) killed

3.7.18 R.E.8 B5140, Artillery & Infantry Co-operation School, Worthy Down

Spun and caught fire, Winchester area

2Lt George Hasker Macaskill (28) died 4.7.18 (South African)

3.7.18 R.E.8 C2643, 66 TS, Yatesbury

Engine stalled and spun, Yatesbury area

2Lt Ruben Harold Morton MM (33) killed

3.7.18 R.E.8 E140, 7 TS, AFC, Leighterton

Extension collapsed pulling out of dive, Leighterton

Lt George Robert Thompson (26) killed

A Mech 1 Sydney Harold Banks-Smith (26) killed

4.7.18 R.E.8 C2641, 16 TS, Yatesbury

Machine collapsed in spin, Yatesbury area

2Lt John Leslie Colbourne (18) killed

4.7.18 Sopwith 1½ Strutter A5990, HMS Glorious

Crashed into sea on launch, HMS Glorious, Scapa Flow

Lt Henry William Adam (22) killed

Lt R A Russell unhurt

5.7.18 B.E.2e C7125, 1 School of Navigation & Bomb-dropping, Stonehenge

Spun and nose dived, Stonehenge area

Flt Cadet Alexander Masterman Harrison (18) killed

Lt Dawson Alexander McDonald injured

5.7.18 Camel C171, 62 TS, Hounslow

Spun off low flat turn, North London

Lt Nigel Bernard Whitfeld (27) died 7.7.18

5.7.18 F.E.2b A1964, 8 TDS, Netheravon

Stalled on steep turn and spun, Netheravon area

Lt James George Moore MM (26) killed

5.7.18 R.E.8 C2521, 16 TS, Yatesbury

Stalled on low turn, Yatesbury area

2Lt Stanley Arthur Burree (25) killed

5.7.18 Sopwith Dolphin E4428, 93 Sqn, Tangmere

Spun off low climbing turn, Tangmere

2Lt Richard Lawrence Cotter Barwick (20) killed (Canadian)

5.7.18 Avro 504 D7068, 95 Sqn, North Shotwick

Instructor killed swinging propeller

Lt Charles James Howson (26) killed

Flt Cadet David Alex Thompson unhurt

6.7.18 Short 184 N2963, Seaplane Base, Tresco, Isles of Scilly

Lost at sea after reporting engine trouble, off Cornwall

Lt Cyril Wentworth Capes (19) drowned

2Lt James Claud Scott Hendry AM (30) drowned

6.7.18 Sopwith 1½ Strutter A5257, Group HQ Turnhouse

Flat spin on turning downwind

2Lt David John James de Villiers (27) killed (South African)

Chief Mechanic William Myles Garner (30) killed

6.7.18 Camel B9186, 72 TS, Beverley

Crashed off low slow turn after engine failure, Beverley

2Lt John Hillier Blount (19) killed

7.7.18 R.E.8 D1513, 7 TS, AFC, Leighterton

Stalled and crashed on approach after engine failure, Leighterton

Cadet Keith William Stronach (22) killed

7.7.18 R.E.8 D4720, 47 TS, Waddington

Dived into ground and caught fire, Waddington area

2Lt Robert Stanley Edwards (31) killed

7.7.18 Sopwith Pup C308, 189 NTS, Hornchurch

Came down in River Thames, near Barking

Lt William Bruce Ferguson MC (22) drowned (Canadian)

8.7.18 Avro 504 C5843, 207 TDS, Fairlop

Stalled on climbing turn and spun, Fairlop

2Lt Charles Homewood (23) killed

8.7.18 Camel B7295, 201 TDS, Cranwell

Low-level stunting; hit hedge, crashed and caught fire, Ancaster

2Lt Wilfred Walter Meddings (18) killed

8.7.18 D.H.6 B3093, 256 Sqn, Ashington

Nose dived into hill, near Ashington

Lt Jarvis Oldfield McLellan (19) died 10.7.18 (Canadian)

A Mech 2 Herbert Suttle (24) killed

8.7.18 D.H.6 C9347, 109 Sqn, Lake Down

Gun accidentally fired while refuelling, Lake Down

A Mech 2 George Arthur Chance (35) died 9.7.18

8.7.18 Sopwith Pup B7485, 6 TS, Montrose

Midair collision with Pup C381, Montrose

2Lt George Henry Grimshaw (24) killed

8.7.18 Sopwith Pup C381, 6 TS, Montrose

Midair collision with Pup B7485, Montrose

2Lt Leonard Martin Frederick (26) killed (Canadian)

8.7.18 ?

Sandbag fell from looping aeroplane; hit builder, Brighton

George Ralph Sinden (55) killed

Lt Stewart (pilot)

9.7.18 Camel B5598, 60 TS, Scampton

Stalled on low turn after take-off and nose dived, Beverley

2Lt Harry Duncan Teetzel (21) died 10.7.18 (Canadian)

9.7.18 Camel B6384, 61 TS, South Carlton

Collision with D.H.9 C1197 at 3000ft, Lincoln area

2Lt Abram Robertson Frye (22) killed (USAS)

9.7.18 D.H.9 C1197, 44 TS, Waddington

Collision with Sopwith Camel B6384, Lincoln area

2Lt Carl Verle Felhauer (21) killed (Canadian)

9.7.18 D.H.6 B2782, 202 TDS, Cranwell

Stalled, dived into ground and caught fire, Cranwell area

Flt Cadet Harry Alexander Nord (19) killed

9.7.18 F.E.2b A5524, 51 Sqn, Marham

Hit tree while gliding in to land, and caught fire, Marham

2Lt James Grant Winks (18) killed

9.7.18 R.E.8 B8871, 13 TS, Yatesbury

Midair collision, Yatesbury area

Capt Frederick Maden (21) killed

Lt Edwin Harry Umbers unhurt in 2nd machine

Flt Cadet Joseph Curzon unhurt in 2nd machine

9.7.18 S.E.5A C1775, CFS, Upavon

Midair collision with S.E.5A D6083, Collingbourne Kingston, Wilts.

2Lt Richard Carter Pellow (21) killed

9.7.18 S.E.5A D6083, CFS, Upavon

Midair collision with S.E.5A C1775, Collingbourne Kingston, Wilts.

2Lt John Otto Boole (26) killed

9.7.18 Sopwith Pup B5399, 67 TS, North Shotwick

Midair collision, Shotwick area

2Lt Horace Edgar Kingsmill Bray (22) killed (Canadian)

10.7.18 B.E.2e C7032, 126 Sqn, Fowlmere

Overbanked on low turn and dived into ground, Fowlmere area

Flt Cadet Thomas Shanks Macilroy (30) killed

12.7.18 D.H.6 C5482, 125 Sqn, Fowlmere

Collision with D.H.6 C7258 at 700ft, Fowlmere

Flt Cadet George Wycherley (21) killed

12.7.18 D.H.6 C7258, 124 Sqn, Fowlmere

Collision with D.H.6 C5482 at 700ft, Fowlmere

2Lt Osbert Leveson Calverley (19) killed (Canadian)

A Mech 1 Percy James Morgan (22) killed

12.7.18 D.H.9 D2787, 202 TDS, Cranwell

Spun in from 500ft, Cranwell area

2Lt William Leonard Lanigan (30) killed (Canadian)

12.7.18 R.E.8 C2236, 13 TS, Yatesbury

Wings collapsed, nose dived and caught fire, near Chippenham

Capt Douglas Ridley Clunes Gabell (20) killed

Lt George Frederick Delmar-Williamson (19) killed

13.7.18 B.E.2c 8422, 202 TDS, Cranwell

Spun off low turn and nose dived, Cranwell area

Lt George Powell Armstrong (23) died 15.7.18 (Canadian)

2Lt Harold Higgins (21) killed (American)

13.7.18 B.E.2e C7105, 1 School of Navigation & Bomb-dropping, Stonehenge

Stalled after take-off and nose dived, Stonehenge

Flt Cadet Philip Stephen Ryan (19) killed (Canadian)

Lt Thomas Walter Laybourne injured

13.7.18 Bristol Fighter B8937, 1 Torpedo Training Sqn, East Fortune

Stalled after take-off, spun into ground and caught fire, Catterick

2Lt Evan Francis Kerruish (20) killed (Canadian)

13.7.18 R.E.8 C2588, 1 TDS, Wittering

Nose dived after collision with A.W. 8544, Wittering

Lt Ronald Henry Venn Chester (20) killed

Sgt James Cormack Mosher (27) killed (USAS)

Lt Searle in A.W.

13.7.18 Sopwith 1½ Strutter, HMS Inflexible

Engine fired while sucking-in, on board HMS Inflexible

A Mech 1 Alfred Ernest Brinsmead (41) killed

Lt Legget (pilot)

14.7.18 Fairey IIIA N2851, Seaplane Stn Isle of Grain

Overshot aerodrome, stalled and crashed, Hylton, Sunderland

Capt Arthur Leslie Simms DSC (20) killed

15.7.18 Camel B9249, 78 Sqn, Hornchurch

Fitter struck while swinging propellor, Hornchurch

A Mech 1 John Dunbar (29) killed

15.7.18 D.H.4 A7827, 11 TDS, Old Sarum

Nose dived off flat turn, Old Sarum area

2Lt Henry Leopold Breakey (23) killed

16.7.18 Avro 504 C5804, 41 TDS, London Colney

Midair collision with C5807, east of Napsbury Hospital, London Colney

2Lt Robert Ronald Duncan (20) killed

16.7.18 Avro 504 C5807, 41 TDS, London Colney

Midair collision with C5804, east of Napsbury Hospital, London Colney

Flt Cadet Vernon William Graham (24) killed (Canadian)

16.7.18 Bristol Fighter B1259, 45 TDS, Rendcomb

Nose dived off slow turn with engine trouble, North Cerney

Lt Frederick Armatage Hewens (22) killed

Lt Donald Malloch McGregor (24) killed

16.7.18 Bristol Fighter C9854, 1 (Observers) School of Aerial Gunnery, New Romney

Stalled in steep low turn and caught fire, New Romney area

2Lt Arthur Forbes Rogers (19) killed

Flt Cadet Walton Kimball Smith (27) killed (American)

16.7.18 Camel B7456, 3 TDS, Lopcombe Corner

Wing folded up and spun into ground, Lopcombe Corner area

2Lt Ray Mallett (21) killed (Canadian)

16.7.18 Felixstowe F.2A N4538, Felixstowe

Heavy landing at night, Felixstowe harbour

A Mech 2 Thomas Austin Snell (18) killed (wireless operator)

A Mech 3 Clive Metham (18) killed (mechanic)

16.7.18 Short 184 N2804, 408 Flt, Newhaven

Collided with house near seashore, Bishopstone, Newhaven

Lt John Edward Greenwell (23) killed

16.7.18 Sopwith Pup B4159, 4 TDS, Hooton Park

Spun into ground, Hooton area

2Lt Lawrence Phelps Waite (22) killed (Canadian)

17.7.18 Avro 504 D4436, 29 TS, Hendon

Midair collision, Gladstone Park, Brondesbury

Lt Robin Creswell Carver (41) killed

Act Sgt Charles Mullen (29) killed

17.7.18 Camel B5731, 56 TDS, Cranwell

Broke up in dive, Cranwell

Flt Cadet Arthur William Wiltshire Godwin (21) killed

17.7.18 Camel B7820, 63 TS, Joyce Green

Spun attempting dive on ground target, Joyce Green area

Capt Claude Robert James Thompson (26) killed (Australian)

17.7.18 Camel E1517, Central Despatch Pool

Pilot hit by propeller after forced landing; machine destroyed by fire, Lincoln

Lt Donald McQuistan Smith (19) died 20.8.18

17.7.18 Camel F1411, 50 TDS, Eastbourne

Spun into ground, Eastbourne

Lt Ewart Moulton Parsons (19) killed

17.7.18 Camel F2192, 3 TDS, Lopcombe Corner

Flew into ground and caught fire, Lopcombe Corner

2Lt Henry George Dowsett (24) killed

17.7.18 F.E.2b A5748, 192 NTS, Newmarket

Stalled on low turn and spun, Newmarket

Flt Cadet Joseph Lawrence Smith (24) killed (Canadian)

17.7.18 R.E.8 D4724, 53 TS, Harlaxton

Spinning nose dive, Harlaxton area

Flt Cadet Harold Buckley (19) killed

17.7.18 Sopwith Pup B5992, Pool of Pilots, Manston

Midair collision, Manston area

Sgt Edward Harper Sayers (20) killed

17.7.18 Sopwith Pup, Pool of Pilots, Manston

Midair collision with B5992, Manston area

Sgt John Dudley Bishop (18) killed

18.7.18 Camel E1448, 32 TDS, Montrose

Undercarriage caught telegraph wires, Montrose

2Lt Geoffrey Marriott (19) died 19.7.18

18.7.18 D.H.6 B3087, 252 Sqn, Seaton Carew

Spun into ground and caught fire, Seaton Carew

Capt Charles David Danby MC (31) killed

A Mech 2 Ernest Albert Bannister (34) killed

18.7.18 Short 184 N2927, 406 Flt, Westgate

Shot down at sea, 4m SW of Kentish Knock

2Lt Jack Arthur Horton Pegram (18) killed

2Lt Leonard Albert Thrower (24) killed

18.7.18 Short 184 N2937, 406 Flt, Westgate

Shot down at sea, 4m SW of Kentish Knock

2Lt James Garvey Marshall Farrall (25) killed (Canadian)

Lt Joseph Albert Edward Vowles (23) killed

19.7.18 Avro 504 B8585, 204 TDS, Eastchurch

Collision with Farman N5063 while descending, Eastchurch

Lt Richard Milne Collingwood (21) killed

Lt Charles Edgar Swannell MM (26) killed (Canadian)

19.7.18 Maurice Farman Shorthorn N5063, Gunnery School, Eastchurch

Collision with Avro B8585 while ascending, Eastchurch

2Lt James Fraser Grady (40) killed

Boy Mech Leonard Henry George Sampson (17) killed

19.7.18 Camel B7760, 63 TS, Joyce Green

Dived into ground near Cobham Woods, Kent

2Lt Harry Hall Gunther (19) killed (Canadian)

19.7.18 S.E.5A D3556, CFS, Upavon

Stalled on climbing turn and dived into ground, Upavon

2Lt Norman Stanley Ford MC (21) killed

19.7.18 ?

Bystander hit by aircraft on take-off, Savile Park Recreation Ground, Halifax

Arnold Hanson Stancliffe (4) died 20.7.18

20.7.18 Avro 504 C696, CFS, Upavon

Collision with S.E.5A B8358 while diving on target, Upavon

Lt William Caithness Talbot (25) killed (New Zealander)

20.7.18 S.E.5A B8358, CFS, Upavon

Collision with Avro C696 while diving on target, Upavon

2Lt Sidney James Allan Dodds (28) killed

20.7.18 D.H.6 C7354, 12 TDS, Netheravon

Lost control in cloud and dived into ground, Netheravon area

Flt Cadet Joseph Simpson (19) killed

20.7.18 D.H.9, 44 TS, Waddington

Stalled at 200ft and crashed, Waddington area

2Lt Paul Clifford (21) killed (USAS)

20.7.18 S.E.5A C1809, 143 Sqn, Detling

Midair collision with C1831, Detling

Lt Noel Felix Perris (24) killed

20.7.18 S.E.5A C1831, 143 Sqn, Detling

Midair collision with C1809, Detling

2Lt Thomas Wright (20) killed

20.7.18 S.E.5A C1799, 143 Sqn, Detling

Stalled in turn and spun, Detling area

2Lt David Wilson (20) died 21.7.18

21.7.18 Bristol Fighter C4788, 44 TDS, Port Meadow

Spun into ground, Foliejon Park, Winkfield, Berks.

Capt Everil Edwin Froneman MC (25) killed (South African)

Lt William Fortescue Beachcroft MC (27) killed (South African)

21.7.18 D.H.9 C6125, 1 School of Navigation & Bomb-dropping, Stonehenge

Overturned on landing in cornfield, Stonehenge

2Lt George Ede Hunt (19) killed

Lt Gerard Alphonsus Anthony Le Moine unhurt (pilot)

21.7.18 F.E.2b D9907, 8 TDS, Netheravon

Stalled on turn after overshooting aerodrome and spun into ground, Netheravon

Lt Earle Markee Scovil MM (21) killed (Canadian)

Flt Cadet George William Ashley Beet (18) killed

21.7.18 Sopwith Dolphin C4138, 4 TDS, Hooton Park

Spun into sands off flat turn, River Mersey

2Lt Joseph Patrick Fitzgerald English (26) killed (American)

22.7.18 Bristol Fighter C861, Artillery & Infantry Co-operation School, Worthy Down

Hit tree while low-flying, crashed and caught fire, Christchurch Road, Bournemouth

Major Reginald John Lowcock DSO MC (21) killed

Capt Paul Godfrey Kenneth Bridgwood injured

22.7.18 S.E.5A D398, 2 Fighting School, Marske

Stalled on take-off, nose dived and caught fire, Marske

2Lt Francois Joseph Belley MC AFC (24) killed (Canadian)

23.7.18 Camel B5595, 1 TS, Beaulieu

Crashed, Beaulieu

2Lt Aladdin Richard De Lay (25) killed

23.7.18 D.H.9 C1321, 9 TDS, Shawbury

Broke up pulling out of dive, Shawbury

Lt Robert Bishop Slade (26) killed

Flt Sgt Frank Allsopp (19) killed

23.7.18 Sopwith Dolphin C8128, 34 TDS, Scampton

Stalled in turn and spun, Scampton area

Lt Benson Charles Fox (22) killed (Canadian)

23.7.18 Sopwith Dolphin D3700, 90 Sqn, Brockworth

Wing folded back while pulling out of dive, Brockworth

Lt Malcolm Cotton Brown (19) killed (American)

24.7.18 Camel C6735, Fleet Practice Stn/HMS Tiger, Turnhouse

Spun after engine choked

Lt John Ivor Arthur Rossington Barnett (19) killed

24.7.18 D.H.6 C3506, 1 TDS, Stamford

Collision with C6602 at 200ft while landing, Stamford

2Lt William Norman Miles (24) killed

24.7.18 D.H.6 C6602, 1 TDS, Stamford

Collision with C3506 at 200ft while landing, Stamford

Capt Malcolm Mackay Macleod (23) killed

Flt Cadet Robert Jennings (20) killed

24.7.18 D.H.9 B7608, 55 TDS, Manston

Wing folded back and dived into sea, Thanet area

Flt Cadet Thomas Turner Whitley (18) killed

A Mech 1 Alfred Capes (32) killed

24.7.18 R.E.8 A3479, 35 TDS, Thetford

Crashed after wing breakage, Thetford

Flt Cadet Duncan Garden (19) killed

24.7.18 Sopwith Pup 9946, Grand Fleet School of Aerial Fighting & Gunnery, East Fortune

Spun into ground from 2000ft, Crow Wood, near Markle, East Lothian

2Lt Frederick Alfred Cash (22) killed (Canadian)

24.7.18 L & P Biplane, London & Provincial Aviation Co.

Experimental parachute failed to deploy, Hanworth Park, Feltham

Edwin Boyle (22) killed

Capt Arthur Payze (pilot)

25.7.18 North Sea Airship N.S.10, Kingsnorth Airship Constructional Station

Rigger suffocated by hydrogen gas in shed, Kingsnorth

A Mech 3 George Cecil Baden Pendleton (18) killed

25.7.18 Bristol Fighter B8917, School of Special Flying, Lilbourne

Stalled on turn, spun and caught fire, Lilbourne

Col Ralph Harold Austin-Sparks (37) killed

25.7.18 Camel E1420, 54 TDS, Fairlop

Spun off slow turn, Fairlop

2Lt William Meff (22) killed

25.7.18 F.E.2b A6596, 1 School of Navigation & Bomb-dropping, Stonehenge

Spun into ground, Stonehenge area

2Lt George Bampfield McSweeny (23) killed (Canadian)

Flt Cadet Clement Charles Haskew (20) killed

25.7.18 Sopwith Dolphin E4437, 1 Fighting School, Turnberry

Wing folded up while diving at raft target

2Lt John David Dunbar (20) killed (Canadian)

25.7.18 Spad VII A9151, 30 TDS, Northolt

Low-level stunting; spun into ground, Northolt

Lt Cecil James Fowler (20) killed

26.7.18 Bristol Fighter B1179, 2 Fighting School, Marske

Stalled on overshoot, sideslipped and caught fire, Marske

Lt Dermot O'Neil Driscoll (27) died 13.8.18

26.7.18 D.H.6 B3042, 8 TDS, Netheravon

Stalled and nose dived after engine failure, Netheravon

Flt Cadet George Ruple Wallace McAdam (27) killed (American)

Boy Percival Frederick Roberts (17) killed

26.7.18 F.E.2b A5575, 200 NTS, East Retford

Stalled on low turn and spun, East Retford

Flt Cadet Edward Alfred White (18) killed

26.7.18 Sopwith Dolphin C4065, 34 TDS, Scampton

Caught fire at 300ft and dived into ground, Scampton

Lt Joseph Harold Cartwright (19) killed

27.7.18 Avro 504 '6182', 63 TS, Joyce Green

Midair collision with Avro 504 D8834 while carrying out fighting practice, Joyce Green area

Flt Cadet Charles David Brown (18) killed

Lt George Edward Taylor injured in D8834

27.7.18 R.E.8 B5029, 36 TDS, Yatesbury

Collision with R.E.8 E152, near Devizes

2Lt Robert Emmett Gorman (31) killed (American)

27.7.18 R.E.8 E152, 36 TDS, Yatesbury

Collision with R.E.8 B5029, near Devizes

2Lt Reuben John Davidson (20) killed

27.7.18 Sopwith Dolphin E4447, 91 Sqn, Tangmere

Wing folded back, crashed and caught fire, Tangmere

Lt George Arthur Lipsett (22) killed (Canadian)

28.7.18 Avro 504K D8832, 53 TDS, Dover

Lost speed in turn, stalled and nose dived, Swingate Downs, Dover

2Lt John Arnold Shepherd (23) killed

28.7.18 Avro 504 E1744, 46 TDS, South Carlton

Stalled on take-off and nose dived, South Carlton

Lt Harold Edward Bellamy (27) killed

Lt Alexander Taylor Duncan injured

28.7.18 B.E.2e A1391, 9 TDS, Shawbury

Spun in and caught fire, Shawbury area

Flt Cadet Clarence Edwin Brown (18) killed

28.7.18 Camel B5582, CFS, Upavon

Failed to recover from spin, Upavon area

2Lt Allan Gibbs Ridout (19) killed (Canadian)

28.7.18 Camel C1646, 3 TDS, Lopcombe Corner

Wing broke in flight, Stockbridge

2Lt Thomas Gordon Edgcombe Alder (26) killed

28.7.18 R.E.8 D4876, 1 TDS, Stamford

Spun off flat turn, Stamford area

2Lt Leslie Barron (22) killed

28.7.18 Sopwith Dolphin E4449, 29 TDS, Beaulieu

Wing folded back during aerobatics, Beaulieu

Capt Tone Hippolyte Bayetto (26) killed

28.7.18 Bristol Fighter B1331, 39 Sqn, North Weald

Crashed after parachute flare ignited, Epping Forest

Flt Cdr Owen Vincent Thomas (23) died 29.7.18

2Lt Albany Francis Cairns (18) died 29.7.18

29.7.18 Avro 504 D7660, 54 TDS, Fairlop

Collision with Camel F2104, Fairlop

2Lt Harold Blake Hatcher (23) killed

Sgt Arnold Ralph Bean (19) killed

29.7.18 Camel F2104, 54 TDS, Fairlop

Collision with Avro 504 D7660, Fairlop

2Lt Laurie Bell (19) killed

29.7.18 Camel D9493, 189 NTS, Hornchurch

Stalled in turn and nose dived

2Lt Frederick William Cannon (22) died 2.8.18

29.7.18 D.H.9 C1256, 44 TS, Waddington

Wing collapsed during aerial firing practice, Waddington area

Flt Cadet Charles Frederic Fesser (23) killed (Canadian)

29.7.18 D.H.9 D3118, 55 TDS, Manston

Stalled on turn and spun into ground, near Canterbury - Ramsgate road

A Mech 2 George Frederick Frost (20) died 30.7.18

Flt Cadet Reginald Trelawny Wickham injured

29.7.18 D.H.9 D5611, 119 Sqn, Duxford

Stalled and spun with failing engine, Duxford

2Lt James Stewart Ross (22) killed

2Lt David Rees Evans (19) killed

29.7.18 R.E.8 B5132, 9 TS, Sedgeford

Low-speed turn resulted in nose dive, Sedgeford area

2Lt John Todd (19) killed

29.7.18 R.E.8 C2385, 20 TS, Harlaxton

Spun into ground, Buckminster

2Lt Arthur Moulton Cross (23) killed

29.7.18 R.E.8 C2397, 9 TDS, Shawbury

Spun and caught fire, Shawbury

2Lt Joseph Arthur Freeman (23) killed

29.7.18 ?, W/T Establishment, Biggin Hill

Mowing machine hit by descending aeroplane, Cudham Lodge Farm, Cudham, Kent

John Singleton (57) killed

Sgt Davis injured

Lt Ronald Henry Nixon unhurt

30.7.18 Avro 504 D6361, 13 TDS, Ternhill

Crashed after pilot fell out at top of loop, Spoonley, near Market Drayton

Major Cuthbert Everard Brisley (32) killed

Pte 2 Fred Lythgoe (18) killed

30.7.18 B.E.2d A1816, 37 TS, Spittlegate

Stalled on climbing turn and nose dived, Spittlegate area

Capt Edward March Lugard (23) killed

2Lt John Dunn injured

30.7.18 B.E.12 C3235, 39 Sqn, North Weald

Caught fire in the air and crashed, North Weald area

Lt Charles Henry Jordan (28) died 31.7.18

30.7.18 Camel B3901, CFS, Upavon

Stalled on S turn and spun, Upavon

Flt Cadet William George H Carradine (26) killed

30.7.18 Handley Page O/400 C9679, 8 TDS, Netheravon

Crashed and caught fire after control lost landing at night, Sidbury Hill, near Netheravon

Flt Cadet Oscar Fisher (28) killed

30.7.18 Sopwith Dolphin D3670, 4 TDS, Hooton Park

Stalled and spun into ground, Hooton Park

2Lt Philip Reginald Easton (19) killed

31.7.18 Avro 504 D7057, 51 TDS, North Shotwick

Rigger struck by propellor, North Shotwick

A Mech 2 George Womack (32) killed

2Lt Frank Pierce Little (pilot)

31.7.18 Camel B7388, 29 TDS, Beaulieu

Stalled on turn and spun into ground, Beaulieu area

2Lt John Lindsay Morrison (24) killed (Canadian)

31.7.18 Camel D8226, 3 Fighting School, Bircham Newton

Stalled attempting forced landing, near Thornham practice bombing range

2Lt Horace George Richard Boyt (19) killed

31.7.18 Camel E9973, 51 TDS, North Shotwick

Crashed out of control, Shotwick area

2Lt Gordon McLeish (25) killed

31.7.18 Felixstowe F.2A N4305, Yarmouth

Shot down by enemy seaplanes, off Lowestoft

Pte Ronald Richard Nelson Cooper (18) killed

Pte William Harry Douglas Dingley (19) killed

Capt Edward Ashort Mossop rescued

Lt George Frederick Hodson rescued

Pte Greenwood rescued

31.7.18 Coastal Airship C.25, RAF, Longside

Lost at sea, 60m E of Aberdeen

Capt Harry Robert Hopperton (27) killed

Cpl Louis Gray Faiers (26) killed

A Mech 1 Arthur Groves Groves (25) killed

A Mech 2 Edward Kiddle Adkinson (25) killed

1.8.18 Avro 504K D2002, 56 TDS, Cranwell

Stalled on turn with failing engine, Cranwell

Capt John Champain Tanner (21) killed

Lt Edwin George Amatt injured

1.8.18 Bristol Fighter A7262, 1 (Observers) School of Aerial Gunnery, New Romney

Midair collision with C4798, New Romney

2Lt John Samuel Morbey (22) killed

Sgt Frank Thomas Hoskins (20) killed

1.8.18 Bristol Fighter C4798, 1 (Observers) School of Aerial Gunnery, New Romney

Midair collision with A7262, New Romney

2Lt Henry Stokes Richards (24) killed (New Zealander)

Flt Cadet George Finney (18) killed

2.8.18 Avro 504J C4320, 46 TDS, South Carlton

Stalled on low climbing turn, Lincoln area

Sgt William James Leslie Williams (25) died 18.8.18

2.8.18 Camel B2435, 63 TS, Joyce Green

Firing at ground target; spun and dived into Dartford Creek

Lt Charles Henry Williams (22) killed

2.8.18 R.E.8 D1551, 10 TDS, Harling Road

Stalled on low turn and caught fire, Harling Road area

2Lt William Amos Norris Butler (27) killed (Canadian)

3.8.18 Camel N6636, RAF Kirkwall

Nose dived off low turn, Clestrain, Orphir, Orkney

Lt James Percival Walker (24) killed

3.8.18 D.H.6 C9337, 37 TDS, Yatesbury

Hit hillside in fog, Yatesbury area

Sgt Frank Bernard Brown (19) killed

3.8.18 R.E.8 C2678, 36 TDS, Yatesbury

Stalled on turn after engine failure on take-off, Yatesbury

2Lt Edward McEvoy (25) died 4.8.18

4.8.18 Avro 504 D7649, 29 TDS, Beaulieu

Midair collision with Sopwith Pup D4176 in formation, Beaulieu area

Sgt Patrick Jack Hogan (20) killed

Lt William Jones injured in Pup

4.8.18 Camel E1419, 54 TDS, Fairlop

Crashed after opening up engine on landing, Wick Meadow, Little Wakering, Essex

2Lt Sidney Arthur Grimwade (23) killed

4.8.18 Spad VII A9154, 41 TDS, London Colney

Stalled on turn while low-stunting, crashed and caught fire, Park Lodge, Iver Heath

2Lt Douglas Fraser Mackenzie (24) killed (Canadian)

5.8.18 Avro 504 D6223, 38 TDS, Tadcaster

Dived into ground while lost, Whitley Bridge, Yorks.

Flt Cadet David Gibbs (20) died 8.8.18

5.8.18 Camel N6620, 273 Sqn, Burgh Castle

Failed to return from hostile aircraft patrol, North Sea

Lt George Frederick Hodson (19) killed

5.8.18 D.H.9 D5802, RAF, Yarmouth

Failed to return from hostile aircraft patrol, North Sea

Capt Douglas Graeme Burness Jardine MC (24) killed (South African)

Lt Edward Richard Munday (31) killed (Canadian)

5.8.18 Sopwith Dolphin D3698, 4 TDS, Hooton Park

Spun off turn after take-off and caught fire, Hooton Park

2Lt Allan John Brian Meikle (18) killed

5.8.18 Zeppelin L70, Kaiserliche Marine

Shot down by Major Egbert Cadbury & Capt Robert Leckie, 8m N of Wells-next-the-Sea, Norfolk

22 crew killed:

Fregattenkapitän Peter Strasser (42), Führer der Luftschiffe

Kapitänleutnant Johannes von Lossnitzer (29)

Leutnant zur See Kurt Krüger

Maat d. L. A. der Reserve Adam Johann Anstatt (28)

Obersignalmaat der Seewehr II Hermann Barnick (34)

Funkentelegraphenmaat Paul Johannes Berndt-Naleweiske (26)

Maschinenmaat Wilhelm Bernt (23)

Maschinenmaat Karl Heinrich Christof Blöcker (25)

Bootsmannsmaat Adolf Grube (26)

Maschinenmaat Georg Franz Hartmann (22)

Maat d. L. A. der Seewehr I Hugo Hellmich (32)

Steuermann Max Hormann (31)

Bootsmannsmaat der Reserve Ernst Hoynk (31)

Maschinenmaat Detlef Kähler (26)

Obersegelmachersmaat Bruno Kuhnt (30)

Signalmaat der Reserve Peter Lorch (29)

Maschinenmaat Heinrich Meyer (26)

Maschinenmaat Hans Nagat (23)

Maschinenmaat Ludwig Schäfers (25)

Maschinist Lüppo Sikken Schmidt (35)

Obermaschinenmaat Robert Schulte (32)

Maschinenmaat Karl Wendelborg (33)

6.8.18 Bristol Fighter C4698, 33 Sqn, Kirton in Lindsey

Overturned on forced landing during night air raid, Atwick, E Yorks.

Lt Frank Alyn Benitz (25) killed (Argentine)

2Lt Henry Lloyd Williams injured

6.8.18 Camel B7300, 204 TDS, Eastchurch

Stalled on flat turn and spun into ground, Eastchurch

Lt Thomas Frederick Kesterton (26) killed

6.8.18 Camel E7139, 3 TDS, Lopcombe Corner

Dived into ground, Lopcombe Corner area

Sgt William Morrison Urquhart (25) killed

6.8.18 D.H.6 C7253, 35 TDS, Thetford

Stalled on low turn and spun, Thetford area

Cadet John Milward (19) killed

6.8.18 Sopwith Pup B7513, 4 TDS, Hooton Park

Shot down by another machine carrying out target practice, Hooton Park area

2Lt James Frank Roscoe (19) killed

2Lt Fowler Wesley Barker in 2nd machine

7.8.18 Camel D6683, 189 NTS, Hornchurch

Spun off tight turn, Hornchurch

2Lt Neville Metcalfe (23) killed

7.8.18 Camel F2017, 188 NTS, Throwley

Broke up in flight, Kent

2Lt Mowbray Nourse Cloete (18) killed (Rhodesian)

7.8.18 R.E.8 C2394, 52 TDS, Cramlington

Lost speed in low turn, nose dived and caught fire, Cramlington

2Lt Reginald Goodburn (19) killed

7.8.18 Avro 504K D9299, 1 (Observers) School of Aerial Gunnery, Hythe

Spectators hit while attempting to take off from field, Terling, Essex

Mrs Edith Emily White (37) killed

Miss Edith Jay (24) died 9.8.18

Sgt Frederick James Hellyer DCM MSM injured (pilot)

A Mech 1 Wilfred Widdall injured

Miss Hilda Bright injured

Miss Mary Sharpe injured

Miss Maud Thurgood injured

Mrs Ada Wager injured

8.8.18 Camel E9975, 62 TS, Hounslow

Spun into ground, Hounslow

Capt William Barrie Young (24) killed

8.8.18 D.H.9 D2919, 2 Aircraft Acceptance Park, Hendon

Crashed on delivery flight to France, Dover area

Lt Charles Richard Perring (23) died 9.8.18

8.8.18 R.E.8 B5131, 5 TDS, Easton-on-the-Hill

Spun from 2000ft and caught fire, Easton-on-the-Hill area

2Lt Charles Robert Plant (18) killed

2Lt Harry Goosey (24) killed

9.8.18 Camel F2205, 29 TDS, Beaulieu

Dived into sea while firing at target, off Pitts Deep, The Solent

Lt Peter Wolferstan Rylands (19) drowned

10.8.18 B.E.2e C6915, 59 TS, Rendcomb

Structural failure pulling out of dive, Scrubditch Farm, North Cerney

Sgt Frederick Joseph Ivins (22) killed

10.8.18 Camel C27, 4 Fighting School, Freiston

Spun off low turn, Freiston

2Lt Sidney Ralph Pragnell (19) killed

10.8.18 Camel E9970, 53 TDS, Dover

Lost speed in turn; spun into ground from 300ft, Dover

Capt Roderick Oswald Corderoy Macdonald MC (25) killed

10.8.18 D.H.6 C6841, 35 TDS, Thetford

Over-banked and dived into ground, Soham, Cambridgeshire

2Lt John McGibbon (18) killed

10.8.18 R.E.8 D4765, 1 TDS, Stamford

Wings folded back pulling out of dive, Stamford

Flt Cadet Frank Albert Gardner (21) killed

Pvt Ronald Bathe McNeill (21) killed (USAS)

10.8.18 ?, 10 TDS, Harling Road

Pony rider hit by aeroplane taking off from field, Heacham, Norfolk

Pte Frederick William Arundel Graver (18) killed

Capt William Morrice unhurt

2Lt Bark unhurt

11.8.18 Avro 504 E1719, 51 TDS, North Shotwick

Midair collision, Shotwick

Lt Leonard Sowersby Morange (22) killed (American)

Flt Cadet Robert Oughtibridge (18) killed

11.8.18 Avro 504K E2932, 4 TDS, Hooton Park

Midair collision with Sopwith Pup D4106, Hooton Park

Lt Malcolm Saunders Pettitt (19) killed

Flt Cadet Cyril Bromilow Cook injured

Flt Cadet William Peedie Lund injured in Pup

11.8.18 Camel E5129, 112 Sqn, Throwley

Bystander hit by machine while stunting, Throwley

Lt Francis Cyril Churchill Manley (21) killed

Lt William Casson injured (pilot)

11.8.18 F.E.2b C9793, 36 Sqn, Ashington

Night-flying; stalled and dived into ground, Ashington

Lt Alexander Wald MC (25) killed (Australian)

11.8.18 F.E.2b D9130, 12 TDS, Netheravon

Stalled turning into aerodrome after engine failure, Netheravon

2Lt Ira William Hathaway (24) killed (Canadian)

11.8.18 R.E.8 A4178, Artillery & Infantry Co-operation School, Worthy Down

Spun off flat turn and burnt, Worthy Down

Lt Edward Campbell Latto (19) killed

11.8.18 S.E.5A D363, 6 TS, AFC, Minchinhampton

Wings collapsed pulling out of dive on target, Minchinhampton

2Lt Oscar Dudley Shepherd (31) killed

12.8.18 Camel C8329, 2 TDS, Gullane

Failed to recover from spin, E Scotland

2Lt George Wesley MacAllister (20) killed (Canadian)

12.8.18 Camel D6676, 32 TDS, Montrose

Wings collapsed pulling out of dive; crashed in sea, Montrose area

2Lt Joseph Cangiamila (22) drowned (American)

12.8.18 F.E.2b, 36 Sqn, Seaton Carew

Spun off steep bank near the ground at night, Seaton Carew area

2Lt Francis William Pounsett Reynolds (25) died 13.8.18

Flt Cadet Percy Frederick Watson (18) killed

12.8.18 G.A.C. flying boat, 209 TDS, Lee-on-Solent

Nose dived into sea, Lee-on-Solent area

2Lt Cyril Osiris Morrison (20) killed (Canadian)

12.8.18 R.E.8 D6713, 125 Sqn, Fowlmere

Spun while making turn, Fowlmere

Flt Cadet Claude John Howard Rawlings (21) killed

12.8.18 Sopwith Dolphin D3773, 2 Fighting School, Marske

Lost control in turn during firing practice, Marske area

Lt Roy Wesley Kerr (23) killed (Canadian)

13.8.18 Avro 504 D4464, 2 TDS, Gullane

Collision with Avro D4463 during formation flight, E Scotland

Flt Cadet Donald Albert Parr (20) killed

Lt Albert Reginald Mobbs injured in D4463

13.8.18 Avro 504 D7788, 8 TS, AFC, Leighterton

Stalled on climbing turn, Leighterton

2Lt Robert Alexander Dunn (24) killed

Capt Robert William McKenzie MC injured

13.8.18 D.H.6 B3059, 36 TDS, Yatesbury

Collided in the air with another machine which was landing

Capt Thomas Phillips (23) died 19.8.18

Flt Cadet Albert Edward Horn injured

13.8.18 D.H.9 D5621, 49 TDS, Catterick

Stalled on turn at 500ft with failing engine and spun

2Lt Ronald Stewart Murray (21) died 14.8.18 (Canadian)

14.8.18 Camel B7263, 4 Fighting School, Freiston

Spun into sea while diving on ground target, The Wash

2Lt John Freele Meek (25) killed (Canadian)

14.8.18 Camel C170, 42 TS, Wye

Spun off half roll at 800ft, Boughton Corner Farm, Wye

Lt Joseph Paul Agnew MC (22) killed

14.8.18 D.H.6 B3021, 244 Sqn, Bangor

Missing after engine failure on sea patrol, Irish Sea

Lt John Ritchie Johnstone (19) killed

14.8.18 D.H.6 C7867, 48 TS, Waddington

Stalled on turn and spun, Lincoln area

Flt Cadet Eric Kingsley Young Jennings (19) died 18.8.18

Lt Allan Roberts Gibson injured

14.8.18 Sopwith Pup B7506, 6 TS, AFC, Minchinhampton

Failed to recover from dive, Minchinhampton

2Lt Cecil Charles Lewis (22) killed

14.8.18 Kite Balloon, 16 Balloon Base, Merifield, Torpoint

Caught in balloon wire; thrown into sea off destroyer HMS Morning Star

Lt Albert Edward Saville (28) drowned

15.8.18 B.E.2e C7086, 45 TDS, Rendcomb

Stalled whilst gliding and crashed, Top Farm, Barnsley, 4m NE of Cirencester

Pvt Philip Thomas Mulvaney (20) killed (USAS)

2Lt Armand Wilfred Laurier Beauchamp injured (Pilot, Canadian)

15.8.18 R.E.8 C2328, 36 TDS, Yatesbury

Stalled on turn, spun and nose dived, Yatesbury

Lt Henry Bernard Wilson (27) killed

15.8.18 Sopwith Snipe E7998, 41 TDS, London Colney

Failed to recover from spin, London Colney

Capt Roderick Leopold Keller MC (25) killed

16.8.18 Camel B7240, 4 Fighting School, Freiston

Wings broke off while diving in formation, came down in North Sea

2Lt Chesley McLean (21) killed (Canadian)

16.8.18 D.H.9 C2163, 1 School of Navigation & Bomb-dropping, Stonehenge

Stalled and spun, Maiden Castle, Dorchester

2Lt William Fernley Maker (26) killed

Sgt Sidney Chapman injured

16.8.18 R.E.8 B7695, 1 TDS, Stamford

Stalled on low turn and spun, Stamford

2Lt Richard Welbury Shuttleworth (24) killed

2Lt Edward Morton Drummond injured (pilot)

16.8.18 R.E.8 D6742, 35 TDS, Thetford

Spun off flat turn after take-off, Thetford

Flt Cadet Ronald Cunningham (18) killed

16.8.18 S.E.5A C1756, 30 TDS, Northolt

Wing folded back in flight, Northolt

2Lt Callum Craig Munro Bell (19) killed

16.8.18 23X-class airship R27, "N" Airship Station, Howden

Caught fire in shed, Howden

Pte 1 Austin William Hicks (20) killed

17.8.18 B.E.2e 7130, 1 School of Navigation & Bomb-dropping, Stonehenge

Hit tree attempting forced landing in field with cattle, Devizes area

Flt Cadet Harry Thomas Daniel (18) killed

Sgt Clifford Norman Tabiner unhurt (pilot)

17.8.18 Camel C1660, 28 TDS, Weston-on-the-Green

Spun attempted forced landing, Weston-on-the-Green

2Lt George Bertram Scott (22) killed (Canadian)

17.8.18 Camel F4179, 43 TDS, Chattis Hill

Stalled on gliding turn and spun, Chattis Hill area

2Lt Frederick Colier Robinson (25) killed (Canadian)

17.8.18 D.H.9 B9341, 2 Fighting School, Marske

Stalled turning on approach, spun and burst into flames, Marske

Sgt Thomas Sprowell Robinson (19) died 18.8.18

Flt Cadet Henry Warburton Williams (18) killed

18.8.18 Camel B9330, 42 TS, Wye

Failed to recover from spin, Wye

Flt Cadet Frank Broadhead (21) killed

18.8.18 Camel C6746, 8 TS, AFC, Leighterton

Collision with Pup D4170 during dogfight training, Shipton Moyne

2Lt Douglas Abbott Ferguson (29) killed

18.8.18 Sopwith Pup D4170, 8 TS, AFC, Leighterton

Collision with Camel C6746 during dogfight training, Shipton Moyne

Lt Harry Taylor MC MM (30) killed

19.8.18 Avro 504K E2929, 57 TDS, Cranwell

Midair collision with D.H.6 B2787 (or B2783?), Cranwell

2Lt Clarence Edward Sherlock (23) killed (Canadian)

Cadet Snowden Appleton Scott (18) killed

19.8.18 D.H.6 B2787, 58 TDS, Cranwell

Midair collision with Avro 504K E2929, Cranwell

Lt Norman Cecil Sanderson Campbell (26) killed (South African)

Flt Cadet Charles Edward Wiltshire (18) killed

19.8.18 Bristol Fighter C4675, 44 TDS, Port Meadow

Spun in turn at 100ft after take-off, Wytham, Oxford

2Lt Cecil John Buckland (23) killed

19.8.18 Camel B9212, 1 Fighting School, Turnberry

Spun into sea after diving on target, 2m S of Turnberry

2Lt Raymond Hinton Grove (26) killed (AFC)

19.8.18 D.H.9 D491, 6 TDS, Boscombe Down

Spun from 500ft and caught fire, Yatesbury

2Lt Marcus Erald Rowe (24) killed (American)

19.8.18 Handley Page O/400 D4593, 14 Aircraft Acceptance Park, Castle Bromwich

Crashed after fabric stripped from wing, Maxstoke Castle, Warwickshire

Lt Robert Edward Andrew MacBeth (28) killed (Canadian)

Lt Frederick James Bravery (22) killed

A Mech 1 James Benjamin May (41) killed

A Mech 2 Horace Simmonds (30) killed

A Mech 2 Albert James Winrow (19) killed

A Mech 3 George Greenland (22) killed

A Mech 3 Charles William Offord (18) killed

19.8.18 R.E.8 A4205, RAE, Farnborough

Crashed after wing collapsed at 3000ft, Arborfield, Berks.

Capt Oswald Horsley MC (25) killed

Capt Hugh Archibald Renwick (27) killed

20.8.18 Avro 504 B8691, 47 TDS, Doncaster

Nose dived off flat turn and caught fire, Doncaster

Lt James Benjamin Wallace Wolstenholme (23) killed

20.8.18 Bristol Fighter C826, 44 TDS, Port Meadow

Collision with Bristol Fighter C759 during aerial fighting practice, Elsfield, Oxford

Lt Edwin Herbert Westmoreland (23) killed (Australian)

20.8.18 Bristol Fighter C759, 44 TDS, Port Meadow

Collision with Bristol Fighter C826 during aerial fighting practice, Elsfield, Oxford

2Lt Joseph Packer (21) killed

20.8.18 Camel E4414, Fleet Practice Stn Turnhouse

Crashed into building near aerodrome after engine failure, Turnhouse

Lt Grahame Heath AFC (18) killed

21.8.18 Avro 504 D6319, 21 TDS, Driffield

Mechanic struck by propellor when engine started unexpectedly, Driffield

A Mech 2 Harvey Cooper Oates (19) killed

21.8.18 Camel B6446, 50 TDS, Eastbourne

Failed to recover from spin, Hankham, near Eastbourne

Lt Charles Albert Manzetti (25) killed

21.8.18 Felixstowe F.2A N4546, Seaplane Station Felixstowe

Lost control in bank due to engine failure; crashed in sea, Felixstowe

2Lt Reginald Henry Bullock (18) drowned (Canadian)

2Lt Walter Pendleton injured

Lt Arthur Woods unhurt (pilot)

2Lt Douglas Montague Crater unhurt

A Mech 2 Robert Joseph Kinslow unhurt

21.8.18 R.E.8 C2642, 37 TDS, Yatesbury

Dived through low cloud to locate position and hit sea, off Southbourne, Hants.

Lt Thomas Brownrigg (29) drowned

A Mech 2 William James Charles Reeves injured

22.8.18 Avro 504A D1624, 50 TDS, Eastbourne

Spun turning back after engine failure, Eastbourne

Flt Cadet Robert Kirkwood Galloway (23) died 23.8.18

22.8.18 Camel F4180, 29 TDS, Beaulieu

Dived into ground, Beaulieu area

2Lt Sidney Foley Case (19) killed

22.8.18 R.E.8 C4598, 35 TDS, Thetford

Hit top wing of stationary R.E.8 while taking off, Thetford

Lt Eric Edwin Carpenter (19) died 24.8.18 (pilot)

Lt Arthur Bailey Bentinck Palmer (27) died 23.8.18

22.8.18 R.E.8 D4980, 1 TDS, Stamford

Wings folded up in spin, Stamford area

2Lt William Howard Scribbins (18) killed

22.8.18 ?

Onlooker hit by propeller of departing aeroplane, Bubwith Ings, E Yorks.

Mrs Annie Brittain (74) killed

23.8.18 Avro 504 F2209, 34 TDS, Scampton

Tail broke pulling out of dive, Scampton area

Cadet Leonard Percy Squire (19) killed

23.8.18 D.H.6 F3400, 252 Sqn, Tynemouth

Wings failed pulling out of dive, Tynemouth

Lt Alfred Gresham Blundell (19) killed

23.8.18 D.H.9 C1334, 1 Fighting School, Turnberry

Midair collision during fighting practice, Drakemyre, Ayrshire

2Lt Archibald McFarlan (26) killed

Flt Cadet Andrew Anderson Hepburn (18) killed

23.8.18 R.E.8 A4510, 36 TDS, Yatesbury

Sideslipped turning to land, Yatesbury

2Lt Frank Rupert Hayward (19) killed

23.8.18 R.E.8 C2428, 5 TDS, Easton-on-the-Hill

Nose dived off flat turn on approach, Duxford

Lt Frank Albert Frederick Hampton (23) killed

23.8.18 Avro 504 D6309, 42 TS, Hounslow

Struck by propeller while starting engine, Hounslow

2Lt Gerald Wilfred Francis Clarke (18) killed

24.8.18 Avro 504 D7751, 32 TDS, Montrose

Lost control and dived into ground

Flt Cadet James Arthur Leonard Lazenby (20) died 19.10.18

24.8.18 AW F.K.8 B4196, 6 TDS, Boscombe Down

Lost height in flat turn and struck ground, Andover area

2Lt Stanley Charles Booth (26) killed

24.8.18 AW F.K.8 D5055, Artillery & Infantry Co-operation School, Worthy Down

Spun off low flat turn, Worthy Down area

Lt Frederick Arthur Lygo (20) died 25.8.18

Sgt Samuel Rollinson Jepson injured

24.8.18 Camel C108, 7 TS, AFC, Leighterton

Spun turning at low altitude, Leighterton

2Lt Sydney Charles Fry (22) killed

24.8.18 R.E.8 D4977, 7 TS, AFC, Leighterton

Stalled and spun on approach, Leighterton

Cadet Roy Nelson Pillow (23) killed

24.8.18 S.E.5A E3953, 21 TDS, Driffield

Spun into ground after wing failure, Lissett, Yorks.

Lt John Scrace (26) killed

25.8.18 D.H.9 D5587, 9 TDS, Shawbury

Low turn with insufficient speed, Shawbury area

Flt Cadet Arthur Dunn (18) died 26.8.18

Pte 2 Fred Baskerville (26) killed

25.8.18 Sopwith Pup D4030, 32 TDS, Montrose

Flew into mountain in mist, Montrose area

Lt James Hervey Hall (21) killed

25.8.18 ?, 50 Sqn, Bekesbourne

Propeller swinging accident, Bekesbourne

A Mech 3 Frank Osguthorpe (19) killed

26.8.18 Bristol Fighter C4885, RAF

Sideslipped and nose dived, High Ongar, Essex

Col Bertram Hopkinson CMG (44) killed

27.8.18 Camel F1396, CFS, Upavon

Spun on turn with choked engine, Upavon

2Lt Arthur Ernest Willis (19) killed

28.8.18 Avro 504 D6, 6 TS, AFC, Minchinhampton

Collision with Avro 504 D9282, Minchinhampton Common

Cadet Ernest Howard Jefferys (23) killed

28.8.18 Avro 504K D9282, 5 TS, AFC, Minchinhampton

Collision with Avro 504 D6, Minchinhampton Common

Lt Charles William Scott (23) killed

2Lt Roy Lytton Cummings (24) killed

28.8.18 Camel C2, 53 TDS, Dover

Stalled in turn and spun, Dover

2Lt Arthur William Hofmeister (23) died 29.8.18 (American)

28.8.18 Camel F4178, 43 TDS, Chattis Hill

Flew into ground and overturned, Chattis Hill area

2Lt Kenneth Percival Window (19) killed

28.8.18 Camel F6457, 43 TDS, Chattis Hill

Flew into ground while fixing runaway gun, Chattis Hill area

Sgt Ernest Clarkson (19) killed

28.8.18 D.H.9 E610, 2 Fighting School, Marske

Engine failed in low turn and spun, Marske area

Flt Cadet Hiram Hill (18) killed

2Lt Arthur James Goring injured

28.8.18 R.E.8 E80, 5 TDS, Easton-on-the-Hill

Nose dived off low flat turn and caught fire, Easton-on-the-Hill area

Flt Cadet Henry Herbert Wade Ryan (24) killed

29.8.18 Avro 504 C5920, 22 TDS, Gormanston

Stalled on climbing turn after engine failure when taking off, Gormanston

Lt Wilfred Hay Ruxton (27) killed

Sgt David William Ralph Knighton injured

29.8.18 Avro 504K E3454, 38 TDS, Tadcaster

Spinning nose dive, Tadcaster

2Lt George Sinclair Dinwoodie (26) killed

29.8.18 Camel C8291, 63 TS, Joyce Green

Wing broke in flight, Eastbourne

Flt Cadet Philip George Dalton Winchester (24) killed

29.8.18 Camel D8122, 72 TS, Beverley

Stalled turning back to aerodrome with choking engine, Beverley

2Lt Harold Frederick Barlow (19) died 30.8.18

29.8.18 Camel E7137, 3 TDS, Lopcombe Corner

Spun into ground during aerial firing practice, Lopcombe Corner area

Lt Arthur Richard McCallum (25) killed (Canadian)

30.8.18 Submarine Scout Twin Airship S.S.T.6, Airship Station, Kingsnorth

Envelope caught fire at 400ft on test flight, Kingsnorth

Capt Malcolm Bartlett (35) killed

Capt Charles King (36) killed

Lt Wilfrid Righton (27) killed (pilot)

Sgt Donald Neil Cameron (21) killed

A Mech 1 Reginald William Cowin (21) killed

30.8.18 Avro 504 C5759, 29 TDS, Beaulieu

Engine cut out after take-off, near Buckler's Hard

2Lt Vernon Monroe Kidd (20) killed (American)

2Lt Foster Davidson injured

30.8.18 Camel E1429, 4 Fighting School, Freiston

Turned near ground and spun, Freiston

2Lt Edward Lambert Bach (20) killed (Canadian)

30.8.18 F.E.2b D9930, 13 TDS, Ternhill

Stalled on a turn, spun and caught fire, Ternhill

2Lt Howard Knight Stevens (25) killed (Canadian)

31.8.18 Bristol Fighter C894, Artillery & Infantry Co-operation School, Worthy Down

Stalled on low turn and nose dived, Worthy Down

Lt Albert Jacques Tremblay (31) killed (Canadian)

2Lt Sydney Richard Elworthy (26) died 1.9.18

31.8.18 Camel, 72 TS, Beverley

Error of judgement on take-off, Beverley

2Lt Frederick Royston Young (19) killed

31.8.18 Camel E1532, 42 TDS, Hounslow

Spun into ground, near Feltham

2Lt Harry Walter Querrie (23) killed (Canadian)

31.8.18 Spad VII B1622, 41 TDS, London Colney

Stalled and spun on climbing turn after engine failure, Hounslow

Lt Roger Horace Lelievre (22) killed (Canadian)

1 Sep - 11 Nov 1918

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