A list of fatal air accidents in Britain Aug - Dec 1917

2.8.1917 Maurice Farman Shorthorn A6825, 12 Training Squadron, Thetford

Nose dived from 300ft, Euston, near Thetford

Major Arthur Justin Ross DSO (36) killed

Lt Leo St Orban Michener (22) killed (Canadian)

3.8.17 B.E.2e A1367, Wireless & Observers' School, Brooklands

Nose dived off low flat turn, Brooklands

2Lt Ralph Lionel James (24) killed

3.8.17 B.E.2e B4434, 59 TS, Yatesbury

Struck ground in spiral, by Lansdowne Monument, near Yatesbury

2Lt Clive Maxwell Bailey (23) killed

6.8.17 Maurice Farman Shorthorn A7062, 7 TS, Netheravon

Spinning nose dive, Netheravon

2Lt Arthur Geoffrey Nelson Wall (20) killed (Australian)

2Lt John Clark (19) killed

6.8.17 Avro 504A A1999, 82 Sqn, Waddington

Stalled on turn and nose dived, near Waddington

2Lt Keith Rishworth (18) killed

7.8.17 Pup N6452, RNAS, HMS Furious

Went into sea attempting landing on HMS Furious, off Scapa Flow, Orkney

Sqn Cdr Edwin Harris Dunning DSC (25) drowned

8.8.17 Pup B1788, 64 Sqn, Sedgeford

Spun into ground, near Sedgeford

2Lt Arthur Le Roy Dean (20) died 9.8.17

9.8.17 D.H.4 A7511, 19 TS, Hounslow

Broke up in dive, Hounslow

2Lt Charles Raymond Waller (19) killed

9.8.17 D.H.5 A9393, 64 Sqn, Sedgeford

Wing failed in loop, Bircham Newton

Lt Edward Gordon Hanlan (26) killed (Canadian)

9.8.17 Short 184 N1099, RNAS, Cattewater

Failed to return from sea patrol, English Channel

Flt Sub-Lt Bryan Henry Bridge (19) killed

A Mech 2 Joseph Jones (18) killed

10.8.17 Pup A7326, 84 Sqn, Lilbourne

Spun into the ground after wing folded back, Lilbourne

Lt William Alexander Taylor (22) killed

10.8.17 R.E.8 A4694, 62 Sqn, Rendcomb

Sideslipped attempting to turn downwind after engine failure, Coal Aston, Sheffield

Capt Henry Eric Dixon (27) died 19.8.17

11.8.17 Avro 504A 7967, 6 TS, Catterick

Collision with B.E.12 6575, Catterick

2Lt Oakley Alsop Browning (29) killed (Australian)

11.8.17 B.E.12 6575, 46 TS, Catterick

Collision with Avro 504A 7967, Catterick

Lt Errington Edward Castle (33) died 12.8.17 (New Zealander)

12.8.17 D.H.6 A9619, 66 TS, Yatesbury

Spinning nose dive from 1500ft, near Winterbourne Monkton, Wilts.

Lt William Edward Tate (21) killed

2Lt Gilbert Thomas Richardson Pettigrew (24) killed

13.8.17 R.E.8 A3224, 42 TS, Hounslow

Spiral nose dive at low altitude, Hanworth

2Lt Clifford Whatley Crewe (26) killed

14.8.17 D.H.4 A7574, Hendon Aircraft Acceptance Park

Crashed and burnt after engine failure, Hendon

2Lt Max Arthur Eugene Cremetti DCM (23) killed

Cpl John Henry Bingham injured

14.8.17 Maurice Farman Shorthorn B4657, 48 TS, Waddington

Lost control looping to avoid another aircraft on ground, Waddington

Lt Ewart Cudemore Brown (24) killed (Bermudian)

14.8.17 Avro 504C 3320, RNAS, Cranwell

Wrecked, Cranwell area

Probationary Flight Officer Raymond Earl Bray (25) killed (American)

14.8.17 Avro 504J B928, 71 Squadron, Castle Bromwich

Lost speed, nose dived and crashed, near Castle Bromwich

A Mech 2 Sidney Bernard Larkin (25) killed (AFC)

2Lt Thomas Francis Hosking injured (Australian)

14.8.17 Avro 504J B937, 11 TS, Spittlegate

Caught fire in flight, Welby, Lincs.

2Lt Ralph Aberdeen Phillips (21) killed (Canadian)

14.8.17 Seaplane, RNAS, Calshot

Struck by propeller, Calshot

AC2 John George Egleshaw (32) killed

15.8.17 F.E.2d A6351, 33 Sqn, Gainsborough

Overshot landing and hit house, New Holland, Lincs.

Lt Arthur William Rowlands (22) killed

16.8.17 B.E.2c 988, RNAS, Chingford

Sideslipped and crashed after engine failure, Chingford

Flt Lt Charles Vernon Arnold (23) killed

Probationary Flight Officer Leonard Eales Forman (18) killed

16.8.17 R.E.8 B741, 62 Sqn, Rendcomb

Spun in turning after engine failure, Rendcomb

2Lt Alexander Fenton McCullough (23) killed (Canadian)

17.8.17 D.H.5 A9441, 45 TS, South Carlton

Crashed turning after engine failure on take-off, South Carlton

2Lt Francis Cyril Brooks (19) killed

17.8.17 Avro 504J B3120, 63 TS, Joyce Green

Dived into River Thames after collision with Avro 504J B3143, off Purfleet

Lt Allan Gladstone Dow (21) drowned (Canadian)

2Lt Thomas Henry Timmis rescued in B3143

18.8.17 Sopwith 1 Strutter A6901, 6 TS, Catterick

Stalled and hit tree after engine failure, Hendon

2Lt Guy Horace Munro (26) killed

19.8.17 Camel B3788, 44 Sqn, Hainault Farm

Spinning nose dive, m N of Hainault Farm

Lt George Robert Craig MC (19) killed

20.8.17 B.E.2c 1122, RNAS, Cranwell

Wrecked, Cranwell area

Probationary Flight Officer Lawrence Code (20) killed (Canadian)

20.8.17 B.E.2e A1316, 20 TS, Wyton

Collision with B.E.2e B4451, Godmanchester

Lt Louis Joseph Purgold (21) killed

20.8.17 B.E.2e B4451, 75 Sqn, Goldington

Collision with B.E.2e A1316, Godmanchester

A Mech 2 Albert Edmonds (30) killed

Lt William James Pierce injured

20.8.17 Pup N5194, RNAS, Dover

Collapsed at a height of 2,000 feet, Dover

Flt Sub-Lt Cecil Barnaby Cook (18) killed

20.8.17 R.E.8 A3672, Wireless & Observers' School, Brooklands

Wings collapsed in spinning nose dive, near Addlestone

Lt Hugh Stuart Latimer Jordan (24) killed

Sgt Ernest Handley (24) killed (pilot)

20.8.17 R.E.8 A3882, 59 TS, Yatesbury

Collision during formation flight, south of Yatesbury aerodrome

2Lt Alfred Stanley Hunt (23) killed (Australian)

Sgt Charles Findlay (29) killed

Lt William Geoffrey Meggitt unhurt in second machine

20.8.17 R.E.8 A4655, 35 TS, Northolt

Flat spin and nose dive after take-off from Port Meadow, Wolvercote, Oxford

Sgt Arthur George Banfield Rodgman (21) killed

21.8.17 Bristol Scout D A1771, RNAS, Cranwell

Wrecked, Cranwell

Probationary Flight Officer Harold Sykes Holroyd (23) killed

21.8.17 F.E.2b 7676, 57 Sqn, Marham

Failed to recover from spinning nose dive, Swaffham, Norfolk

Lt Guy Dennis Buckeridge (22) died 22.8.17

21.8.17 Maurice Farman Shorthorn A2495, 3 TS, Shoreham

Nose dived and pilot fell out, Ecclesden Farm, Angmering

2Lt Wyndham Trevor Harries (25) killed (South African)

21.8.17 R.E.8 B3421, 69 Sqn, South Carlton

Spun after take-off, 1m SW of Biggin Hill

2Lt Francis Cunningham Shapira (29) killed (AFC)

A Mech 2 William Douglas Sloane (27) killed

22.8.17 B.E.2e B4411, 19 TS, Hounslow

Stalled on turn and spun in, hitting house, Cranbrook Road, Hounslow

Capt John Everard Digby Neale (23) killed

2Lt Douglas Macdonald Cleland-Hollamby (31) killed

22.8.17 R.E.8 A3885, 42 TS, Hounslow

Spinning nose dive off flat turn, Heston

Lt Richard Norman Keyser (20) killed

22.8.17 R.E.8 A3177, 38 TS, Rendcomb

Sideslipped and nosedived during climbing turn, Netheravon

Lt Arthur Leslie Smith (24) killed

22.8.17 Sopwith Schneider 3746, RNAS, Killingholme

Lost in North Sea, off Great Yarmouth

Flt Sub-Lt Aubrey Samuel Woodall (20) killed

22.8.17 Gotha G.IV 663/16, Kasta 15, Kagohl 3

Shot down in sea, m off Margate

Leutnant der Reserve Werner Joschkowitz (28) killed

Leutnant Walter Latowsky (24) killed

Unteroffizier Bruno Schneider rescued

22.8.17 Gotha G.IV, Kasta 15, Kagohl 3

Shot down in flames, Vincent Farm, 2m SW of Margate

Oberleutnant Eckard Fulda (27) killed

Unteroffizier Heinrich Schildt (22) killed

Vizefeldwebel Ernst Eickelkamp (23) killed

25.8.17 Vickers F.B.26 Vampire B1484, Vickers Ltd.

Failed to recover from spin, Joyce Green

Richard Harold Barnwell (39) killed

26.8.17 F.E.2b 4871, 51 Sqn, Marham

Side slipped on turn, Marham

Lt Herbert William Hare Marshall (26) killed

2Lt Percy Gordon Shellington (24) killed (Canadian)

27.8.17 D.H.4 A2147, 61 TS, South Carlton

Wing fell off, Burton, Lincs.

Capt Charles Butler (27) killed

Cadet John Lionel Baker (17) killed (Eton College OTC)

29.8.17 AW F.K.8 A2730, 50 TS, Narborough

Sideslipped on turn and nose dived, Langmere, Norfolk

2Lt Norman Victor Spear MM (29) killed

A Mech 1 Sidney Walter Burrell (22) killed

29.8.17 AW F.K.8 B219, 50 TS, Narborough

Spun off low climbing turn, Narborough

2Lt Laurence Edward Stuart Vaile (24) killed

2Lt Jack Bennett injured (Canadian)

30.8.17 Avro 504J B921, 18 TS, Montrose

Dived into sea from 2000ft, 1m off Montrose

2Lt The Hon. Francis Walter Stafford McLaren MP (31) killed

30.8.17 B.E.2e B710, 59 TS, Yatesbury

Stalled and spun, West No. 1 aerodrome, Yatesbury

2Lt Thomas Thompson Pritchard (27) killed

30.8.17 B.E.2e 7167, 46 TS, Catterick

Collision with B.E.12a A4020, Ellerton-on-Swale, near Catterick

Lt Graham Nelson (23) killed

30.8.17 B.E.12a A4020, 46 TS, Catterick

Collision with B.E.2e 7167, Ellerton-on-Swale, near Catterick

Capt Arthur Vivian Burlton (22) killed

30.8.17 Bristol Fighter A3319, 38 TS, Rendcomb

Caught fire in the air and crashed into buildings, Rendcomb

Major Edgar James Bannatyne DSO (26) died 11.9.17

30.8.17 D.H.4 A7585, 46 TS, Catterick

Stalled and nose dived, Kirby Fleetham, Yorks.

Sgt Reginald John Malone (17) killed

30.8.17 Pup B2171, CFS, Upavon

Stalled and spun on climbing turn, Upavon

2Lt Hugh William Evans (19) killed

31.8.17 Martinsyde G.100 7463, 19 TS, Hounslow

Broke up in flight, Hanworth

Lt Arthur Doricourt Roberts MC (22) killed

3.9.17 Maurice Farman Shorthorn A2468, 3 TS, Shoreham

Sideslipped and nose dived after engine failure, Ham Bridge, Worthing

2Lt Thompson Calder Kinkead (24) killed (South African)

3.9.17 Pup B1787, 64 Sqn, Sedgeford

Spinning nose dive while landing, Norfolk

2Lt Francis Brian Hallam Anderson (19) died 8.9.17

3.9.17 Avro 504E 9279, RNAS, Hendon

Nose dived on low turn after take-off, Yeovil

Flt Sub-Lt John Emyr Thomas (23) killed

Mr Robert Norton injured (Westland director)

4.9.17 Avro 504B N6668, RNAS, Chingford

Fell in Chingford Reservoir

Probationary Flight Officer Allen Sandby Coombe (18) killed

Probationary Flight Officer Cecil Saunders injured

4.9.17 Avro 504J B3208, 54 TS, Harlaxton

Stalled and nose dived making flat turns on approach, Harlaxton

2Lt Cyril Stanley Hinchliff (29) killed

4.9.17 B.E.2c 5416, 2 (Auxiliary) School of Aerial Gunnery, Turnberry

Stalled on turn, Turnberry

Lt George Guy Barry Downing (23) killed

2Lt Edward James Allman injured

4.9.17 R.E.8 A3620, 82 Sqn, Waddington

Flat turn leading to spin and nose dive, Waddington

2Lt Geoffrey Albert Hunt (18) died 6.9.17

4.9.17 Short 184 N1145, RNAS, Calshot

Crashed in sea near Bembridge, Isle of Wight

Flt Sub-Lt Medwin Seymour Varden (20) drowned (Australian)

4.9.17 Seaplane, RNAS, Calshot

Struck on the head by propellor, Calshot

A Mech 1 Christopher Rowland Blackstock (26) killed

5.9.17 D.H.4 A2152, Aircraft Repair Section, 24 Wing, Spittlegate

Wings collapsed recovering from spin, Spittlegate area

Sgt George Dunville (24) killed

5.9.17 Pup A658, CFS, Upavon

Wing collapsed in flight, Manningford Downs, near Upavon

2Lt John Gabriel O'Giollagain (25) killed

6.9.17 B.E.2e B4420, 66 TS, Yatesbury

Spinning vertical nose dive on approach to aerodrome, Yatesbury

Cadet Alexander P Vinogradoff (19) killed (Russian Army)

6.9.17 Caudron No. 128, Ruffy, Arnell and Baumann Aviation Co Ltd, Acton

Stalled and nose dived, Hanger Hill, Ealing

2Lt Leonard Hugh Aston (28) killed

6.9.17 Maurice Farman Shorthorn A2501, 3 TS, Shoreham

Stalled and side slipped onto bed of River Adur, Shoreham

2Lt Vivian Spence Edmunds (18) killed (South African)

7.9.17 Curtiss JN-3 8392, RNAS, Redcar

Wings came off in dive, near Redcar

Probationary Flight Officer John Marshall Dawson (20) killed

9.9.17 B.E.2e B4450, 60 TS, Scampton

Spun and nose dived after take-off, West Common Aerodrome, Lincoln

2Lt Zavel Ephraim Freadman (22) killed (AFC)

10.9.17 D.H.4 A7576, 46 TS, Catterick

Spinning nose dive, Bolton-on-Swale

2Lt Thomas Russell Jarvie (26) killed

2Lt Stephen Wilkins injured

11.9.17 Beatty-Wright Pusher No. 2, Beatty School of Flying, Hendon

Dived into ground, Hendon

2Lt Harry Eldred Busby (18) killed

11.9.17 Maurice Farman Shorthorn B2018, 3 TS, Shoreham

Dived in sea after propeller broke, Rustington, Sussex

Lt Aime Antoine Leger (21) drowned (Canadian)

11.9.17 R.E.8 A3901, Kenley Aircraft Acceptance Park / 62 Sqn, Rendcomb

Stalled and nose dived after hitting tree on delivery flight, Showell Farm, Chippenham, Wilts.

2Lt Percival George Angood (23) killed

11.9.17 Sopwith 1 Strutter B2582, 78 Sqn, Hove

Hit tree on landing and crashed, near Bexleyheath

2Lt Sidney Rex Burton (27) killed

A Mech 2 Samuel Rescorla injured

12.9.17 Avro 504B N6150, Naval Flying School, Eastchurch

Crashed out of control, Eastchurch

Sqn Cdr Aylmer Fitzwarine Bettington (21) killed (South African)

12.9.17 D.H.5 A9275, 68 Sqn, Harlaxton

Wing collapsed in inverted dive, Harlaxton

Capt Stanley Keith Muir MC (25) killed (Australian)

12.9.17 Submarine Scout airship S.S.42A, RNAS, Pembroke

Hit farm building and came down in sea, off Pembrokeshire

Flt Sub-Lt John Walter Davies Cripps (21) drowned

Leading Mechanic Joseph Chorley Simpson (26) drowned

13.9.17 B.E.2e B3983, 52 TS, Montrose

Control lost and nose dived, Montrose

Lt Ronald James Jardine (24) killed

14.9.17 Avro 504J A9803, 71 Sqn, Castle Bromwich

Pilot fell out after loops, Water Orton

2Lt David Kitto Billings (23) killed (Canadian)

14.9.17 N.E.1 B3971, Royal Aircraft Factory, Farnborough

Struck sheds after engine failure at 50ft, hitting mechanic, Brooklands; rebuilt

A Mech 2 John Fay (39) killed

Lt Francis Justin Miller unhurt (pilot)

14.9.17 Sopwith 1 Strutter N5508, RNAS, Dover

Spun out of cloud and dived on rocks, The Warren, Folkestone

Flt Sub-Lt Arthur Anderson Bishop (22) killed (Canadian)

14.9.17 Spad VII A8820, 56 TS, London Colney

Wing failed while stunting; fell into water, Gubbin's Pond, Brookmans Park, Herts.

2Lt Frederick Maxwell Hawes (18) killed

15.9.17 Maurice Farman Shorthorn A7091, 47 TS, Waddington

Sideslipped and caught fire on first solo, Waddington

2Lt William Samuel Hudson Palmer (20) killed

15.9.17 Pup A638, 112 Sqn, Throwley

Wing collapsed and dived into ground, Throwley

Lt Reginald Walter Le Gallais (19) killed

16.9.17 Camel B6302, Kenley Aircraft Acceptance Park

Stalled and spun turning after take-off, Kenley

Capt Cecil Scott James Griffin (22) died 11.10.17

16.9.17 ?, 45 TS, South Carlton

Fitter struck while swinging propellor

A Mech 1 Albert Gledstone (20) killed

17.9.17 S.E.5A B9, CFS, Upavon

Crashed on take-off and caught fire, Upavon

Lt George Miles Awdry Hobart-Hampden (21) killed

20.9.17 B.E.2e 6273, 15 TS, Spittlegate

Spun and nose dived on take-off, Spittlegate

2Lt Percy Courtney Swinfen (18) killed

20.9.17 Sopwith 1 Strutter A6945, 30 TS, Ternhill

Struck by propeller, Ternhill

Cadet Edward Jabez Cooper Treadwell (22) killed (AFC)

Cadet L Benjamin unhurt (pilot, AFC)

21.9.17 Caquot kite balloon B.M.S.47, Balloon Training Depot, Roehampton

Handlers fell from balloon which broke away from Richmond Park

A Mech 2 Henry Edward James (45) killed

A Mech 3 William John Peggs (28) killed

22.9.17 Avro 504J B3250, 79 Sqn, Beaulieu

Stalled, side slipped and nose dived, Beaulieu

Lt Ernest Lawton Hargrave (18) killed

2Lt William Frederick Dry injured (pilot)

22.9.17 Bristol Fighter A3325, 35 TS, Northolt

Stalled on turn, nose dived and caught fire, Northolt

Cadet Andrei Matianovich Novikov (24) killed (Russian)

22.9.17 Camel B6292, 40 TS, Croydon

Spinning nose dive from 2000ft, between Croydon and Wallington

2Lt Arthur James Maitland (18) killed

22.9.17 Maurice Farman Shorthorn B1994, 7 TS, Netheravon

Stalled, nose dived and caught fire, near Netheravon

2Lt Alexander Findlay Campbell (18) killed

23.9.17 Spad VII B388, 79 Sqn, Beaulieu

Stalled and spun into ground, Beaulieu

2Lt Victor Charles Edelsten Bracey (19) killed

24.9.17 D.H.4 A7551, Aircraft Acceptance Park Lympne

Stalled on forced landing in field owing to engine failure, Darenth, near Dartford

Lt Frederick George Litchfield (27) killed

2Lt Howard Nunn injured

25.9.17 F.E.2d A12, 33 Sqn, Elsham

Crashed in trees while on night anti-Zeppelin patrol, near Elsham

Lt James Arthur Menzies (21) killed (Canadian)

2Lt Carey Pinnock unhurt (pilot)

25.9.17 Bristol Fighter A7146, Wireless Testing Park, Biggin Hill

Stalled after take-off, Stamford

Lt Charles Frederick Wormull (22) died 4.10.17

2Lt Cyril William Beatty injured (pilot)

25.9.17 D.H.5 A9377, 62 TS, Dover

Dived into ground after cylinder blew up, Rowling, Goodnestone, Kent

2Lt Herbert Malachi Lee (24) killed (Canadian)

25.9.17 F.E.2d A6461, 36 Sqn, Seaton Carew

Missing on night combat patrol pursuing Zeppelin over North Sea coast

2Lt Harold James Thornton (20) killed (Australian)

2Lt Cuthbert Alec Moore (20) killed

27.9.17 Avro 504J B3111, 198 Depot Squadron, Rochford

Midair collision, Rochford

Lt Arthur Sydney Talbot (27) killed (Australian)

2Lt Geoffrey Cooper Malcolm (28) killed

2Lt John Fernley Dick injured in 2nd machine

28.9.17 B.E.2e A1292, 82 Sqn, Waddington

Stalled on flat turn, nose dived and caught fire, Waddington

2Lt Frank Charles Neser (19) died 30.9.17 (South African)

28.9.17 B.E.2e A1812, 53 TS, Narborough

Stalled on turn and crashed, Narborough, Norfolk

Lt James William Todd (19) killed

28.9.17 B.E.2e A3145, 46 TS, Catterick

Stalled, nose dived and burst into flames, Catterick

2Lt Thomas Clifford Broadhurst (19) killed

28.9.17 Camel B6343, 28 Sqn, Yatesbury

Flew into ground, Chain Hill Farm, Wantage

Capt Lewis Scott White MC (21) killed

28.9.17 Maurice Farman Longhorn 8928?, RNAS, Chingford

Nose dived, Chingford

Flt Cdr John Daniel Newberry (23) killed (South African)

Pupil injured

1.10.17 AW F.K.8 B298, 50 TS, Narborough

Spun off flat turn, Narborough

2Lt George Augustus Lowe Warburton (28) killed

2.10.17 Maurice Farman Shorthorn B4682, 39 TS, South Carlton

Collision with B.E.2e B4004 on landing, South Carlton

2Lt David Black (18) died 3.10.17

3.10.17 B.E.2e A8641, 65 TS, Sedgeford

Lost in North Sea

2Lt Andrew Beattie Sneddon (18) drowned

3.10.17 B.E.2e B746, 35 TS, Northolt

Stalled and nose dived on take-off, Northolt

2Lt Walter Featherstone (27) killed

3.10.17 F.B.A. Type B N1058?, RNAS, Calshot

Side slipped into sea and overturned, Southampton Water, off Calshot

Flt Sub-Lt James Douglas Grant (24) drowned

4.10.17 Camel B2339, 73 TS, Turnhouse

Lost control and nose dived, Elphinstone, East Lothian

2Lt Ernest George Higginson (23) killed (Canadian)

5.10.17 Avro 504J B3129, 28 TS, Castle Bromwich

Stalled and spun off low turn, Castle Bromwich

2Lt Granville Vernon Loch Lewis (26) died 8.10.17

2Lt Cyril Thornton (18) killed

6.10.17 B.E.2e 6820, 37 Sqn, Goldhanger

Stalled, nose dived and caught fire, Goldhanger

2Lt William Quintus Newsom Richardson (19) killed

6.10.17 B.E.2e A1876, 61 TS, South Carlton

Wing failed in spin, Scampton road, near South Carlton

2Lt Alfred Wilfred Tolhurst (18) killed

8.10.17 Avro 504J A9769, 40 TS, Croydon

Spun and nose dived into ground, Croydon

2Lt John Leask Foubister (27) killed (New Zealander)

9.10.17 ?, Wireless Telegraphy Section, Cranwell

Side slipped and nose dived, Cranwell

A Mech 2 William Ernest Leyland (18) killed

Pilot injured

10.10.17 Camel B6222, 34 TS, Ternhill

Spun into ground, Ternhill area

2Lt Clifford Ernest Rider (20) killed (Canadian)

10.10.17 D.H.4 B3959, 44 TS, Harlaxton

Stalled on take-off, Harlaxton

2Lt Cecil Reginald Bascombe (19) killed

2Lt Walter Frederick Oliver Trench injured

11.10.17 B.E.2c/e 2568, 19 TS, Hounslow

Spun and nose dived, Lydds Cottage Field, Heath Row

2Lt Denis John Heriot Mayne (18) killed

11.10.17 F.B.A. Type B N1044, RNAS, Calshot

Nose dived into sea, Southampton Water, off Calshot

Flt Sub-Lt Bazil Whittle Horswell (22) killed

12.10.17 Avro 504J B3171, School of Special Flying, Gosport

Spun into ground, Gosport

Capt Ivan Emilio Mario Mackenzie (28) killed

Capt Andr Gerbe (33) killed (French Flying Service)

12.10.17 Sopwith 1 Strutter A8249, 78 Sqn, Sutton's Farm

Stalled on turn after take-off, Sutton's Farm, Hornchurch

2Lt Aubrey de Teissier (24) killed

13.10.17 Avro 504A A1996, CFS, Upavon

Took off too steeply, stalled and nose dived, Upavon

2Lt Benno Oscar Linsingen Hahn (17) killed (South African)

13.10.17 Beatty single-seater, Beatty School of Flying, Hendon

Spun into ground, Hendon aerodrome

Stanley George Cownie (20) killed

13.10.17 Camel B3812, CFS, Upavon

Stalled and nose dived, Upavon

Lt Alister Douglas Stewart (28) killed

13.10.17 Camel B5164, 10 TS, Shawbury

Spinning nose dive, Shawbury

2Lt Harold James Cryer (19) killed

13.10.17 Maurice Farman Shorthorn A2208, 8 TS, Netheravon

Sideslipped off steep turn, East Anton Farm, near Andover

Lt Cyril John Nixon (20) died 18.10.17

Lt Frederic Falkenberg Wessel injured

13.10.17 Maurice Farman Shorthorn B2038, 5 TS, Castle Bromwich

Side slipped and crashed, Minworth, near Castle Bromwich

2Lt Robert Francis Sanderson Christie (20) died 14.10.17

15.10.17 B.E.2e B706, 75 Sqn, Elmswell

Stalled on take-off, crashed and caught fire, Elmswell

2Lt Henry Leonard Chandler (23) died 30.10.17

15.10.17 D.H.5 A9234, 43 TS, Ternhill

Wing tip detached in flight, 2m S of Ternhill

2Lt Herbert Frederick Meyer (29) killed (Canadian)

16.10.17 D.H.4 A7438, 52 TS, Montrose

Stalled and nose dived, Charleton Road, Montrose

2Lt William Crang Thompson (23) killed (Canadian)

16.10.17 Maurice Farman Shorthorn A4134, 39 TS, South Carlton

Wing failed and spun in, South Carlton

Capt Guy Patrick Spence Reid MC (20) killed

2Lt George Grant Cameron (20) killed

18.10.17 Pup A650, 40 TS, Croydon

Broke up in flight, Queen Mary's Hospital, Carshalton

2Lt Thomas William George (25) killed

19.10.17 F.E.2b A5656, 33 Sqn, Gainsborough

Crashed after take-off on Zeppelin intercept and caught fire, Gainsborough

Lt Hubert Philip Solomon (34) killed (New Zealander)

2Lt Harold Preston injured

19.10.17 Pup B2247, 73 TS, Turnhouse

Spun into ground, Turnhouse

2Lt Patrick Alexander Anderson (18) killed

20.10.17 B.E.2e 7238, 17 TS, Yatesbury

Stalled on approach, Yatesbury

2Lt Thomas Herald (31) killed

20.10.17 Spad VII A8832, 72 Sqn, Netheravon

Stalled on turn and spun into ground, Netheravon

2Lt Edgar Retief Latham (22) killed (South African)

21.10.17 Sopwith 1 Strutter A6946, 6 TS, Catterick

Killed swinging propeller, Catterick

Sgt Herbert Harrison (21) killed

Capt Whitworth Archibald Cecil Morgan (pilot)

22.10.17 Camel B3804, CFS, Upavon

Engine choked at 100ft; stalled & spun into ground, Andover area

2Lt Charles Edwin Saines (19) killed

22.10.17 D.H.4 A7676, 2 Training Depot Station, Lake Down

Turned to avoid trees after take-off, stalled and nose dived, Lake Down, Wilts

2Lt Henry Irwin Mahaffy (23) killed

22.10.17 Maurice Farman Shorthorn B4680, 47 TS, Waddington

Engine fell out in flight, Waddington area

2Lt Frank Douglas Bernard Cattell (19) killed

23.10.17 Avro 504J B3105, 43 TS, Ternhill

Midair collision with Nieuport 20 A6741, Heath Field, Colehurst, near Ternhill

2Lt Frank Jickling (22) killed (Canadian)

23.10.17 Nieuport 20 A6741, 43 TS, Ternhill

Midair collision with Avro 504J B3105, Heath Field, Colehurst, near Ternhill

2Lt Leslie Thomas Hogben (18) killed

23.10.17 B.E.2c 9465?, RNAS, Eastchurch

Flying accident, Eastchurch

Probationary Observer Officer Kenneth Leonard Charles Oxley (18) killed

23.10.17 D.H.5 A9467, 30 TS, Ternhill

Control lost in turn on approach, Ternhill

2Lt Sidney Harold Smith (34) killed

23.10.17 Maurice Farman Longhorn N5053, Eastbourne Naval Flying School

Broke up on cross-country flight, between Rye and Brookland, Kent

Probationary Flight Officer James Peter Crawford-Wood (18) killed

24.10.17 R.E.8 A3841, 66 TS, Yatesbury

Stalled and nose dived, m E of Yatesbury aerodrome

2Lt Stanley Howard Pilkington (28) killed (AFC, New Zealander)

24.10.17 Sopwith Baby N1418, RNAS, South Shields

Came down in sea, off Whitby

Pilot missing

26.10.17 Sopwith Triplane N509?, Manston War Flight

Collision with Sopwith Pup while descending at 500ft, near Manston

Flt Lt Arthur Frank Brandon DSC (24) killed (South African)

Flt Sub-Lt Douglas Wanklyn Gray unhurt in Pup

27.10.17 Camel B3945, 94 Sqn, Harling Road

Spun off low steep turn, Harling Road area

Lt Charles Herman Macneil (25) killed (Canadian)

27.10.17 D.H.4 A7693, 49 Sqn, Dover

Side slipped off steep bank and caught fire, Swingate Downs, Dover

2Lt John Harold Keeble (19) killed

2Lt Leslie Sidney Hudson (20) killed

27.10.17 Maurice Farman Shorthorn A6810, 49 TS, Doncaster

Dived into ground, near Doncaster

2Lt Leonard Judah Fleet (22) killed

27.10.17 Maurice Farman Shorthorn B4759, 25 TS, Thetford

Crashed inverted off steep approach, Thetford

2Lt Charles William Homer (23) killed

2Lt Douglas McGill (19) killed

27.10.17 Short 320 N1360, RNAS, Yarmouth

Lost on patrol, North Sea

Flt Sub-Lt Peter George Shepherd (21) killed

Leading Mechanic Walter Fairnie DSM (20) killed

29.10.17 Avro 504J B970, CFS, Upavon

Attempted to land in thick mist and glided straight into the ground, Netheravon

2Lt Harold Victor Oldman (18) killed

30.10.17 D.H.4 A7617, 46 TS, Catterick

Broke up in spin, Catterick

2Lt Harold Pearce Stuttard (21) killed

1.11.17 D.H.6 A9595, 37 TS, Spittlegate

Nose dived from 1000ft and caught fire, Spittlegate area

2Lt John Thomas Gordon Higginson (19) killed

2.11.17 Avro 504J B3234, 63 TS, Joyce Green

Failed to recover from spin and crashed onto barge in River Thames, off Joyce Green

Capt Henry Hall Griffith (26) killed

Sgt William George Spooner injured

2.11.17 Avro 504J B4239, 74 Sqn, London Colney

Stalled on turn, side slipped and nose dived, London Colney

Lt Leonard Hale Smith (23) killed

Lt Douglas Borradaile Bell injured

3.11.17 Avro 504J B3194, 81 Sqn, Scampton

Midair collision with B3224, Scampton

Lt Owen Augustus Ellis Allen (24) killed

2Lt Edward James Gallagher injured

3.11.17 Avro 504J B3224, 81 Sqn, Scampton

Midair collision with B3194, Scampton

Lt Courtenay Patrick Flowerdew Lowson (20) killed

3.11.17 Handley Page O/100 3116, RNAS, Manston

Hit ground with wingtip on low pass, overturned and caught fire, Manston

Flt Sub-Lt Joseph Hesquith St. James (21) killed (Pilot, Canadian)

Flt Sub-Lt Walter Albert Isaacs (22) killed

Probationary Flight Officer Thomas Reginald Weston (20) killed

Probationary Flight Officer Vyvyan Holcombe Hervey injured

Probationary Flight Officer James Angus Smith injured

4.11.17 Avro 504J A9792, 1 School of Aerial Fighting, Ayr

Midair collision with A9800, Ayr

2Lt James Prentice (19) killed

4.11.17 Avro 504J B4251, School of Special Flying, Gosport

Midair collision, Gosport

2Lt George Carlton Mills (26) killed (Canadian)

Capt Oswald Horsley unhurt in 2nd machine

4.11.17 Beatty Pusher, Beatty School of Flying, Hendon

Turned over and pilot thrown out, Hendon

2Lt David Charles Bispham (19) killed

4.11.17 Camel B6252, 10 TS, Shawbury

Spinning nose dive, Shawbury

2Lt Albert Cecil Tallent (21) killed

4.11.17 R.E.8 A3693, 15 TS, Spittlegate

Stalled on turn close to the ground with failing engine, Spittlegate

2Lt Frank Lockwood (18) killed

4.11.17 R.E.8 A3893, 42 TS, Hounslow

Side slipped and nose dived off flat turn, Hounslow

2Lt Gordon Sallnow Cosgrove (19) killed

2Lt Wilfred Frank King (18) killed

5.11.17 D.H.4 A7678, 49 Sqn, Dover

Wings broke off in spin; came down in sea, 1m ESE of Leathercoat Point, Dover

Lt Cedric Arthur Jackson (23) killed

2Lt Raymond Sylvester Leventon (19) killed

6.11.17 Bristol Fighter C4813, 35 TS, Northolt

Hit tree on forced landing, Harlow, Essex

A Mech 2 Albert John Gardner (21) killed

6.11.17 F.E.2b A5719, 36 Sqn, Seaton Carew

Missing over the North Sea

2Lt Harold Dudley Crisp (22) killed

6.11.17 Fairey Hamble Baby N1327, RNAS, Westgate

Fell into sea on slow turn, near Westgate

Flt Sub-Lt George Hodges Herriot (20) killed

7.11.17 D.H.5 A9163, 62 TS, Dover

Stalled and nose dived off low turn, Swingate Downs, Dover

2Lt Reginald John Moore (19) killed

7.11.17 D.H.4 A7654, 19 TS, Hounslow

Stalled on approach, Llangefni, Anglesey

2Lt Bernard Robert Hadow Carter (19) killed

Cpl Harold Smith injured

7.11.17 D.H.5 A9206, 63 TS, Joyce Green

Crashed during right hand turn, Joyce Green area

Lt Jean-Charles Romuald Leduc (21) killed (Canadian)

7.11.17 Short 827 3324 or 8225?, RNAS, Calshot

Flew into steam barge, Gosport

Flt Sub-Lt Grantham Towers (26) killed

8.11.17 Avro 504J B3179, 73 Sqn, Lilbourne

Spinning nose dive, Lilbourne

Lt Victor William Price (23) killed

2Lt Norman Eustace Sassoon Croager (25) killed (pilot)

8.11.17 D.H.5 A9395, 63 TS, Joyce Green

Crashed off slow turn after take-off with choked engine, Harling Road, Norfolk

2Lt Wilfred George Redman (19) killed

8.11.17 Short 184 N1661, RNAS, Dundee

Crashed in North Sea in flames, 15m NE of St Abb's Head

Flt Sub-Lt Eric Osterfield Arliss Andrews (24) killed

A Mech 1 Gilbert Winter Bickle (20) killed

9.11.17 D.H.4 A7541, 83 Sqn, Wyton

Stalled turning after engine failure, Wyton

2Lt Lewis Arthur Palmer (22) killed

10.11.17 B.E.2c 8724, RNAS, East Fortune

Dived into ground, Craiglockhart, Edinburgh

Flt Sub-Lt Reginald Dennis Clive (19) killed

Petty Officer Aircraftman Timothy Charles Martin Reardon (30) killed

10.11.17 Bristol Fighter A3328, 38 TS, Rendcomb

Spun on approach, Rendcomb

Sgt Robert Lincoln (28) died 11.11.1917

10.11.17 D.H.4 A7698, 51 TS, Waddington

Trying to land, got into spin and crashed, Sleaford area

2Lt John Robert Hugh Liddell (23) killed

11.11.17 Camel B2373, 44 Sqn, Hainault Farm

Nose dived, Hainault Farm

Lt Walter Bertram Wood MC (19) killed

11.11.17 Sopwith 1 Strutter A6030, 80 Sqn, Montrose

Wings folded back recovering from dive, Nether Warburton, near Montrose

2Lt Albert James (Bert) Moore (22) killed (Canadian)

11.11.17 Maurice Farman Shorthorn B2009, 26 TS, Harlaxton

Stalled and side slipped, Plungar, Notts.

2Lt Duncan Alexander Robertson (18) killed

11.11.17 Avro 504 9280 or N5313?, RNAS, Manston

Spun in, Manston

Flt Sub-Lt David Ross Kerr (20) killed (Canadian)

12.11.17 Camel B6274, 40 TS, Croydon

Midair collision with Camel B6396, Wallington, Surrey

2Lt John Hepburn Russell CGM (29) killed

12.11.17 Camel B6396, 40 TS, Croydon

Midair collision with Camel B6274, Wallington, Surrey

2Lt Walter Crooke (18) killed

13.11.17 Pup B2242, 6 TS, Catterick

Dived into ground, Catterick area

2Lt Robert Blair Esdaile (18) killed (Canadian)

14.11.17 B.E.2e B4011, 77 Sqn, Turnhouse

Collision with Camel B6262, near Corstorphine, Edinburgh

2Lt Eric Hughes (24) killed (Australian)

14.11.17 Camel B6262, 73 TS, Turnhouse

Collision with B.E.2e B4011, near Corstorphine, Edinburgh

2Lt Hilliard Mark Armstrong (21) killed (Canadian)

14.11.17 Maurice Farman Shorthorn B4787, 49 TS, Doncaster

Side slipped out of control, 1m S of Doncaster

Lt Benjamin Wynford Philipps (24) killed

2Lt John William Barr (18) killed

16.11.17 B.E.2e 6291, 76 Sqn, Ripon

Spun and caught fire following engine failure while night flying, Crockey Hill, near York

2Lt Robert Vernon Elwood (18) died 17.11.17

16.11.17 D.H.4 A7711, 44 TS, Harlaxton

Hit tree on approach, Harlaxton

Lt Stanley Arthur Rutledge (26) killed (Canadian)

2Lt John Wilfred Rhodes injured

16.11.17 D.H.4 A7787, 61 TS, South Carlton

Stalled avoiding church on field landing, Crowland, Lincs.

Lt John Shirley Robertson (24) killed (Canadian)

17.11.17 Avro 504J B4294, 11 TS, Scampton

Hit tree while low-flying and nose dived, Scampton area

2Lt James Ritchie Wells (27) killed

17.11.17 Camel B3803, CFS, Upavon

Stalled on turn and nose dived, Upavon

Lt Raymond Frederick Dunnett MC (21) killed

17.11.17 F.E.2b B416, 33 Sqn, Gainsborough

Night-flying accident, side slipped, Hibaldstow

Lt John Augustus Harman (24) killed

20.11.17 Bristol Fighter A3314, 39 Sqn, North Weald

Failed to recover from spin, North Weald

2Lt Thomas Bradley Pritchard MC (24) died 5.12.17 (South African)

2Lt Thomas Arthur Lloyd injured

22.11.17 R.E.8 A4465, 103 Sqn, Old Sarum

Spun, crashed and caught fire, near Old Sarum

Capt Alexander Guthrie Deuchar (24) killed

22.11.17 S.E.5A B657, 61 Sqn, Rochford

Stalled on sharp turn after take-off, Rochford

Capt Charles William Bruce (22) killed

22.11.17 Short 184 N1233, RNAS, South Shields

Crashed in sea, N of Longstone, Farne Islands

Flt Sub-Lt Ralph Gordon MacAloney (24) killed (Canadian)

AC2 Frederick Thomas Sprules (29) killed

23.11.17 B.E.2e A8723, 9 TS, Norwich

Stalled while taking off, crashed and caught fire, Norwich

2Lt Alan Ernest Wale (18) killed

23.11.17 Camel B6347, RNAS, Dover

Side slipped and and nose dived off low turn, Dover

Flt Sub-Lt Harold Ferguson Airey (19) killed

26.11.17 D.H.5 A9388, 62 TS, Dover

Stalled turning on approach and nose dived, Dover

2Lt Clifford Edward Gordon Cooper (19) killed (South African)

26.11.17 Sea Scout Patrol airship S.S.P.2, RNAS, Caldale

Came down in sea, NE of Westray, Orkney

Flt Lt Edmund Bourchier Devereux (22) drowned

A Mech 1 Albert Edwin Scott drowned

Leading Mechanic Edgar James Wilson (22) drowned

26.11.17 ?, RFC

Hit tent and building after engine failure, Lake Down

A Mech 2 Lees Hyde (30) died 8.12.17

Sapper Edward Ernest Siddy (36) killed

2 injured

2Lt Gray unhurt (pilot)

28.11.17 D.H.5 A9330, 3 TDS, Lopcombe Corner

Stalled and dived into ground, Lopcombe Corner area

2Lt George Ernest Martin (25) killed

28.11.17 D.H.5 B366, 3 TDS, Lopcombe Corner

Side slipped and nose dived off steep turn, Lopcombe Corner area

2Lt Edward Stanley Osborn (21) killed (Canadian)

28.11.17 R.E.8 B6479, 42 TS, Hounslow

Stalled on low turn, hit trees and caught fire, Hounslow

2Lt Joseph Francis Crowley Cunningham (19) killed

Cadet Morris Reginald de Saxe unhurt

28.11.17 R.E.8 A4474, Artillery Co-operation Squadron, Lydd

Stalled and spun out of low cloud, Lydd

Lt Fred Farrer (36) killed

Lt Bertram Charles Joseph St. Clair Miller (24) died 29.11.17

29.11.17 N.E.1 B3972, 78 Sqn, Sutton's Farm

Hit tree on forced landing, Hornchurch area

Capt Bass Durant Capper (29) died 6.12.17

Lt-Col Robert Graeme Cherry MC injured (pilot)

30.11.17 F.E.2d A6416, 33 Sqn, Elsham

Lost speed on low turn and nose dived, Elsham

2Lt Carey Pinnock (20) killed (Canadian)

2.12.17 Avro 504J B4247, School of Special Flying, Gosport

Stalled and side slipped after take-off, Gosport

2Lt Ralph Conway Jenkins (21) killed

Able Seaman W Penn injured

2.12.17 S.E.5A B563, 28 TS, Castle Bromwich

Spun off steep low turn, Castle Bromwich area

2Lt Walter Gordon Coutts (19) killed (Canadian)

3.12.17 B.E.2e B3702, RNAS, Cranwell

Crashed and burnt, Cranwell South

Probationary Flight Officer Eric Henry Dyson (19) killed

5.12.17 Bristol Fighter A7197, 62 Sqn, Rendcomb

Stalled and nose dived on low climbing turn, near Rendcomb

2Lt David Roderick Eccles (18) killed

2Lt John Logan Sutherland injured

5.12.17 Nieuport 12 A5197, 28 TS, Castle Bromwich

Bystander struck by propeller, Castle Bromwich

2Lt Vernon Radcliffe Stewart (23) killed

Lt Donald Coates (pilot)

6.12.17 Avro 504J B4215, 30 TS, Ternhill

Stalled attempting to land in field, Ternhill area

2Lt Alfred Edgar Portlock (22) killed

7.12.17 Camel B5577, 73 Sqn, Lilbourne

Stalled on low turn and nose dived, Lilbourne

2Lt Charles Robert Rawbone (20) died 18.12.17

7.12.17 Pup B2246, 54 TS, Harlaxton

Spinning nose dive, Harlaxton area

2Lt Jack Randell Falck (19) killed

8.12.17 Avro 504J B972, CFS, Upavon

Stalled and nose dived on approach, Upavon

Lt Leroy Ellsworth Van Buskirk (29) killed (Canadian)

9.12.17 Martinsyde Elephant B866, 110 Sqn, Sedgeford

Wings folded back in dive, Sedgeford

2Lt James Alan Pearson (18) killed

9.12.17 Short 184 N1678, RNAS, HMS Riviera

Lost on patrol, English Channel area

Flt Sub-Lt Norman Ivan Larter (23) drowned (Canadian)

W/T Op 1st Reginald John Robins (22) drowned

12.12.17 B.E.2e A1360, 104 Sqn, Weyhill

Spun in after midair collision, near Appleshaw, Andover

2Lt John Edwin Ransome (24) killed

Lt Edwards unhurt in 2nd machine

12.12.17 D.H.6 A9744, 31 TS, Wyton

Hit tree in fog, Wyton

Capt Richard Henry Probyn Miers (44) killed

A Mech 1 Edmund Ward (34) killed

12.12.17 F.B.A. Type B N2680, RNAS, Calshot

Climbed too steeply; nose dived into water, Calshot area

Flt Sub-Lt Joseph Leonard Moran (23) killed (Canadian)

12.12.17 Sopwith 1 Strutter A5955, 62 TS, Dover

Hit school while stunting, St Margaret's, Dover

2Lt James Frederick Wheeler Kither (20) killed

13.12.17 Camel B2536, 39 Sqn 'E' Flt, Gosport

Spun in mist and hit Fort Brockhurst, Gosport

2Lt William Herbert Arthur (28) killed

13.12.17 Camel B5678, RNAS, Cranwell

Crashed in fog, North Rauceby, near Cranwell

Flt Lt Ernest Edward Beale (22) killed

13.12.17 Camel B6445, 30 TS, Ternhill

Spun while stunting, Ternhill area

2Lt Douglas Gordon Scott (21) killed

13.12.17 Spad VII A8804, 56 TS, London Colney

Stalled and nose dived while stunting, Shenleybury, Herts.

2Lt James Lionel Andrew (30) killed

15.12.17 AW F.K.8 B294, 37 TS, Spittlegate

Spun off low turn and hit shed, Spittlegate

2Lt Gilbert Henderson Johnston (18) killed

15.12.17 ?, Norwich AAP

Crashed from 3000ft into field on test flight, Norwich

Sgt James Hubert Ronald Green (19) killed

17.12.17 Curtiss H-4 3587, RNAS, Felixstowe

Sideslipped and nosedived into sea after take-off, off Harwich

Ensign Phillips Ward Page (32) drowned (US Navy)

18.12.17 Camel B2378, 44 Sqn, Hainault Farm

Spun on approach, Hainault Farm

2Lt Vane Carrington Manuel (29) killed (Canadian)

18.12.17 Camel B6268, 30 TS, Ternhill

Spun off flat turn with choked engine, Ternhill area

2Lt Robert Ernest Cleary (22) killed (Canadian)

18.12.17 Sopwith 1 Strutter A1014, 3 (Auxiliary) School of Aerial Gunnery, New Romney

Collision on ground, New Romney

Lt Frederick King Laverton (19) killed

A/Sgt Frederic Eugene Joseph Quessy injured (AFC)

18.12.17 Gotha, Bogohl 3

Attacked by Camel and ditched in sea, off Folkestone

Leutnant Friedrich Ketelsen (21) drowned

Oberleutnant Gerhard von Stachelsky rescued

Gefreiter A Wiesmann rescued

Second Hand Frank William Gee (46) killed by bomb during salvage 19.12.17 (RNR)

18.12.17 ?, 63 TS, Joyce Green

Engine under test, accidentally started while rotating propellor, Dover

Cpl John William Cook (35) died 19.12.17

19.12.17 Camel B3904, CFS, Upavon

Spun into ground, near Upavon

2Lt George Gerald Pasley (19) killed

19.12.17 Curtiss JN-3 A1259, 1 TDS, Stamford

Wing collapsed in loop, near Stamford

Cadet Harold Ainsworth (23) killed (American)

19.12.17 Morane & Avro, CFS, Upavon

Handler hit in ground collision, Upavon

Cpl Percy Charles Boxall (24) killed

2Lt Harry Wearne unhurt in Avro

20.12.17 AW F.K.3 A1488, 37 TS, Spittlegate

Nose dived and crashed, Grantham

Lt Merrick Orville Prismall (25) killed

20.12.17 D.H.6 A9639, 31 TS, Wyton

Crashed trying to avoid tree in fog, Cambridge area

2Lt George Henry Hall MSM (21) died 24.12.17

20.12.17 Spad VII A8874, 91 Sqn, Chattis Hill

Spun into ground, Chattis Hill

2Lt Fleetwood Earnscliffe Daniel (20) killed (Canadian)

20.12.17 Sea Scout Zero airship S.S.Z.7, RNAS, Polegate

Collision with S.S.Z.10 on landing in fog, The Downs, Jevington, Sussex

Flt Sub-Lt Richard Swallow (26) killed

A Mech 1 Victor Dodd injured

A Mech 1 Hughes injured

Flt Lt Victor A Watson injured attempting rescue

21.12.17 Camel B2310, 10 TS, Shawbury

Hit ground in fog, Montgomery

2Lt John Francis Kneale (24) killed

21.12.17 Sea Scout Patrol airship S.S.P.4, RNAS, Cardale

Wrecked at sea, off Westray, Orkney

Flt Cdr William Frith Horner (22) drowned

Leading Mechanic Ernest Frank Anthony (21) drowned

A Mech 2 Rowland Charles Behn (18) drowned

22.12.17 Avro 504A B4307, 7 TDS, Feltwell

Crashed, Feltwell area

2Lt Henry Rhodes McDonald (19) killed (South African)

22.12.17 Avro 504J B4258, 94 Sqn, Harling Road

Dived in while stunting, Harling Road area

2Lt Leslie James Mitchell (28) killed

22.12.17 D.H.6 C1953, 17 TS, Yatesbury

Stalled, inverted and nose dived, Yatesbury

2Lt Christopher Henry Hoskyns-Abrahall (18) killed

22.12.17 F.B.A. Type B N2681, RNAS, Lee-on-Solent

Nose dived into sea, Lee-on-Solent

Flt Sub-Lt Vernon Hatherden Littleboy (22) killed

23.12.17 Albatros D.V G56 (D.2129/17), 73 TS, Turnhouse

Spun into River Forth

Capt Clive Franklyn Collett MC (31) killed (New Zealander)

23.12.17 D.H.6 B2631, 1 TDS, Stamford

Collision with B2656 after take-off, Stamford

Lt Stanley James Young (27) killed

23.12.17 D.H.6 B2656, 1 TDS, Stamford

Collision with B2631 after take-off, Stamford

2Lt George Longley Lewington (19) killed

23.12.17 Maurice Farman Shorthorn B4743, 7 TS, Netheravon

Stalled and nose dived on first solo, near Netheravon

2Lt Harry Cecil Marshall (18) killed

24.12.17 Camel B5614, 6 TS, Montrose

Dived into sea, Montrose Bay

Lt Arthur Ernest Percival Mott (22) killed (Australian)

24.12.17 F.E.2b A792, 199 (Night) Training Sqn, East Retford

Stalled on turn, spun and nose dived into plantation, East Retford

2Lt Herbert Spencer Sinclair (19) killed

24.12.17 B.E.2e B4516, 109 Sqn, Lake Down

Midair collision with B.E.2e B8831, Lake Down

2Lt James Phelps Fennelly (22) killed

24.12.17 B.E.2e B8831, 108 Sqn, Lake Down

Midair collision with B.E.2e B4516, Lake Down

2Lt Ronald James Finlay (19) killed

24.12.17 Camel B9165, 80 Sqn, Beverley

Spun and crashed on golf course, Beverley

2Lt Herbert Norman Scott Anderson (18) killed

24.12.17 Short 184 N1638, RNAS, Dundee

Forced landed in heavy seas, 12m SE of Fife Ness

Flt Sub-Lt Fred Christie Cressman (28) drowned (Canadian)

A Mech 2 Gordon Dargan Ross Shearer (20) drowned

26.12.17 D.H.4 B2054, 9 TS, Norwich

Nose dived while attempting to land in snowstorm, Trowse, Norwich

2Lt Collin Chad Armstrong Norris (18) killed

27.12.17 Maurice Farman Shorthorn A2528, 12 TS, Thetford

Overturned on forced landing and caught fire, near Thetford

2Lt Frederick Leslie Walker (19) died 28.12.17

29.12.17 Camel B3888, Aeroplane Experimental Station, Martlesham Heath

Nose dived out of cloud, Martlesham area

Lt Geoffrey Edgar Cushing (19) killed (Canadian)

31.12.17 B.E.2e A3139, 76 Sqn, Ripon

Flew into ground, near Helperby

Lt Arthur Lewis Jenkins (25) killed

31.12.17 D.H.6 B2727, RNAS, Redcar

Crashed, Redcar area

Probationary Flight Officer Francis Michael Anderson (18) died 1.1.18

31.12.17 R.E.8 A3432, Armament Experimental Station, Orfordness

Stalled and nose dived on turn after take-off, Orfordness

2Lt Percy William Wilcox (24) killed

Jan - March 1918

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