A list of fatal air accidents in Britain, Jan - March 1918

2.1.1918 Bristol Fighter C4830, 35 Training Squadron, Port Meadow

Stalled and spun on approach, Wytham, Oxford

2Lt John Reginald Nickson (26) killed (Canadian)

1Lt William Smith Ely (22) killed (USAS)

3.1.18 D.H.4 A7662, 9 TS, Norwich

Caught fire in flight and crashed, Thorpe St Andrew, Norwich

2Lt Donald Walter Bryce Black (25) killed

3.1.18 D.H.6 C2018, 48 TS, Waddington

Failed to pull out of steep dive, Waddington

2Lt Reginald Foster (24) killed

2Lt William Malcolm Denham (18) killed

3.1.18 Sopwith 1 Strutter A5964, 43 TS, Ternhill

Tailplane collapsed in the air, crashed and caught fire, Tiverton, Cheshire

2Lt Andrew John Cumberland (20) killed (Canadian)

3.1.18 Sopwith Pup B5296, 112 Sqn, Throwley

Vertical nose dive off loop, Throwley

Lt Leslie Herbert Jull (25) killed

4.1.18 Avro 504J B4218, 87 Sqn, Hounslow

Stalled and nose dived on forced landing in fog, Chessington, Surrey

Arnold John Warren (19) killed (civilian passenger)

2Lt John Clarke Morris injured

4.1.18 Camel B2510, 94 Sqn, Harling Road

Crashed in river after diving on target, Harling Road

Lt Frank Abbott Wood (22) drowned (Canadian)

4.1.18 R.E.8 A3891, 9 TS, Norwich

Spun and caught fire after engine failure, Norwich

Lt John Vesey Knox (25) killed

2Lt Percy Dolph Parker (21) killed

6.1.18 B.E.2e A1350, 51 TS, Waddington

Broke up in dive, Waddington

2Lt Bernard Percy Bartlan Harrison (23) killed

7.1.18 AW F.K.3 B9521, 1 (Auxiliary) School of Aerial Gunnery, Hythe

Forced landed in English Channel after engine failure, off Hythe

Lt Cecil Olcher Fedden (27) died

Capt George Thomas Reid injured

7.1.18 D.H.6 A9593, 20 TS, Harlaxton

Midair collision with D.H.6 A9637 in mist and snow, Harlaxton

2Lt Arthur Charles Perryman (29) killed

7.1.18 D.H.6 A9637, 20 TS, Harlaxton

Midair collision with D.H.6 A9593 in mist and snow, Harlaxton

Lt William Kay Anderson (25) killed (Canadian)

7.1.18 D.H.6 A9761, 48 TS, Waddington

Dived into ground, Waddington area

Cadet Joseph Hiserodt Sharpe (21) killed (US Army)

7.1.18 Sopwith Pup B5933, CFS, Upavon

Spun at low altitude, Upavon

Lt Geoffrey Walter Calverley DSO (21) killed

9.1.18 Avro 504A B4323, 3 Training Depot Station, Lopcombe Corner

Stalled, spun and caught fire, Lopcombe Corner area

2Lt Percival John Tattersall (18) killed

11.1.18 B.E.2e A8635, 98 Sqn, Old Sarum

Hit steel mast after take-off, Old Sarum

Lt Azariah Phillips (19) died 12.1.18

Lt Harry Morley Whitcut injured (pilot)

11.1.18 Bristol Fighter C4610, 62 Sqn, Rendcomb

Stalled, nose dived and caught fire, Rendcomb

2Lt George Lewis Roberts Parrish (18) killed (Canadian)

Lt Arthur Vincent Collins injured

11.1.18 S.E.5A B662, 74 Sqn, London Colney

Stalled and nose dived on approach and burnt out, London Colney

2Lt John Harding Greathead (20) killed (South African)

11.1.18 ?, 5 TDS, Easton-on-the-Hill

Hit by propeller while starting engine, Easton-on-the-Hill

Sgt Percy Hawthorne Banner (39) killed

12.1.18 Caquot kite balloon S.B.248, Balloon Training Depot, Roehampton

Observer fell from damaged balloon, Richmond Park, Surrey

2Lt Archibald McDowall (25) killed

Lt George Morgan Dean parachuted; injured

12.1.18 F.E.2b A5626, 33 Sqn, Gainsborough

Came down too steeply on night landing, Lincoln area

2Lt Frederick James Livingstone (23) killed (New Zealander)

13.1.18 Camel B4639, 1 TS, Beaulieu

Broke up in flight, Beaulieu area

2Lt Joseph Clark Wood (22) killed (Canadian)

13.1.18 D.H.4 A7755, 103 Sqn, Old Sarum

Stalled or side slipped on downwind forced landing, near Alresford, Hants.

2Lt Lyman Holden Cunningham (21) killed (American)

13.1.18 D.H.9 C6055, Hendon AAP

Stalled and spun on turn after take-off and caught fire, Hendon

Lt Francis Harry Varney Wise (25) killed

2Lt Albert Payne (29) killed

14.1.18 Sopwith Pup B5952, 89 Sqn, Harling Road

Failed to recover from spin, Harling Road

2Lt Francis Hope Patten (19) killed

15.1.18 F.E.2b A5634, 36 Sqn, Ashington

Stalled and spun on low turn, Ashington, Northumberland

2Lt Arthur Francis Quelch (26) killed

19.1.18 Avro 504J C4388, 92 Sqn, Chattis Hill

Midair collision with Spad A8858, Chattis Hill

Lt Charles Edgar Rowley (20) killed

19.1.18 Spad VII A8858, 91 Sqn, Chattis Hill

Midair collision with Avro C4388, Chattis Hill

Lt Lachlan John Macdonald (37) killed (Australian)

19.1.18 B.E.2e B4523, 69 TS, Narborough

Stalled banking after take-off and nose dived, Narborough

2Lt Robert Cadzow (19) died 22.1.18

19.1.18 S.E.5A C5341, Wireless Experimental Establishment, Biggin Hill

Spun in from 4000ft after aerobatics, Martin's Road, Shortlands, Bromley, Kent

Capt Evelyn Horace Guy Sharples (19) killed

19.1.18 Sopwith Dolphin C3800, 79 Sqn, Beaulieu

Caught fire in flight and nose dived, Poulner, near Ringwood, Hants.

2Lt Charles Dudley Chapman (24) killed

19.1.18 Sopwith Dolphin C3860, 79 Sqn, Beaulieu

Stalled on turn, spun and caught fire, Beaulieu

2Lt Arthur Rowland Taylor (21) killed

19.1.18 Spad VII A8853, 92 Sqn, Chattis Hill

Spun off low roll, Chattis Hill

2Lt Wilson Rhodes Bailey (24) killed

20.1.18 Avro 504A B4354, 7 TDS, Feltwell

Nose dived from 50ft, Feltwell area

2Lt Joseph Davis (28) killed

20.1.18 Avro 504J B3141, CFS, Upavon

Stalled on climbing turn and nose dived, Upavon

Lt George Harry Heasman (27) killed

2Lt James Alexander Anderson injured

20.1.18 Sopwith Pup B6089, 6 TS, Australian Flying Corps, Ternhill

Crashed out of control, Ternhill

2Lt Reginald James Thomas Forsyth (25) died 16.2.18

21.1.18 Avro 504A A441, CFS, Upavon

Midair collision with Avro B3132, Upavon

2Lt Thomas Rendall Seater (26) killed

21.1.18 Avro 504J B3132, CFS, Upavon

Midair collision with Avro A441, Upavon

2Lt Arthur Dawson (19) killed

21.1.18 Avro 504J B8602, RNAS, Chingford

Stalled on low turn, dived in and caught fire, Fairlop

Probationary Flight Officer William Eric Floyd (18) killed

21.1.18 B.E.2e C7104, 6 TDS, Boscombe Down

Spun off steep turn, Boscombe Down area

2Lt David Charles Melville (18) killed

2Lt Sydney Hargreaves Pilling injured (pilot)

21.1.18 Curtiss JN-4 B1903, 1 TDS, Stamford

Stalled on steep turn and spun, Stamford

2Lt [Prometheus] Hilary Thomas Buss (21) killed

Capt Philip George Marr injured (pilot)

21.1.18 D.H.5 B4908, 61 TS, South Carlton

Dived into ground, South Carlton area

2Lt Andrew Rushworth Ward (19) killed

21.1.18 F.E.2b 4279, 192 (Night) TS, Newmarket

Spun off slow turn and caught fire, Cambridge Road, Exning, Newmarket

Lt Henry Percival Freeman (28) killed

2Lt Claude Eugene Rooke (21) killed

22.1.18 AW F.K.8 C3568, 15 TS, Spittlegate

Spun while making low flat turn, Spittlegate area

2Lt Arthur Cecil Fraser (19) killed

22.1.18 Bristol Fighter B1236, 59 TS, Lilbourne

Pilot fell out at about 2000ft, Lilbourne

2Lt Harold Griffith Nelson (25) killed (American)

22.1.18 Camel B5672, RNAS, Cranwell

Spun in off steep turn, Cranwell

Probationary Flight Officer Leslie George Huddleston (18) killed

22.1.18 ?, War School, Manston

Stalled in low turn and nose dived, Manston

Flt Lt Charles Elbridge Burden (22) killed (Canadian)

23.1.18 Camel B2481, 54 TS, Castle Bromwich

Midair collision with Pup B5957 at 4000ft, Castle Bromwich

2Lt Reginald Douglas Hamilton (19) killed (Canadian)

23.1.18 Sopwith Pup B5957, 28 TS, Castle Bromwich

Midair collision with Camel B2481 at 4000ft, Castle Bromwich

2Lt Ralph Gordon Hall (19) killed (Canadian)

25.1.18 Camel B4644, 5 TDS, Easton-on-the-Hill

Spinning nose dive after loop, Stamford

Capt Charles Holland MC (31) killed

25.1.18 D.H.4 A7986, 52 TS, Catterick

Lost control and spun into ground, Catterick area

2Lt John Frederick Cheesman (24) killed

26.1.18 AW F.K.8 C3527, 24 TS, Netheravon

Spun, nose dived and caught fire on ferry flight, Spittlegate

2Lt Allan Ross McPherson (19) killed (Canadian)

26.1.18 Camel B5235, 40 TS, Croydon

Broke up in flight, Purley

Lt Rupert Ernest Neve (24) killed

26.1.18 Camel B9233, 5 TS, Wyton

Side slipped off steep turn after take-off, Wyton

2Lt Peter Henry Oldridge (19) killed

26.1.18 D.H.6 A9609, 53 TS, Harlaxton

Nose dived into ground out of control, Grantham

2Lt George Henry Tufts (21) killed

27.1.18 Avro 504J B3230, 61 TS, South Carlton

Stalled on climbing turn after take-off, South Carlton

Lt Allan Barrie Johnson MC (24) killed (Canadian)

2Lt Evanda Berkeley Garnett (20) killed (pilot; American)

27.1.18 D.H.6 C6806, 53 TS, Harlaxton

Dived into ground, Harlaxton area

2Lt Edmund Barnes (18) killed

27.1.18 Sopwith Pup B5972, 4 TDS, Hooton Park

Dived into River Mersey, off Eastham

2Lt John Daniel George Brendel (27) killed

27.1.18 Sopwith Baby N1109, RNAS, Yarmouth

Lost at sea on patrol, off Norfolk

Flt Sub-Lt Edward Morris (19) drowned

28.1.18 Camel B9282, 3 TS, Shoreham

Stalled on turn after take-off and spun into ground, Eastbourne aerodrome

Cadet Roy Olin Garver (25) killed (United States Air Service)

28.1.18 D.H.5 B7792, 3 TDS, Lopcombe Corner

Flying accident, cause unknown, Lopcombe Corner

2Lt Jocelyn Gore Cowell (18) killed

28.1.18 Gotha G.V 938/16, Bosta 14, Bogohl 3

Shot down in flames by Sopwith Camels, Frierns Farm, Wickford, Essex

Leutnant Friedrich von Thomsen (24) killed

Unteroffizier Karl Ziegler (19) killed (pilot)

Unteroffizier Walter Heiden (23) killed

29.1.18 Avro 504B N6667, RNAS, Cranwell

Crashed, near Rauceby gun station, near Cranwell

Probationary Flight Officer Norman Charles Collett (18) killed

29.1.18 Avro 504J C4418, 63 TS, Joyce Green

Collision with Avro ?4332 at 50ft, Joyce Green

Lt Sydney Esmond O'Hanlon MC (23) died 3.2.18

Cadet Walter Roger Avery injured (USAS)

29.1.18 Camel B6322, 40 TS, Croydon

Spun off flat turn on approach, Joyce Green

2Lt Robert John Fleming (19) killed

30.1.18 Avro 504J B3247, 70 TS, Beaulieu

Hit hut and overturned on forced landing after engine failure, Beaulieu area

Cpl Rochfort Richard Connor (37) killed

2Lt Cecil Affleck Herbert Aspinall unhurt (pilot)

30.1.18 D.H.4 B5472, 106 Sqn, Weyhill

Broke up in spin out of loop, Weyhill area

2Lt Thomas Le Messurier (20) killed (Canadian)

30.1.18 Camel, RNAS, East Fortune

Spun into ground, Cranston, Midlothian

Flt Sub-Lt Harold Beardsell Brearley (20) killed

31.1.18 Avro 504J C4369, 93 Sqn, Chattis Hill

Crashed looping near ground, Chattis Hill area

2Lt Donald Gee (23) killed

31.1.18 F.E.2b A5639, 33 Sqn, (Gainsborough)

Night flying accident, Elsham area

2Lt Harold Sanders Marshall (24) killed

Sgt Frederick Bradshaw (19) killed (pilot)

1.2.18 AW F.K.8 B3392, 1 (Training) Wireless School, South Farnborough

Flying accident, Farnborough area

2Lt Arthur James Shaw (22) killed

A Mech 2 C Evans injured

1.2.18 D.H.6 A9723, 31 TS, Wyton

Flying accident; machine caught fire, Wyton area

2Lt Robert Henry Beeton (18) killed

3.2.18 Avro 504J B3156, 3 TDS, Lopcombe Corner

Stalled on low turn, Berry Court Farm, Nether Wallop

Capt Oswald William Morgan (29) killed (South African)

2Lt Evelyn Jeffreys Peacocke (18) died 4.2.18

3.2.18 Camel B7344, 36 TS, Montrose

Failed to recover from spin, Montrose

2Lt John Stevenson Young (35) killed

4.2.18 AW F.K.3 B9538, 50 TS, Spittlegate

Nose dived, Spittlegate

Lt Wilfrid Randall Clarke (26) killed

4.2.18 R.E.8 A3903, Artillery Co-operation Sqn, Netheravon

Wings folded back in flight, Netheravon

Lt Ashton Morgan (26) killed

Flt Sgt Lester William Rowan (26) killed

5.2.18 Avro 504J C4321, 42 TS, Wye

Stalled and dived off turn, Kent

2Lt Francis Walter Cobb (19) died 28.3.18

5.2.18 D.H.5 B365, 3 TDS, Lopcombe Corner

Crashed making forced landing in mist at dusk, Grange Farm, Middle Aston, Oxon

2Lt John Hardie (19) killed

5.2.18 F.E.2b A5534, 36 Sqn, Seaton Carew

Side slipped on low turn; crashed on beach, near Seaton Carew

2Lt John Montgomery Black (19) killed

2Lt Ernest Nicholls (23) died 10.3.18

5.2.18 F.E.2b A5612, 199 NTS, East Retford

Stalled avoiding tree on forced landing, Blyton, near Gainsborough

Sgt Thomas Arthur Condron (19) killed

5.2.18 Maurice Farman Shorthorn B4795, 47 TS, Waddington

Midair collision with D.H.4, Lincoln

Lt Cecil Henderson Keefe (25) killed

2Lt Leslie Riley (23) killed

5.2.18 Sopwith Dolphin C3779, Aeroplane Experimental Station, Martlesham Heath

Spun, nose dived and caught fire, Martlesham Heath

Capt Leonard Monteagle Barlow MC (19) killed

6.2.18 B.E.2e B4042?, 6 TDS, Boscombe Down

Lost speed in low turn and nose dived, Boscombe Down area

Lt Keith Charles Beddy (21) killed

2Lt Charles Cecil Hendershot (19) killed (Canadian)

7.2.18 Avro 504A A1986, CFS, Upavon

Crashed after cylinder explosion at low altitude, Bashley, New Milton, Hants.

2Lt William Reginald Sanborn (22) killed (Canadian)

7.2.18 D.H.4 A7748, 46 TS, Catterick

Stalled and nose dived after take-off, Catterick

2Lt Jack Pitt (19) killed

8.2.18 Avro 504A B4344, 74 Sqn, London Colney

Fell in flames after midair collision with C4377, London Colney

Lt Douglas Quirk Ellis (21) killed (Canadian)

8.2.18 Avro 504J C4377, 74 Sqn, London Colney

Fell in flames after midair collision with B4344, London Colney

Cadet Joseph Frederick Stillman Jr (25) died 23.2.18 (USAS)

8.2.18 AW F.K.8 B1497, 103 Sqn, Old Sarum

Tail cut off in midair collision with AW F.K.8 B3348, near Chippenham, Wilts.

2Lt Tom Martindale Speechly (20) killed

A Mech 2 Walter Greenhalgh (26) killed

2Lt Marshall unhurt in B3348

8.2.18 Camel B5565, 1 School of Aerial Fighting, Ayr

Wing failed in flight, Kincaidston Farm, Ayr

Capt Victor George Anderson Bush (25) killed

8.2.18 F.E.2b A5760, 1 School of Navigation & Bomb-dropping, Stonehenge

Stalled and nose dived on landing while lost, near Park Prewett Hospital, Basingstoke, Hants.

Flt Sub-Lt Cyril Jewell (18) killed

2Lt Frederick George Smith (20) killed

9.2.18 D.H.5 B4920, 3 TDS, Lopcombe Corner

Spinning nose dive from 1000ft, Lopcombe Corner

2Lt Arthur Francis Xavier Turnbull (20) killed

10.2.18 R.E.8 A3742, 66 TS, Yatesbury

Spun off steep downwind turn, No. 2 Camp, Yatesbury

Lt John Thomas Gibson (28) killed

Lt Frederick Clyde Baxter injured

11.2.18 R.E.8 A3881, 53 TS, Harlaxton

Spun and nose dived off low turn after engine failure, Harlaxton

2Lt Gerald Arthur Bloomfield (23) died 13.2.18

12.2.18 B.E.2e 7164, 13 TS, Yatesbury

Spun and nose dived, Yatesbury

2Lt Reginald John Collier (19) killed

12.2.18 Camel B5654, War School, Manston

Flat spin from 1500ft, near Manston

2Lt Donald Roy Glenn (19) killed (Canadian)

12.2.18 F.E.2b A5679, 51 Sqn, Marham

Hit trees, overturned and caught fire after engine failure, Tydd St Mary, Lincs.

2Lt Herbert Graham Donaldson (25) died 16.2.18

2Lt Albert Grant Taylor injured (pilot, Canadian)

12.2.18 Maurice Farman Shorthorn B4770, 12 TS, Thetford

Hit top of fence on landing and overturned, Thetford

A Mech 2 George Albert Gillard (19) killed

12.2.18 ?, 46 TS, Catterick

Hit hedge and girl on attempted take-off, Middridge Grange Farm, Shildon, Durham

Edith Walker (11) killed

2Lt Arthur Harold Birbeck unhurt

13.2.18 Maurice Farman Shorthorn A6836, 14 TS, Tadcaster

Stalled, spun and nose dived, Tadcaster area

2Lt James Ashwell Howe (18) killed

14.2.18 R.E.8 D4963, 109 Sqn, Stonehenge

Wing failure; nose dived to ground, Stonehenge area

2Lt Charles Allister McGillivray (18) killed (Canadian)

15.2.18 B.E.2e A3062, 5 TS, Wyton

Failed to recover from spin, Warboys, Hunts.

Lt Charles Alec Southin MC (23) killed

2Lt James Athol Gordon Duncan (19) killed

15.2.18 S.E.5A C9056, 93 Sqn, Chattis Hill

Stalled on climbing turn after take-off, Chattis Hill

Lt Edward Thomas Curling (24) killed

16.2.18 Avro 504J B974, CFS, Upavon

Nose dived from 100ft, Upavon

2Lt Stuart Norman Shephard (20) killed

2Lt Eric Wilfred Whitehead (19) killed

16.2.18 Camel B5192, 44 Sqn, Hainault Farm

Broke up in flight, Hainault Farm area

2Lt Henry Arthur Edwardes (19) killed

16.2.18 Maurice Farman Shorthorn B4741, 2 TS, Northolt

Side slipped and nose dived off steep low turn, Northolt

Lt Percy Lilico (23) killed

16.2.18 Spad VII A9131, 56 TS, London Colney

Stalled on approach to forced landing, m N of Radlett railway station

Cadet Lindley Haines DeGarmo (27) killed (USAS)

16.2.18 ?, RFC, Sedgeford

Fitter struck by propeller while starting engine, Sedgeford

A Mech 1 Alexander Keir (22) killed

17.2.18 D.H.4 B9994, 110 Sqn, Sedgeford

Caught fire in the air and nose dived, Sedgeford

2Lt Francis Bernard Evans (22) killed

18.2.18 AW F.K.8 C8410, RFC, Boscombe Down

Struck by propeller of runaway aeroplane, Boscombe Down

A Mech 2 William Herbert Frederick Dewey (19) killed

18.2.18 B.E.2e A8712, 5 TDS, Easton-on-the-Hill

Nose dived off low turn, Stamford area

Cadet Clark Brockway Nichol (24) killed (USAS)

18.2.18 B.E.12 6610, 37 Sqn, Goldhanger

Crashed while on patrol during hostile raid, near Tolleshunt Major, Essex

2Lt Sydney Armstrong (18) killed

18.2.18 Bristol Scout B716, 34 TS, Ternhill

Failed to recover from spin, Ternhill area

2Lt Wilfrid Joseph McGinn (20) killed

18.2.18 Fairey Hamble Baby N1969 or N1971?, RNAS, Lee-on-Solent

Wing broke away in loop at 5000ft, Hamble

Probationary Flight Officer Albert Edward Gullett (18) killed

18.2.18 R.E.8 A3576, 59 TS, Rendcomb

Stalled and nose dived, Milcombe, near Banbury

2Lt George Thomas Bodycomb (23) killed

18.2.18 Sopwith Pup B6038, 10 TS, Shawbury

Stalled and spun on low turn, Shawbury area

2Lt John Hardman Batten (19) killed

18.2.18 Sopwith Pup B735, 85 Sqn, Hounslow

Collision with Avro on approach, Hounslow

Cadet Harold Kidder Bulkley (21) killed (USAS)

Lt Turnbull & Lt Peacock unhurt in Avro

19.2.18 D.H.4 A8002, 1 School of Navigation & Bomb-dropping, Stonehenge

Crashed after engine failure on take-off, Filton

2Lt Edward Tilney Evans (19) killed

19.2.18 D.H.4 B2121, 26 TS, Narborough

Stalled and nose dived turning after engine failure, Narborough

2Lt John Fyffe Shaw (18) killed

2Lt Charles Arkley Law (18) killed

19.2.18 R.E.8 B4045, 48 TS, Waddington

Spun off gliding turn, Spittlegate

Cadet Donald Elsworth Carlton (22) killed (USAS)

20.2.18 Fairey Hamble Baby N1461, RNAS, Yarmouth

Lost on anti-submarine patrol over the North Sea

Flt Sub-Lt Victor John Budd (19) killed

21.2.18 Fairey Hamble Baby N1457, RNAS, Fishguard

Forced landed in Irish Sea, off Cardigan

Flt Sub-Lt Cyril Gordon Duckworth (18) drowned

21.2.18 B.E.2e A8637, 35 TS, Port Meadow

Wings folded back pulling out of dive, Wolvercote, Oxford

2Lt Alexander Burgess Anstey (19) killed

2Lt Sydney Lionel Stern (22) killed

22.2.18 Camel B4637, 18 TS, Montrose

Turned over and nose dived, near Montrose

2Lt George North Middleton (26) killed (South African)

23.2.18 Avro 504J B4255, 87 Sqn, Hounslow

Spun on turn and side slipped, Little Park Farm, Hanworth

2Lt Albert Edward Colwell (19) killed

23.2.18 D.H.4 B5463, 26 TS, Narborough

Stalled and nose dived while turning on approach, Narborough

Lt Harold Augustus Laws (23) killed

23.2.18 ?, RNAS, Eastchurch

Midair collision between two aeroplanes formating alongside airship, Eastchurch

Flt Lt Charles Hamilton Murray Chapman (25) killed

Flt Sub-Lt Harold McKenzie Reid (21) killed

AC1 William Charles Eric Brady (18) killed

AC1 Richard Gordon Arrowsmith (18) killed

24.2.18 Bristol Fighter C4809, 8 TS, Netheravon

Collision with D.H.6 C2003 at 50ft, Netheravon

Lt Thomas Edward Bulteel (28) killed (Australian)

2Lt R Wilson unhurt in C2003

24.2.18 D.H.4 B5508, 99 Sqn, Old Sarum

Wings lost in flight, Stockbridge area

2Lt Lester Luke Brennan (25) killed (American)

25.2.18 D.H.4 A7814, 75 TS, Cramlington

Stalled and nose dived off low turn, Cramlington

2Lt Arthur Edward Cartland (21) killed

2Lt Cecil Frederick Halford unhurt

25.2.18 R.E.8 B6635, 48 TS, Waddington

Stalled and nose dived off low turn, Waddington area

2Lt Robert John Gross (18) killed

26.2.18 B.E.2e B8835, 37 Sqn, Goldhanger

Stalled and hit tree on landing, Goldhanger

2Lt Frederick Augustus Crowley (20) killed

26.2.18 Sopwith Pup B2237, CFS, Upavon

Lost speed in climbing turn and nose dived, Upavon

2Lt William Thomas Galbraith (25) killed

27.2.18 Avro 504A B3285, RNAS, Redcar

Crashed, Redcar area

Probationary Flight Officer Edward Phillips McIndoe (18) killed

27.2.18 B.E.2c 8302, RNAS, Cranwell

Spun in, near Spittlegate aerodrome

Probationary Flight Officer Albert Walter Gordon Crosby (22) died 10.3.18 (Canadian)

27.2.18 D.H.5 B7762, 3 TDS, Lopcombe Corner

Cartwheeled on forced landing after engine failure, Stockbridge area

2Lt Arthur Morgan (18) killed

27.2.18 D.H.6 B2763, 53 TS, Harlaxton

Side slipped, nose dived and caught fire, Harlaxton area

Capt Ralph Himsworth Jarvis MC (27) killed (Canadian)

2Lt John James Nicholson Musgrave (19) killed

28.2.18 Bristol Fighter B1312, 8 AAP, Lympne

Stalled, nose dived and caught fire, Broomhall Farm, Sunningdale, Berks.

Lt Stanley Chappell (19) died 2.3.18

28.2.18 D.H.4 A7980, 104 Sqn, Weyhill

Spun on flat turn, Weyhill area

2Lt Albert Augustus Gerow (22) killed (Canadian)

28.2.18 S.E.5A C5371, 28 TS, Castle Bromwich

Wing collapsed in roll, Castle Bromwich area

Cadet Lloyd Ludwig (21) killed (USAS)

28.2.18 Short 184 N1647, RNAS, Hornsea

Crashed on take-off for patrol and caught fire, Hornsea

Flt Lt Hubert Charles Lemon (22) killed

Flt Cdr Paul Douglas Robertson injured

2.3.18 F.E.2b A5544, 192 NTS, Newmarket

Hit tree in forced landing, 2m from Thetford, Suffolk

2Lt Andrew Ramsay Aitken (19) killed

Capt Campbell unhurt (pilot)

3.3.18 Camel B5562, 1 School of Aerial Fighting, Ayr

Stalled and spun on low turn, Ayr

Ensign Frederick William Hough (23) died 13.3.18 (USNAS)

3.3.18 Martinsyde G.102 A3969, 75 TS, Cramlington

Hit chimney and crashed on forced landing, Newcastle

2Lt Roland Walton Stobbart (18) died 6.3.18

3.3.18 Short 184 N1606, RNAS, Newlyn

Failed to return from patrol, off Eddystone lighthouse

Obs Sub-Lt Bertram George Rowley (30) drowned

Pilot drowned

4.3.18 Avro 504A A2008, CFS, Upavon

Midair collision with Avro 4332, Upavon area

2Lt George Harry Grattan (30) killed

4.3.18 Avro 504 ?4332, CFS, Upavon

Midair collision with Avro 504A A2008, Upavon area

2Lt William Edward Skinner (18) killed

4.3.18 R.E.8 A3775, 16 TS, Yatesbury

Stalled on approach in mist and caught fire, Stanton St Bernard, Wilts.

2Lt Walter Sondheim (20) killed (South African)

5.3.18 Camel B7281, 11 TS, Scampton

Stalled on forced landing approach and caught fire, Scampton

2Lt Alfred Curley (19) killed

6.3.18 Avro 504J B958, 3 TS, Shoreham

Stalled on flat turn and spun, Lancing

2Lt Edgar Murray Cheshire (24) killed

6.3.18 AW F.K.3 B9502, 1 (Auxiliary) School of Aerial Gunnery, Hythe

Machine inverted; pilot fell out, Hythe

1Lt Frank Gibbes Montgomery (24) killed (USAS)

2Lt Terence Wood Manley (23) killed (pilot)

6.3.18 B.E.2e, School of Aerial Co-operation with Coastal Defence Batteries, Gosport

Flew into sea at night in fog, near Cowes

Lt Allan Cowan Coley (19) killed

6.3.18 Camel B5734, War School, Manston

Crashed after wing broke off, Thanet

Flt Sub-Lt Wilfrid Norman Cross (18) killed

7.3.18 Camel B7418, 1 School of Aerial Fighting, Ayr

Failed to recover from spin, Ayr

Lt Thomas Sydney Ough Dealy (21) killed (AFC)

7.3.18 Camel B7469, RFC, Ayr

Spun off low turn, Ayr

1Lt Andrew Carl Ortmayer (21) died 8.3.18 (USAS)

7.3.18 D.H.4, 1 School of Navigation & Bomb-dropping, Stonehenge

Crashed on approach and caught fire, Stonehenge

Lt William Henry Collins (27) killed

Sgt Lawrence Mears (21) killed (pilot)

8.3.18 S.E.5A B679, 61 Sqn, Rochford

Collision at night with B.E.12 C3208, Dollymans Farm, between Wickford and Rayleigh, Essex

Capt Henry Clifford Stroud (24) killed

8.3.18 B.E.12 C3208, 37 Sqn, Stow Maries

Collision at night with S.E.5A B679, Dollymans Farm, between Wickford and Rayleigh, Essex

Capt Alexander Bruce Kynoch (24) killed

8.3.18 Camel B7420, 1 School of Aerial Fighting, Ayr

Failed to recover from spin, Ayr

Ensign Harry Glenn Velie (25) killed (USNAS)

8.3.18 Short 827 8648, RNAS, Lee-on-Solent

Nose dived on take-off, Lee-on-Solent area

Probationary Flight Officer Reginald Dobson (18) killed

8.3.18 ?, RFC

Housemaid hit by propeller, Sopley Park, Hants.

Annie Veal (38) killed

Lt Claude Michael John Barrington (pilot)

9.3.18 B.E.2e B6152, Artillery & Infantry Co-operation School, Worthy Down

Main plane collapsed in flight, Headbourne Worthy

2Lt Harold Percy Dawson (27) killed

9.3.18 Camel B7314, 45 TS, South Carlton

Stalled and spun on low turn, South Carlton area

2Lt Horace Samuel Johnson (21) killed

9.3.18 D.H.5 B4943, 3 TDS, Lopcombe Corner

Stalled on vertical turn, Lopcombe Corner area

2Lt Austin Ross Lapp (19) killed (Canadian)

9.3.18 R.E.8 7822?, 5 TDS, Easton-on-the-Hill

Nose dived off low turn, Easton-on-the-Hill area

2Lt George Anthony Gordon Porter (19) killed (Canadian)

9.3.18 S.E.5A B8277, 93 Sqn, Chattis Hill

Stalled, crashed and caught fire, Andover area

2Lt William Erskine Buchan (19) killed (Canadian)

10.3.18 B.E.12 C3116, 50 Sqn, Bekesbourne

Lost at sea in fog on flight from Sheffield to Bekesbourne

2Lt John Archer Clinton Kempe-Roberts (23) killed

10.3.18 B.E.2e B8847, 1 School of Navigation & Bomb-dropping, Stonehenge

Low-level stunting; hit boy recruits, Stonehenge

Boy William Edwin Henderson (17) killed

Boy John Perry (17) killed

Boy Albert Edward Robert Reynolds (17) died 15.4.18

2Lt Harold William Campbell injured (pilot)

Boy Robert Rae Reid injured

Cadet Ronald Knight unhurt (passenger)

10.3.18 Camel N6343, War School, Manston

Came down at sea in fog, off Ramsgate

Flt Lt John William Kavanagh (19) drowned (South African)

10.3.18 D.H.4 A7588, 46 TS, Catterick

Caught fire in flight and hit tree on landing, Bramham Moor aerodrome

1Lt Eugene Russell Wheatley (22) killed (USAS)

10.3.18 F.E.2b B428, 38 Sqn, Buckminster

Hit trees on night landing, Buckminster

Lt George Robert Graham Smeddle (19) killed

11.3.18 AW F.K.8 C8425, 15 TS, Spittlegate

Nose dived off low turn and caught fire, Spittlegate

2Lt Benjamin Daniel Rowland Davies (23) killed

11.3.18 D.H.6 C2135, 17 TS, Yatesbury

Nose dived after Very light fired inside cockpit, Yatesbury

2Lt Arthur Braithwaite (24) killed

11.3.18 R.E.8 A4558, 5 TDS, Easton-on-the-Hill

Stalled on low turn, Longstanton, Cambridgeshire

2Lt Cecil Herbert Newton (18) killed

11.3.18 Sopwith Pup A660, CFS, Upavon

Collision, Upavon area

2Lt Herbert David Coldwell (25) killed

11.3.18 Camel B7264, RNAS, Cranwell

Crashed, Cranwell South

Probationary Flight Officer Walter James Stevens (18) killed

12.3.18 Camel B9146, 65 TS, Dover

Stalled and spun on low gliding turn, Dover

2Lt Henry William Payne (20) killed

12.3.18 Camel C1625, 78 Sqn, Hornchurch

Stalled and spun on turn, Sutton's Farm, Hornchurch

2Lt William Heys Pickup (33) killed

12.3.18 D.H.4 A7692, 44 TS, Waddington

Crashed off climbing turn after take-off, Waddington

Cadet George Orrin Middleditch (23) killed (USAS)

Cadet Chester Albert Pudrith (23) died 30.4.18 (USAS)

12.3.18 Maurice Farman Shorthorn A6850, 2 TS, Northolt

Stalled on climbing turn and nose dived, Northolt

Capt Vincent Patrick Murphy (24) killed (Canadian)

13.3.18 Avro 504J C4334, 3 TDS, Lopcombe Corner

Stalled, side slipped and caught fire, Lopcombe Corner

2Lt Harry Stanley Gough (24) died 16.3.18

13.3.18 D.H.4 B5495, 105 Sqn, Weyhill

Crashed on landing, near Culham Bridge, Abingdon, Oxon

Lt Llewelyn Crighton Davies MC (29) died 16.3.18

13.3.18 F.E.2b A5740, 36 Sqn, Hylton

Side slipped on forced landing and caught fire, Pontop Pike, Annfield Plain, Durham

Sgt Arthur John Joyce (27) killed

15.3.18 Bristol Fighter C4647, 35 TS, Port Meadow

Wings folded back in loop, Wolvercote Common, Oxon

Capt Edward Fraser Norris (22) killed

A Mech 2 Rhys Roberts Humphreys (20) killed

15.3.18 D.H.9 D5559, 99 Sqn, Old Sarum

Stalled and nose dived on low turn, Old Sarum area

2Lt William Everitt Sinclair (21) killed (Canadian)

15.3.18 Sopwith Baby N1434, RNAS, Seaton Carew

Came down in North Sea, off Seaton Carew

Flt Sub-Lt Charles Thomas Greenwood (19) drowned

16.3.18 Camel B7319, 81 Sqn, Scampton

Spun on flat turn, Scampton

Capt Robert Saville (30) killed

16.3.18 Camel B7462, 40 TS, Croydon

Dived from 1000ft and hit house, Woodstock Road, Croydon

Capt Christopher Francis Aden Ley (24) killed

16.3.18 D.H.9 C6350, Aeroplane Experimental Station, Martlesham Heath

Broke up in flight, Woodbridge

Capt Keith Knox Muspratt MC (20) killed

Flt Sgt Sydney Ashby MM MC (22) killed

16.3.18 Sopwith Pup C267, 91 Sqn, Tangmere

Looped, rolled and spun into ground, Shoreham

Capt Maurice Douglas Guest Scott MC (22) died 17.3.18

16.3.18 Camel B9320, Artillery & Infantry Co-operation School, Worthy Down

Side slipped and nose dived turning after engine failure, Worthy Down

Capt Edward Kerr Anderson (21) killed

17.3.18 Avro 504A B4308, 86 Sqn, Northolt

Stalled and nose dived, Northolt area

Capt Desmond George Butler (23) killed

17.3.18 B.E.12 C3238, 105 Sqn, Weyhill

Side slipped and caught fire, Ramridge Farm, Weyhill

2Lt Walter George Cottrell Jones (39) killed

17.3.18 B.E.2e A1388, 77 Sqn, Penston

Spun off steep turn, Tranent

2Lt Arthur Ball (25) killed

17.3.18 Camel B9204, 2 (Auxiliary) School of Aerial Gunnery, Turnberry

Spun into water after dive on target

2Lt Robert Schermerhorn McNair (21) killed (American)

17.3.18 Camel B9222, 2 (Auxiliary) School of Aerial Gunnery, Turnberry

Spun off low turn, Turnberry

2Lt Edwin Charles Hull (23) killed

17.3.18 Camel C8210, 1 TS, Beaulieu

Failed to recover from spin, Beaulieu area

2Lt Richard Shaw Wood (26) killed (Canadian)

17.3.18 D.H.9 C6075, 105 Sqn, Weyhill

Stalled on landing, near Hemel Hempstead

2Lt Herbert Nelson (23) died 19.3.18

17.3.18 R.E.8 B7699, 5 TDS, Easton-on-the-Hill

Stalled turning on approach and caught fire, Bicker Fen, near Donington, Lincs.

Lt Colin Duncan Sinclair (20) killed (Canadian)

17.3.18 R.E.8 B7801, 5 TS, Wyton

Propellor blade shot away and engine fell out, Wyton area

2Lt Robert William Tilbury (26) died 18.3.18

2Lt George Scarrott injured

17.3.18 Sopwith Dolphin C3814, 10 AAP, Brooklands

Crashed after loop on test flight, Brooklands

Sgt Stanley William Edwards (19) killed

17.3.18 F.E.2b?, 199 NTS, East Retford

Nose dived and crashed, East Retford

2Lt Horace Gregory Cleaver (18) killed

18.3.18 Camel B7476, 62 TS, Dover

Stalled and nose dived in mist, Dover

Lt Harry Loftus Barlow (29) killed

18.3.18 R.E.8 D4972, 25 TS, Thetford

Spun off turn at low altitude, Thetford

Lt Ernest William Tregarthen (30) killed

18.3.18 S.E.5A B604, 88 Sqn, Harling Road

Stalled on take-off and caught fire, Harling Road

Lt Edward Trevor Akrill-Jones (19) killed

18.3.18 ?, RNAS, Cranwell

Stalled and dived in after engine failure, Cranwell

Probationary Flight Officer Eustace William Harland (18) killed

19.3.18 Camel B5201, 89 Sqn, Harling Road

Stalled with choked engine, Rondham, Norfolk

2Lt Luigi Leopoldo Guasche Costa (18) killed

19.3.18 Camel C1694, 63 TS, Joyce Green

Stalled and spun into river, Dartford area

Lt Charles Herbert Wheelock (25) killed (Canadian)

20.3.18 Camel C8263, 4 AAP, Lincoln

Crashed on delivery flight to France, Wilsford, Lincs.

2Lt Eric Alan Clark (20) killed

20.3.18 F.E.2b A5466, 51 Sqn, Marham

Spun into ground and caught fire, Marham

Lt Ernest Arthur Worrall (28) killed

2Lt Albert Rowland Cortis Hodges (21) killed (South African)

20.3.18 Maurice Farman Shorthorn N6312, RNAS, Eastchurch

Caught fire in flight and crashed, Leysdown, Kent

Flt Lt Harwood James Arnold DSO (27) killed

Able Seaman George Harold Godfrey Walker (19) killed

20.3.18 S.E.5A D3436, 1 School of Aerial Fighting, Ayr

Wing came off in flight, Ayr

1Lt Thomas Cushman Nathan (21) killed (USAS)

20.3.18 Sopwith Dolphin C3848, 1 TS, Beaulieu

Failed to pull out of dive, Beaulieu

2Lt John Dobson Thomas (36) killed (American)

20.3.18 Bristol Scout Type C 3054, RNAS, Cranwell

Crashed, Cranwell area

Probationary Flight Officer Cecil Clarence Franklin (23) killed (Canadian)

21.3.18 B.E.12 6534, 141 Sqn, Biggin Hill

Caught fire in the air and crashed, Biggin Hill

Capt Francis Reginald Hudson (27) killed

21.3.18 B.E.2e A1309, 6 TDS, Boscombe Down

Stalled on climbing turn, nose dived and caught fire, Lopcombe Corner

2Lt Earl Allen Cook (19) died 22.3.18

21.3.18 Camel B2521, 67 TS, Shawbury

Stalled and spun, Shawbury area

2Lt Charles McElroy Carpenter (21) killed (Canadian)

21.3.18 Camel B7370, CFS, Upavon

Failed to pull out of dive, Upavon area

2Lt Charles Jenkins (21) killed

21.3.18 D.H.6 C1994, 59 TS, Rendcomb

Dived into ground and burst into flames, Cirencester

Capt Cecil Philip George Gordon (24) killed

21.3.18 Avro 504A D1604, RNAS, Eastbourne

Landed on by D.H.6 B2738, Eastbourne

Probationary Flight Officer Lewis Brown (18) killed

22.3.18 Avro 504J C4473, 56 TS, London Colney

Nose dived into ground from stall turn, London Colney

2Lt Michael William Doyle (24) killed

22.3.18 D.H.6 B2835, 190 NTS, Newmarket

Nose dived while stunting, Newmarket

2Lt Leslie Gordon Sykes (19) killed

22.3.18 D.H.6 C7274, 47 TS, Waddington

Nose dived, Waddington

2Lt Arthur Peter Davies (19) killed

22.3.18 D.H.6 C7663, 13 TS, Yatesbury

Nose dived and crashed just outside No. 1 Aerodrome, Yatesbury

Capt Albert Higgs Vinson (21) killed

2Lt Edward Leadbetter Gray (21) killed

22.3.18 D.H.9 D5560, 107 Sqn, Lake Down

Wings broke away in dive, Lake Down

Capt Leslie Vernon Thorowgood (23) killed

2Lt Alfred Henry Courtenay Evans (20) killed

22.3.18 Sopwith Dolphin C4145, 85 Sqn, Hounslow

Spun into ground off roll, Hounslow

Sgt Reginald Cannon Paske (20) killed

22.3.18 ?, RFC, Croydon

Mechanic struck by propeller, Croydon

Cpl Henry Colin Lane (29) killed

23.3.18 AW F.K.3 B9600, 48 TS, Waddington

Aileron control broke in tail slide, Waddington area

A/Sgt John Henry Robinson (24) killed

Capt Francis McDougall Charlewood Turner injured

23.3.18 Camel B7242, RNAS, Cranwell

Crashed, 4m NW of Cranwell aerodrome

Probationary Flight Officer Alan Vestey-Jones (19) killed

23.3.18 Camel C6726, 78 Sqn, Hornchurch

Failed to recover from spin, Hornchurch

Capt Sydney Percival Gamon (23) killed

23.3.18 Caudron No.15, London and Provincial Flying School, Stag Lane

Stalled on low turn and nose dived, Stag Lane

2Lt William George Mitchell (34) killed (New Zealander)

23.3.18 D.H.6 C5453, 5 TS, Wyton

Collided with steeple in mist, All Saints Church, St. Ives, Hunts.

2Lt Kenneth Wastell (19) killed

23.3.18 R.E.8 B5117, 17 TS, Yatesbury

Stalled on low turn and nosedived, 1m from aerodrome, Yatesbury

Lt Walter Earl Carter (23) killed (Canadian)

23.3.18 ?, RFC, Croydon

Bystander hit by propeller while restarting engine, North Acton

Thomas Albert Hayward (14) killed

Lt Sadler (pilot)

24.3.18 R.E.8 A4493, Artillery & Infantry Co-operation School, Worthy Down

Dived into ground, Worthy Down

2Lt James Leslie Cumming (19) killed

Cadet George Robinson Johnston (22) killed (AFC)

24.3.18 Sopwith Pup B7530, 55 TS, Lilbourne

Failed to recover from spin, Eastlands Estate, Rugby

2Lt Harry Norman Van Duzer (23) died 26.3.18 (Canadian)

24.3.18 ?, 65 TS, Dover

Spun and nose dived after take-off, Dover

A Mech 2 Charles Davies (41) killed

Lt Henry Arnold unhurt

25.3.18 R.E.8 B6637, 20 TS, Harlaxton

Spun in and caught fire, Harlaxton area

Lt Gordon Smith Mellis Gauld MC (24) killed (Canadian)

2Lt Alexander Drysdale (18) killed

25.3.18 ?, 2 AAP, Hendon

Mechanic hit by aeroplane while crossing aerodrome, Hendon

A Mech 2 Gordon Henry Arthur Pescud (19) killed

Capt Geoffrey de Haviland unhurt (pilot)

26.3.18 Camel C29, War School, Manston

Crashed stunting at low level, Ramsgate

2Lt Frederick John Edward Pullen (18) killed

26.3.18 D.H.9 C6107, 103 Sqn, Old Sarum

Stalled turning after engine failure on take-off, Hilsea Drill Ground, Portsmouth

2Lt Robert Charles Bark (26) died 28.3.18 (Canadian)

Cpl Leslie Norman Witley (23) killed

26.3.18 F.E.2b B1900, 33 Sqn, Elsham

Crashed off low turn at night, Elsham

Lt James Wilson Ross (25) killed

2Lt James Lawrence Browne (23) died 28.3.18

26.3.18 R.E.8 B739, Artillery & Infantry Co-operation School, Worthy Down

Stalled on flat turn and spun, Worthy Down area

2Lt Charles William Brook (27) killed

2Lt Christian Edward Klug injured

27.3.18 AW F.K.3 A1505, 120 Sqn, Cramlington

Dived into ground, Cramlington

Lt Edmund Sydney Howells (20) killed

2Lt John Armstrong (22) killed

27.3.18 AW F.K.8 C8408, RFC, Boscombe Down

Spun into ground, Boscombe Down area

2Lt Forrest Dinnett Evans (19) killed (American)

27.3.18 Camel B9231, 63 TS, Joyce Green

Spun on approach, Throwley

Capt Roden Latham Chatterton (23) died 29.3.18

27.3.18 Sopwith Triplane N5351, RNAS, Chingford

Wings came off during aerobatic display, Berkhampstead Grammar School

Flt Lt Lea Ewart Barnes Wimbush (19) died 28.3.18

28.3.18 Camel B7374, 18 TS, Montrose

Spun and crashed, Montrose area

2Lt Frank Arthur Lewis (23) killed (American)

30.3.18 B.E.2e A8677, 51 TS, Waddington

Stalled turning on approach, Waddington

2Lt George Saunders (18) killed

30.3.18 Camel B3832, War School, Manston

Spun into sea after diving at target balloon, Westgate

Flt Sub-Lt Norman Mallard (18) drowned

April - June 1918

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