A list of British civil aircraft accidents 1935 - 1939

8.1.35 DH.84 Dragon G-ACGK, Highland Airways Ltd, Inverness

Ditched after take-off due to icing, Inverness Firth

Eric Coleman injured (pilot)

Mr & Mrs William Firth injured

13.1.35 DH.60G Gipsy Moth G-ABWY, Surrey Flying Services Ltd, Croydon

Crashed into building on take-off, Croydon

Miss J Graham unhurt

R J Ryde unhurt

20.1.35 DH Moth Major G-ACOI, Midland Aero Club, Castle Bromwich

Crashed on forced landing in bad weather, Hall Farm, Over Whitacre, Coleshill; repaired

Miss Dorothy Isabella Mills (32) killed

Dr Talbot Dance injured

30.1.35 Avro 504N G-EBVY, L G Anderson, Hanworth

Crashed on forced landing at night, Springfield Mental Hospital, Lower Tooting

Capt Percival Phillips MC injured

James Edward Fry unhurt

5.2.35 Robinson Redwing G-ABRL, Redwing Aircraft Co Ltd, Gatwick

Hit tree on forced landing, near Cotonou, French West Africa

Mrs Keith Miller

10.2.35 DH.60G Gipsy Moth G-AADI, Yorkshire Air Services Ltd, Newton House Aerodrome

Crashed on golf course after engine failure, Linthorpe, Middlesborough

Herbert Victor Barker injured

Frederick William (Freddie) Dixon injured

20.2.35 Percival Gull Four G-ACIR, Henlys Ltd, Heston

Stalled and crashed after take-off, Heston

Flt Lt Robert Faulds (30) killed (AAF)

Hector Hitchcock (29) killed

28.2.35 DH.60G Gipsy Moth G-ABND?, Lady Young, Zomba

Overturned on forced landing, near Kariba Gorge, Southern Rhodesia

Margaret Rose Mary, Lady Young unhurt

Dr Theo Rosser Fred Kerby unhurt

6.3.35 Bristol 133 R-10, Bristol Aeroplane Company, Filton

Failed to recover from spin, Longwell Green, Glos.

Thomas Wight (Jock) Campbell baled out

17.3.35 DH.85 Leopard Moth G-ACSG, Wrightson Air Hire Ltd, Heston

Spun after take-off, Heston; rebuilt

Fg Off Alfred Lindsay Gordon Hatrick (24) killed

Miss Margaret Mary Ellen Collins (22) killed

Gerald Beaumont Vessey (23) killed

20.3.35 DH.60M Moth G-ABAS, British Air Transport Ltd, Redhill

Crashed on forced landing, Ridgeway Farm. South Nutfield, near Redhill

Thomas Horwood injured

28.3.35 DH.80A Puss Moth G-ABIY, Portsmouth, Southsea & Isle of Wight Aviation

Crashed on approach at night, Portsmouth

Richard Charles William Ellison unhurt

J Brownridge injured (spectator, hit by fire engine)

28.3.35 DH.83 Fox Moth G-ABWF, A H Dalton, Heston

Hit tree on take-off, Hattargi, near Belgaum, India

E R Andrews injured

Laird injured

4.4.35 Miles M.2 Hawk G-ACSD, M J Grover, Cambridge

Dived into the ground in snowstorm, Kelshall, near Royston

Mwldwen James Grover (27) killed

12.4.35 Miles M.2 Hawk G-ACNX, P C Pitt, Croydon

Crashed into tree on landing, The Worthies, Malmesbury; rebuilt

Flt Lt Maynard Cecil Dudding (35) killed (RAFO)

Peter Comley Pitt unhurt

15.4.35 Blackburn Bluebird IV G-AAIR, R W H Knight, Lamerton

Crashed, Agades, French West Africa

Ronald William Henry Knight (28) killed (Fg Off, RAFO)

Capt Arnault killed (French)

21.4.35 DH.60X Moth G-AAPV, London Air Park Flying Club, Hanworth

Hit tree on take-off, Pelynt Farm, near Truro

John Carpmael injured

22.4.35 Avro 504K G-EBIS, North British Aviation Co Ltd, Hooton

Taxied into pond and nosed over, Rainhill, near Liverpool

Al Harris unhurt (pilot)

Ernest Baxter injured on ground

24.4.35 DH.60G Gipsy Moth G-ABRD, Newcastle-upon-Tyne Aero Club, Cramlington

Spun off steep turn, Woodlands Hall, Knitsley, near Consett, Durham; repaired

Plt Off Samuel Edward Sprot (22) killed (AAF)

Alexander Hereward Sprot injured (pilot)

28.4.35 Avro Cadet, Southend-on-Sea Flying Services

Stalled and dived into sands after take-off, Greatstone, Romney Marsh, Kent

Kenneth Bernard Watkins injured

28.4.35 Miles M.2H Hawk Major G-ADCW, A Sebag-Montefiore, Heston

Stalled and spun on approach, Manston

Arthur Sebag-Montefiore (23) killed

George Manchester Steavenson (22) killed

28.4.35 Spartan Arrow G-ACHE, F C H Cornell, Croydon

Hit bush on take-off, Old Park, Rusper, near Horsham

Francis Charles Henry Cornell injured

Norman Lord unhurt

11.5.35 Spartan Cruiser I G-ABTY, Commercial Air Hire, Croydon

Ditched in English Channel after engine failure, 8m NW of Le Treport, France

Flt Lt John Bernard Walter Pugh rescued (RAFO)

R F Burgess rescued

31.5.35 Avro 548 G-EAFH, The Giro Aviation Co., Hesketh Park, Southport

Stalled and dived into sands, Southport

John Frederick Hooson (22) died 1.6.35 (Canadian)

John Bentley injured (mechanic)

6.6.35 Percival Gull Four G-ADGK, Mrs E M Highfield, Heston

Crashed on approach, Baden Baden, Germany

Cyril Joseph Highfield (36) killed

Kistermann injured (German)

Weber injured (German)

22.6.35 Miles M.2H Hawk Major G-ADGD, W R Norman, Heston

Lost at night; ditched in King George's Reservoir, Ponders End, Middx.

Anthony Charles Wynyard Norman unhurt

Miss Jacqueline Paravicini unhurt (Swiss)

26.6.35 DH.89A Dragon Rapide G-ADCL, Anglo-American Oil Co., Redhill

Hit tree on approach and overturned, Redhill; rebuilt

Fg Off Brendan John O'Connor Hanstock (32) killed (RAFO)

1.7.35 DH.84 Dragon G-ADED, Manx Airways (Railway Air Services Ltd.)

Crashed on take-off and caught fire, Ronaldsway

Capt Robert Pierce injured

Cooper injured

William Edwin Teare injured

Mrs Kathleen Isobel Teare injured

C Wilson unhurt

J A Ridehalgh unhurt

T Robson unhurt

1.7.35 DH.82A Tiger Moth G-ACDK, 1 ERFTS, Hatfield

Crashed in field, near South Mimms, Herts.; repaired

Sgt Raymond Cyril Griffen injured

3.7.35 Westland Wessex G-ADEW, Cobham Air Routes

Ditched after engine failure, in English Channel, off the Needles, Isle of Wight

Capt Robert William Henry Ogden (31) drowned

Charles Frederick Henry Grainger rescued

9.7.35 DH.80A Puss Moth G-AAXS, W W Lyle, Hatfield

Destroyed by fire in shed, Hatfield

10.7.35 DH.85 Leopard Moth G-ADAR, Birkett Air Services Ltd, Heston

Hit wall on take-off and caught fire, Bennettsbridge, Kilkenny, Ireland

E H Newman unhurt (pilot)

William Tyrone Guthrie unhurt

Mrs Judith Guthrie unhurt

16.7.35 DH.84 Dragon 1 G-ACGU, Blackpool & West Coast Air Services

Stalled and crashed after take-off and caught fire, Tentelow Lane, near Heston

Major Adrian Wrigley Fosbroke-Hobbes (39) killed

Hans Newhouse (55) killed

Fg Off Stanley Fine injured (pilot)

Nubar Sarkis Gulbenkian injured

Cecil Hampton injured

Anthony Charles Henry Heycock injured

Miss Margaret Vickers injured

Ralph Cecil Vickers injured

17.7.35 DH.60X Moth G-AAPA, Hull Aero Club, Hedon

Spun and crashed after loop, Westlands, near Hedon

Keith Leonard Atkin (26) killed

Albert Bishop Croskin injured (pilot)

17.7.35 Fairey Fantome G-ADIF, Fairey Aviation Co Ltd.

Spinning nose dive, Evere, Brussels, Belgium

Stephen Herbert Gerard Trower (34) killed (Lt, RN, Ret) (Fg Off, RAFO)

20.7.35 Spartan Three Seater I G-ABYH, Air Transport Sales Ltd, Hayling Island

Crashed after loop, North Hayling, Hants

George Richard Moorby (24) killed

22.7.35 DH.84 Dragon 2 G-ACMP, Western Airways

Dived into Bristol Channel, near Rumney, Cardiff

Fg Off John Grazebrook Mansfield (27) killed (RAFO)

Roland Cecil Edbrooke (34) killed

Harold Spencer Percival (42) killed

4.8.35 Miles M.2 Hawk G-ACOP, Phillips & Powis School of Flying, Woodley

Crashed during aerobatics, Reading aerodrome, Woodley

Fg Off John Frederick Lawn (35) killed (RAFO)

Emil Martin Jakobi Boysen (23) killed (Danish)

16.8.35 Avro 504N G-ADBS, L G Anderson, Hanworth

Spun during display, Lancarffe Farm, Bodmin

Leslie George Anderson (28) killed

Alfred James Ronald Jope (24) died 18.8.35

Arthur George Lyne (24) killed

26.8.35 Percival Gull Four G-ABUR, Man Mohan Singh, Croydon

Damaged beyond repair on take-off, Luwinga, Northern Rhodesia

Man Mohan Singh unhurt

6.9.35 Miles M.2T Hawk Major G-ADNJ, A Henshaw, Mablethorpe

Ditched in Irish Sea, 6m off Donaghadee

Alexander Adolphus Dumfries (Alex) Henshaw rescued

7.9.35 Avro 504N G-ACOD, National Aviation Displays Ltd.

Collision with Wessex G-ADFZ in formation flight, Blackpool

Hugh William Patrick Stewart (29) killed

Miss Lilian Barnes (33) killed

Miss Doris Barnes (30) killed

Flt Lt Leonard Turnell Carruthers & 4 passengers unhurt in Wessex (landed with minor damage)

21.9.35 Avro 594 Avian IV G-AAAT, Malcolm & Farquharson Ltd.

Crashed in orchard garden, Priors Road, Cheltenham

Edward Dennis Green unhurt

21.9.35 Miles M.2 Hawk G-ACNW, Phillips & Powis Aircraft (Reading) Ltd, Woodley

Crashed on landing, Woodley

Flt Lt John Pawson injured

Holley injured

22.9.35 DH.88 Comet G-ADEF "Boomerang", C A Nicholson, Hatfield

Crashed after engine failure, west of Kabushia, between Atbara and Khartoum, Sudan

Tom Campbell Black baled out

James Henry Gordon McArthur baled out

2.10.35 Percival Gull Six G-ACPA, Brian Allen Aviation Ltd, Croydon

Crashed on landing in bad weather, Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, near Avignon, France

W Frederick Griffith injured

6.10.35 Flying Flea G-ADPP, C F Brooke, Sherburn

Nose dived and overturned, Sherburn-in-Elmet

Arthur Morton unhurt

9.10.35 Spartan Cruiser II G-ACDX, Allied British Airways

Wrecked in forced landing out of fuel, Haslar, Hants.

Capt Robert Henry McIntosh unhurt

16.10.35 Blackburn Bluebird IV G-ABPN, Lincolnshire Aero Club

Dived into ground on approach, Waltham Aerodrome, Grimsby

Ernest Clifford Carter (28) killed

George William Cleveland (25) killed

18.10.35 DH.60X Moth G-AAKJ, London Air Park Flying Club, Hanworth

Hit fence on landing and overturned, AEC sports field, Southall, Middx.

Maurice Maxwell injured

A T Lockwood-Wingate injured

22.10.35 DH.86 G-ADCM "Draco", Imperial Airways

Hit tree stumps on forced landing in forest clearing after icing up, near Zwettl, Austria

Noel John Capper injured (pilot)

William G Carson injured (wireless operator)

Miss Jeannette Budden unhurt (Australian)

Alfred C Dawson unhurt (Australian)

Dr Charles Roger Tyssen Lane unhurt

25.10.35 Boulton Paul P.71A G-ACOY "Britomart", Imperial Airways

Overshot landing and stalled, Haren aerodrome, Brussels, Belgium

Capt V G Dawson unhurt

Scott unhurt (wireless operator)

E Conrot unhurt

Ms R Dumas unhurt

Lt-Cdr Bernard William Galpin unhurt

A Michaelis unhurt

W A Russell unhurt

Dr T W Schaurte unhurt

Schefter unhurt

26.10.35 DH.84 Dragon 2 G-ADEE, Railway Air Services

Crashed on hillside in fog and burnt out, Fairsnape Fell, near Garstang, Lancs.

Fg Off Cedric Rex Crow (25) killed (RAFO)

Ronald Swales (24) killed

27.10.35 Percival E.2 Mew Gull G-ACND, Percival Aircraft Co.

Lost control in bad weather, Mouthiers-sur-Boëme, near Angoulême, France

Guy de Châteaubrun baled out

8.11.35 Lockheed 8D Altair G-ADUS "Lady Southern Cross", Sir Charles Kingsford-Smith

Lost at sea, off Burma

Sir Charles Kingsford-Smith (38) killed (Australian)

John Thompson "Tommy" Pethybridge (28) killed (Australian)

9.11.35 Short S.17 Kent G-ABFB "Sylvanus", Imperial Airways

Caught fire while refueling and sank, Brindisi, Italy

No casualties

12.11.35 Blackburn B-2 G-ACUE, North Sea Aerial & General Transport Ltd, Brough

Hit high tension wires and crashed, Rowley, near Little Weighton, E Yorks.

Fg Off Frederick McNeil injured

Sgt E D Jack injured

15.11.35 DH.80A Puss Moth G-AAYD, Capt W L Hope (Air Taxis), Stag Lane

Crashed into hillside in mist, Edgworth, near Bolton

Sydney Slocum unhurt

23.11.35 DH.66 Hercules G-ABCP "City of Jodhpur", Imperial Airways

Forced landed in swamp after engine failure, 10m from Entebbe, Uganda

Crew unhurt

26.11.35 DH.60G Gipsy Moth EI-AAW, Dublin Air Ferries Ltd, Kildonan

Destroyed by fire after forced landing, near Groundslow Sanatorium, Tittensor, Staffs.

George Anthony Reginald Williams unhurt

Miss Norah Marjorie Wilson unhurt

27.11.35 Flying Flea G-ADXF, E H Chambers, Ramsgate

Crashed on landing, Ramsgate

Eric Holland Chambers unhurt

29.11.35 DH.82 Tiger Moth G-ABRC, 1 ERFTS, Hatfield

Crashed on forced landing, Sandridge, Herts; repaired

L C Cheetham unhurt

12.12.35 DH.86 G-ACVZ "Jupiter", Railway Air Services

Crashed on landing in fog, Renfrew; rebuilt with two-pilot nose

Capt Finnegan unhurt

Harry Knowles injured (wireless operator)

15.12.35 Miles M.2 Hawk G-ACTN, North Staffordshire Aero Club, Meir

Hit tree in blizzard, Meir

Roger David Clive (21) died 16.12.35

Miss Dorothy Clive injured (pilot)

22.12.35 Avro 638 Club Cadet G-ACIL, Southend Flying Club

Crashed on take-off, South Benfleet, Essex

Denis Norman Evelyn Smith injured

26.12.35 G.A.L. Monospar ST.25 Jubilee G-ADTE, U E Lloyd, Hanworth

Crashed, Addis Alum, near Addis Ababa, Abyssinia

Mrs Ursula Eileen Lloyd injured

Capt Charles Lloyd unhurt

30.12.35 Arrow Active G-ABIX, A Henshaw, Mablethorpe

Caught fire in flight, Yarburgh, Lincs.

Alexander Adolphus Dumfries (Alex) Henshaw baled out

31.12.35 Short S.8 Calcutta G-AASJ "City of Khartoum", Imperial Airways

Crashed into sea on landing out of fuel, off Alexandria, Egypt

William John Amor (28) drowned (flight engineer)

Harold John Ackroyd Baker (23) drowned (wireless operator)

Hugh Cyril Richardson killed (steward)

Albert John Buckman (34) killed

Miss Helen Lois Vivienne Eckford (30) killed

Allan Leonard Garrett (28) drowned (Australian)

Mrs Kathleen Ursula Horsman (34) killed

James C Luke (57) drowned (American)

Capt Reginald Frank Mason (44) killed

Charles Rex Rastall (25) killed

Albert Tartaglione killed (Italian)

William George Wellstead (42) killed

Capt Vernon Gorry Wilson rescued (pilot)

22.1.36 DH.84 Dragon G-ACCR, Air Dispatch Ltd, Croydon

Struck by lightning; forced landed in shallow water; covered by tide, Ault, Somme, France

R L Jackson unhurt (pilot)

R F Burgess unhurt (wireless operator)

J Philpot unhurt (wireless operator)

22.1.36 Miles M.7 Nighthawk G-ADXA, Phillips & Powis Aircraft Ltd, Woodley

Failed to recover from spin during test flight, Stanlake Park, Twyford, Berks.

Wg Cdr Frederick William Stent baled out

23.1.36 DH.85 Leopard Moth G-ADUL, B Malcolm, Brooklands

Crashed into hangar on take-off, Alicante, Spain

Miss Emma Bettina Elizabeth Amy (Betty) Malcolm (22) killed

1.2.36 Avro 616 Sports Avian IVM G-ABSS, H Mason

Dived in, River Mersey near Speke

Hubert Mason (35) killed

Plt Off Arthur Frederick Spurrier (21) killed

6.2.36 Avro 643 Cadet II G-ADTM, Air Service Training Ltd, Hamble

Dived into ground after loop, Westend, Southampton

J L Hawken injured

8.2.36 DH.82A Tiger Moth G-ADVO, Airwork Ltd, Perth

Crashed after collision with G-ADOK, Scone, Perth

James Beck (22) killed

Pierce & pupil unhurt in G-ADOK

17.2.36 DH.60G Gipsy Moth G-AADA, South Coast Flying Club, Shoreham

Dived in, Walberton, near Arundel

Edward Myers (25) died 18.2.36 (pilot)

Miss Ruby Dickerson (25) killed

24.2.36 DH.84 Dragon 1 (G-ACKD), Ethiopian Red Cross

Hit trees on take-off and caught fire, Akaki, Oromia, Ethiopia

Capt Charles Fred Hayter injured (pilot)

Haile Giorghis injured (co-pilot, Ethiopian)

27.2.36 DH.82A Tiger Moth G-ADON, Airwork Ltd, Abbotsinch

Spun in, Inchinnan, near Abbotsinch; repaired

Anthony Gill (22) killed

3.3.36 DH.89 Rapide G-ADBX, British Airways

Crashed on landing, Newtownards

Capt Eric Glynne Robinson & 3 passengers unhurt

10.3.36 DH.89A Rapide G-ADNG, Iraq Petroleum Transport Co Ltd, Haifa

Hit building on landing, Rutba Wells, Iraq

S A Giles & 3 passengers unhurt

12.3.36 DH.82A Tiger Moth G-ADJB, 8 ERFTS, Woodley

Spun during forced landing practice, Pound Lane Farm, Hurst, near Woodley

Pilot injured

22.3.36 Blackburn Bluebird III G-AABE, G H Charlton, Chilworth

Spun and crashed in field, Moneymoor Farm, Weeford, near Lichfield

Frederick Barney Alexander injured

Joseph Cunningham unhurt

22.3.36 DH.60X Moth G-AAPC, Yorkshire Aeroplane Club Ltd, Yeadon

Hit telephone wires on approach, Yeadon

Miss Mary Clarke (23) killed

Reginald Ernest Morris injured (pilot)

26.3.36 DH.84 Dragon G-ACAP, Commercial Air Hire Ltd, Croydon

Crashed, Stoney Cross, Minstead, near Lyndhurst, Hants.

Francis Joseph Birmingham (32) killed (pilot)

Robert Frederick Burgess (35) killed (wireless operator)

Brendan Birmingham (18) killed

Norman Tyrell Burton (25) killed

Miss Daisy Vera T Marsh (17) killed

27.3.36 Avro 552 G-ACAX, Plane Advertising Ltd.

Damaged on forced landing in fog, Sandridge, near Hatfield

31.3.36 DH.60G Gipsy Moth G-AAWS, Hampshire Aeroplane Club, Hamble

Dived into ground, Nursling, Hants.

Alan Cecil Buchan (30) killed

Clive Nuttall (29) killed

5.4.36 Flying Flea, H Burns, Congleton

Crashed, near Meir, Staffs.

Harold Burns injured

6.4.36 G.A.L. Monospar ST.4 Mk.II G-ADIK, Commercial Air Hire Ltd, Croydon

Hit tree on forced landing at night, South Park, near Godstone, Surrey

Ellis Hill unhurt

13.4.36 B.A. Eagle 1 G-ACVU, G Shaw, Thornaby

Ditched in sea, off Port Centuri, Corsica

Fleming injured (pilot)

Hatvy injured

Oppenheim injured

18.4.36 Avro 631 Cadet G-ACCM, Air Service Training, Hamble

Ditched in River Thames, off Purfleet, Essex

Patrick Rees rescued

20.4.36 Flying Flea G-ADVL, R H Paterson, Glasgow

Dived into ground, Renfrew

Adam Houston Anderson (33) killed

21.4.36 DH.60G Gipsy Moth G-AARE, Lawrence Aircraft Hire, West Malling

Crashed into mountain in cloud, Cross Fell, near Penrith, Cumberland

Archibald James Moffat (20) killed

1.5.36 B.A.C. Drone G-AEBC, Thomas (Worcester) Ltd, Pershore

Stalled and spun from 500ft during display, King's Acre, Hereford

Walter Oswald Vincent Cadic (26) killed

2.5.36 DH.60G Gipsy Moth G-AAJA, Portsmouth Aero Club

Crashed in nursery garden during low aerobatics, Fairfield Nurseries, Wych Lane, Gosport

Peter Alexander Nicholas injured (RAFO)

2.5.36 Miles M.2 Hawk G-ADDM, S Hawley, Meir

Crashed on take-off, Melton Mowbray, Leics.

Charles Frederic Peach & son unhurt

3.5.36 Miles M.2H Hawk Major G-ADAW, Phillips & Powis Aircraft, Woodley

Lost speed in turn, Sandford Mill, near Woodley

Victor Wright Neale (19) killed

4.5.36 Flying Flea G-AEEW, Aircraft Constructions Ltd, Lympne

Dived into ground on test flight, Penshurst, Kent

Ambrose Murray Cowell (26) killed

8.5.36 Blackburn B-2 G-ACER, The North Sea Aerial & General Transport Ltd, Brough

Stalled and crashed after take-off and caught fire, Brough; rebuilt

Reginald Hugh Wadsworth Bundle injured

10.5.36 Spartan Three Seater I G-ABKK, Air Trips Ltd, Croydon

Collision with Avro 504N G-AECR on take-off, Westwood Heath, near Coventry

Pauline Mary de Peauly Gower injured

N Wadds unhurt

H Mumford unhurt

Flt Lt E Gray, Joseph Bosworth, Leah Watson & Herbert Hoskins unhurt in G-AECR

16.5.36 G.A.L. Monospar ST.4 Mk.II 2 G-ADLM, Commercial Air Hire Ltd, Croydon

Side slipped on turn after engine failure on take-off and dived into ground, Croydon

Ellis Hill (30) killed

17.5.36 Flying Flea G-AEFW, Aero 8 Flying Club, Ashingdon

Hit fence on forced landing with burst oil pipe, Stockbury, Kent

Claude Alfred Oscroft unhurt

21.5.36 Flying Flea G-AEBS, C R Davidson, Digby

Dived into ground, Digby

Sqn Ldr Charles Robert Davidson MC (39) killed

23.5.36 Avro 504K G-ABSM, E L Gandar Dower, Dyce

Engine cut while banner-towing; hit wall and overturned, Dyce, Aberdeen

Roland Morris unhurt

23.5.36 DH.60G Gipsy Moth G-ABWL, South Coast Flying Club, Shoreham

Spun in, Lancing, near Shoreham

Hugh Graham Aitchison injured

24.5.36 DH Moth Major G-ABZT, The Scottish Flying Club Ltd, Renfrew

Stalled on turn and crashed, Islay

Harry Thyne injured

William Menzies unhurt

24.5.36 DH.82A Tiger Moth G-ADGO, London Aeroplane Club, Hatfield

Spun and crashed after loop, Dunstable Downs

Miss Aileen Marjorie Smart (25) died 26.5.36

Cuthbert Leathwaite Startup injured (pilot)

28.5.36 Flying Flea G-AEIO, J S Squires, Melton Mowbray

Crashed after hitting tree top, Melton Mowbray aerodrome

James Stephen Squires unhurt

30.5.36 Westland Wessex G-ABVB, Portsmouth, Southsea & Isle of Wight Aviation

Hit hedge on take-off, Ryde, IoW

R Phillips & 5 passengers unhurt

2.6.36 Miles M.2F Hawk Major G-ACVM, G L Beardmore, Woodley

Spun in, Hurst, near Reading

George Lissant Beardmore (58) killed

7.6.36 DH.60X Moth G-EBXS, York County Aviation Club, Sherburn

Stalled on low climbing turn, Bramham Park, near Tadcaster

2Lt Michael Ludovic Heathcote-Amory (22) killed

2Lt the Hon. Peter James Mowbray Rous injured (pilot)

8.6.36 Miles M.2H Hawk Major G-ADIG, Major R H Thornton, Liverpool

Engine torn out by prop failure; crashed into wood, near Jedla, Bohemia

Major Ronald Hobhouse Thornton unhurt

Mrs Dorothy Thornton unhurt

10.6.36 Avro 631 Cadet G-ABZF, Liverpool & District Aero Club, Speke

Spun and crashed, Liverpool Airport

George Hurst (33) killed

Squire Fred Evans injured (pilot)

13.6.36 DH.80A Puss Moth G-ACDU, Brooklands Air Taxis

Crashed on forced landing, Aston Hill, near Halton, Bucks.

Bartholomew Furse Tonge injured

Thomas Francis Blackwell injured

I G Blackwell injured

20.6.36 DH.60X Moth G-EBRT, M G Chadwick, Ashingdon

Landed in tree after engine failure, Ashingdon, Essex

Frank George Fairhead unhurt (pilot)

C Clarke unhurt

21.6.36 DH.60G Gipsy Moth G-AAHP, W J Alington, Ford

Crashed in sea while stunting, off Littlehampton, Sussex

William James Alington rescued

27.6.36 B.A. Swallow 2 G-AEGM, Liverpool & District Aero Club, Hooton

Took off unpiloted, crashed and caught fire, Hooton

29.6.36 Percival Vega Gull G-AEAS, V Motion, Gravesend

Wrecked on landing, Mbeya, Tanganyika

Vernon Motion unhurt

The Hon Frances Patricia Tollemache unhurt

30.6.36 DH.60X Moth G-EBYV, Newcastle upon Tyne Aero Club

Overturned on forced landing, Glebe Farm, Medomsley, near Consett, Durham

Samuel Smith unhurt

Mrs Elizabeth Armstrong unhurt

30.6.36 Miles M.2 Hawk G-ACIZ, W J Martin, Tollerton

Hit tree on approach, Tollerton

Richard Butterworth injured

Wilfred James Martin unhurt (pilot)

3.7.36 B.A. Swallow 2 G-AEHB, P G Aldrich-Blake, Heston

Dived into sea, off Boulogne, France

Philip Geoffrey Aldrich-Blake injured

Thomas Weldon injured

13.7.36 DH.82 Tiger Moth G-ABYJ, 13 ERFTS, White Waltham

Stalled and crashed in hayfield, Chawridge Farm, Winkfield, Berks.

Cyril Joseph Patrick Gordon injured

22.7.36 B.A.C. Super Drone G-AEAN, B.A.C. (1935) Ltd, Hanworth

Crashed on houses on approach, Wells Avenue, Southend

Frank Donald Wallis unhurt

22.7.36 Shackleton-Murray SM1 G-ACBP, Lord Apsley & Miss Dolly Miles, Yate

Landed in sea, off Cowes, Isle of Wight

Allen Algernon Bathurst MP (Lord Apsley) rescued

25.7.36 DH Moth Major G-ACGD, Edinburgh Flying Club, Macmerry

Crashed on mountain in mist, Broad Law, near Peebles

William Watson ('Jack') Barrie (27) killed

Kenneth Crawford (30) killed

26.7.36 Short S.16 Scion 2 G-ADDT, Pobjoy Airmotors & Aircraft Ltd, Rochester

Hit telephone wires on forced landing after engine failure, Lock's Common, Porthcawl, Glamorgan

Richard Fothergill Robinson injured (pilot)

5 passengers

Mr Goltz injured

Dr James Paterson injured

Frances E A M (Ann) Paterson injured

James H B C (Harmer) Paterson injured

26.7.36 Avro 504N ? G-ADBD ?, Canute Air Park Co., Ashingdon

Hit hedge on take-off and crashed, Tollesbury, Essex

Michael William Kimpton unhurt (pilot)

John Anthony Golding, Thomas E Neville +1 passenger unhurt

30.7.36 DH.82A Tiger Moth G-ACZZ, Bristol Flying School, Filton

Crashed in trees, near Brothers Wood Farm, Filton

J C Harcombe injured

Pupil unhurt

31.7.36 Saro Cloud G-ABXW "Cloud of Iona", Guernsey Airways

Wrecked at sea in bad weather, near Jersey

Capt William Halmshaw (28) drowned (Fg Off, RAFO)

Francis Alexandre Pierre Sotinel (22) drowned (mechanic)

Ernest Appleby (33) drowned

Miss Maud Bean drowned

Miss Margaret Davies (22) drowned

Miss Alice Judd (45) drowned

Miss Edwina (Elsie) Marley (24) drowned

Mrs Florence Annie Simpson drowned

Charles Viel (67) drowned

Claude Stewart Willis (20) drowned

6.8.36 Miles Satyr G-ABVG, W N Yamamoto

Stalled on take-off and dived into ground, Kastrup, Copenhagen, Denmark

William Nobuyuki Yamamoto (22) killed (Japanese)

7.8.36 Spartan Three Seater II G-ABZI, 601 Sqdn AAF, Hendon

Stalled after take-off and caught fire, Farnborough

Plt Off Simon Howard Gilliat (23) killed (AAF)

2Lt John Gilliat injured

10.8.36 Vickers Vellox G-ABKY, Imperial Airways, Croydon

Crashed after take-off at night, Wallington, Surrey

Capt Lionel Frank Hastings Orr (26) killed (pilot, Fg Off, RAFO)

Capt Stanley Miles Duval Fergusson (32) killed (2nd pilot, Australian)

Robert Arbuckle (21) killed (wireless operator)

Jeffrey Denis Dear (21) killed (wireless operator)

11.8.36 G.A.L. Monospar ST.25 Jubilee G-ADIV, Radio Transmission Equipment Ltd, Hanworth

Crashed in bay after wing falure, Wigtown Bay, off Kirkclaugh

Arthur Vere Harvey unhurt (Fg Off, RAFO)

12.8.36 DH.86 G-ADEB, British Airways

Hit mountainside at night, near Altenkirchen, 30m SE of Cologne, Germany

Capt Charles Sydney Gill (35) died 17.8.36 (Fg Off, RAFO)

Kenneth John Bayliss (23) killed (wireless operator)

15.8.36 Aeronca C.3 G-ADZZ, Hon Max Aitken, Hendon

Overshot landing and hit lamp post, Botolph Bridge, near Hythe, Kent

Flt Lt Roger Joyce Bushell unhurt

15.8.36 Fokker F.XII G-ADZI, British Airways

Crashed and destroyed by fire on delivery flight to Spain, Biarritz, France

Jan Kazimierz Franciszek Lasocki (36) killed (Polish)

15.8.36 Fokker F.XII G-ADZK, British Airways

Damaged on landing en route to Spain, Lagord aerodrome, La Rochelle, France

Kajetan Czarkowski-Golejewski unhurt (Polish)

16.8.36 DH.60X Moth G-AAPJ, Aylesbury Airport Ltd, Chilworth

Stalled and crashed on take-off and caught fire, Chilworth, Oxon

Malcolm Morris Freeman (29) died 19.8.36

Joseph Donnelly (28) killed

17.8.36 Blackburn B-2 G-AEBH, Flying Training Ltd, Hanworth

Hit trees and crashed after loop, Kingsbury, Middx.

Frederick Wray injured

20.8.36 DH.60M Moth G-ACOA, Aircraft Exchange & Mart Ltd.

Engine failed after take-off from Hanworth, hit sewage stack pipe and crashed on road, Elmgate Avenue, Feltham

John James Glenn injured

Miss Irene Parks injured

20.8.36 Airspeed AS.5A Courier G-ACVE, Union Founders Trust Ltd, Portsmouth

Stolen by 2 Airspeed employees; crashed on take-off, Portsmouth

Arthur Chapman Gargett (22) died 4.9.36

Joseph Allen Smith injured

22.8.36 Short S.17 Kent G-ABFA "Scipio", Imperial Airways

Sank after crash landing in rough weather, Mirabella Bay, Crete

Thomas Alexander Cecil Forbes (60) killed

Lt Richard Glen Wilson-Dickson (27) killed

Capt Arthur Sidney Wilcockson injured (pilot)

Long injured (first officer)

Birkenshaw injured (wireless operator)

Hemming injured (steward)

Barrington injured

Esmond Ayton Beevor injured

Flt Lt Charles Gilbert Davies-Gilbert injured

Father James M Drought injured (American)

W G Miller injured

26.8.36 Miles M.2X Hawk Trainer G-ADZE, 8 ERFTS, Woodley

Midair collision with G-AEAW, Woodley

Raymond John Shellard baled out

26.8.36 Miles M.2X Hawk Trainer G-AEAW, 8 ERFTS, Woodley

Midair collision with G-ADZE, Woodley

Rowland Fearon injured

28.8.36 Airspeed AS.6A Envoy 1 G-ADCA, Office Generale de l'Air (for Spanish Republicans)

Forced landed in vineyard out of fuel, near Alès, Gard, France

3 crew: Duvivier, Lenoir & Mattonti (French)

31.8.36 Miles M.2F Hawk Major G-ACTD, R King Clark, York

Spun on approach, Carr Grange Farm, Doncaster

2Lt Henry Ninian Evelegh Frisby (20) died 25.9.36

2Lt Robert "Rex" King Clark injured (pilot)

8.36 B.A. Swallow 2 G-ADMB, H L Cooper, High Post

Crashed en route to Spain, near Perpignan, France

Edwin Liebowitz (American)

Abraham Schapiro (American)

2.9.36 Flying Flea G-AELN, Cheltenham Light Aircraft Club

Overturned on landing, Whalley Farm, Whittington

Pilot unhurt

5.9.36 DH.80A Puss Moth G-ADLP, Air Taxis Ltd, Croydon

Spun in, Sliders Farm, Ashdown Forest, near Dane Hill, Sussex

Bartholomew Furse Tonge (28) killed

Douglas Arnold Scrase (26) killed

15.9.36 DH.86A G-ADYF, British Airways

Crashed after night take-off, Gatwick

Flt Lt Walter Fraser Anderson DSO DFC (Ret) (46) killed

David Slack (21) killed (engineer)

John Jackson (28) killed (wireless operator)

Dudley Scorgie injured (second officer)

19.9.36 Percival Mew Gull G-AEKL "Miss Liverpool I", Air Publicity Ltd, Heston

Hit by taxying 611 Sqn Hart K3044, Speke; repaired

Tom Campbell Black (36) killed

Fg Off Peter Stanley Salter injured in Hart

20.9.36 B.A. Eagle 2 G-ADPN, M E King, Norwich

Hit wires, crashed and caught fire, Rhiwbina, near Cardiff

Maurice Edward King (25) killed

Fg Off Harold Bellerby Elwell (43) killed (RAFO)

Throlf Gabriel Berg (43) killed

20.9.36 Flying Flea G-ADXY, J Goodall, Keith

Stalled and dived into ditch, Dyce, Aberdeen

James Goodall (34) killed

21.9.36 Avro 616 Sports Avian G-AAYU, S Gleave, Woodford

Crashed on hillside in fog, Charlton Abbots, near Cheltenham

Geoffrey Males Holt injured

Sydney Gleave unhurt

25.9.36 Boulton Paul P.71A G-ACOX "Boadicea", Imperial Airways

Lost in English Channel, off Dungeness

Capt Alfred Cecil Thomas (36) killed

Harold Eugene Percival (31) killed (wireless operator)

29.9.36 Armstrong Whitworth AW.15 Atalanta G-ABTK "Athena", Imperial Airways

Caught fire while starting engines, Delhi, India

Capt Vernon Gorry Wilson unhurt

Capt J I Patrick unhurt (passenger)

Frank Gordon Lundon unhurt

30.9.36 Percival Vega Gull G-AEAB, D W Llewellyn, Gravesend

Crashed on forced landing, shore of Lake Tanganyika, near Mpulungu

David William Llewellyn injured

Charles Frederick Hughesdon injured

1.10.36 Airspeed AS.6J Envoy G-AENA "Gabrielle", M H Findlay & K H F Waller

Crashed into trees on take-off, Abercorn, Northern Rhodesia

Capt Maxwell Hutcheon Findlay DSC AFC (38) killed (Fg Off, RAFO)

Arthur H Morgan killed (wireless operator)

Charles Derek Peachey injured

Kenneth Herbert Fraser (Ken) Waller injured

3.10.36 Miles M.2U Hawk Speed Six G-ADOD, A E Clouston & F E Tasker, Woodley

Crashed, Felixburg Road, near Gwelo, Southern Rhodesia

Fg Off Arthur Edward Clouston unhurt

Frederick Edward Tasker unhurt

3.10.36 DH.60G Gipsy Moth G-AAJN, The Insurance Flying Club, Hanworth

Spun on approach, Brooklands

James Skipworth Wilkinson (18) killed

Miss Margaret Maffett injured

7.10.36 B.A.C. Drone G-AEJL, Vincent Greenhous, Astley, Shrewsbury

Hit bush on take-off, Blymhill, Shropshire

Harold Mason injured

7.10.36 G.A.L. Monospar ST.18 Croydon G-AECB, C R Anson, Hanworth

Forced landed on coral reef, Seringapatam Reef, Timor Sea, off Australia

Fg Off Harold "Tim" Wood

Charles Gilroy (wireless operator)

Frederick Francis Crocombe

L Davies

8.10.36 Avro 641 Commodore G-ACNT, A V Roe & Co Ltd, Woodford

Stalled on approach, Speke

Malcolm Francis Ogilvie-Forbes & 4 passengers unhurt

9.10.36 Blackburn B-2 G-ABWI, North Sea Aerial & General Transport, Brough

Dived in and caught fire, Ellerton, near Selby

Sgt Algernon Hinchliffe Simpson (23) killed (RAF Reserve)

15.10.36 DH.60G Gipsy Moth G-AAKN, Portsmouth Aero Club

Spun and crashed in mud, Farlington marshes, Langstone Harbour

Eric Herbert Burridge injured

George Allen Tooes injured

20.10.36 Beech B17L G-ADDH, Amy Mollison, Croydon

Overturned on forced landing, Chelsfield, near Orpington, Kent

Mrs Amy Mollison injured

22.10.36 DH.80A Puss Moth G-ABJY, R E L Beere, Redhill

Hit tree and telephone wires on approach, North Heath, Horsham, Sussex

Georges Ernest Guye injured (pilot, Swiss)

Thomas Albert Edward Craven injured

24.10.36 Avro 504N G-ADGM, Brooklands Aviation Ltd.

Destroyed in hangar fire, Brooklands

24.10.36 Avro 594 Avian III G-EBVA, W Mason, Leeming

Destroyed in hangar fire, Brooklands

24.10.36 Avro 594 Avian III G-EBXE, F R Wilson, Sywell

Destroyed in hangar fire, Brooklands

24.10.36 DH.83 Fox Moth G-ABVJ, C Wright, Brooklands

Destroyed in hangar fire, Brooklands

24.10.36 Miles M.2A Hawk G-ACLI, S B Cliff, Woodley

Destroyed in hangar fire, Brooklands

[eight aeroplanes destroyed in total]

27.10.36 DH.60 Moth G-EBLT, South Wales Airways Ltd, Wenvoe

Destroyed in hangar fire, Witney

27.10.36 DH.60X Moth G-EBZP, Witney & Oxford Aero Club

Destroyed in hangar fire, Witney

27.10.36 DH.60X Moth G-AAMM, H B Duke-Worilley, Witney

Destroyed in hangar fire, Witney

2.11.36 Percival Gull Four G-ABUV, M Maxwell, Hanworth

Crashed into bed of River Var, near Nice, France

Marius Maxwell (48) killed

Joseph Raynaud (16) killed (French)

16.11.36 DH.82A Tiger Moth G-ADXC, 1 ERFTS, Hatfield

Nose dived into wood, Little Parndon, Essex

Ernest Gordon injured

19.11.36 Fokker F.XII G-AEOT, British Airways

Crashed on approach at night, Tilgate Forest, near Crawley

Capt Arthur Patrick Kilvington Hattersley (36) killed (Flt Lt, RAFO)

Capt Verner John William Bredenkamp (33) killed (first officer)

George Robert Charles Blowers injured (flight engineer)

Charles George Victor Wheeler injured (wireless operator)

20.11.36 Spartan Cruiser III G-ADEM, Northern and Scottish Airways Ltd.

Crashed into hangar on take-off in fog and caught fire, Stanley Park, Blackpool

Charles Frederick O'Connell (26) killed

Mrs Eileen Annie Miller (36) killed

20.11.36 DH.89 Dragon Rapide G-ADBU, Northern and Scottish Airways Ltd.

Destroyed by fire in hangar, Stanley Park, Blackpool

20.11.36 Spartan Cruiser II G-ACVT, British Airways

Believed destroyed by fire in hangar, Stanley Park, Blackpool

22.11.36 B.A. Swallow 2 G-AENC, A J Cormack, Macmerry

Badly damaged on forced landing due to petrol failure, Borthwickbrae, Burnfoot, near Hawick

Alexander James Cormack & passenger unhurt

19.12.36 Miles M.2H Hawk Major G-AENT, Phillips & Powis Aircraft Ltd, Woodley

Failed to recover from spin, Woodbridge

Sgt Wroath baled out

20.12.36 B.A.C. Drone G-ADUA, Ely Aero Club

Dived into ground, Caxton Gibbet, Cambs.

William Edward Wright (35) killed

28.12.36 Short S.8 Calcutta G-EBVG "City of Alexandria", Imperial Airways

Damaged at moorings in storm, Mirabella Bay, Crete

30.12.36 DH.80A Puss Moth G-ABWA, Fg Off J K Lawrence, West Malling

Ditched in Seine estuary, Le Havre, France

Charles Kenneth Upjohn Carter alias Charles Kennett rescued

Robert Pickett rescued

30.12.36 DH.89A Dragon Rapide G-AEGS, Iraq Petroleum Transport Co Ltd, Haifa

Overturned on forced landing in gale, Afuleh, Palestine

John Eskdale Little (44) killed

Nahum Papper killed

E J Downing injured (pilot)

W Hayward injured (mechanic)

Rutherford injured

J Walker injured

2.1.37 G.A.L. Monospar ST.25 Jubilee G-ADMD, H R d'Erlanger, Gatwick

Hit tree on forced landing, Lomaso, near Trento, Italy

Baron Henry Roland d'Erlanger (41) killed

7.1.37 Taylor Experimental G-AEPX, R Taylor, Hamsey Green

Wing failed and crashed, Warlingham, Surrey

Richard Taylor (40) killed

21.1.37 Avro 504N G-AEIJ, Plane Advertising Ltd, Abridge

Ditched in sea in bad weather, Irish Sea, 25 miles off Mersey Bar

Fg Off Eric George Duncan Stewart MC drowned (RAFO)

Cyril Frank Poole rescued

22.1.37 Airspeed AS.6J Envoy G-ADBZ, Air Dispatch Ltd, Croydon

Crashed in bad weather into Titsey Hill, near Oxted, Surrey

Capt Gordon Shepherd Jones-Evans (40) killed (pilot)

John Walker (29) killed (wireless operator)

2.2.37 DH.90 Dragonfly G-AEHC, London Express Newspapers Ltd, Croydon

Flew into mountain, Darnaw, near New Galloway, Kirkcudbrightshire

Leslie Thomas Jackson (32) killed (pilot)

Archibald Francis Philpott (35) killed (wireless operator)

Major Harold Charles Pemberton DSO (47) killed

Reginald Charles Wesley (22) killed

7.2.37 Klemm L25a-I G-ABOS, A E Chambers, Whitley

Stalled and crashed after take-off, Whitley Aerodrome, Coventry

Arthur Edward Chambers unhurt

E Bray unhurt

13.2.37 Armstrong Whitworth Siskin III G-ABHU, Air Service Training Ltd, Hamble

Crashed into strawberry field and overturned, Warsash, near Hamble

John Liver unhurt

17.2.37 Avro 643 Cadet II G-ADTI, Air Service Training Ltd, Hamble

Dived into ground in circuit, Filton

Adam Bruce Murdock injured

26.2.37 DH.60G Gipsy Moth G-AEDZ, E F B Walsh, Heston

Crashed, St Inglevert, France

Edward Frederick Bowring Walsh unhurt

Mrs Bowring Walsh injured

6.3.37 DH.82A Tiger Moth G-AELA, The Newcastle-upon-Tyne Aero Club, Woolsington

Crashed into tree after loop, Ponteland, near Woolsington

William Roberts injured

16.3.37 DH.86 G-ACVZ "Jupiter", Imperial Airways

Crashed in pine wood, near Elsdorf, 15m W of Cologne, Germany

Capt George Barker Holmes (43) killed (Flt Lt, RAFO)

Gwyn Evans Langman (25) killed (wireless operator)

Charles Francis Wolley Dod OBE (44) killed

21.3.37 Broughton-Blayney Brawny G-AENM, F W Broughton, Hanworth

Spun off steep turn, Hanworth

Alexander Batley Scaife (21) killed

22.3.37 DH Moth Major G-ACUR "Curlew", The Duchess of Bedford, Woburn

Lost in North Sea, off Norfolk

Mary du Caurroy Russell, Duchess of Bedford (71) killed

24.3.37 Short S.23 Empire G-ADVA "Capricornus", Imperial Airways

Crashed in the Beaujolais Mountains, Croix de Fut Fray, near Ouroux, France

Capt Alexander Paterson (29) killed

Garth Edmunds Klein (30) killed (first officer)

Dennis R O'Brien (22) killed (flight clerk)

Francis Albert Edward Jefcoate (31) killed (steward)

Miss Beatrice Mercy Coates (50) killed

James L Cooper unhurt (wireless operator)

3.4.37 DH.60G Gipsy Moth G-AALK, A E Dobell, Brooklands

Crashed into railway embankment in thick mist, Shankend Station, near Hawick

Arthur Edward Dobell injured

Mrs Constance Ella Dobell injured

6.4.37 DH.87B Hornet Moth G-ADJY, W P O Evans, Broom Hall

Hit wall on take-off, Broom Hall, near Pwllheli

William Prys Owen Evans (32) killed

9.4.37 Hillson Praga G-AELK, F Hills & Sons Ltd, Barton

Crashed, between Aldwark and Flawith, Yorks.

Mrs Ivy Lilian Hughes (33) killed

John Stubbs injured (pilot)

11.4.37 DH.82A Tiger Moth G-AELD, Liverpool and District Aero Club, Speke

Crashed on beach and caught fire, Talacre, near Prestatyn

Frank Blenkin (19) killed

James Donald Greenhaigh injured (pilot)

25.4.37 Cierva C.19 Mk.IV G-ABXG, J A MacMullen & J C Campion, Hanworth

Hit tree on landing and crashed in river, Hanworth

John Alexander McMullen unhurt

Leonard Ernest Provis unhurt

27.4.37 Miles M.2H Hawk Major G-AEGR, Phillips & Powis Aircraft Ltd, Woodley

Spun off steep turn, Bucklebury Common, Berks.

Peter James Salkeld Burra (27) killed

Allan Anderson injured (pilot)

29.4.37 Blackburn Bluebird IV G-AAUX, Grimsby Aero Club

Crashed on take off, Waltham

2.5.37 Tipsy S2 G-AESU, E D Ward, Hooton

Nose dived off turn after take-off, hit tree and overturned, Walsall

Ray Griffiths unhurt

15.5.37 Miles M.2H Hawk Major G-ADZU, Phillips & Powis Aircraft Ltd, Hamble

Crashed during aerobatics, Ebelsberg, Linz, Austria

Arthur Lasnausky (25) killed (Austrian)

Jamshetji (Jimmy) Tata (21) killed (Indian)

17.5.37 Miles M.3A Falcon Major G-AETN, Phillips & Powis Aircraft Ltd, Woodley

Stalled and crashed, Cockwood, near Dawlish, Devon

Plt Off William George Bruce (21) killed (RAFO)

Geoffrey Edward Ford-North injured

Gavin Alexander Simonds injured

25.5.37 DH.60X Moth G-EBYH, G Baillie, Abridge

Broke up during aerobatics, near Theydon Bois, Essex

Plt Off Arthur Thomas Blomville Campling (23) killed

Peter Avison Scott (23) killed

27.5.37 Blackburn Segrave G-ABFR, Redhill Flying Club

Hit fence on approach, Heston

Pilot & wireless operator unhurt

29.5.37 DH.60G Gipsy Moth EI-AAJ, Irish Aero Club

Crashed on Little Sugar Loaf Mountain, Kilmacanogue, Co. Wicklow

Reginald C Good (29) died 30.5.37

29.5.37 Airspeed AS.5A Courier G-ACSZ, North Eastern Airways, Croydon

Spun in on pleasure flight, Doncaster

Idwal ap Ieuan Jones (31) killed (pilot)

Henry Betts (10) died 30.5.37

Felix Burns (29) killed

Arthur Joseph Henman (36) killed

Ronald Batty injured

Eric Reaney injured

29.5.37 Percival Vega Gull G-AERH, W R Porter, Hooton

Hit house after take-off, Hanworth

Sydney William Sparkes (41) killed

Charles Fry (39) killed

Mrs Elsie F Abbey (40) died 30.5.37 (in house)

31.5.37 Handley Page HP.42W G-AAXE "Hengist", Imperial Airways

Destroyed by fire in airship shed, Drigh Road, Karachi, India

Henry Holroyd Dugdale (31) died 11.6.37 (Imperial Airways engineer)

5.6.37 Miles Hawk Trainer G-AEAZ?, 8 ERFTS, Woodley

Spun on practice forced landing, Haines Hill, Hurst, Berks.

Sgt John Edmund Roe (21) killed (RAFVR)

6.6.37 Broughton-Blayney Brawny G-AERF, F W Broughton, Hanworth

Spun on low turn, Bromley Hill Cemetery, Kent

Alfred Stanley Bacon (37) killed

6.6.37 Tipsy S2 (G-AEWJ), Brian Allen Aviation Ltd, Croydon

Dived off low turn, Broadstairs, Kent

Derek George Duval injured

11.6.37 DH Moth Major G-ABUI, Ipswich Aero Club

Spun, hit tree and caught fire, Nacton, near Ipswich

Herbert Samuel Ward (46) killed

18.6.37 DH.82A Tiger Moth G-ADXW, 7 ERFTS, Desford

Crashed, Lindridge Farm, near Desford

Robert Ian Alexander baled out

21.6.37 Miles M.11A Whitney Straight G-AETB, T S Fermor-Hesketh, Brooklands

Crashed after wing failure, Cires-les-Mello, near Beauvais, France

Lt the Hon Thomas Sharon Fermor-Hesketh (26) killed

2Lt Benjamin Alexander Ludford-Astley (22) killed

24.6.37 DH.60M Moth G-AACD, Cambridge Aero Club

Dived into ground, Fen Ditton, Cambridge

Gordon Bertie Smith (39) killed

29.6.37 DH.60X Moth G-AADB, Yapton Aero Club, Ford

Engine cut out on take-off; crashed in field, near Eastleigh

Flt Lt Gordon Lennox George Richmond

Sir Alan John Cobham

3.7.37 DH.84 Dragon G-ADFI "The Silver Ghost", Allied Airways (Gandar Dower) Ltd, Dyce

Crashed on take-off and destroyed by fire, Claredon, Thurso

Flt Lt G Hinkley unhurt (pilot)

Mrs Mary Banks injured

Mrs Jessie Murray injured

Mrs Towers injured

Mrs Annie Hughson unhurt

Mrs Minnie Sinclair unhurt (Canadian)

Miss E R Stocks unhurt

J W Towers unhurt

3.7.37 Percival Vega Gull G-AEWP, Percival Aircraft Ltd.

Spun in after engine failure, Johnstone, near Renfrew, Scotland

Fg Off Michael O'Bryen Shute Barrington (28) killed (RAFO)

John Milne Barbour (30) killed

Capt John Houston MC (45) killed

Stanley Pearcy (25) killed

4.7.37 Slingsby King Kite G-GAAC, Slingsby Sailplanes

Spun and crashed on launch, Wasserkuppe, Germany

Percy McGregor (Willy) Watt unhurt

6.7.37 DH.87B Hornet Moth G-ADKO, Hon D Fortescue, Heston

Crashed after engine failure on take-off, High Down, Filleigh, Devon

Hon. Denzil George Fortescue MC injured

8.7.37 Aeronca 100 G-AEXB, Aeronautical Corporation of GB Ltd, Peterborough

Lost in Irish Sea, off Holyhead, en route to Baldonnel

Richard de Cruce Grubb (22) killed

18.7.37 Miles M.2 Hawk G-ADGR, J Rowntree, York

Nose dived and crashed on approach, Evere, Brussels, Belgium

Mrs Beatrice Anne Rowntree (24) killed

Julian Rowntree injured (pilot)

21.7.37 DH.60M Moth G-AAUH, Airworthiness Ltd, Gravesend

Destroyed in hangar fire, Gravesend

21.7.37 Flying Flea G-ADZX, Airworthiness Ltd, Gravesend

Destroyed in hangar fire, Gravesend

21.7.37 Robinson Redwing II G-ABDO, Mrs E R Gerrans, Abridge

Destroyed in hangar fire, Gravesend

21.7.37 Robinson Redwing II G-ABOK, G J Dawson, Croydon

Destroyed in hangar fire, Gravesend

30.7.37 Blackburn B-2 G-ACBI, Blackburn Aircraft Ltd, Brough

Spun into ground on river bank, Brough Haven

Edward Owen Thomas James Poyner (21) killed

2.8.37 Avro Avian III G-EBXD, R G Davies, Woodford

Crashed after take-off, Brooklands

Richard Geoffrey Davies injured

2.8.37 Avro 640 Cadet G-ACFU, J E M Williams, Hayling Island

Crashed, Radclive Dairy Farm, Gawcott, near Buckingham

John Ellis Munro Williams injured

Prowse injured

2.8.37 Miles M.2 Hawk G-ACOC, P P Bradley, Tollerton

Hit tree on take-off and wrecked, near Bourgfelden, Mulhouse, France

Philip Penrose Bradley unhurt

Mrs Mary Joyce Baxter unhurt

5.8.37 G.A.L. Monospar ST.25 Ambulance G-AEWN, R B Pickett, Hanworth

Ditched in sea after engine failure, 50m from Cannes, France

Robert Bannister Pickett rescued

9.8.37 Miles M.2 Hawk G-ADBK, Kent Flying Club, Bekesbourne

Spun on approach, Bekesbourne

Garnet Percival Lovett (31) killed

10.8.37 DH.80A Puss Moth G-ADOC, A O Humble-Smith, Christchurch

Hit telephone pole and crashed on take-off, Ferndown, Dorset

Anthony Lucas injured

14.8.37 Avro Avian IVM G-ABCO, R N Birley, Speke

Hit fence on forced landing in bad weather, Low Row, Cumberland

Robert Neville Birley unhurt

17.8.37 DH.90 Dragonfly G-AEEK, Sir William Firth, Croydon

Hit electric cable and crashed, Beeding Court Farm, Upper Beeding, near Shoreham

Kenneth Firth injured

Thorfinn James Gunn injured

21.8.37 DH Moth Major G-ACZX, Tollerton Aero Club

Spun in while stunting at carnival, Huthwaite, near Mansfield

James Daniel Bradbury (35) killed

Roy Hobart Crossland (21) killed

22.8.37 British Klemm Swallow G-ACUB, Coventry Aeroplane Club, Whitley

Stalled and crashed, Whitley Aerodrome, Coventry

Frederick Robinson unhurt

23.8.37 B.A. Swallow 2 G-AEWH, Midland Bank Flying Club, Hanworth

Dived into Queen Mary Reservoir, Littleton

Herbert Mason Willis (29) drowned

24.8.37 B.A.C. Drone G-AEEN, W M C Peatfield, Ramsgate

Stalled on approach, Ramsgate

David Holliday Jorge (25) killed

6.9.37 DH.82A Tiger Moth G-AESC, Brooklands Flying Club

Spun in during aerobatics, Old Avenue, St George's Hill, Weybridge

Ivor Hardy List injured

Charles Macdonald injured

9.9.37 Gordon Dove G-AEZB, J K Flower, Denham

Overturned on forced landing after engine failure, Marsh Farm, Tilbury, Essex

Mervyn George Chadwick unhurt

10.9.37 Miles M.3A Falcon Major G-AENG, Phillips & Powis Aircraft, Woodley

Crashed in turbulence in King's Cup Air Race, Castle Hill, Scarborough

Wg Cdr Edward Goodwin Hilton DFC AFC (41) killed

Wg Cdr Percy Clark Sherren MC (Ret) (44) killed (Canadian)

20.9.37 Beech C17R G-AENY (F-APFB), Air Pyrenees

Overturned on landing, Parme, Biarritz, France

4 occupants unhurt

21.9.37 Blackburn B-2 G-AEBF, 5 ERFTS, Hanworth

Crashed during inverted flight, Sunbury-on-Thames

LAC Reginald Denys Maxwell Gibb (22) killed

24.9.37 DH.60M Moth G-AALX, Brooklands Flying Club

Crashed in sea, off Shoreham harbour

Thomas Tarrant (31) killed

1.10.37 T.K.4 G-AETK, The de Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd, Hatfield

Crashed during test flight, near Hatfield

Robert John Feltham Waight (27) killed

1.10.37 Short S.23 Empire G-ADVC "Courtier", Imperial Airways

Flew into water on landing, Phaleron Bay, Athens, Greece

Wg Cdr Wilfred Reginald Dyke Acland DFC AFC (43) drowned

Alexandre Elefterakis drowned (Greek)

John Ray Henderson (48) drowned (American)

Capt E Poole injured (pilot)

John Selby (Jack) Hall injured (first officer)

A T Dunk injured (wireless operator)

E H Macquarie injured (steward)

G A Boughton injured (flight clerk)

Sqn Ldr John Bussey injured

Mrs Greer injured

M S Chronis injured (Greek)

J Dagge injured

Rev Richard Rees injured (RAF chaplain)

G Meiner unhurt

2.10.37 B.A. Eagle 2 G-AEER, J P Wakefield, Brooklands

Dived in and caught fire, Breedon-on-the-Hill, near Ashby-de-la-Zouch

Derrick Clive Howell (21) killed

John Walley (27) killed

Mrs Jessie Walley (26) killed

4.10.37 Percival Gull Four G-ACFY

Hit rock in mist and caught fire, Croix du Moutet, Sechilienne, near Grenoble, France

Claude Dupré injured

Henri Marchant injured

9.10.37 Miles M.11A Whitney Straight G-AEZO, A C Lewin, Heston

Overturned on forced landing, near Duk Fadiat, 150m S of Malakal, Sudan

Brig-Gen Arthur Corrie Lewin CB CMG DSO

Mrs Norah Constance Lewin

12.10.37 Percival Vega Gull G-AEKD, P Randolph, Gravesend

Crashed on landing, Sanganer, Jaipur, India

Lt Patrick Randolph (25) killed

Peter Quentin Reiss injured

23.10.37 Shapley Kittiwake G-AEZN, E S Shapley, Roborough

Caught by wind while taxying and went through hedge, Roborough, Plymouth

Errol Spencer Shapley unhurt

28.10.37 Miles M.2S Hawk Major G-ADLH, G P Nair, Woodley

Stalled on approach, near Forges-les-Eaux, Rouen, France

Govind Paramaswaran Nair (32) killed (Indian)

14.11.37 DH.60G Gipsy Moth G-ABPK, Exeter Aero Club

Nose dived off turn on approach, Exeter Airport

Fg Off Lawrence Rayson Mouatt injured

Frederick William Turner injured

5.12.37 Short S.23 Empire G-ADUZ "Cygnus", Imperial Airways

Crashed on take-off due to incorrect flap settings, Brindisi, Italy

Frederick Lawrence Stoppani (27) killed (steward)

Maj William Ian Falconer MacDonald (47) killed (Australian)

Capt Roger Pierre Mollard injured (pilot)

Act Capt Frederick Undecimus Hollins injured (first officer; Fg Off, RAFO)

Francis George Hanscombe injured (flight clerk)

Edward Charles Barnes injured (wireless operator)

Flt Lt John Howard Barringer injured

James Charles Patrick injured

Mrs Queenie Mary Falconer Ritchie injured (Australian)

Air Marshal Sir John Maitland Salmond GCB CMG CVO DSO injured

Capt Prabhu Datt Sharma injured (Indian)

Ralph Mountain unhurt (second officer)

Robert Lutyens unhurt

13.12.37 G.A.L. Monospar ST.4 Mk.II 2 G-ACEW, C H Tutt, Gravesend

Overturned on landing in storm, Croydon

A Duggan unhurt

13.12.37 Lockheed 10A Electra G-AEPP, British Airways

Hit wall on landing in snowstorm at night, Croydon

Sydney Dennis Slocum (pilot)

Arthur William Cragg (wireless operator)

Baron Otto Leithner injured

Julian Cybulski injured (Polish)

23.12.37 DH.80A Puss Moth G-ABDI, Redhill Flying Club

Crashed in field, Horne, near Horley, Surrey

Robert Stewart Gray (25) killed

14.1.38 Spartan Cruiser III G-ACYK, Northern & Scottish Airways Ltd, Renfrew

Pancaked on hill in bad weather, Hill of Stake, near Largs, Ayrshire

Frederick Peter James McGevor DFM unhurt (pilot)

Fred R Hughes unhurt (wireless operator)

21.1.38 DH.82A Tiger Moth G-ADHW, 1 ERFTS, Hatfield

Collision with Gauntlet II K5303, Smallford, near Hatfield

Theodore Quentin Paviour Smith (30) killed (New Zealander)

Brian William Grieves (22) killed (New Zealander)

24.1.38 Percival Vega Gull G-AEKE, Mrs B L Urquhart, Gatwick

Crashed on wooded ridge, near Oxted, Surrey

Neil Roy Leslie Urquhart injured

31.1.38 Blackburn B-2 G-AEBI, 5 ERFTS, Hanworth

Hit by landing Hart K4434 while preparing to take off, Hanworth

Kenneth Jonathan Wild (18) killed

Fg Off Lawrence Edward Chiswell injured in Hart

13.2.38 Avro 504N G-ACRE, Air Publicity Ltd, Penshurst

Hit tree and crashed, Gamlingay, Cambs.

Flt Lt Percival Phillips DFC (44) killed (RAFO)

25.2.38 DH.82A Tiger Moth G-ACDH, 13 ERFTS, White Waltham

Wings broke off in loop, Weir Bank, Bray, Berks.

William Arthur Coote Mulloy baled out

8.3.38 Avro 616 Avian IVM G-ABCD, South Staffordshire Aero Club, Walsall

Damaged in forced landing, Perry Barr Park, Birmingham

2Lt Peter Jermyn & passenger unhurt

12.3.38 G.A.L. Monospar ST.25 Universal G-AEJV, Cinque Ports Flying Club

Spun and crashed after take-off, Lympne

William Eric Davis (34) killed (pilot)

Raymond Arthur Joseph Hernu (30) killed

Miss Yvonne Mollie Marguerite Hernu (32) killed

Miss Gertrud Mohr (31) killed (German)

16.3.38 G.A.L. Monospar ST.25 Jubilee G-AEAT, Aerial Sites Ltd, Hanworth

Wrecked on forced landing at night, Shootfield, near Knockholt, Kent

C R Willows & passenger injured

20.3.38 Blackburn Bluebird IV G-AAUG, R F Giddings, High Post

Spun and nose dived, High Post, Wilts.

Maj Lancelot Henry Beaumont Burlton injured

10.4.38 Taylor J-2 Cub G-AESK, H Perkins, Withybrook

Dived into ground turning on approach, Workshops Farm, Withybrook, Warwickshire

William Dono unhurt

25.4.38 DH.84 Dragon G-ACHX, Wrightways, Croydon

Crashed into trees after engine failure on approach, Woodcote, near Croydon

Fg Off Colin Calder Byar (33) died 28.4.38 (RAFO, New Zealander)

Ernest K Ratcliffe injured (wireless operator, New Zealander)

1.5.38 B.A. Swallow 2 G-AEMS, Liverpool and District Aero Club, Speke

Crashed and burned, Bromborough, Cheshire

Alexander Birnie MacDowall (27) killed

Herbert Topham Dewhurst (40) killed

8.5.38 Luton Buzzard II G-ADYX, Luton Aircraft Ltd.

Heavy landing, Heathrow

Robert Kronfeld

14.5.38 B.A. Swallow 2 G-ADJM, E S Baker, Redhill

Ditched in sea after engine failure, 6m off Dover

Edward Sander Baker rescued

Norman Bower rescued

14.5.38 Percival Vega Gull G-AFGU, S Smith, Woolsington

Crashed in bad weather, near Skiddaw, Westmorland

Samuel Smith (32) killed

Robert Gold Ratcliffe (26) killed

Norman Tennant Ayton (30) killed

26.5.38 Percival Gull Six G-ADZO, H L Brook, Leamington

Forced landed with blocked fuel pipe on sandbank; covered by tide, Roger Sand, The Wash

Harold Leslie Brook unhurt

1.6.38 Percival Vega Gull G-AFBR, Indian Aviation Development Co Ltd, Bombay

Crashed on approach, Luton airport

Sir Alasdair Workman MacRobert (25) killed

Edward Sander Baker (32) killed

Ronald Eric Laurence Beere (36) killed

12.6.38 S.C.A.L. FB.30 Avion Bassou G-AFCD, W L Lewis, Hanworth

Stalled after take-off, Hanworth

Walter Louis Lewis (44) killed

18.6.38 Hanriot HD-1 G-AFDX, Warden Aviation Co, Old Warden

Lost wheel on take-off from Brooklands; overturned on landing, Old Warden

Richard Ormonde Shuttleworth unhurt

20.6.38 DH.60G Gipsy Moth G-ACCY, Redhill Flying Club

Hit trees on approach and caught fire, Redhill

William Clark Carswell injured

Miss Pamela Scott Harston injured

25.6.38 DH.84 Dragon G-ADCR, Channel Air Ferries

Stalled on approach in fog, Land's End Airport, St Just

Capt David Louis Dustin (28) died 26.6.38 (Fg Off, RAFO) (New Zealander)

Mlle Marie Rose Castaidre injured (French)

Miss Constance Mary Thompson injured

Miss Edna Amelia Thompson injured

Miss Grace Thompson injured

M Nabos unhurt (French)

Charles Thomas Thompson unhurt

25.6.38 DH.82A Tiger Moth G-ADXZ, 12 ERFTS, Prestwick

Crashed on Humeston Hill, Carrick Hills, near Croy, Ayrshire

Sgt Thomas Murray Heron killed

28.6.38 Miles M.11C Whitney Straight G-AEYI, Phillips & Powis Aircraft, Woodley

Crashed in sandpit, Harefield, Middx.

Wg Cdr Frederick William Stent MC (Ret) (48) killed

1.7.38 DH.82A Tiger Moth G-ADSI, Royal Air Force Flying Club, Hatfield

Hit electric cable and crashed, by River Nith, Carronbridge, Thornhill, Dumfries

David Gladstone unhurt

3.7.38 DH.89A Dragon Rapide G-AEBX "Star of Scotia", Railway Air Services

Spun and crashed in circuit, Belfast Harbour airport, Sydenham

Capt Alfred Churchill Larmuth (31) killed (Fg Off, RAFO)

Reginald Harry Vaughan (23) killed (engineer)

6.7.38 B.A. Swallow 2 G-AFGS, H R B Waters, Hatfield

Stalled and dived into beach attempting forced landing, Folkestone

Harold Randall Brocas Waters unhurt

Miss I S M Edge unhurt

17.7.38 Miles M.14A Hawk Trainer III G-AFEU, Thanet Aero Club, Ramsgate

Spun into sea after loop, off Cliftonville, Margate

Edmund Leonard George Betts (19) drowned

Marjorie Cynthia Walk (16) drowned

20.7.38 G.A.L. Monospar ST.25 Universal G-AESS, General Aircraft Ltd, Hanworth

Forced landed on beach and covered by tide, Burntisland, Fife

Ambrose Jordan Verney-Cave unhurt

20.7.38 Miles M.2 Hawk G-ACHJ, F J C Bloomfield, Gracehill, Co Antrim

Overturned on forced landing, Court Farm, Clyst St George, near Exeter Airport

Capt Fitzmaurice John Commerell Bloomfield injured

27.7.38 Armstrong Whitworth AW.15 Atalanta G-ABTG "Amalthea", Imperial Airways

Flew into hillside, near Kisumu, Kenya

Capt Meuric Vivian Johnstone (28) killed (Fg Off, RAFO)

John Everitt Ray (22) killed (first officer)

Maurice James Gough (29) killed (ground engineer)

Trevor Morris killed (wireless engineer)

28.7.38 Miles M.3B Falcon Six G-ADLC, E D Spratt, Croydon

Crashed after engine failure, Painsford Farm, Harbertonford, near Totnes, Devon

Norman Ellison Waugh unhurt

Hon Victor Frederick Cochrane Hervey unhurt

Peter H S Morey unhurt

31.7.38 Comper Swift G-AAZD, M N Mavrogordato, Witney

Crashed after engine failure on take-off, Witney aerodrome

Michel Noël Mavrogordato injured

2.8.38 Barnwell B.S.W. Mk. 1 G-AFID, F S Barnwell, Whitchurch

Stalled and dived in after take-off, Whitchurch, Bristol

Capt Frank Sowter Barnwell OBE AFC (57) killed

13.8.38 Klemm L25c XI EI-ABJ, Bryan Rogers, Baldonnel

Fell into ditch on forced landing, Drummin Hill, near Greystones, Co. Wicklow

James Weldon & passenger unhurt

24.8.38 DH.60X Moth G-EBTG, Romford Flying Club

Hit lorry on landing, Maylands

Harold Park unhurt

19.9.38 B.A. Swallow 2 G-AFIG, 4 ERFTS, Brough

Crashed in rainstorm, Dorrington Fen, near Sleaford

Plt Off Dennis Gerald Baker (19) killed

Act Plt Off Harold Arthur Cooper Bird-Wilson injured (pilot)

21.9.38 B.A. Swallow 2 G-AELI, Cinque Ports Flying Club

Stalled and dived in, Lympne

Fg Off David William Llewellyn (34) killed (RAFO)

2Lt John Buller Kitson (23) killed

4.11.38 DH.86 G-ACZN "St Catherine's Bay", Jersey Airways

Stalled and crashed after take-off, Rue es Minquiers, near Jersey Airport

Fg Off Alwyn Geoffrey Morgan Cary (35) killed (RAFO)

Reginald John Syner Lyons (28) killed (wireless operator)

Frank Berry (c.60) killed

Thomas Olaf Cox (29) killed

Sister Janet Hansford (26) killed

Harold Kersley (57) killed

Stuart Spring (28) killed

Capt William Dermot Swan (30) killed

Mrs Rozel Clinton Swan (27) killed

Miss Bridget Jennifer Swan (1) killed

Major Gerald Hazzard Voisin (40) killed

Mrs Eleanor Ruby Courtney Voisin killed

Mrs Lucy Helena Wall (40) killed

Edmund le Cornu killed (farm worker, on ground)

10.11.38 DH.60G Gipsy Moth G-ABOV, Herts & Essex Aero Club

Crashed in fog and caught fire, Crundale, near Wye, Kent

Jayant Ganparo Pathare (23) killed (Indian)

22.11.38 Lockheed 14 G-AFGO, British Airways

Crashed on rocks on test flight, Redcliffe Bay, Portishead

Eric Glynne Robinson (30) killed

Flt Lt Robert Paul Joseph Leborgne (28) killed (RAFO)

27.11.38 Short S.23 Empire G-AETW "Calpurnia", Imperial Airways

Flew into water in storm, Lake Habbaniyah, Iraq

Capt Ernest Henry Attwood (39) killed (Flt Lt, RAFO)

Alexander Ninian Spottiswoode (30) killed (first officer; Flt Lt, RAFO)

Frederick George Ubee (36) killed (flight clerk)

Basil Roderick Bayne Rees (24) killed (wireless officer)

D E Anderson injured (steward)

D B Harrison injured (probationary station officer, Canadian)

3.12.38 Avro Avian IVM G-AAYV, J R Ford, Broxbourne

Crashed into tree, Aldenham aerodrome

James Reginald Ford unhurt

Norman Sidney Head unhurt

3.12.38 DH.86 G-ADCN "Daedalus", Imperial Airways

Caught fire while starting up, Bangkok

6.12.38 Avro Cadet G-ADTZ, 9 ERFTS, Ansty

Dived and crashed in field, Lodge Farm, Walsgrave, Coventry

Sgt Raymond William Kingsley Clark (24) killed (RAFVR)

2.1.39 DH.60G Gipsy Moth G-ABSH, Portsmouth Aero Club

Ditched in sea, Langstone Harbour

Fg Off Henry Mitchell

Charles Wanhill

12.1.39 Avro 504N G-ADDA, Air Publicity Ltd, Heston

Hit fence and wrecked on forced landing, Mastin Moor, Derbyshire

Bernard Downs injured

John Owen Penrose unhurt (pilot)

21.1.39 Short S.23 Empire G-ADUU "Cavalier", Imperial Airways

Forced landed in Atlantic after carburettor icing and sank, 285m SE of New York

Robert James Spence (29) drowned (steward)

Donald W Miller drowned (American)

John Gordon Noakes (62) drowned (American)

Capt Marmaduke Jonathan Rowland Alderson injured

Neil Richardson rescued (first officer)

Patrick Chapman rescued (wireless officer)

David Williams rescued (steward)

Mrs Katherine Fox Ingham rescued (Bermudian)

Mrs C Miller rescued (American)

Mrs Louise Noakes rescued (American)

Miss Nellie Tucker Smith rescued (Bermudian)

Charles Talbot rescued (American)

Mrs Edna Watson rescued (Bermudian)

28.1.39 Miles M.11A Whitney Straight G-AEVH, Reading Aero Club, Woodley

Crashed in bad visibility, Pilot Hill, Ashmansworth, Hants.

George Richard Hobbs (26) killed

Vernon Claude Morris (26) killed

11.2.39 DH.60G Gipsy Moth G-AAIU, Cotswold Aero Club

Crashed in floodwater, Walmore Common, Minsterworth, Glos.

Raymond Charles Chamberlain injured

Brian Harrison injured

16.2.39 B.A. Swallow L25C Mk.2 G-AEIG, G Dawson, Nottingham

Midair collision with G-AFER, Cotgrave, near Tollerton; landed with minor damage

Capt Arthur Frederick Muir & pupil Barrow unhurt

16.2.39 B.A. Swallow 2 G-AFER, S Lawrence, Alfreton

Midair collision with G-AEIG, Cotgrave, near Tollerton

Jack Edwin Walker (28) killed

26.2.39 Simmonds Spartan G-AAMB, F S Davies & S A Kew, Maylands

Ditched in sea after engine failure, off Thorpe Bay, Southend

Sidney Allen Kew rescued

5.3.39 DH.60G Gipsy Moth G-AFKA, Redhill Flying Club

Stalled on turn after practice forced landing, Blindley Heath, near Godstone; repaired

Frederick Wills (28) killed

Michael Collins Waterfield injured (pilot)

8.3.39 Miles M.2H Hawk Major G-AEEZ, P W Fell, Woodford

Crashed on approach in high wind, Barton

Percy William Fell injured

11.3.39 Taylorcraft Model A G-AFKN, West Suffolk Aero Club, Bury St Edmunds

Overshot landing and crashed in garden, Bury St Edmunds

Daniel Henry Jewers injured

12.3.39 Short S.23 Empire G-ADUY "Capella", Imperial Airways

Hit submerged wreck while taxying, Batavia, Java

Capt Herbert Bindley Hussey

14.3.39 Avro 504N G-AEDD, Publicity Planes Ltd, Hanworth

Hit fence and crashed on forced landing after engine failure, Calderfields Farm, Walsall

Harold Vinter injured

Capt Vincent Neville Dickinson unhurt (pilot)

29.3.39 Miles M.2H Hawk Major G-AFKL, Reading Aero Club, Woodley

Lost control during aerobatics, Woodley

Paul Lailey Uphill (28) killed

11.4.39 DH.94 Moth Minor G-AFRD, de Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd.

Abandoned during spinning tests, Wheathampstead, near Hatfield
Geoffrey de Havilland Jr. baled out
John Cunningham baled out

19.4.39 Parnall Pixie II G-EBKM, R Bullock, Fraddon

Crashed after take-off, Coswarth Farm, near Newquay, Cornwall

Ray Bullock injured

25.4.39 DH.89 Dragon Rapide G-AEAK, Isle of Man Air Services

Hit tree on night approach, Speke, Liverpool

Capt James Rimmer Hesketh injured

1.5.39 Short S.23 Empire G-ADVD "Challenger", Imperial Airways

Overshot landing onto reef, Lumbo Bay, Mozambique

Tom Webb (33) killed (wireless officer)

George Knight (35) killed (flight clerk)

Act Capt Frederick Donald Smith injured

William Godfrey Neal Sanders injured (first officer)

Jock Gavshon injured (supernumerary first officer)

John Albert Millard unhurt (steward)

Lt-Col Frederick Hermann Kisch unhurt

Gerold McKee Lauck unhurt

H F Russell unhurt

3.5.39 DH.82 Tiger Moth G-ACBA, Bristol Aeroplane Co Ltd, Filton

Collision with Hart K4372, Filton

Michael Anthony Sims injured

8.5.39 DH.60M Moth G-AAVR, Redhill Flying Club

Collision with Hawker Hart K5800, Horne, near Horley

Capt John Joseph ('Paddy') Flynn (44) killed

Miss Aurora D Tasselli (19) killed

11.5.39 Spartan Arrow G-ABOB, Thanet Aero Club, Ramsgate

Crashed on forced landing at night out of fuel, Steeple Langford, Wilts.

Joseph Johann Wursch unhurt (Swiss)

16.5.39 Avro 504N G-ADEI, H B G Michelmore, Hedon

Nose dived after take-off, Hanworth

Sydney Lane Foster St Barbe (44) died 17.5.39

Richard Arthur Clinton Holme injured

23.5.39 Parnall Heck IIC G-AEGJ, Parnall Aircraft Ltd, Yate

Hit hedge on forced landing after engine failure, Astley, near Nuneaton

John Anthony Crosby-Warren injured

J Thornton injured

L Calloway unhurt

24.5.39 B.A. Swallow 2 G-AELV, London Air Park Flying Club, Hanworth

Crashed after unpiloted take-off, Hanworth

29.5.39 Blackburn Bluebird IV G-ABOT, S G Cummings, Brooklands

Flew into sea, off Kirkmichael, IoM

Sydney George Cummings rescued

29.5.39 Hillson Praga G-AEUK, Northern Aviation School & Club Ltd, Barton

Broke up in steep dive, Kirkholt Farm, Balderstone, near Rochdale

David Johnston (24) killed

Donald Smith Ferguson (26) killed

30.5.39 Avro 631 Cadet G-ABVV, Maj J E D Shaw, Welburn Hall

Crashed on aerotow take-off with Gull BGA 349, Welburn Hall, Yorks.

Montagu Scott McMurdo (42) killed.

12.6.39 Short S.23 Empire G-ADVE "Centurion", Imperial Airways

Nosed into water on landing and sank, Hooghly river, Bally, Calcutta, India

Capt A C Loraine

E Murray (first officer)

G Brown (radio officer)

E B Smith (flight clerk)

A I Carter (steward)

B Bowling (Imperial Airways staff)

J Franklin

W L Kinlock injured

T Zoffman

15.6.39 Miles M.11A Whitney Straight G-AFBV, Thanet Aero Club, Ramsgate

Hit wind sock and crashed, Ipswich Airport

Fg Off Charles Frederick Almond (28) killed (RAFO)

Henry Angwin Spray (22) killed

19.6.39 Short S.30 Empire G-AFCW "Connemara", Imperial Airways

Caught fire while refuelling from petrol barge, Hythe, Southampton Water

Hedley Newton Vincent (36) killed

George Summers injured

20.6.39 DH.89A Dragon Rapide G-AERE, British American Air Services

Flew into hillside, near Ettersgill, 5m NW of Middleton-in-Teesdale

Ferruccio Sylvani (Frank) Appi (20) killed (pilot)

James Elmslie (33) killed (wireless operator)

John Lionel (Jack) Crouch (23) killed

25.6.39 Miles M.2 Hawk G-ACHZ, Airsales & Service Ltd, Bekesbourne

Stalled, crashed and caught fire, Bekesbourne

Cecil James Dobson (24) killed

26.6.39 Percival Vega Gull G-AELE, E G H Forsyth, Croydon

Engine cut after take-off; crashed at mouth of River Canche, near Le Touquet, France

Robert Morrison unhurt (pilot)

John Roland Robinson MP injured

Mrs Maysie Robinson injured

27.6.39 DH.60G Gipsy Moth G-ABBW, Brooklands Flying Club

Crashed in sea, 1½m off Shoreham

Henry Norman Kyte (42) died 28.6.39

27.6.39 DH.82A Tiger Moth G-AFSK, Newcastle-upon-Tyne Aero Club, Woolsington

Crashed into hilltop, Roseden, near Wooler, Northumberland

Frederick Geoffrey Harrison Wall (29) killed

1.7.39 DH.82A Tiger Moth G-ADLX, 13 ERFTS, White Waltham

Hit telephone wires and house, crashed in garden and caught fire, White Waltham

Sgt Maurice Dean Randall unhurt (RAFVR)

7.7.39 DH.87B Hornet Moth G-AFAT, C Penn Hughes, Brooklands

Nose dived turning after take-off, Lympne

Clifton Penn Hughes (34) killed

Edward Tobin injured

9.7.39 Avro 643 Cadet II G-ADTH, 3 ERFTS, Hamble

Spun and dived into sea, Milford-on-Sea

Sgt David Horatio McCluckie Joseph (22) killed

10.7.39 Willoughby Delta F G-AFPX, Willoughby Delta Co Ltd, Witney

Crashed, Caulcott, near Bicester

Hugh Nichol Olley (24) killed

Percival Nesbit Willoughby (36) killed

12.7.39 DH.60G Gipsy Moth G-ABWN?, Malling Aero Club, West Malling

Spun into sand pit, Wrotham, Kent

Peter Allingham unhurt

13.7.39 Hawker Tomtit G-AFKB, Leicestershire Aero Club, Braunstone

Hit power cable and crashed, Leicester Forest East

Percy Raymond Kerfoot (33) died 14.7.39

15.7.39 B.A. Swallow 2 G-AFHN, London Air Park Flying Club, Hanworth

Crashed on approach, Hanworth Road, Feltham

Harold Clyde Ferguson (32) killed

Gordon Reginald Watson injured

15.7.39 DH.60G Gipsy Moth G-ABBV, Cotswold Aero Club

Spun and crashed in field, Dean's Farm, Brockworth, Gloucester

Charles Henry Pitt (31) killed

21.7.39 DH.90A Dragonfly G-AEXN, Mutual Finance Ltd, Croydon

Flew into trees at night, Hampden Woods, near Great Missenden, Bucks.

George Charles Toye unhurt (pilot)

Octavius Hunt Critchley unhurt (wireless operator)

Luke Tugwell unhurt (ground engineer)

21.7.39 DH.60G Gipsy Moth G-ABJZ, Kent Flying Club, Bekesbourne

Collision with Hind K5418, Tilmanstone, Kent

Fg Off Keith Kendle Brown (38) killed (RAFO)

Donovan William Alan Pragnell (44) killed

27.7.39 DH.60X Moth G-EBUS, Yapton Aero Club, Portsmouth

Stalled and crashed in field, Manor Farm, South Boarhunt, near Fareham

John Frederick Stanley Hime injured

3.8.39 Hillson Praga G-AEYK, Northern Aviation School & Club Ltd, Barton

Overturned in forced landing after engine failure on take-off, Barton

William Burton Cecil Winning unhurt

Thomas G Evans unhurt

5.8.39 Tipsy B G-AFRT, Airsales & Service Ltd, Bekesbourne

Flew into electricity wires, near Beachborough, Kent

Sqn Ldr Edward Lucas Mole injured

8.8.39 Avro 643 Cadet G-ADTO, 9 ERFTS, Ansty

Spun in and caught fire, University Road, Leicester

Sgt Fred Rowney injured (RAFVR)

11.8.39 Lockheed 14 Super Electra G-AFGN, British Airways

Burnt out after forced landing with engine fire, Saint-Sauveur, near Luxeuil, France

Capt David Prowse

Alfred Clarence Whincop (first officer)

D Stott (radio operator)

Frank A Greenin (steward)

Miss Baker

Dr Arthur Henry Douthwaite

Mrs Gladys Olivia Douthwaite

Miss Isabella E Dugon

Mrs Joan M Humphrey

Dr John Priestman

Mrs Elizabeth Maisie Priestman

Miss Stanger

Mr Winder

15.8.39 Lockheed 10A Electra G-AESY, British Airways

Ditched in sea after cabin fire, near Storstrøm Bridge, Masnedsund, Denmark

Alfred Stanley Marsdin Leigh (25) drowned (wireless operator)

Erich Bruno Wilhelm Beuss drowned (German)

Cesar Agustin Castillo drowned (Mexican)

Anthony Crommelin Crossley, MP (36) drowned

Samuel James Simonton (37) drowned (American)

Clifford Frederick Cecil Wright rescued (pilot)

18.8.39 DH.60G Gipsy Moth G-ABAM, Malling Aero Club, West Malling

Stalled and spun, near Borough Green, Kent

Ernest Edward John Raggett (26) killed

21.8.39 DH.60G Gipsy Moth G-AAAL, Isle of Wight Flying Club

Crashed on take-off and destroyed by fire, Lea Farm, Sandown, Isle of Wight

Count Adam Mihaly Karolyi (21) died 22.8.39 (Hungarian)

Mr Egmont Otto Stuart Fulda injured

30.8.39 Miles M.14A Hawk Trainer III G-AFEV, Exeter Aero Club

Stalled and dived into ground in fog, Ware Cross, near Lyme Regis

Henry Stanley Foulds (39) killed

31.8.39 Luton Minor G-AFRC, J E Carine, Hall Caine, IoM

Hit tree and crashed in garden, Ballacross, St Jude's, Isle of Man

John Edmund (Jack) Carine injured

26.9.39 DH.82A Tiger Moth G-ADOA, 10 EFTS, Filton

Crashed, Manton Down, near Marlborough

Peter Basil Trier injured

20.11.39 Airspeed Oxford I G-AFFM, British Airways

Hit balloon cable and crashed, near Gosport

Sgt Arthur George Nicholson (23) killed

Arthur Edward Eady (27) killed (radio operator)

20.12.39 DH.84 Dragon G-ACJT, Western Airways

Crashed after take-off, Weston-super-Mare

Mr Leslie Ivor Arnott (35) killed

21.12.39 Lockheed 14 Super Electra G-AFYU, BOAC

Ditched in Mediterranean Sea, off Malta

Jack William Francis Beach (23) killed (first officer)

Gordon Rice Brentnall (31) killed (radio officer)

3 passengers killed

Capt Peter C Fair injured (pilot)

J J Broome injured (flight engineer)

W Smith injured (steward)

Wg Cdr Walter Lloyd Dawson rescued

Major Mackenson rescued

Lt W Ashton rescued (RN)

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