A list of fatal air accidents in Britain and Ireland 1938 - 2 Sep 1939

5.1.1938 Audax I K5126, 10 FTS, Ternhill

Crashed into tree, Maer Hall estate, near Whitmore, Staffs

Act Plt Off Howard Graham Clitheroe (24) killed (Canadian)

9.1.38 Dagling primary glider, North Lindsey Gliding Club

Crashed following structural failure, Clapgate, Appleby, near Scunthorpe

Thomas Ernest Porter Cocking (37) killed

14.1.38 Wallace II K6057, 6 Armament Training Camp, Woodsford

Dived into ground while target-towing, West Chaldon, near Weymouth

Plt Off Geoffrey Burr Andrews (22) killed

AC1 Novel Everard Boon (21) killed

17.1.38 Gladiator I K8014, 65 Sqn, Hornchurch

Collision in formation with K7940, Ridgewood, near Uckfield, Sussex

Sgt Geoffrey Edwin Gaskell (24) killed

Plt Off Roland Robert Stanford Tuck baled out of K7940, injured

17.1.38 Hind K5492, 57 Sqn, Upper Heyford

Gunner fell from aeroplane during camera-gun practice, Upper Heyford

AC2 Walter George Goodhand (18) killed

Plt Off Clive Theodore Norman (pilot)

20.1.38 Gauntlet II K5310, 79 Sqn, Biggin Hill

Hit tractor on take-off, Biggin Hill

Christopher Leonard Sawbridge (42) killed (tractor driver)

Act Plt Off Arthur Glyn Evans unhurt

21.1.38 Gauntlet II K5303, 66 Sqn, Duxford

Collision with Tiger Moth G-ADHW emerging from cloud, Smallford, near Hatfield

Plt Off Leonard René Helps (23) killed

21.1.38 Tiger Moth G-ADHW, 1 ERFTS, Hatfield

Collision with Gauntlet II K5303, Smallford, near Hatfield

Sgt Theodore Quentin Paviour-Smith (30) killed (RAFVR; New Zealander)

Brian William Grieves (22) killed (New Zealander)

24.1.38 Anson I K6277, 51 Sqn, Boscombe Down

Crashed into trees at night, Ibworth, near Basingstoke

Plt Off David Lorraine Lloyd Morris (23) killed

Sgt Donald William Mansbridge injured

Act Plt Off Cecil Wardman Poulter injured

AC2 Ronald Harry Price injured

24.1.38 Magister I L6901, 3 ERFTS, Hamble

Dived into the Solent, off Calshot

Sgt David Lionel Middleton (21) killed (RAFVR)

27.1.38 Blenheim I K7078, 44 Sqn, Waddington

Lost control attempting aerobatics; pilot baled out, Tattershall Thorpe

Plt Off Alan Norman Macfarlane (26) killed (New Zealander)

31.1.38 Audax I K5210, 11 FTS, Wittering

Spun on approach to forced landing, Barnack, near Wittering

Act Plt Off Trevor Kearsley Goss Dudley (20) killed

Act Plt Off Peter Robert Burton-Gyles injured

31.1.38 Hart K3744, 1 FTS, Leuchars

Crashed on railway line, near Stravithie Station, near St Andrews

Fg Off Richard Stratton Laybourne (23) killed (Lt, Welsh Guards)

31.1.38 Blackburn B-2 G-AEBI, 5 ERFTS, Hanworth

Hit by landing Hart K4434 while preparing to take off, Hanworth

Kenneth Jonathan Wild (18) killed

Fg Off Lawrence Edward Chiswell injured in Hart (RAFO)

1.2.38 Hurricane I L1556, 111 Sqn, Northolt

Dived into ground, Western Avenue, Uxbridge

Fg Off Mervyn Seymour Bocquet (22) killed

7.2.38 Gladiator I K7934, 72 Sqn, Church Fenton

Hit high-tension wires in fog, Riplingham, near Brough, Yorks

Plt Off Alfred Alexander Devany (23) killed

11.2.38 Blenheim I K7119, 144 Sqn, Hemswell

Hit tree in snowstorm, Oulton, near Aylsham, Norfolk

Plt Off Lawrence Clement Mitchell (22) killed

Cpl George Henderson (25) killed

AC1 Clifford Alfred Smith (19) killed

11.2.38 Gladiator I K8002, 65 Sqn, Hornchurch

Collision with K7942 during mock attack, near North Weald

Plt Off Philip Ralph Austin-Sparks (21) killed

Flt Lt Leslie Charles Bicknell baled out of K7942

13.2.38 Avro 504N G-ACRE, Air Publicity Ltd, Penshurst

Hit tree and crashed, Gamlingay, Cambs

Flt Lt Percival Phillips DFC (44) killed (RAFO)

22.2.38 Fury I K2061, 1 Sqn, Tangmere

Hit high-tension cables and crashed in trees, South Downs, near Lewes Racecourse

Plt Off Merton Vivian Baxter (22) killed (New Zealander)

24.2.38 Swordfish I K5984, A Flt Gosport

Collision with K5974 during practice torpedo attack, off Spithead

Plt Off John Robert Limmer Edminson (26) killed

Fg Off Basil Barry Jupp unhurt in K5974

24.2.38 Wellesley K7734, Long Range Development Unit, Upper Heyford

Missing, North Sea, off NE Scotland

Flt Lt Frank Steight Gardner (29) killed (Australian)

Fg Off George James Douglas Thomson (27) killed (South African)

Sgt George Higgs (27) killed

26.2.38 DH.84 Dragon 2 VH-UZX, Air Travel and Survey, Australia

Crashed on railway embankment after engine failure on approach, near Croydon

Thomas Adams Vallette (38) died 20.10.38

Capt Philip Bailey injured (pilot)

John Furnival injured

9.3.38 Fury II K8241, CFS, Upavon

Flew into ground in bad visibility, Ammerdown Park, near Radstock, Somerset

Lt Mohammed Mustafa Ismail (25) killed (Egyptian Army Air Force)

12.3.38 GAL ST.25 Monospar Universal G-AEJV, Cinque Ports Flying Club, Lympne

Spun and crashed after take-off, Lympne

William Eric Davis (34) killed (pilot)

Raymond Arthur Joseph Hernu (30) killed

Miss Yvonne Mollie Marguerite Hernu (32) killed

Miss Gertrud Mohr (31) killed (German)

18.3.38 Swordfish I K5985, Torpedo Training Unit, Gosport

Hit hillside in fog, Swyre Head, Kingston, Dorset

Plt Off Frederick Edgar Williams (21) killed

Cpl Cyril John Coles (32) killed

LAC David Samuel Hurrell (21) killed

21.3.38 Gladiator I K7959, 73 Sqn, Digby

Overshot flare path and sank into ground on attempted overshoot, Digby

Plt Off John Francis Pearce (21) killed

26.3.38 Hind K5498, 603 Sqn, Turnhouse

Crashed while low-flying, Breich, near West Calder, Midlothian

Fg Off Cecil Alexander Grove Thomson (36) killed (AAF)

AC2 Robert Henderson Starrett (21) killed (AAF)

28.3.38 Magister I L6916, 8 ERFTS, Woodley

Dived into ground, Sonning Common

LAC Herbert Edward Griffiths (22) killed

31.3.38 Hind K6643, 49 Sqn, Scampton

Midair collision with K6753, Scampton

Plt Off Benjamin Gordon Davies (23) killed

AC2 James Henry Scoberg (27) killed

31.3.38 Hind K6753, 49 Sqn, Scampton

Midair collision with K6643, Scampton

Plt Off John Nugent de Merle Tyrrell (25) killed

1.4.38 Anson I K6320, 269 Sqn, Abbotsinch

Flew into hilltop in cloud, Whittlemuir Dam, Howwood, Renfrewshire

Sgt William Alexander Sutherland killed

Cpl Robert Hunter (34) killed

4.4.38 Fury I K2074, 43 Sqn, Tangmere

Broke up during aerobatics, Racton, near Emsworth, Hants.

Sgt Matthew Henry Baxter (25) killed

5.4.38 Harrow II K6995, 75 Sqn, Driffield

Flew into ground in bad weather at night, Tibthorpe, near Driffield

Flt Sgt Edward James Merchant (28) killed

Sgt Ronald George Cowley Marshall (23) killed

AC1 Ronald Herbert Fish (19) killed

Cpl Walter Greaves (29) killed

LAC George Jeffrey Humphries (26) killed

7.4.38 Anson I K6270, 233 Sqn, Thornaby

Crashed in North Sea, near Dudgeon Light Vessel, off Norfolk

Flt Lt William Noel Hamilton Banks (32) killed

Plt Off Felix Oswald Thresher (26) killed

AC1 Robert Munro killed

7.4.38 Audax I K7307, 9 FTS, Hullavington

Crashed after take-off, Hullavington

Act Plt Off Robert Brock La Pointe (22) killed (Canadian)

Act Plt Off James Ronald Vincent (26) killed (Canadian)

13.4.38 Wellesley K7766, 207 Sqn, Worthy Down

Hit tree on forced landing and caught fire, Abingdon

Sgt Walter Bateman (29) killed

LAC Robert McPhie unhurt

19.4.38 Swordfish I K8874, Torpedo Training Unit, Gosport

Dived into sea during torpedo-dropping exercise, off Calshot

Sgt Godfrey Herbert Keates Hughes (23) killed

22.4.38 Blenheim I K7127, 44 Sqn, Waddington

Crashed after engine cut on take-off, Waddington

Cpl Leslie Tidey (25) killed

Plt Off Thomas Donald Mackintosh Macdonald injured

AC1 Jack Martlew injured

22.4.38 Blenheim I K7146, 110 Sqn, Waddington

Dived into ground, Empson Farm, Postland, near Crowland

Plt Off Harry David Green (24) killed

Cpl Charles James Badger (26) killed

AC2 Frank Howard (19) killed

22.4.38 Gladiator? K8028?

Airman hit by aircraft on take-off at night, Debden

AC Cyril Alfred Jackson (22) killed

Plt Off Kenneth Blair (pilot)

25.4.38 DH.84 Dragon G-ACHX, Wrightways, Croydon

Crashed into trees after engine failure on approach, Woodcote, near Croydon

Fg Off Colin Calder Byar (33) died 28.4.38 (RAFO, New Zealander)

Ernest K Ratcliffe injured (wireless operator, New Zealander)

1.5.38 B.A. Swallow 2 G-AEMS, Liverpool and District Aero Club, Speke

Crashed and burned, Bromborough, Cheshire

Alexander Birnie MacDowall (27) killed

Herbert Topham Dewhurst (40) killed

1.5.38 Primary glider, Portsmouth and South Hants Gliding Club

Stalled and crashed, Portsdown Hill

Reginald Frank James (18) killed

6.5.38 Audax I K5598, 5 FTS, Sealand

Bounced and stalled on overshoot, Sealand

Act Plt Off Errol Desmond Gimson (21) killed (New Zealander)

7.5.38 Magister I L5972, 3 ERFTS, Hamble

Spun into ground, Locks Heath, near Botley, Hants

Sgt Stephen Henry Douglas Leech (18) killed (RAFVR)

9.5.38 Blenheim I K7117, 139 Sqn, Wyton

Airman hit by propeller, Driffield

AC1 John Douglas Bradshaw (19) killed

Sgt William Henry Hancock Heayns (pilot)

10.5.38 Blenheim I K7037, 114 Sqn, Wyton

Engine failed on take-off, overturned and caught fire, Wyton

Plt Off Douglas Perry (20) killed

AC1 John Joseph Gerrard Rice (27) killed

AC1 Fred Crimes (22) killed

10.5.38 Blenheim I K7080, 144 Sqn, Hemswell

Crashed after take-off, 1m W of Hemswell

Plt Off Richard Douglas Hamilton Maxwell (22) killed

Cpl David Spencer Wissett (25) killed

AC1 Whitfield Dodds injured

10.5.38 Magister I L5948, Wyton Station Flight

Dived out of clouds and crashed in field, near Godmanchester

Plt Off Ivor Jack Fawdry (22) killed

Plt Off Colin James Carr Lee (22) killed

10.5.38 Hurricane I L1579, 3 Sqn, Kenley

Stalled on approach and dived into ground, Kenley

Plt Off Hugh Henry-May (20) killed

13.5.38 Wellesley I K7717, Bristol Aeroplane Co., Filton

Crashed in flames, Alveston, near Bristol

Peter Hescroff Warren (23) killed (observer)

Flt Lt Charles Alan Washer parachuted (pilot, New Zealander)

14.5.38 Percival Vega Gull G-AFGU, S Smith, Woolsington

Dived into ground in bad weather, Lonscale, near Keswick, Cumberland

Samuel Smith (32) killed

Robert Gold Ratcliffe (26) killed

Norman Tennant Ayton (30) killed

14.5.38 Hütter H 17 G331, R S Rattray, Amy Johnson, Peggy Thring & John Saffery

Spun in, Farmoor, Oxon

Capt Robert Sutherland Rattray CBE OBE (56) killed

19.5.38 Hector K9710, 59 Sqn, Old Sarum

Veered off flare-path on night landing; wing hit airmen, Old Sarum

LAC Terence Ralph King (22) died 21.5.38

AC Thomas Verdun Thomas (19) died 20.5.38

Fg Off Mervyn Jackson Muspratt-Williams unhurt (pilot)

1.6.38 Percival Vega Gull G-AFBR, Indian Aviation Development Co Ltd, Bombay

Crashed on approach, Luton airport

Sir Alasdair Workman MacRobert (25) killed

Edward Sander Baker (32) killed

Ronald Eric Laurence Beere (36) killed

12.6.38 S.C.A.L. FB.30 Avion Bassou G-AFCD, W L Lewis, Hanworth

Stalled after take-off, Hanworth

Walter Louis Lewis (44) killed

13.6.38 Magister I L6894, 3 ERFTS, Hamble

Control lost; abandoned too low, Bursledon, Hants.

Gerald Ian Fellowes Colmore (20) killed (Canadian)

15.6.38 Magister I L6910, 4 ERFTS, Brough

Stalled and spun into water, River Humber, near Brough

George Alexander McLeod Baird (24) drowned (New Zealander)

16.6.38 Gladiator I K7933, 54 Sqn, Hornchurch

Propellor hit by unsynchronized bullets; crashed in sea, off Leysdown, Kent

Sgt Reginald Malcolm Marsh (23) killed

20.6.38 Fury I K3730, 2 FTS, Brize Norton

Crashed, near Filkins, Oxon

Act Plt Off Colin William Edward Milburn (21) killed (Canadian)

22.6.38 Shark III L2385, 2 Anti-Aircraft Co-operation Unit, Lee-on-Solent

Stalled on take-off, dived into ground and caught fire, Lee-on-Solent

AC2 William John Richards (18) killed

Plt Off Jack Llewellyn Ellis injured

25.6.38 Demon I K3798, 25 Sqn, Hawkinge

Crashed in fog, Sugar Loaf Hill, Holywell, Folkestone

Plt Off Bonar Roy Whaley (25) killed (Canadian)

Plt Off Charles Connell Law (22) killed

25.6.38 DH.84 Dragon G-ADCR, Channel Air Ferries

Stalled on approach in fog, Land's End Airport, St Just

Capt David Louis Dustin (28) died 26.6.38 (Fg Off, RAFO) (New Zealander)

Mlle Marie Rose Castaidre injured (French)

Miss Constance Mary Thompson injured

Miss Edna Amelia Thompson injured

Miss Grace Thompson injured

M Nabos unhurt (French)

Charles Thomas Thompson unhurt

25.6.38 DH.82A Tiger Moth G-ADXZ, 12 ERFTS, Prestwick

Crashed on Humeston Hill, Carrick Hills, near Croy, Ayrshire

Sgt Thomas Murray Heron (19) killed (RAFVR)

28.6.38 Miles M.11C Whitney Straight G-AEYI, Phillips & Powis Aircraft, Woodley

Crashed in sandpit, Harefield, Middx.

Wg Cdr Frederick William Stent MC (Ret) (48) killed

29.6.38 Gladiator I K6139, 72 Sqn, Church Fenton

Midair collision with K6138 in formation, 1m S of Selby

Flt Lt William Forster Pharazyn (35) killed (New Zealander)

Plt Off Robert James Walker unhurt in K6138

3.7.38 DH.89A Dragon Rapide G-AEBX "Star of Scotia", Railway Air Services

Spun and crashed in circuit, Belfast Harbour airport, Sydenham

Capt Alfred Churchill Larmuth (31) killed (Fg Off, RAFO)

Reginald Harry Vaughan (23) killed (engineer)

17.7.38 Miles M.14A Hawk Trainer III G-AFEU, Thanet Aero Club, Ramsgate

Spun into sea after loop, off Cliftonville, Margate

Edmund Leonard George Betts (19) drowned

Marjorie Cynthia Walk (16) drowned

19.7.38 Blenheim I L1153, 139 Sqn, Wyton

Abandoned out of fuel and crashed, Wixford Lodge Farm, Bidford-on-Avon

Cpl David Owen Day (25) killed

Plt Off Malcolm Llewellyn McColm unhurt

AC1 James Hamilton Gordon unhurt

20.7.38 Hurricane I L1549, 111 Sqn, Northolt

Engine failed, stalled avoiding houses and crashed in garden, Hillingdon

Sgt Maurice Reginald Kennedy Smith (26) killed

21.7.38 Battle K7689, 105 Sqn, Harwell

Abandoned after control lost during searchlight exercise, Lasham

AC1 Francis Howard Kent (18) killed

AC1 Albert William James Robinson (26) killed

Sgt Albert Joseph Charles Eagles unhurt (pilot)

2.8.38 Barnwell B.S.W. Mk. 1 G-AFID, F S Barnwell, Whitchurch

Stalled and dived in after take-off, Whitchurch, Bristol

Capt Frank Sowter Barnwell OBE AFC (57) killed

6.8.38 Hector K9759, 13 Sqn, Odiham

Crashed in sea, off North Shields

Plt Off Douglas St Quentin Robinson (21) killed

7.8.38 Battle K7630, 88 Sqn, Boscombe Down

Hit trees and crashed after engine failure, between Mill Green and Highwood, Essex

Cpl William Henry Wheeler (24) killed

Flt Lt David William Hyde-Gardner injured

AC William Thomas Cable baled out

7.8.38 Harrow I K6961, 37 Sqn, Feltwell

Crashed at night in fog, Conyer's Green, Great Barton, near Bury St Edmunds

Fg Off John Adam (23) killed

Plt Off Albert George Gillespie (26) killed

Plt Off Edward Rayment White (23) killed

AC Patrick Joseph McGovern (23) killed

AC Charles Carter Moxon Suthers (23) killed

8.8.38 Anson I K8831, 233 Sqn, Thornaby

Crashed in sea, Bridlington Bay

Sgt Cecil Joseph Le Patrick Gordon (22) killed

AC1 Melville George Brand (21) killed

AC1 Leslie Freeman (19) killed

AC2 Thomas Charles Andrews killed

10.8.38 Swordfish I K8886, Torpedo Training Unit, Gosport

Crashed in the Solent after releasing torpedo, off Browndown Point

Act Plt Off Reginald Alexander Robertson (25) drowned (New Zealander)

12.8.38 Hind K6636, 83 Sqn, Scampton

Stalled and crashed, Bickerton Hill, Broxton, near Chester

Flt Lt Ronald John Faull Craig (28) killed

Cpl William Hilbert Quane (27) killed

12.8.38 Wallace II K6022, Electrical & Wireless School, Cranwell

Flew into hillside in mist, near Caythorpe, Lincs

Plt Off Frank Alfred Morant (23) killed

Act Sgt Wilfred Waller (32) killed

13.8.38 Supermarine Scapa I K7306, 228 Sqn, Pembroke Dock

Dived into sea, near Cork Lightship, off Felixstowe

Sgt David Louis Bissett Cabuzet (27) killed

AC Peter Edgar Evans (26) killed

AC Oswald J Edwards (21) killed

AC Thomas Emrys Griffiths (20) killed

AC Keith C Sherwin (24) killed

Mr Hunter Gray (25) killed (Bawdsey research station)

14.8.38 ?, Scottish Flying Club, Renfrew

Spectators hit by landing aeroplane, Westraw Mains Farm, Pettinain, Lanark

Elizabeth Russell (5) killed

George Prestwell injured

Andrew Prentice Hunter unhurt (pilot)

16.8.38 Magister I L8060, 26 Sqn, Catterick

Crashed on forced landing, Gilling, near Richmond, Yorks.

Fg Off Edward James Boyle (26) killed (Lt, KOSB)

Dr William Delano Walker (40) killed

21.8.38 Slingsby Falcon III BGA 237, C E Hardwick, Long Mynd

Crashed on take-off, Long Mynd, Shropshire

Major James Geoffrey Stewart Smith (34) died 22.8.38

Jack Vincent Rushton injured (instructor)

4.9.38 Audax I K7381, 1 ERFTS, Hatfield

Crashed on houses, Dunholme Road, Edmonton

Sgt Stanley Robert Morris (20) killed (pilot, RAFVR)

Mrs May Lavinia Callaghan (39) died 8.9.38

Doris M Callaghan (16) died 25.9.38

Dennis Callaghan (13) killed

Terence Callaghan (3) killed

John Euesden (45) killed

James Letch (24) died 5.9.38

Edward Letch (20) killed

Benjamin Saunders (43) killed

Mrs Harriet Grace Saunders (37) killed

Roy Saunders (16) killed

Derek Saunders (9) killed

James Alfred Tant (8) killed

6.9.38 Hurricane I L1652, Hawker Aircraft Ltd, Brooklands

Dived into ground on test flight, St George's Hill, Weybridge

John Stuart Hindmarsh (30) killed

12.9.38 Whitley I K7207, RAE, Farnborough

Crashed and caught fire after take-off with locked ailerons, Farnborough

Sqn Ldr Maurice James Adam AFC (29) killed

Flt Lt Reginald Monks (27) killed (pilot)

Mr Benjamin Thomas Edwin Bond (36) killed (civilian wireless operator)

13.9.38 Oxford I L4580, 3 FTS, South Cerney

Spun in, near Poulton, Glos

Act Plt Off Robert Ernest Winter (21) killed

13.9.38 Magister I L8269, 2 Group Communications Flight, Wyton

Stalled and flew into ground on approach, Wyton

Fg Off Kenneth Gerald Stodart AFC (28) died 15.9.38

14.9.38 Hurricane I L1620, 87 Sqn, Debden

Lost control in cloud and spun into sea, Holbeach ranges, Lincs.

Sgt Thomas Frederick Dowsett Dewdney (22) killed

15.9.38 Gauntlet II K7840, 213 Sqn Wittering

Crashed after collision with Magister L8263, Stamford, Lincs; hit woman on the ground

Miss Violet Mary Russell (22) killed

Plt Off Brian van Mentz baled out

Fg Off John Eric James Sing baled out of Magister

AC R Humphreys baled out of Magister

15.9.38 Swordfish I K8877, Floatplane Training Flight, Lee-on-Solent

Hit fishing boat on landing and crashed in sea, off Lee-on-Solent

Thomas Henry Kemp (48) killed

Thomas Bannister (75) died 17.9.38

Sub-Lt Douglas Tennant Stewart unhurt

Sgt Clifford Bond unhurt

18.9.38 Blenheim I K7163, 61 Sqn, Hemswell

Stalled during rainstorm and crashed, Urpeth Forge, near Beamish, Co. Durham

Cpl Henry Edward West (26) killed

AC1 James Stewart Grey (18) killed

Plt Off Alner George Newton baled out

19.9.38 B.A. Swallow 2 G-AFIG, 4 ERFTS, Brough

Crashed in rainstorm, Dorrington Fen, near Sleaford, Lincs.

Plt Off Dennis Gerald Baker (19) killed

Act Plt Off Harold Arthur Cooper Bird-Wilson injured (pilot)

20.9.38 Sunderland I L2162, 210 Sqn, Pembroke Dock

Broke up on landing at night, Milford Haven

Cpl Cyril Henry Clayton (30) drowned

Cpl Ronald Narbett (29) drowned

Fg Off John Mclachlan Harvey Sinclair injured

LAC William John Reed injured

Sqn Ldr Archibald Martin Watts-Read unhurt

Plt Off Dennis Bowen Esmonde-White unhurt

AC George Wyndham Bowen unhurt

AC Hubert Allen Jenkins unhurt

21.9.38 B.A. Swallow 2 G-AELI, Cinque Ports Flying Club, Lympne

Stalled and dived in, Lympne

Fg Off David William Llewellyn (34) killed (RAFO)

2Lt John Buller Kitson (23) killed

29.9.38 Wellesley K7732, 148 Sqn, Stradishall

Lost wing diving out of cloud, Kedington, near Stradishall

Sgt Ronald Ashley Cowan (26) killed

Sgt Harry Newby (23) killed

AC2 Peter Asquith Corp (19) killed

30.9.38 Anson I L7929, 6 FTS, Little Rissington

Dived into ground in bad weather, Shipton-under-Wychwood, Oxon

Plt Off John Goodhart Mason (24) killed

Act Plt Off Roderick Gordon James (18) killed

5.10.38 Wellesley K7729, RAE, Farnborough

Spun in, Bunce's Farm, Farnham, Surrey

Flt Lt Kenneth Darleigh Salmon (30) killed

6.10.38 Battle K7589, 226 Sqn, Harwell

Crashed on mountain, Plynlimon, Montgomeryshire

Plt Off Alastair Lilburn MacEwen (23) killed

Cpl Frank James (26) killed

AC1 Kenneth Adrian Clark (28) killed

6.10.38 Harrow II K6971, 215 Sqn, Honington

Missing in storm during night exercise, North Sea

Fg Off Douglas Aubrey Hamilton (25) killed

Plt Off Roland Noah Haynes (25) killed (pilot)

Plt Off Thomas Ian Stewart Munro killed

LAC Charles Selby Lodge (21) killed

AC1 Trevor Prowse killed

11.10.38 Audax I K5149, 10 FTS, Ternhill

Midair collision with K7396 during bombing practice, near Hell's Mouth, Caernarvonshire

Act Plt Off Ronald Vincent Hart (18) killed

Act Plt Off Robert Andrew Desmond Meharey injured

11.10.38 Audax I K7396, 10 FTS, Ternhill

Midair collision with K5149 during bombing practice, near Hell's Mouth, Caernarvonshire

Act Plt Off John Astley Cooper (20) killed

Act Plt Off Thomas Campbell Dunn (20) killed

11.10.38 Vildebeest III K4605, 22 Sqn, Thorney Island

Dived into sea during torpedo practice, Spithead, off Seaview, IoW

Plt Off Leslie Morley Barlow (27) killed

12.10.38 Osprey I S1696, 801 Sqn, HMS Furious

Crashed in sea off HMS Furious, near Bass Rock, Firth of Forth

Fg Off John Newton Snow (24) killed (Lt, RM)

15.10.38 Hind L7236, 23 ERFTS, Rochester

Collision with Avro Tutor K3328, Walderslade, near Chatham

Flt Lt Rowan Sydney Howe (25) killed (RAFO; South African)

Sgt Jack William Walkling (25) killed

15.10.38 Tutor K3328, 23 ERFTS, Rochester

Collision with Hind L7236, Walderslade, near Chatham

Sgt Norman Percy Smith (22) killed

18.10.38 Wellesley K7714, 148 Sqn, Stradishall

Collision with K7716 at night, Great Dunmow, Essex

Plt Off Eric Chamberlain Wheelwright (25) killed

Sgt Eric Mark Walker (23) killed

AC2 Thomas Moore Boyd (23) killed

18.10.38 Wellesley K7716, 148 Sqn, Stradishall

Collision with K7714 at night, Great Dunmow, Essex

Sgt Reginald Prosser (24) killed

Sgt Wilfred Courtney Cunnington (29) killed

Act Sgt James Crane Irwin (31) killed

22.10.38 Whitley II K7261, 51 Sqn, Linton-on-Ouse

Crashed in fog at night, Aldwark, near Linton-on-Ouse

Plt Off Franklin Gordon Hanlan (25) killed (Canadian)

AC1 Christopher Peter Timothy Bowring (20) killed

Flt Sgt Frank Clifford Noyes injured; died 20.4.39

AC1 Andrew Moffat Fleming injured

26.10.38 Blenheim I L1252, 34 Sqn, Upper Heyford

Crashed on hillside in cloud, Staple Moss, 6m W of Middleton-in-Teesdale

Act Plt Off John Owen Sowerbutts (25) killed

AC1 William Ashbridge (21) killed

AC2 Horace Redfern (18) killed

1.11.38 Anson I K8836, 206 Sqn, Bircham Newton

Flew into sea in rain squall, off Flamborough Head, Yorks.

Fg Off (Act Flt Lt) Patrick Jonathan Kenyon Pike (24) killed

Plt Off Matthew Angus Scott (24) killed

AC1 Reginald William Stanley Rae (23) killed

AC2 Derek Alexander Wilson killed

3.11.38 Demon I K5730, 23 Sqn, Wittering

Collision with K5712 in formation, between Uffington and Barholm, Lincs.

AC1 Roy Harold Lee (20) killed

Sgt Jack Arnold Bullard baled out

Plt Off Arthur Edward Slocombe baled out of K5712

4.11.38 DH.86 G-ACZN "St Catherine's Bay", Jersey Airways

Stalled and crashed after take-off, Rue es Minquiers, near Jersey Airport

Fg Off Alwyn Geoffrey Morgan Cary (35) killed (RAFO)

Reginald John Syner Lyons (28) killed (wireless operator)

Frank Berry (c.60) killed

Thomas Olaf Cox (29) killed

Sister Janet Hansford killed

Harold Kersley (57) killed

Stuart Spring (28) killed

Capt William Dermot Swan (30) killed

Mrs Rozel Clinton Swan (27) killed

Miss Bridget Jennifer Swan (1) killed

Major Gerald Hazzard Voisin (40) killed

Mrs Eleanor Ruby Courtney Voisin killed

Mrs Lucy Helena Wall (40) killed

Edmund le Cornu killed (farm worker, on ground)

7.11.38 Blenheim I L1160, 61 Sqn, Hemswell

Abandoned on fire; crashed onto mud flats, Holbeach Marsh, Lincs.

Cpl John William Beverley Bentley (25) killed

AC1 Alfred Charles Laurens (23) drowned

Plt Off Arthur Dennis Steele-Perkins unhurt

10.11.38 DH.60G Moth G-ABOV, Herts & Essex Aero Club

Crashed in fog and caught fire, Crundale, near Wye, Kent

Jayant Ganparo Pathare (23) killed (Indian)

11.11.38 Battle K7664, 185 Sqn, Thornaby

Crashed on take-off, hitting civilian groundsmen in hut, Henlow

Harry Abbiss (48) killed

Harry Dilley injured

Plt Off Cecil Cakebread unhurt

Sgt Wood unhurt

12.11.38 Blenheim I L1208, 139 Sqn, Wyton

Stalled avoiding collision and dived into ground, Rugeley, Staffs

Fg Off Robert Duncan Tate (23) killed

Cpl Hedley George Kennett (27) killed

AC1 Robert Cyril Salter (18) killed

14.11.38 Audax I K7417, 144 Sqn, Hemswell

Overturned on forced landing, Haverfield, near Patrington, Yorks

AC1 Sydney David McNaughton (22) killed

Fg Off Frank Cunniff Stibbard unhurt (Canadian)

14.11.38 Heyford III K5194, 9 Sqn, Scampton

Undershot runway and burst into flames, Stradishall

Wg Cdr Harry Augustus Smith MC (44) killed

Plt Off Aubrey Ward Jackson (20) killed

14.11.38 Fairey Seal K4780, 7 Armament Training Station, Acklington

Spun into sea, off Amble, Northumberland

Sgt William Arthur Curl (25) killed

AC1 Joseph Millican (20) killed

16.11.38 Magister I N3808, RAF, Lee-on-Solent

Crashed in field, Bent Farm, Laurencekirk, Scotland

Fg Off Peter Marshall Hamilton-Hall (25) killed

22.11.38 Lockheed 14 G-AFGO, British Airways

Crashed on rocks on test flight, Redcliffe Bay, Portishead

Eric Glynne Robinson (30) killed

Flt Lt Robert Paul Joseph Leborgne (28) killed (RAFO)

24.11.38 Whitley III K8963, 77 Sqn, Driffield

Crashed in field on overshoot and caught fire, Driffield

Plt Off Peter Rodney Wood (22) killed

Sgt Thomas Gilbert Mahaddie injured (pilot)

25.11.38 Battle K7567, 63 Sqn, Upwood

Hit trees in bad weather, Plain's Wood, East Tisted, Hants

Plt Off John Ellis (21) killed

Cpl Arthur Robert James Thorogood injured

AC2 Victor Douglas Rawlings injured

27.11.38 Magister I L8175, 27 ERFTS, Tollerton

Dived into ground, Holme Pierrepont, Nottingham

Sgt Edward Watkin-Thomas (22) killed (RAFVR)

6.12.38 Avro 643 Cadet II G-ADTZ, 9 ERFTS, Ansty

Dived and crashed in field, Lodge Farm, Walsgrave, Coventry

Sgt Raymond William Kingsley Clark (24) killed (RAFVR)

10.12.38 Fury II K8271, 9 FTS, Hullavington

Hit shore while recovering from dive on target, Chesil Bank, Dorset

Cpl John Robert Daniel (22) drowned

13.12.38 Battle K7585, 207 Sqn, Cottesmore

Undershot and hit tree, Cottesmore

Plt Off Philip Charles Rolls (21) killed

15.12.38 Swordfish I K8875, Torpedo Training Unit, Gosport

Wing hit airman while landing, Gosport

AC1 Ernest Harold Tew (22) killed

Sub-Lt John Illsley Baker (pilot)

LAC Frank Turpie (passenger)

19.12.38 Hart K5795, 10 FTS, Ternhill

Failed to recover from dive, Bletchley, near Ternhill

Act Plt Off Winston Alvanley Jenns (20) died 20.12.38

Act Plt Off John Milne Morgan injured (pilot)

21.12.38 ?, 9 FTS, Hullavington

Pilot hit by propeller, Warmwell

Act Plt Off Norman Aubrey Bagnald (23) killed

28.12.38 Tiger Moth N5449, 12 ERFTS, Prestwick

Flew into Auchingilloch Hill, near Strathaven

LAC Ernest Francis Bennett killed

3.1.1939 Magister I L8329, 30 ERFTS, Burnaston

Crashed on Rolls-Royce works, Derby

Sgt George Anthony Bell (21) killed (RAFVR)

3.1.39 Wallace K6027, 1 Air Observers School, North Coates

Observer hit on head by propeller, North Coates

LAC Michael Carthage O'Shea (20) killed (Irish)

Sgt Harold Fred Bucknell (pilot)

9.1.39 Anson I L9153, 12 ERFTS, Prestwick

Crashed on mountain, Corserine, near Dalry, Kirkcudbrightshire

Fg Off Iain Douglas Shields (26) killed (RAFVR)

LAC Gordon Eric Betts killed

LAC Henry Gilbert Stewart Briggs (22) killed

Mr Norman Hector Duff (30) killed

13.1.39 Battle I K7631, 106 Sqn, Thornaby

Crashed in sea in bad visibility, off Souter Point, Co Durham

Sgt Eric James Beer (24) killed

AC2 William Ingram killed

14.1.39 Magister I N3907, 1 Sqn, Tangmere

Dived in out of low cloud, Walberton, near Arundel

Fg Off Alexander Charles Douglas (26) killed

Sgt John James Cooper (34) killed

17.1.39 Gladiator I K6151, 3 Sqn, Kenley

Crashed into house in fog, Chapel Green, Crowborough, Sussex

Act Plt Off Donald James Catt (23) killed (RAFO)

Miss Ella Coomber (57) killed

Harriet Louise Smyly injured

17.1.39 Hurricane I L1558, 111 Sqn, Northolt

Spun into ground in bad weather, Manor Farm, Wield, near Alton, Hants

Sgt Llewellyn Roy Griffiths (23) killed

17.1.39 Miles Mentor I L4414, Eastchurch Station Flight

Dived into ground, Tangham Forest, near Butley, Suffolk

Fg Off Geoffrey Beavis (22) killed

AVM Henry Meyrick Cave-Browne-Cave CB DSO DFC injured (pilot)

17.1.39 Anson I L9149, 9 ERFTS, Ansty

Crashed on mountain in bad weather, Fan Brycheiniog, near Ystradgynlais, Brecknockshire

Fg Off Ernest Ronald Henshaw Coombes (35) died 18.1.39 (RAFO)

LAC Alban Dennis Mabbett (18) killed

LAC John Murdo Macleod Macdonald unhurt

Mr Leslie Arnold Priscott unhurt (wireless operator)

23.1.39 Whitley I K7211, 10 Sqn, Dishforth

Missing, English Channel

Plt Off Frederick William Miller killed

Plt Off Allan Frederick William Miles (21) killed

Sgt Horace Cutts (25) killed

AC1 Harry Thompson (19) killed

AC1 Ralph Lavery killed

AC1 John Robert Hanley killed

24.1.39 Wallace II K6067, 3 Armament Training Station, Sutton Bridge

Undershot and overturned, Sutton Bridge

Sgt James Thomas Wyse (26) killed

LAC Edward Lawrence Wade injured

26.1.39 Gladiator I K7930, 54 Sqn, Hornchurch

Flew into ground in snowstorm, Weston Park, Baldock, Herts

Plt Off Theodore Ralph Tate Carr-Ellison (23) died 30.1.39

28.1.39 Miles M.11A Whitney Straight G-AEVH, Reading Aero Club, Woodley

Crashed in bad visibility, Pilot Hill, Ashmansworth, Hants

George Richard Hobbs (26) killed

Vernon Claude Morris (26) killed

30.1.39 Blenheim IV L4836, 53 Sqn, Odiham

Hit telegraph wires after engine failure and crashed, Odiham

Plt Off Peter Francis Gordon Jameson (21) killed

30.1.39 Blenheim I L1476, 64 Sqn, Church Fenton

Dived into ground in cloud, Sykes Moor, near Glossop, Derbyshire

Plt Off Stanley John Daly Robinson (21) killed (South African)

Act Plt Off Jack Elliot Thomas (21) killed (Rhodesian)

2.2.39 Hurricane I L1629, 87 Sqn, Debden

Dived into ground, Pamphillions Farm, Debden

Fg Off Terence Hugh Knapp O'Brien (22) killed

5.2.39 Hind K6752, 22 ERFTS, Cambridge

Spun in while stunting, near Chatteris, Cambridgeshire

Sgt Ralph Herbert Wright (19) killed (RAFVR)

6.2.39 Swordfish floatplane

Handler hit by propeller on slipway, Lee-on-Solent

AC2 Arthur Peake (22) killed

7.2.39 Hart K5031, 10 FTS, Ternhill

Hit tree in low turn, Child's Ercall, Shropshire

Act Plt Off Francis Joseph Hamell (23) killed

Fg Off Edward Reginald Berrill injured

7.2.39 Hurricane I L1682, 1 Sqn, Tangmere

Crashed at night, Tindon End, near Debden

Sgt Allen Vincent Hancock (24) killed

10.2.39 Gladiator I K7955, 3 Sqn, Kenley

Hit hillside in cloud, Firle Beacon, Sussex

Plt Off Jack Driscol Mills (21) killed

11.2.39 Audax I K7459, 19 ERFTS, Gatwick

Crashed on house in fog, Freshfield Road, Brighton

Sgt Will Edward Brun (22) killed (RAFVR)

Mrs Dorothy Edith Baigent (28) killed

Audrey May Baigent (3) killed

Gwendoline Grace Baigent (2) killed

15.2.39 Blenheim I L1155, 44 Sqn, Waddington

Crashed after engine failure on take-off, North Coates

Flt Lt Ernest Michael Withy (25) killed

AC2 John Henry Richardson (23) killed

AC2 Joseph Raymond Lisgo injured

16.2.39 Audax I K7366, 2 FTS, Brize Norton

Dived into ground at night, Clanfield, Oxford

Plt Off Carleton Allenby Ross (19) killed (Canadian)

16.2.39 Harvard I N7000, A&AEE, Martlesham Heath

Spun into ground, Eyke, near Woodbridge

Sqn Ldr Robert Travers Cazalet (27) killed

Mr Richard Peter Alston (32) killed (senior scientific officer, RAE)

16.2.39 B.A. Swallow 2 G-AFER, S Lawrence, Alfreton

Midair collision with G-AEIG, Cotgrave, near Tollerton

Jack Edwin Walker (28) killed

Capt Arthur Frederick Muir & pupil Barrow unhurt in G-AEIG (landed with minor damage)

18.2.39 Hind K6819, 603 Sqn, Turnhouse

Crashed on hill in mist, Bishop Hill, Kinross

Plt Off Ingram Edward Pease (24) killed (AAF)

21.2.39 Anson I K8733, 9 FTS, Hullavington

Crashed at night and caught fire, near Hullavington

Act Plt Off Herbert William Stanton Stanton-Hope (18) killed

27.2.39 Blenheim I L1099, 114 Sqn, Wyton

Engine failed on take-off and hit tree, Wyton

Fg Off Wilfred Maurice Lupton (26) killed

Sgt Charles Maurice Belshan (29) killed

AC1 George Noel Hopley (24) killed

5.3.39 DH.60G Moth G-AFKA, Redhill Flying Club

Stalled on turn after practice forced landing, Upper Barn Farm, Blindley Heath, Surrey; repaired

Frederick Wills (28) killed

Michael Collins Waterfield injured (pilot)

13.3.39 Audax K4396, 6 FTS, Little Rissington

Crashed in sea while pulling out of dive on bombing range, Chesil Beach, Dorset

Act Plt Off Adam Eastman de Pencier (25) killed (Canadian)

13.3.39 Hurricane I L1692, 1 Sqn, Tangmere

Spun off turn on approach after engine failure, Tangmere

Sgt William Allan Cuthbert (24) killed

16.3.39 Spitfire I K9838, 41 Sqn, Catterick

Broke up in dive, Eryholme, between Northallerton and Darlington

Sgt George Verdun Serjeant (22) killed

16.3.39 DH.85 Leopard Moth G-ACXH, Douglas K Fairweather, Renfrew

Passenger hit by propeller, Heston

Dr Elizabeth Sym Cook (38) killed

The Hon Mrs Margaret Fairweather (pilot)

Joseph Vincent Casey (mechanic)

18.3.39 Anson I K6321, 269 Sqn, Abbotsinch

Crashed in fog, Barraston Glen, near Torrance, Stirlingshire

Sgt George Charles MacDonald killed

Sgt Hugh Lynn McPhee (25) killed (New Zealander)

AC1 William George Reid killed

AC2 Donald MacDonald killed

20.3.39 Blenheim I L1459, 23 Sqn, Wittering

Spun into the ground out of cloud, Fenny Compton, Warwickshire

Plt Off Anthony Stewart Peter (22) killed

Plt Off Joseph Benjamin Raven (22) killed

20.3.39 Hampden I L4082, 50 Sqn, Waddington

Dived into ground out of cloud, Boultham, Lincoln

Plt Off Robert Alexander McAlister (23) killed

Sgt Walter Harvey Freestone (27) killed

AC1 Norman Vincent Newsham (26) killed

AC2 Frederick Roy Greensill (18) killed

21.3.39 Osprey I S1682, Station Flight, Gosport

Stalled and crashed after engine cut on take-off, Gosport

Flt Lt Dermod Donatus O'Brien (29) killed (Lt, RN)

Sub-Lt Charles Howard Colomb O'Rorke injured

22.3.39 Blenheim I L1262, 62 Sqn, Cranfield

Control lost in hailstorm, Cranford, near Kettering

Plt Off David Shine (19) killed

Sgt John Randolph Wiles (26) killed

AC2 Frederick George Lewis (20) killed

23.3.39 Battle I L4967, 207 Sqn, Cottesmore

Dived into ground at night, near Mileham, Norfolk

Plt Off Guy Cecil Shepherd (19) killed

Act Sgt Francis Charles Talbot Norman (26) killed

AC1 John Thomas Samuel Randle (18) killed

25.3.39 Tiger Moth N6454, 34 ERFTS, Rochford

Midair collision with Audax K8329, North Benfleet, Essex

Flt Lt Harold Bertie Robertson (34) killed (RAFO)

Sgt Edward George Dyas (18) killed

Sgt Lawrence Thomas Wilton-Jones unhurt in Audax

29.3.39 Hurricane I L1792, 46 Sqn, Digby

Spun into ground at night, near Corby, Lincs.

Plt Off Richard Albert Cyril Kent (20) killed

29.3.39 Miles M.2H Hawk Major G-AFKL, Reading Aero Club, Woodley

Lost control during aerobatics, Woodley

Paul Lailey Uphill (28) killed

2.4.39 Slingsby Primary BGA 373, Bristol Gliding Club, Leighterton

Spun and crashed, Leighterton

Peter Alan Lantsbery Grear (22) died 3.4.39

5.4.39 Battle K9359, 15 Sqn, Abingdon

Officer fell out of aircraft in dive, Lashford Lane, Abingdon

Plt Off Peter Shennan (22) killed (New Zealander)

Fg Off Paul Geoffrey Chapman (pilot)

9.4.39 Audax I K7415, 20 ERFTS, Gravesend

Hit tree during aerobatics, Romney Street Farm, Shoreham, Kent

Fg Off Bernard John Sciortino (24) killed (RAFVR)

14.4.39 Hart K4431, 16 ERFTS, Shoreham

Flew into hill in cloud, Streat Hill Farm, near Plumpton, Sussex

Sgt George William Read (21) killed (RAFVR)

18.4.39 Gladiator I K7962, 3 Sqn, Kenley

Midair collision with K8023 at night, Caterham

Act Plt Off Frank Brian Stiven (19) killed

18.4.39 Gladiator I K8023, 3 Sqn, Kenley

Midair collision with K7962 at night, Caterham

Fg Off Dennis Thomas Collins (23) killed

20.4.39 Hampden I L4136, 144 Sqn, Hemswell

Dived into dyke after bomb door broke off, Sunk Island, Holderness, near Hull

Plt Off Charles Edward Jones (26) killed (Canadian)

22.4.39 Hurricane I L1738, 43 Sqn, Tangmere

Hit trees on approach at night, Tangmere

Fg Off Charles Auston Rotheram (25) killed

24.4.39 Hurricane I L1599, 56 Sqn, North Weald

Dived into ground, Margaretting, near Ingatestone, Essex

Sgt Sidney Victor Evetts (26) killed

28.4.39 Lysander I L4702, 2 Sqn, Hawkinge

Stalled off climbing turn, Hawkinge

Fg Off Ronald Anthony George Petrie (23) killed

AC2 Henry Arthur John Stacey (20) killed

28.4.39 Lysander II L4762, 13 Sqn, Odiham

Stalled on turn and dived into ground after take-off, Denham

Fg Off Denys Greville Bell (23) killed

2.5.39 Whitley I K7190, 10 Sqn, Dishforth

Stalled after take-off, Dishforth

Sgt Henry Albert Donald (24) killed

Sgt Eric Cecil James Fryer (26) killed

3.5.39 Hart Special K4372, 2 ERFTS, Filton

Collision with Tiger Moth G-ACBA on approach, Filton

Flt Sgt Clifford Percival Wright (19) killed (RAFVR)

Michael Anthony Sims injured in Tiger Moth

5.5.39 Battle I K9469, 35 Sqn, Cottesmore

Engine cut after night take-off; dived in, Cottesmore

Plt Off Gerald Louis Cooper (21) killed (South African)

Sgt John Frederick Tompkins (25) killed

AC2 John Sweeney (20) killed

7.5.39 Audax I K5593, 15 ERFTS, Redhill

Collision with stationary Battle K7649 on landing, Redhill

Sgt Gordon Percival Alan Harris (26) killed (RAFVR)

8.5.39 Audax I K7377, RAF College, Cranwell

Collision with K7458 while attacking towed target, Stubton, Lincs

Flt Cadet Robert Adrian Greey Morgan (20) killed

8.5.39 Audax I K7458, RAF College, Cranwell

Collision with K7377 while attacking towed target, Stubton, Lincs

Flt Cadet Bernard Robert Guille (21) killed

8.5.39 Hart K5800, 19 ERFTS, Gatwick

Collision with Moth G-AAVR, Horne, near Horley

Sgt Stuart Smith (19) killed (RAFVR)

8.5.39 DH.60M Moth G-AAVR, Redhill Flying Club

Collision with Hawker Hart K5800, Horne, near Horley

Capt John Joseph ('Paddy') Flynn (44) killed

Miss Aurora D Tasselli (19) killed

9.5.39 Anson I K6210, 220 Sqn, Bircham Newton

Collision with K6225 while rejoining formation, Bircham Common, near Bircham Newton

Sgt Robert Norman Riddell (23) killed

Sgt David Peacock (26) killed

Cpl Charles Samson (38) killed

Fg Off Andrew Bruce unhurt in K6225

Plt Off Charles Edward Lionel Powell unhurt in K6225

9.5.39 Wallace I K3570, 1 Air Armament School, Manby

Crashed in sea, off Mablethorpe

Plt Off Michael Travers Lloyd (20) killed

AC James Flannery (26) killed

12.5.39 Tiger Moth N5487, 20 ERFTS, Gravesend

Midair collision with N6451 during blind-flying practice, Cobham Woods, near Gravesend

Fg Off John Fyrley Spanton (28) killed (AAF)

Midshipman (A) Colin Gerald Shaw Hodgkinson injured

12.5.39 Tiger Moth N6451, 20 ERFTS, Gravesend

Midair collision with N5487 during blind-flying practice, Cobham Woods, near Gravesend

Fg Off Froude Ridler Matthews (38) died 6.1.40

Midshipman (A) Arthur Taylor injured

16.5.39 Avro 504N G-ADEI, H B G Michelmore, Hedon

Nose dived after take-off, Hanworth

Sydney Lane Foster St Barbe (44) died 17.5.39

Richard Arthur Clinton Holme injured

18.5.39 Blenheim IF L1439, 25 Sqn, Hawkinge

Lost control in cloud at night, near Dartford, Kent

AC2 Francis Roy Jones (19) killed

Sgt John Granville Lingard baled out (pilot)

19.5.39 Hector K9690, 59 Sqn, Andover

Sideslipped into ground after take-off and caught fire, Penton Mewsey, near Andover

Plt Off Nigel Avenel Van Someren (21) killed

AC1 Alfred Dennis Jacobs (22) killed

23.5.39 Hampden I L4155, 7 Sqn, Finningley

Lost control and spun while changing formation, Kelwick, near Newark

Fg Off Jack George McGrail (28) killed (Canadian)

Plt Off Geoffrey Lloyd (24) killed (RAFO)

Sgt Howard Kane Trencham (27) killed

AC1 Raymond Lumley (20) killed

AC2 Edward Brian Brentnall (18) killed

28.5.39 Hart K3864, 28 ERFTS, Meir

Flew into trees during aerobatics, Barleyford Farm, near Rushton Spencer, Cheshire

Sgt Clare Norman Parish (21) killed (RAFVR)

29.5.39 Hillson Praga G-AEUK, Northern Aviation School & Club Ltd, Barton

Broke up in steep dive, Kirkholt Farm, Balderstone, near Rochdale

David Johnston (24) killed

Donald Smith Ferguson (26) killed

30.5.39 Avro 631 Cadet G-ABVV, Maj J E D Shaw, Welburn Hall

Crashed on aerotow take-off with Gull BGA 349, Welburn Hall, Yorks.

Montagu Scott McMurdo (42) killed.

30.5.39 Slingsby Gull BGA 349, Yorkshire Gliding Club

Crashed on aerotow take-off with Avro Cadet G-ABVV, Welburn Hall, Yorks.

Angus Oastler Pick (31) killed

1.6.39 Spitfire I K9826, 19 Sqn, Duxford

Hit tractor driver on landing, Brize Norton

Herbert Phipps (35) killed

Plt Off James Baird Coward unhurt (pilot)

2.6.39 Hampden I L4128, 144 Sqn, Hemswell

Stalled on approach and caught fire, near Caenby Corner, Lincoln

Plt Off Hugh Salisbury James (19) killed (Rhodesian)

Sgt Harold Kinloch (30) killed

AC1 Donald Eskburn Shimmin (20) killed

2.6.39 Walrus I L2173, 751 Sqn, Ford

Crashed on landing in sea, 7m off Littlehampton

Act Sub-Lt (A) Jack Robertson killed

Midshipman (A) Hugh Lawley Charteris (20) killed

Plt Off Antonio Simmons Dini rescued (pilot, New Zealander)

6.6.39 Gauntlet II K7822, 17 Sqn, North Weald

Undershot night landing and overturned, North Weald

Sgt Gordon Allan Hughes (22) died 7.6.39 (RAFVR)

6.6.39 Hampden I L4107, 61 Sqn, Hemswell

Stalled and crashed in sea on air-firing exercise, off Tentsmuir, Fife

Fg Off Alner George Newton (26) killed

Sgt George Harold Fawcett (27) killed

AC1 Robert Glynn Thomas (19) killed

12.6.39 Hurricane I L1598, 56 Sqn, North Weald

Crashed after collision with L1611 on formation take-off, Epping Forest

Plt Off Peter Philip Charlton (23) killed (RAFO)

Plt Off Montagu Leslie Hulton-Harrop unhurt in L1611

15.6.39 Miles M.11A Whitney Straight G-AFBV, Thanet Aero Club, Ramsgate

Hit wind sock and crashed, Ipswich Airport

Fg Off Charles Frederick Almond (28) killed (RAFO)

Henry Angwin Spray (22) killed

15.6.39 Harvard I N7064, 1 FTS, Netheravon

Night flying accident; crashed 3m E of Netheravon

Midshipman (A) James Vincent Reed (19) killed

19.6.39 Blenheim I L1253, A&AEE, Martlesham Heath

Crew baled out, Icklingham, Suffolk; aircraft landed by pilot at Mildenhall

AC1 Jack Maurice Forsdyke (22) killed

AC1 Christopher Stoddart injured

Sqn Ldr Ian Grant Mackay unhurt (pilot)

19.6.39 Short S.30 Empire G-AFCW "Connemara", Imperial Airways

Caught fire while refuelling from petrol barge, Hythe, Southampton Water

Hedley Newton Vincent (36) killed

George Summers injured

20.6.39 Battle I K9249, 88 Sqn, Boscombe Down

Caught fire in flight and abandoned, Netherhampton, near Salisbury

Sgt Harrison George Ing (24) killed

Plt Off Donald Alexander John Foster unhurt (Canadian)

AC2 Edward Glyndwr Williams unhurt

20.6.39 Fury II K8222, 9 FTS, Hullavington

Spun off steep turn and caught fire, Long Newnton

Act Plt Off Eric Russell McGovern (21) killed (Canadian)

20.6.39 DH.89A Dragon Rapide G-AERE, British American Air Services

Flew into hillside, near Ettersgill, 5m NW of Middleton-in-Teesdale

Ferruccio Sylvani (Frank) Appi (20) killed (pilot)

James Elmslie (33) killed (wireless operator)

John Lionel (Jack) Crouch (23) killed

20.6.39 Hurricane I L1593, 79 Sqn, Biggin Hill

Struck by lightning and dived into ground, Ditchling Common, East Sussex

Sgt Leonard Frank Davis (26) killed

21.6.39 Blenheim IF L1504, 29 Sqn, Debden

Crashed in trees on take-off at night, Cole End Farm, near Debden

Plt Off Sidney Herbert Lyttle (20) killed

23.6.39 Hind Trainer L7241, 7 ERFTS, Desford

Stalled on climbing turn and dived into ground, Desford

Fg Off Joseph Leonard John Rowland (26) killed (RAFO)

Fg Off Noel Hill injured (instructor)

23.6.39 Hurricane I L1573, 73 Sqn, Digby

Side slipped and nose dived, Top Covert, Beckingham, near Newark

Plt Off Anthony D'Orton Lamarque (22) died 24.6.39

25.6.39 Tiger Moth K4287, 20 ERFTS, Gravesend

Spun in during aerobatics, Rowhill Woods, Wilmington, Kent

Sgt John Elevys Morgan (21) killed (RAFVR)

25.6.39 Miles M.2 Hawk G-ACHZ, Airsales & Service Ltd, Bekesbourne

Stalled, crashed and caught fire Bekesbourne

Cecil James Dobson (24) killed

26.6.39 Hurricane I L1690, 1 Sqn, Tangmere

Caught in searchlight and spun, West Dean, Sussex

Fg Off William Oliver Chambers Hemmings (24) killed

27.6.39 DH.60G Moth G-ABBW, Brooklands Flying Club

Crashed in sea, off Shoreham

Henry Norman Kyte (42) died 28.6.39

27.6.39 DH.82A Tiger Moth G-AFSK, Newcastle-upon-Tyne Aero Club, Woolsington

Crashed into hilltop, Roseden, near Wooler, Northumberland

Frederick Geoffrey Harrison Wall (29) killed

5.7.39 Tiger Moth L6931, 11 ERFTS, Perth

Flew into hillside in thunderstorm, Craigvinean, near Dalguise, Perthshire

John Allan Gardiner (19) killed (RAFVR)

7.7.39 DH.87B Hornet Moth G-AFAT, C Penn Hughes, Brooklands

Nose dived turning after take-off, Lympne

Clifton Penn Hughes (34) killed

Edward Tobin injured

9.7.39 Avro 643 Cadet II G-ADTH, 3 ERFTS, Hamble

Spun and dived into sea, Milford-on-Sea

Sgt David Horatio McCluckie Joseph (22) killed (RAFVR)

10.7.39 Willoughby Delta F G-AFPX, Willoughby Delta Co Ltd, Witney

Crashed, Caulcott, near Bicester

Hugh Nichol Olley (24) killed

Percival Nesbit Willoughby (36) killed

11.7.39 Dunstable Kestrel BGA 371, W E Godson, Camphill

Spun in during National Gliding Contest, Camphill, Derbyshire

William Eric Godson (28) killed

12.7.39 Audax I K7486, 2FTS, Brize Norton

Crashed in sea after hitting towed sleeve target, off Chesil Beach, Dorset

2Lt Nuri Muhsin killed (Royal Iraqi Air Force)

13.7.39 Hawker Tomtit G-AFKB, Leicestershire Aero Club, Braunstone

Hit power cable and crashed, Leicester Forest East

Percy Raymond Kerfoot (33) died 14.7.39

15.7.39 B.A. Swallow 2 G-AFHN, London Air Park Flying Club, Hanworth

Crashed on approach, Hanworth Road, Feltham

Harold Clyde Ferguson (32) killed

Gordon Reginald Watson injured

15.7.39 DH.60G Moth G-ABBV, Cotswold Aero Club, Staverton

Spun and crashed in field, Dean's Farm, Brockworth, Gloucester

Charles Henry Pitt (31) killed

15.7.39 Slingsby Petrel BGA 382, F Charles, Furness

Dived into the ground on winch launch, Camphill, Derbyshire

Frank Charles (32) killed

18.7.39 Hampden I L4046, 44 Sqn, Waddington

Dived into ground and exploded, Irnham, near Corby, Lincs.

Fg Off David Ivan Jobson (26) killed (New Zealander)

Sgt Plt John Archibald Hawes (25) killed

Act Sgt Ernest Walter Jones (21) killed

AC2 Ronald James Andrews (20) killed

18.7.39 Spitfire I K9888, 41 Sqn, Catterick

Flew into high ground in cloud, Great Dun Fell, near Appleby, Westmorland

Sgt Kenneth Mitchell (21) killed (RAFVR)

20.7.39 Blenheim I L8368, 23 Sqn, Wittering

Crashed after collision with L1448, Wansford, near Wittering

Sgt Jack Arnold Bullard (25) killed

Dennis Effrain Nahum baled out

Fg Off Edward Trevor Williams unhurt in L1448

21.7.39 Hart K4366, 1 FTS, Netheravon

Dived into sea during bombing practice, Skipsea range

Lt David Marsh Lloyd (26) killed (RN)

21.7.39 Hind K5418, Oxford University Air Squadron, Abingdon

Collision with Moth G-ABJZ, Tilmanstone, Kent

Plt Off David Curig Lewis (21) killed (RAFVR)

21.7.39 DH.60G Moth G-ABJZ, Kent Flying Club, Bekesbourne

Collision with Hind K5418, Tilmanstone, Kent

Fg Off Keith Kendle Brown (38) killed (RAFO)

Donovan William Alan Pragnell (44) killed

21.7.39 Wellington I L4290, 148 Sqn, Stradishall

Dived into ground out of cloud, East Hill, Milborne Port, near Yeovil

Fg Off York Plant Wilson (25) killed (Canadian)

Plt Off Ivor Russell Barton (26) killed (Canadian)

AC1 James Alexander Lowery (19) killed

21.7.39 Whitley III K9002, 166 Sqn, Leconfield

Crashed in fog, Scorbrough, near Leconfield

Plt Off Joseph Murray Brockbank (19) killed

Plt Off George Buchanan Baker (21) killed

Sgt Philip Mealing (24) killed

25.7.39 Battle I K9412, 63 Sqn, Upwood

Flew into ground at night, Great Massingham

Sgt Albert James Shepherd (24) killed

Sgt Aubrey Alan James Sherriff (25) killed

AC2 William Murphy (23) killed

25.7.39 Blenheim IF L1465, 23 Sqn, Wittering

Collision with Hart K4977, Humby, near Grantham

Act Sgt Leslie George Tarrant (30) killed

Fg Off Percy Don Walker baled out; injured

25.7.39 Hart K4977, 12 FTS, Grantham

Collision with Blenheim L1465, Humby, near Grantham

Act Plt Off William Leonard Wright (23) killed

26.7.39 Anson I K6255, 269 Sqn, Abbotsinch

Hit hillside in cloud, Cauldron Hill, near Greenock, Renfrewshire

Mr Harold John Reynolds (28) died 27.7.39 (Civil Air Guard)

Sgt George William Robson injured (pilot)

LAC Sydney John Ball injured

AC1 William Edward Ward injured

28.7.39 Hudson I N7260, Lockheed Aircraft Corporation, Speke

Wing came off on test flight, Church Farm, Thurstaston, Wirral

Frank William Anderline (42) killed (pilot, American)

John Crowell Hagadorn (27) killed (inspector, American)

Fred William Taylor (32) killed (mechanic, American)

1.8.39 Oxford I N6297, 15 FTS, Lossiemouth

Collision with N6329, over the Moray Firth, off Lossiemouth

Fg Off Eric Wilson Yates (24) killed (Australian)

Act Plt Off Douglas Henry Kitson Alwood (20) killed

1.8.39 Oxford I N6329, 15 FTS, Lossiemouth

Collision with N6297, over the Moray Firth, off Lossiemouth

Cpl Reginald Cameron Morrell (24) killed

2.8.39 Skua I L2932, 800 Sqn, HMS Ark Royal

Spun into sea, Firth of Forth, off North Berwick

Sub-Lt Charles Edward Watson (21) killed

Act Leading Airman William Harwood Norman (23) killed

2.8.39 ?, Air Dispatch Ltd.

Trespasser walked into propeller, Croydon

Anthony William Richard De Ferriere Mackeson (37) killed

4.8.39 Magister I P2495, 151 Sqn, North Weald

Hit inn roof while low-flying, South Stoke, Oxon

Plt Off Peter Phillips (22) killed

Plt Off John Frederick Pettigrew injured (Australian)

6.8.39 Battle I K9263, 103 Sqn, Usworth

Collision with K9373, Nottingham; landed damaged at Tollerton

Sgt Ronald Jefferies Williams (28) killed

Sqn Ldr John Coverdale unhurt

AC2 Peter Ivo Bligh unhurt

Fg Off Arthur Lushington Vipan unhurt in K9373

7.8.39 Blenheim IV N6180, 107 Sqn, Wattisham

Crashed in mist, near Beachy Head, Sussex

Sgt Harry Donald Perry Farrow (24) killed

Act Sgt Alfred John William Sargeant (20) killed

AC2 Leslie Phillips (19) killed

Miss Mary Florence Savery (35) killed (walker on cliff path)

8.8.39 Whitley III K8970, 58 Sqn, Linton-on-Ouse

Hit tree after night take-off, Linton-on-Ouse

Flt Sgt Edward James Bruce Russell Gillespie (25) killed

Sgt David John Wood (26) killed

AC1 Philip Henry Cook (19) killed

AC1 Thomas William Clarkson (24) killed

AC1 William McGlenn Stewart Harkness injured

9.8.39 Wellington I L4258, 149 Sqn, Mildenhall

Disappeared, North Sea, off Yarmouth

Fg Off Thomas Adam Darling killed (Canadian)

Plt Off Frank Edward Board killed

Act Sgt Arthur Lickley killed

AC1 Reginald Charles Barr Collins (20) killed

AC1 James William Sadler killed

11.8.39 Battle I K9328, 218 Sqn, Boscombe Down

Hit electricity pylon, near Carlton, Beds

Fg Off William Kinane (21) killed (Australian)

Sgt Peter Aitken Allan (28) killed

AC1 Ivor Roberts (21) died 13.8.39

11.8.39 Hurricane I L1567, 32 Sqn, Biggin Hill

Crashed into field at night, The Grange, Tatsfield, Surrey

Plt Off Harold Stewart Olding (19) killed

11.8.39 Hurricane I L1662, 32 Sqn, Biggin Hill

Crashed into field at night, Lusted Hall Farm, Tatsfield, Surrey

Fg Off Arthur Robin Buchanan-Wollaston (26) killed

15.8.39 Wellington I, 148 Sqn, Stradishall

Flash bomb exploded while being loaded without safety-pins attached, Stradishall

AC1 Frederick John Allen (23) died 18.8.39

AC1 Kevin Vincent McNamee injured

Sqn Ldr Maynard Densil Crichton-Biggie (pilot)

17.8.39 Fairey Seal K3579, 2 Air Observers School, Acklington

Collision with K4783 during formation change, near Beal, Northumberland

Cpl John Prudhoe (27) killed (parachute failed to open)

Flt Lt James Mail Bodman baled out

Plt Off Patrick Chaloner Lindsey injured in K4783

AC1 Alexander Armour unhurt in K4783

AC1 William Fletcher unhurt in K4783

18.8.39 Hampden I L4192, 185 Sqn, Cottesmore

Dived into the ground after take-off, Thornaby

Plt Off Reginald William Harper (23) killed (Argentinian)

18.8.39 DH.60G Moth G-ABAM, Malling Aero Club, West Malling

Stalled and spun, near Borough Green, Kent

Ernest Edward John Raggett (26) killed

19.8.39 Supermarine Stranraer I K7297, 209 Sqn, Invergordon

Missing on patrol over the North Sea in bad weather

Fg Off Arthur Frederick Barber killed

Fg Off Frederick Ernest Royston King (26) killed

LAC Donald Fulcher (22) killed

AC1 David George Poeten Ash (21) killed

AC1 Walter Joseph Jeckells (19) killed

AC2 Leslie Samuel Freshwater (22) killed

21.8.39 Spitfire I K9941, 72 Sqn, Church Fenton

Crashed in mist, Hooton Roberts, Yorks.

Sgt Donald Victor Peacock (25) killed

21.8.39 DH.60G Moth G-AAAL, Isle of Wight Flying Club

Crashed on take-off and destroyed by fire, Lea Farm, Sandown, Isle of Wight

Count Adam Mihaly Karolyi (21) died 22.8.39 (Hungarian)

Mr Egmont Otto Stuart Fulda injured

23.8.39 Bristol Bombay I L5808, A&AEE, Martlesham Heath

Stalled after take-off, Martlesham

Flt Sgt Cecil Eneder Higgins (28) killed

LAC John Reginald Machin (24) killed

AC1 Douglas Treadwell (21) killed

24.8.39 DH.94 Moth Minor G-AFMZ?, Kent Flying Club, Bekesbourne

Cyclist hit by aircraft on approach, Bekesbourne

Arthur Vallance Martin Turner (57) died 28.8.39

Arthur George Drew (instructor) & pupil unhurt

26.8.39 Sea Gladiator N5541, 758 Sqn, Donibristle

Crashed while trying to land in dense fog on cliffs, near St Abbs Head, Berwickshire

Act Sub-Lt Henry Wilson Goold Pearce (27) killed

28.8.39 Wellington, 115 Sqn, Marham

Pilot hit by propeller after landing, Boscombe Down

Air Cdre Arthur Ashford Benjamin Thomson MC AFC (44) killed

29.8.39 Wellington I L4257, 149 Sqn, Mildenhall

Dived into North Sea, 5m SE of Happisburgh light vessel

Plt Off John Lee Yerbury (25) killed

Sgt Olaf Thomas Victor Pitt (25) killed

Act Sgt Gladney Lumb (24) killed

AC1 David Islwyn George killed

AC1 John Sydney Lewis killed

AC1 Robert William Little killed

29.8.39 Wellington Ic L4214, 149 Sqn, Mildenhall

Crash landed in trees after engine fire, 2m NE of Brandon, Suffolk

Act Sgt Anthony Frederick Adrian Freeman (18) killed

Plt Off Thomas Watson injured

Fg Off Francis William Scott Turner unhurt (pilot)

Sgt Horace James Wheller unhurt

AC2 John Gerard Hoey unhurt

AC2 Cecil George Barker unhurt

30.8.39 Spitfire I K9861, 74 Sqn, Hornchurch

Stalled and dived into ground, Grays, near Thurrock, Essex

Sgt Cyril Douglas Gower (24) killed

30.8.39 Magister I L8214, 19 ERFTS, Gatwick

Spun and crashed, Horley, Surrey

Flt Sgt Thomas Richard Watkin Owens (30) killed

Mr Roger John Gillingham (21) killed (New Zealander)

30.8.39 Miles M.14A Hawk Trainer III G-AFEV, Exeter Aero Club

Stalled and dived into ground in fog, Ware Cross, near Lyme Regis

Henry Stanley Foulds (39) killed

2.9.39 Spitfire I K9985, 611 Sqn, Duxford

Flew into ground out of cloud, Barking, near Stowmarket, Suffolk

Plt Off Henry Fiddes Leech (21) killed (AAF)

2.9.39 Magister I N3981, 23 ERFTS, Rochester

Dived into ground, near Cassington, Oxford

Flt Lt John Joseph Nolan (40) killed (RAFO)

Charles Hardie Scott (38) killed

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