A list of fatal air accidents in Britain 1786 - 1916

19.9.1786 Gas balloon, Vincent Lunardi

Assisting in inflation; took off prematurely;

fell from rope attached to balloon, Westgate St, Newcastle

Ralph Heron (c.22) killed; first balloon death in England

25.5.1824 Gas balloon "The Royal George", T Harris

Balloon hit tree on landing, Beddington Park, near Croydon

Thomas Harris killed

Miss Sophia Stocks injured

29.9.1824 Gas balloon, W Sadler

Pilot fell from balloon after hitting chimney, Church, near Blackburn

William Wyndham Sadler (27) died 30.9.1824

James Donnelly injured

24.7.1837 Gas balloon "Royal Nassau", C Green

Parachute collapsed when dropped from balloon, Blackheath, London

Robert Cocking (61) killed

Charles Green (pilot)

Edward Spencer (co-pilot)

28.6.1838 Gas balloon "Royal Victoria", George Graham

Bystander hit by stone dislodged from building by balloon,

Marylebone Road, London

John Fley (26) died of injuries 16.7.38

Capt Currie (pilot) unhurt

Mrs Margaret Graham unhurt

9.7.1849 Gas balloon "The Rainbow", William Wadman, Bristol

Lost pilot in Bristol Channel on flight from Cardiff

Richard Green drowned; washed ashore at Sand Bay

24.5.1850 'Locomotive' gas balloon, H Bell

Bystander struck by grapnel after landing, High Laver, Essex

Frederick Clarke died 25.5.1850

Hugh E Bell unhurt (pilot)

2.6.1852 Gas balloon

Balloon crashed on landing, Stone Breaks Hill, Lees, near Oldham

James Goulston, alias 'Guiseppe Lunardini' (54) killed

27.6.1854 Gas balloon "Royal Normandy", T B Simpson

Parachutist dragged through tree after failing to release from balloon, Tottenham, London

Henri Louis Le Tur (49) died 5.7.1854 (French)

Mr Adams unhurt (pilot)

Mr Sparling unhurt (passenger)

15.8.1859 Gas balloon "The Florence Nightingale"

Pilot fell from balloon, near West Boldon, Newcastle

William Henry Hall (39) killed

24.8.1863 Gas balloon, Henry Tracey Coxwell

Balloon collapsed, Arnold, Nottingham

James Chambers (36) killed

9.7.1874 Gas balloon "The Czar", Joseph W Simmons

Winged apparatus collapsed when released from balloon, Chelsea, London

Vincent de Groof, alias 'The Flying Man' (35) killed

Joseph W Simmons unhurt (pilot)

21.5.1877 Medcalf gas balloon "The Queen", B Medcalf

Balloon caught fire on attempted launch, Brunswick Estate, Hull

Lucy Ann Hanson (13) died 22.5.1877

c.60 injured

Benjamin Medcalf unhurt (pilot)

James Whittaker unhurt (passenger)

30.5.1877 Gas balloon "Monarch", H Ballein

Assistant asphyxiated by gas during inflation, Leeds Horticultural Gardens

Thomas Harding (27) killed

Henri Ballein alias 'Signor Henri Ballini' (pilot)

20.10.1877 Gas balloon

Balloon collapsed, Langold, Carlton in Lindrick, near Worksop

Aquila Morley (30) killed

10.12.1881 Gas balloon "Saladin", War Office

Two crew thrown out; lost at sea off Dorset

Walter Powell, MP (39) killed

Capt James Lethbridge Brooke Templer injured

Arthur Agg-Gardner injured

27.8.1888 Gas balloon "Cosmo", J Simmons

Balloon burst after grapnel caught on tree, Ulting, Essex

Joseph W Simmons (54) killed

Henry Lainson Field injured

Henry Alexander Miers injured

16.7.1889 Gas balloon, George Higgins

Balloon collapsed, Burnage, Manchester

William Hinde Lennox (38) killed

'Professor' George Higgins parachuted

8.8.1891 Gas balloon

Pilot fell from balloon after hitting telegraph wires, Kirkstall, near Leeds

'Professor' George Higgins (39) killed

Emma Dovey alias Emmie De Voy unhurt

29.6.1892 Gas balloon, W Dale

Balloon ruptured after launch, Crystal Palace

'Captain' William Duncan Dale (47) killed

Cecil Victor Shadbolt (33) died 8.7.92

William Dale jnr injured

John Macintosh injured

23.8.1893 Gas balloon "Victoria", J Whelan

Heavy landing, Lubstree Park, Humber Lane, Donnington, Shropshire

James Augustus Whelan (57) died 2.9.1893

Mr Clarke unhurt

5.8.1895 Smoke balloon "Victoria", A Orton

Parachutist fell from balloon, Peterborough

Annie 'Adelaide' Bassett (36) killed

Capt Alfred Orton parachuted, unhurt

21.7.1896 Gas balloon, Auguste Gaudron

Parachutist landed in water, Severn Estuary, off Cardiff

Louisa Maud Evans alias 'Mdlle Albertina' (14) drowned

30.9.1899 Pilcher Hawk glider

Crashed after tail broke, Stanford Hall, near Rugby

Percy Pilcher (33) died from his injuries 2.10.99

20.5.1902 Gas balloon, Lieut George Philip Lempriere

Parachute failed to open in fall from balloon, Owlerton, Sheffield

Edith Brookes (23) killed

30.8.1902 Gas balloon

Bystander fell from trail rope, near Leatherhead

John Tickner (40) killed

Percival Green Spencer unhurt

Rev John MacKenzie Bacon unhurt

11.6.1906 Gas balloon, Capt Frederick Bidmead

Parachutist fell from balloon, Haworth

Elizabeth Mary 'Lily' Cove (20) killed

28.5.1907 Gas balloon "Thrasher", War Department (Army)

Came down in Lyme Bay, off Exmouth

Lt Theodore Edward Martin-Leake (27) drowned

Lt William Talbot McClintock Caulfield (27) drowned

14.8.1908 Lovelace Airship, Capt Thomas T Lovelace

Explosion while undergoing repairs at Franco-British Exhibition, Shepherd's Bush

Blanche Hill (21) killed

Edward Fitzgibbons (47) died 16.8.08

9.6.1910 Blériot XI, Ernest Charles Clayden, alias 'Captain Cecil Clayton'

Machine swerved into a crowd of spectators, Worcester

Mrs Ellen Pitt (34) killed

Ernest J Berrisford, alias d'Artigan (pilot) unhurt

9.7.1910 Gas balloon, Spencer Bros.

Parachutist fell from factory roof after descent, Coventry

Edith Maud Cook alias Miss Viola Spencer (31) died 14.7.10

12.7.1910 Wright (French-built)

Tail boom broke pulling out of dive, Southbourne, Bournemouth

The Hon Charles Stewart Rolls (33) killed

1.8.1910 Henry Farman biplane, G W Parkinson

Hit flagpole and crashed hitting boy, Boldon racecourse, Sunderland

Thomas Wood (15) killed

Madame Mathilde Franck (pilot) injured

22.12.1910 Short Farman biplane No. S.29, C S Grace

Missing in fog over the Dover Straits

Cecil Stanley Grace (30) killed

25.5.1911 ASL Valkyrie Type A No. 7, Valkyrie School

Stalled attempting gliding descent and dived in, Hendon

Bernard Greenwood Benson (20) killed

1.8.1911 Bristol Biplane Type T No. 51, G Napier

Overbanked and sideslipped into the ground, Brooklands

Gerald Francis Napier (18) killed

Edwin Laurie unhurt

18.8.1911 S.E.1: SE1, Army

Stalled on gliding turn and dived into the ground, Farnborough

Lt Theodore John Ridge (35) killed (Assistant Superintendent, Army Balloon Factory)

17.9.1911 ASL Valkyrie Type B, Army

Overbanked and sideslipped into the ground, Hendon

Lt Reginald Archibald Cammell (24), RE killed

6.12.1911 Blackburn Mercury, Blackburn School, Filey

Wings came off pulling out of dive, Filey, Yorks.

Hubert Oxley (25) killed (Chief Flying Instructor)

Robert John Weiss (29) killed

17.2.1912 Martin-Handasyde monoplane, D G Gilmour

Wing broke in flight, Old Deer Park, Richmond, Surrey

Douglas Graham Gilmour (27) killed

28.3.1912 Short S.39 Triple Twin 3, Eastchurch Naval Flying School, Naval Wing, RFC

Struck by propellor while removing chocks, Eastchurch

Able Seaman Frederick Thomas Pullen (20) killed

18.4.1912 Blériot XI

Disappeared in the Irish Sea between Holyhead and Dublin

Damer Leslie Allen (34) killed

13.5.1912 Flanders F.3 monoplane

Stalled on turn and dived into the ground, Brooklands

Edward Victor Beauchamp Fisher (24) killed

Victor Louis Mason (40) killed (American)

19.5.1912 Bristol Challenger-England No. 59, British & Colonial Aeroplane Company

Ran into spectators on landing and overturned, Larkhill

Leonard Frank George Williams (15) killed

Lt Alexander Edward Burchardt Ashton (pilot) unhurt

5.7.1912 Nieuport IV.G monoplane, Central Flying School

Sideslipped on turn and dived into the ground, near Larkhill

Capt Eustace Broke Loraine (32), RFC killed

Staff-Sergeant Richard Hubert Victor Wilson (29), RE killed

3.8.1912 Bristol Monoplane, Bristol School

Stalled and dived into the ground after engine failure, Brooklands

Charles Lindsay-Campbell (49) killed (Australian)

13.8.1912 Mersey Monoplane: Military trials no. 19

Dived into the ground, Larkhill

Robert Cooke Fenwick (28) killed

Fenwick was designer and builder of the aircraft,

which was deemed unstable by the Accident Investigation Committee

6.9.1912 Deperdussin monoplane 258, 3 Sqn, RFC, Larkhill

Broke up in flight, Graveley, near Hitchin

Capt Patrick Hamilton (30) killed

Lt Athole Wyness Stuart (30), RA killed

10.9.1912 Bristol-Coanda Monoplane 263, 3 Sqn, RFC, Larkhill

Dived into the ground, Godstow, Wolvercote, Oxford

Lt Edward Hotchkiss (28) killed

Lt Claude Albemarle Bettington (37) killed

21.9.1912 Blériot XI

Sideslipped into the ground, Balmoral Show Grounds, Belfast

Henry Jacob Delaval Astley (24) killed

15.12.1912 Handley Page Type F: Military trials no. 28

Stalled in turn and dived into the ground, near Wembley

Lt Wilfred Parke (23), RN killed

Alfred Arkell Hardwick (34) killed (Handley Page manager)

24.12.1912 Martin-Handasyde monoplane

Crashed in high winds, Marske-by-the-Sea

Edward Petre (26) killed

13.1.1913 Vickers tractor biplane, Vickers Ltd

Ditched after engine problems in the River Thames near Erith

Leslie Falconay Macdonald (22) drowned (test pilot for Vickers Ltd)

Harold England (27) drowned

5.3.1913 Bristol-Coanda Monoplane No. 146

Wing failed in flight, Larkhill; on test for Romania

Geoffrey William England (20) killed

21.4.1913 Short, Naval Wing, RFC

Bystander struck by propeller, Eastchurch

Paymaster Eustace Richard Berne, RN (32) killed

Lt Gilbert Vernon Wildman-Lushington, RMA (pilot) unhurt

28.4.1913 Cody V biplane 301, 4 Sqn, Farnborough

Broke up in flight, Farnborough

Lt Lancelot Charles Rogers-Harrison (23) killed

27.5.1913 B.E.2 205, 2 Sqn, RFC, Montrose

Broke up in flight, Montrose

Lt Desmond Lucius Studdert Arthur (29) killed

13.6.1913 Martin-Handasyde monoplane

Stalled in climbing turn and dived into the ground, Brooklands

Lt James Robert Branch Kennedy (22), Naval Wing, RFC killed

Charles Gordon Bell injured (pilot)

29.6.1913 Avro Military Biplane (Type E), Avro Flying School

Stalled, dived into the ground and caught fire, Shoreham

Richard Norton Wight (24) killed

17.7.1913 Bristol-Prier monoplane No. 108, Bristol School of Flying

Overbanked, dived in and caught fire, Larkhill

Major Alexander William Hewetson (44) killed

7.8.1913 Cody Hydro-biplane

Broke up in flight, Cove Common, Farnborough

Samuel Franklin Cody (52) killed

William Henry Brereton Evans (30) killed

3.10.1913 Short S.38 biplane 446, Central Flying School, Upavon

Pilot fell out in dive, Upavon

Major George Charleton Merrick DSO (41) killed

2.12.1913 Maurice Farman Longhorn 23, Eastchurch Naval Flying School

Sideslipped and crashed, Eastchurch

Lt Gilbert Vernon Wildman-Lushington, RMA (26) killed

Capt Henry Fawcett, RM injured

25.1.1914 Blériot XI, G L Temple

Crashed inverted, Hendon

George Lee Temple (21) killed

26.1.1914 Bristol-Coanda Monoplane No. 80, Bristol School of Flying

Stalled and dived into the ground, Larkhill

George Lancelot Gipps (20) killed

Frederick Warren Merriam injured (instructor)

23.2.1914 F.E.2, Royal Aircraft Factory, Farnborough

Hit the ground in spiral dive, Wittering, near Chichester

Ewart Temple Haynes (26) killed

Ronald Campbell Kemp injured (civilian test pilot)

10.3.1914 B.E.2a 453, Central Flying School, Upavon

Broke up in dive, Upavon

Capt Cyril Percy Downer (36) killed

11.3.1914 B.E.4 204, 3 Sqn, RFC, Larkhill

Spun in after rudder lost, Netheravon

Capt Clement Robert Wedgwood Allen (35) killed

Lt James Edward Godfrey Burroughs (30) killed

19.3.1914 Maurice Farman Longhorn 451, CFS, Upavon

Stalled and dived into trees, Upavon

Lt Hugh Frederic Treeby (25) killed

8.4.1914 Bristol Boxkite, Bristol School of Flying

Pilot lost control and fell out, Brooklands

Sgt Eric Norman Deane, RFC (24) killed

26.4.1914 Morane-Saulnier monoplane

Stalled and dived in landing, Hendon

Philippe Marty (21) killed (French)

27.4.1914 Talbot-Quick Waterplane

Handler fell into water while launching seaplane, River Crouch, South Fambridge, Essex

John Lewis (c.30) drowned

12.5.1914 Sopwith RG 324, 5 Sqn, RFC, Farnborough

Crashed after collision with Sopwith 325, Aldershot Golf Course

Capt Ernest Vincent Anderson (26) killed

12.5.1914 Sopwith RG 325, 5 Sqn, RFC, Farnborough

Crashed after collision with Sopwith 324, Aldershot Golf Course

Air Mech Henry Wilfred Carter (24) killed

Lt Christopher William Wilson injured

15.5.1914 B.E.2a 331, 2 Sqn, RFC, Montrose

Hit hedge in fog and overturned, Great Smeaton, near Northallerton

Lt John Empson (23) killed

Air Mech Reginald George Cudmore (21) killed

23.5.1914 Morane-Saulnier monoplane

Missing in Straits of Dover

Gustav Hamel (24) killed

4.6.1914 Wight 1914 Navyplane 128, Naval Wing, RFC, Calshot

Dived into Southampton Water, near Calshot

Lt Thomas Scholes Creswell (27) drowned (RMLI)

Cdr Arthur Rice (30) drowned

20.7.1914 Henry Farman F.20 244, 5 Sqn, RFC, Gosport

Spun into the ground, Fort Grange, Gosport

Lt Llewellyn Charles Hordern (32) killed

Sgt Campbell (observer) injured

12.8.14 Bleriot XI-2 260, 3 Sqn, Netheravon

Lost speed in turn and dived into the ground, Netheravon

2Lt Robert Reginald Skene (23) killed

A Mech 1 Raymond Keith Barlow (22) killed

10.9.14 Henry Farman 940, RNAS, Hendon

Crashed on night landing, Hendon; repaired

Flt Lt The Hon Richard Thomas Gates (38) died 14.9.14 (Instructor at Hendon)

7.10.14 ?, RFC, Netheravon

Mechanic struck by propellor, Upavon

A Mech 1 Alfred James Stringer (23) killed

Sgt McNamara (pilot) unhurt

1.11.14 Sopwith Admiralty 860 Type seaplane 851

Dived into water after take-off on first flight, off Netley; rebuilt

Reginald Jordan Alston (21) killed (senior Sopwith designer)

Victor Mahl rescued (Sopwith test pilot)

4.11.14 B.E.2, CFS, Upavon

Crashed on landing in dense fog, Rushall Down, Salisbury Plain

Flt Sub-Lt Petchell Burtt Murray (30) killed

5.11.14 B.E.2c 601, Royal Aircraft Factory, Farnborough

Caught fire in mid-air on test flight, Farnborough

2Lt Edward Teshmaker Busk (28) killed

24.11.14 B.E.2, CFS, Upavon

Dived into the ground, Upavon

2Lt Henry Roland Fleming (28) killed

24.12.14 Maurice Farman Longhorn 909, RNAS, Hendon

Dived in from 200ft, Hendon

Flt Sub-Lt Bernard Osbourne Ffield (20) killed

19.1.15 Maurice Farman, RFC

Dived into the ground and caught fire, Farnborough

2Lt Maurice Leigh Gardner (28) killed

19.1.1915 Zeppelin L4, Kaiserliche Marine

Bombing raid on King's Lynn; two civilian fatalities in Bentinck Street

Alice Maud Gazley (26) killed

Percy Goate (14) killed

19.1.15 Zeppelin L3, Kaiserliche Marine

Bombing raid on Great Yarmouth; two civilian fatalities

Martha M Taylor (72) killed

Samuel Alfred Smith (53) killed

(19 further Zeppelin raids in 1915 killed 177 people)

4.2.15 Maurice Farman, 3 Reserve Aeroplane Sqn, Shoreham

Nose dived off climbing turn, near the Sussex Pad public house, Lancing

Lt Wlliam Frederick Nelson Sharpe (22) killed (Canadian)

25.2.15 B.E.2b 676, CFS, Upavon

Dived in from 300ft, Upavon

Flt Lt Dawson Calybut Downing (25) killed (RNAS)

10.3.15 Short S.27 ?, RNAS, Eastbourne

Crashed in sea, Eastbourne

Flt Sub-Lt Arthur Gelston Shepherd (21) killed

22.3.15 Bleriot Parasol 580?, 2 RAS, Brooklands

Sideslipped and dived, Brooklands

Capt John Francis Aloysius Kane (34) killed

29.3.15 Maurice Farman, CFS, Upavon

Sideslipped and crashed, Upavon

2Lt John Ollis Mullins (23) killed

Flt Sub-Lt Philip Charles Vere Perry, RNAS injured

23.4.15 Naval Airship No. 4, RNAS, Kingsnorth

Handler fell from trail rope, Hoo marshes

Ldg Mech William James Standford (23) killed

Flt Lt James William Ogilvy Dalgleish (airship commander)

26.4.15 Sopwith 860 928, RNAS, HMS Ben-my-Chree

Crashed in sea on test flight, Southampton Water, near Calshot

Flt Lt Stephen Medlicott (22) killed

A Mech 1 Henry Grey Hughes (26) killed

1.5.15 Bleriot XI-2 2854, 13 Sqn, Gosport

Sideslipped and dived off slow turn, Gosport

Sgt William Thomas James McCudden (24) killed

2Lt Norman Hatfield Read injured

11.5.15 Bleriot XI-BG 1540, RNAS, Eastchurch

Crashed in sea off Eastchurch

Flt Sub-Lt Harold James Batchelor (20) drowned

1.6.15 Sopwith 806 Type 802, RNAS, Hendon

Overturned landing in fog after Anti-Zeppelin patrol, Theobald Park, Herts

Flt Lt Douglas Meston Barnes (27) killed

Flt Sub-Lt Benjamin Travers injured

21.6.15 Avro 504 776, 2 RAS, Brooklands

Nose dived off turn after engine failure on test flight, near Addlestone

Major Harry Tailyour Lumsden (36) killed

Lt Gerald Carpenter injured (pilot)

22.6.15 Bleriot XI, 3 RAS, Gosport

Stalled turning after engine failure on take-off, Shoreham

Lt Ronald Falshaw Morkill (23) died 23.6.15

30.6.15 Caudron G.III 3266, RNAS, Eastbourne

Broke up in mid air, Cross-in-Hand, Sussex

Flt Sub-Lt Preston Albert Watson (34) killed

12.7.15 B.E.2c, Royal Aircraft Factory, Farnborough

Crashed after take-off and caught fire, Shoreham

Henry Deakin Liley (26) killed

2Lt Frank Widenham Goodden injured (pilot)

9.8.15 Sopwith Tabloid 1212, 2 Wing, RNAS, Westgate

Overturned on night landing during Zeppelin raid on E coast, Westgate

Flt Sub-Lt Reginald Lord (23) died 10.8.15

24.8.15 Morane-Saulnier Type N, 2 RAS, Brooklands

Spun off sharp turn on take-off, Joyce Green

Capt Gilbert William Mapplebeck, DSO (22) killed

24.8.15 Sopwith Schneider 3726, RNAS, Calshot

Crashed in sea, Southampton Water near Calshot; repaired

Flt Sub-Lt John McLarty (23) killed

7.9.15 Martinsyde 2821?, 9 Sqn, Brooklands

Spun into ground, Martin Mill, near Dover

2Lt Geoffrey Brian Hobbs (19) killed

8.9.15 B.E.2c 990, RNAS, Yarmouth

Bombs exploded on night landing after German air-raid, near Bacton

Flt Sub-Lt Gerald William Hilliard (30) killed

12.9.15 Caudron G.III 3282, RNAS, Eastchurch

Midair collision with Short S.38 65, Eastchurch

Flt Sub-Lt James Morrow Alexander (23) killed

12.9.15 Short S.38 65, RNAS, Eastchurch

Midair collision with Caudron G.III 3282, Eastchurch

Flt Sub-Lt Macfie Keith-Johnston (17) killed

18.9.15 ?, RNAS, Eastbourne

Crashed into trees, Bignor Park, Sussex

Flt Sub-Lt William Croucher (19) killed

Flt Lt Robert Hilton Jones injured

19.9.15 B.E.2c 1133, RNAS, Whitley Bay

Spun off flat turn and caught fire, Hartley, ½m from Whitley Bay aerodrome

Flt Sub-Lt Douglas Archibald Hay (25) died 20.9.15

24.9.15 S.E.4a 5611?, 17 Sqn, Hounslow

Spun into the ground, near Hounslow

Capt Bindon Blood (33) died 25.9.15

14.10.15 Maurice Farman, 6 RAS, Montrose

Crashed, Drumgley Farm, near Glamis, Forfar

Capt Frederic George Alleyne Arkwright (29) killed

2Lt Alan Herbert Hardy (25) killed

26.10.15 Vickers 1624?, 18 Sqn?

Sideslipped and nose dived, Norwich

Lt William Bell-Irving (37) died 27.10.15

Pilot injured

13.11.15 B.E.2c 2095, RFC

Irish labourer struck by an aircraft, Radford aerodrome, Coventry

Joseph Freer (51) killed

2Lt Maurice Duncan Basden unhurt (pilot)

8.12.15 Avro 504, 5 RAS, Castle Bromwich

Spun in, Castle Bromwich

2Lt Cyril Talbot Burney Croft (24) killed

Lt Ian MacDonnell injured (pilot)

11.12.15 B.E.2c 1162, RNAS, Hendon

Upset by gust of wind when taking off, nose-dived and burnt, Hendon

Flt Sub-Lt George Geoffrey Allen Armitage (22) killed

Flt Sub-Lt Stanley Kemball injured

14.12.15 ?, 1 RAS, Farnborough

Crashed and caught fire, Laffans Plain, Farnborough

Capt Henry Dalby Dryden Smith (23) killed

28.12.15 B.E.2c 1690, 22 Sqn, Gosport

Turned and dived into the ground, Gosport

2Lt William Frederick Rogers (24) killed

10.1.1916 Short S.38 Type 3148, RNAS, Eastbourne

Crashed while low flying, Hampden Park, near Eastbourne

Flt Sub-Lt Gordon Ezra Duke (19) killed (Canadian)

Warrant Off Percival Victor Fraser (29) killed (Australian)

17.1.16 ?, 6 RAS, Catterick

Crashed, Catterick

2Lt Alastair Ross (27) killed

17.1.16 B.E.2c 1146, RNAS, Isle of Grain

Sideslipped and crashed, Church Field, Milton Regis, Kent

Lt Henry Hans Macfarlane Northcott (31) killed

Flt Sub-Lt Lorenzo Arthur Thomas Pritchard injured (pilot)

20.1.16 B.E.2c 993, RNAS, Eastchurch

Crashed, Eastchurch

A Mech 1 Edward Charles Wynter (19) died 5.2.16

Flt Sub-Lt Cecil Hill Darley injured

23.1.16 Maurice Farman Shorthorn 8469, RNAS, Eastchurch

Overturned landing downwind, by Harty Road station, Eastchurch

Flt Sub-Lt Clinton Granville Brooks Ward (20) killed

23.1.16 Friedrichshafen FF.33b, Kaiserliche Marine

Night bombing raid; one civilian fatality, Dover

Harry Richard Sladden (44) killed

(The first aeroplane raid on Britain)

29.1.16 ?, 1 Reserve Squadron, Farnborough

Spun and crashed, Farnborough

2Lt John Sleeman Reed (19) died 31.1.16

2Lt George William Philip Newkey Burden (pilot) injured

31.1.16 B.E.2c 2091, 11 RS, Northolt

Hit tree at night and caught fire, near Northolt

Major Leslie da Costa Penn-Gaskell (34) died 4.2.16

31.1.16 B.E.2c 4700, 10 RS, Joyce Green

Hit tree on night approach and caught fire, Joyce Green

Major Ernest Frederic Unwin (35) died 22.3.16

13.2.16 F.B.A. Type A 3205, RNAS, Calshot

Dived into sea, off Calshot

A Mech 2 Francis Godfrey Haynes (34) drowned

Flt Sub-Lt Neil Howard McDiarmid injured

20.2.16 ?, RFC

Pilot fell from aircraft after it nosed dived and rolled over, Catterick

2Lt Charles Gordon Procter (18) killed

20.2.16 Avro 504C 8587, RNAS, Chingford

Crashed and caught fire, Chingford

Flt Sub-Lt Francis Hamilton Toms (26) killed

20.2.16 Maurice Farman, 2 RS, Brooklands

Sideslipped, crashed into house and burnt, Brooklands

2Lt Ernest John Radcliffe (21) killed

21.2.16 B.E.2c 989, RNAS, Kingsnorth

Release mechanism tangled; airship A.P.1 inverted and crashed, Strood

Wing Cdr Neville Florian Usborne (32) killed

Sqn Cdr de Courcy Wyndor Plunkett Ireland (31) drowned in Medway

27.2.16 Bristol Scout Type C 1258, 5 Wing, Dover

Nose dived and crashed, Dover

Flt Lt Harold Rosher (21) killed

11.3.16 F.E.2b 6362, 28 Sqn, Gosport

Sideslipped and nose dived, Gosport

Capt George Crosfield Norris Nicholson (31) killed

A Mech 2 James Herbert Martin (23) killed

12.3.16 ?, 11 RS, Northolt

Sideslipped and nose dived, Barkingside, Essex

William Matthew Muir (56) killed

2Lt Robert Kilpatrick Muir (20) (son) injured

13.3.16 Vickers FB.5 5623, 32 Sqn, Netheravon

Engine missing badly; nose dived to ground, Netheravon

Lt Cyril Wynyard Battye (21) killed

17.3.16 Henry Farman 1454, RNAS, East Fortune

Dived into sea, off East Lothian

Flt Lt Colin Johnson (22) killed

Ldg Mech Frank Aylward Ball (22) killed

17.3.16 Caudron?, Ruffy-Baumann School of Flying, Hendon

Stalled and nose dived on take-off, Hendon

John Ritchie Caldwell Laidlaw (24) killed (New Zealander)

20.3.16 ?, 13 RS, Dover

Sideslipped and nose dived, near Dover

2Lt Alan Alexander Wilson-Walker (22) killed (Australian)

31.3.16 B.E.2c 7326, 11 RS, Northolt

Stalled, sideslipped and nose dived, Northolt

2Lt John Winckworth Bailey (33) killed

1.4.16 D.H., CFS, Upavon

Crashed, Upavon

2Lt Geoffrey Wynne Bavin (18) killed

1.4.16 Zeppelin L15, Kaiserliche Marine, Hage

Shot down by AA guns, close to the Kentish Knock lightship, 15m N of Margate

Obersignalmaat Willy Albrecht drowned

Kapitänleutnant Joachim Breithaupt & 16 crew PoW

5.4.16 B.E.2c 2739, 36 Sqn, Cramlington

Hit a building and bombs exploded on night approach, Cramlington

Capt John Nichol (22) killed

19.4.16 ?, 35 Sqn, Thetford

Crashed after climbing too steeply, Thetford

2Lt Nigel Dennistoun Scott (23) killed

21.4.16 Sopwith Baby 8155, RNAS, Killingholme

Lost in Humber

Flt Sub-Lt William Hocking (23) drowned

21.4.16 Sopwith Modified Schneider 3752, RNAS, Calshot

Dived into sea, off Calshot

Flt Sub-Lt Arthur Connorton Saw (34) killed

23.4.16 B.E.2c 2594, 17 RS, Croydon

Descended on Avro 504A 4063, Croydon

Lt Alan Wilmot Davies (20) killed

Lt Oliver Cyril Godfrey injured in 4063

24.4.16 Avro 504A 4067, 40 Sqn, Gosport

Stalled in sharp turn, crashed and caught fire, Gosport

Lt Warren Colclough Pemberton (20) died 25.4.16 (Canadian)

24.4.16 B.E.2c 4511, 16 RS, Beaulieu

Sideslipped off low turn and nose dived, Talbot Village, near Bournemouth

2Lt Edward William Wise Rebbeck (19) killed

29.4.16 ?, RFC, Northolt

Nose dived and overturned, Dorney, Bucks.

Lt Alfred Boag (31) killed

30.4.16 Curtiss JN-4 3431, RNAS, Chingford

Crashed attempting loop, Edmonton

Flt Sub-Lt Thomas Robson Liddle (20) killed

5.5.16 ?, 28 Sqn, Gosport

Stalled in turn and crashed, Gosport

Cpl Thomas Newson Giddings (28) killed

Lt Browning injured (pilot)

10.5.16 Maurice Farman Shorthorn 7371, 7 RS, Netheravon

Nose dived into ground, Netheravon

Lt Charles Douglas White, MC (24) killed

10.5.16 Hall-Caudron, Hall School of Flying, Hendon

Midair collision with Beatty-Wright biplane, Hendon

John Clifford Chapman (19) killed

Courtenay injured in Beatty-Wright

14.5.16 ?, Mann Egerton?

Crashed into tree on factory test flight, near Hellesdon House, Norwich

Lt Ormond George Hake (19) killed (Aeronautical Inspection Dept, RFC)

Frederick George Sumner (27) killed

16.5.16 Avro 504A 4068, 20 RS, Dover

Sideslipped and nose dived on approach, Dover

Lt Charles Darrell Merrett (21) killed (Australian Flying Corps)

Capt Lord Lucas injured

18.5.16 ?, 60 Sqn, Gosport

Stalled and crashed, Gosport

Lt George Simpson Bateman (22) killed (Canadian)

Lt Arthur Penrose Selwyn (26) killed

18.5.16 ?, 56 Sqn, Gosport

Mechanic hit by propeller, Gosport

A Mech 2 Richard Allen (26) killed

Lt Arthur Goulburn Brooke (pilot)

24.5.16 Hall-Caudron?, Hall School of Flying, Hendon

Side slipped and nose dived off climbing turn, Hendon

Albert Charles Mahoney (33) killed

25.5.16 Maurice Farman Longhorn 6685, 12 RS, Thetford

Overturned on forced landing and caught fire, Thetford area

2Lt John Arthur Ruck (21) killed

27.5.16 Henry Farman 2850, 35 Sqn, Thetford

Spun off steep turn, Thetford

2Lt Robert Newman (21) killed

2Lt Douglas Bayly De Bruyn (20) died 30.5.16 (South African)

28.5.16 B.E.2c 4335, 17 RS, Croydon

Lost speed on low turn, Cudham, near Westerham, Kent

Capt George Alfred Prime Jones (21) killed (South African)

2Lt Henry Tennant injured

30.5.16 Henry Farman 2841, CFS, Upavon

Sideslipped and crashed, Upavon

2Lt Ernest Davies Le Sauvage (19) killed

A Mech 2 William John Woodland (28) killed

31.5.16 Maurice Farman, CFS, Upavon

Dived into the ground, Netheravon

Flt Sgt Enos George West (22) killed

A Mech 2 William Burlinson (28) killed

2.6.16 B.E.2b 2180, 48 Sqn, Netheravon

Wing broke in dive, near Netheravon

Lt James Russell Chamberlin (25) killed (Canadian)

2.6.16 Morane-Saulnier Type L 5089, 48 Sqn, Netheravon

Crashed on take-off and burnt, Netheravon

Capt Lancelot Prickett (28) killed

Lt William Archibald Buchanan (21) died 7.6.16 (New Zealander)

7.6.16 D.H.2 6014, 40 Sqn, Gosport

Crashed turning after engine failure, Gosport

2Lt Gilbert Harold Earle Rippon (29) killed

9.6.16 Avro 504A 4050, 19 Sqn, Filton

Stalled on flat turn and nose dived, Filton

2Lt Frank Dudley Evans (18) killed

16.6.16 Maurice Farman Shorthorn 1893, 9 RS, Mousehold

Crashed on landing on first solo, Mousehold

2Lt Edgar Henry Collison (25) died 26.6.16

20.6.16 Martinsyde S.1 696, 11 RS, Northolt

Spun in from 3000ft, London area

2Lt George Edmond Vernon Aimer (30) killed (New Zealander)

29.6.16 Nieuport Type 10 3968, RNAS, Dover

Crashed on take-off, Dover

Flt Lt Geoffrey Richard Henry Talbot (28) killed

A Mech 1 Abraham Alf Hampson (24) died 30.6.16

2.7.16 Maurice Farman Shorthorn 7349, 26 RS, Turnhouse

Sideslipped and crashed, Turnhouse area

Lt Harold Legh Wallis (22) killed

5.7.16 B.E.2b 2772, 36 Sqn, Cramlington

Crashed in fog, Reston, near Berwick, Scotland

2Lt Eustace Carlton Berry killed (58 Sqn)

Lt Frank Leslie Hambly (24) injured

8.7.16 B.E.2d 5793, Southern Aircraft Depot, Farnborough

Sideslipped on low turn and nose dived, Whitstable

2Lt George Maxwell Vereker Bidie (22) killed

A Mech 2 William Charles Manning (25) killed

14.7.16 Maurice Farman Longhorn 8923, RNAS, Eastchurch

Crashed on landing, Old Ride's Farm, Eastchurch

Flt Sub-Lt Edmund Alleyne Freeman (22) killed

17.7.16 F.E.8 7598, Royal Aircraft Factory, Farnborough

Side slipped and nose dived on test flight, Farnborough

2Lt William Boyle Power (29) killed

18.7.16 Henry Farman F.20 7430, 19 RS, Hounslow

Sideslipped, nose dived and burnt, Hounslow

Capt Charles d'Arcy Edmund Wentworth Reeve (21) killed

2Lt Walter William Gordon Beatson (18) killed

20.7.16 Bristol Scout Type C 1245, 3 Wing, RNAS, Manston

Looped, sideslipped and crashed, Manston

Flt Sub-Lt Douglas Whittier (24) killed (Canadian)

20.7.16 Short 827 Type 8556, RNAS, Calshot

Hit ship's mast and crashed on deck, Southampton Water

Flt Sub-Lt Ian Neil Carmichael (21) killed

Flt Sub-Lt William Ross Wallace (20) died 21.7.16

28.7.16 Maurice Farman Shorthorn 515, 4 RS, Northolt

Crashed, Northolt

2Lt Albert Ward Spencer Molineaux (19) killed

31.7.16 ?

Mower struck by propeller of aeroplane on take-off, Coventry aerodrome

Willie Perks Ashbourn (36) killed

1.8.16 B.E.2c, 19 RS, Hounslow

Pilot struck by propellor while restarting engine, Hounslow Heath

Major Herbert Phillips Fletcher (44) died 2.8.16

1.8.16 Martinsyde, 49 Sqn, Swingate Down, Dover

Mechanic struck by propeller, Dover

Cpl John Dillingham (26) killed

2.8.16 Martinsyde S.1 4237, 46 Sqn, Wyton

Lost speed on turn and nose dived, Huntingdon

2Lt Gerald Lovell Backhouse (19) killed

3.8.16 Vickers FB.5 5685, 6 RS, Catterick

Engine failure and spinning nose dive, Catterick

2Lt John Robert Gobertus Whitehead (28) killed

10.8.16 AW F.K.3 5527, 55 Sqn, Lilbourne

Tail cut off in collision, near Lilbourne

Lt George Stanley Rogers (24) killed (Canadian)

2Lt Cyril De Frece (18) killed

Lt Saundby unhurt in 2nd machine

13.8.16 B.E.12 6155, 5 RS, Castle Bromwich

Crashed into cowshed, Gunthorpe, Notts.

2Lt Charles Ivan Carryer (18) killed

13.8.16 F.E.8 7603, 40 Sqn, Gosport

Spinning nose dive; caught fire, Farnborough

Lt Humphrey Pearman (27) killed

16.8.16 Vickers F.B.9 5273, 10 RS, Joyce Green

Stalled in turn and nose dived, Joyce Green

2Lt Edwin John Leslie Lonnen (27) killed

20.8.16 D.H.1 4631, 59 Sqn, Narborough

Sideslipped on turn and nose dived, near Norwich

Lt Gordon William Hall (27) killed

29.8.16 AW F.K.3 6201, 35 Sqn, Thetford

Sideslipped and dived off slow turn, Thetford

A Mech 1 Moses Boyd (24) killed

1.9.16 Henry Farman F.20 7445, 41 Sqn, Gosport

Stalled, dived into ground and burned, Gosport

2Lt Henry Claude Jack (23) killed

2.9.16 F.B.A. Type A 3648, RNAS, Windermere

Crashed on landing, Windermere

Flt Lt Harold Alexander Bower (23) drowned

Flt Sub-Lt Ernest Guy Forsyth Thompson injured

3.9.16 Schütte-Lanz airship SL11, German Army

Shot down by Lt William Leefe Robinson, Cuffley, Herts

All 16 crew killed:

Hauptmann Wilhelm Schramm (30)

Jakob Baumann (29), Obermaschinist

Hans Geitel (24), Leutnant

Rudolf Goltz (35), Vizefeldwebel

Karl Paul Hassenmüller (28), Feldwebel-Leutnant

Bernhard Jeziorski (24), Gefreiter

Fritz Jourdan (24), Untermaschinist

Karl Kächele (22), Untermaschinist

Fritz Kopischke (25), Obersteuermann

Friedrich Mödinger (30), Obermaschinist

Reinhold Porath (23), Obermaschinist

Rudolf Sendzick (25), Obersteuermann

Heinrich Schlichting (25), Unteroffizier

Anton Tristram (27), Unteroffizier

Wilhelm Vohdin (24), Oberleutnant

Hans Winkler (24), Untermaschinist

7.9.16 Maurice Farman Shorthorn A939, 8 RS, Netheravon

Crashed, Milston, near Netheravon

2Lt Francis Cardno Lamb (20) killed

7.9.16 Wight 1916 Landplane 9841, J Samuel White & Co.

Crashed on test flight, Northwood, IOW; rebuilt as seaplane

Ralph Oliver Lashmar (28) killed

Allan Frank Lashmar (24) killed

8.9.16 Bristol Scout Type D 5564/8975, RNAS, Cranwell

Collision with Bristol Type D, Cranwell area

Sqn Cdr Ian Hew Waldegrave Stair Dalrymple-Clark (28) killed

8.9.16 Short 184 Type 8385, RNAS, Yarmouth

Stalled and dived in sea after take-off; bombs exploded, Yarmouth

Flt Lt Charles Walter Graham, DSO (22) killed

9.9.16 Airship, RNAS, Kingsnorth

Handler hit by propellor, Kingsnorth

AC2 Charles Edward Goff (33) killed

12.9.16 R.E.7 2199, RAE, Farnborough

Crashed after wing failure, Aldershot

Geoffrey Launcett Railton (21) killed

Frederick Williams (23) killed

12.9.16 F.E.8 6395, 41 Sqn, Gosport

Stalled on take-off, Gosport

Capt Oliver Hugh Ormrod (30) killed

15.9.16 Maurice Farman Shorthorn 546, 7 RS, Netheravon

Misjudged landing, Netheravon

2Lt Victor Stephen Henry Abbott (23) killed (New Zealander)

17.9.16 Sopwith 1½ Strutter A1060, 28 RS, Castle Bromwich

Structural failure during aerobatics, Castle Bromwich

Lt John Cyril Hodges (19) killed

2Lt Leslie Syson (23) killed

18.9.16 Maurice Farman Shorthorn A2440, 12 RS, Thetford

Hit tree while low flying, Thetford

Lt Haden Mostyn Kendrick (25) killed

21.9.16 Avro 521 7520, CFS, Upavon

Crashed, Upavon

Lt William Hubert Stuart Garnett (35) killed

21.9.16 D.H.1 4637, 19 RS, Hounslow

Overturned landing in stubble field, Lowfield Heath, Surrey

Lt Donald Coker Beck (20) killed

23.9.16 B.E.2c?, 51 Sqn, Thetford

Hit tree on take-off on Zeppelin intercept, Mattishall

2Lt Michael Hubert Francis Thunder (34) died 24.9.16

23.9.16 Maurice Farman Shorthorn A929, 4 RS, Northolt

Semi nose dive on first solo, Northolt

2Lt Percy Rowland Main (24) killed

23.9.16 Sopwith 1½ Strutter 7772, 54 Sqn, Castle Bromwich

Dived into the ground, Wishaw, N Warks.

Lt Sydney Woodrow (30) killed (Australian Flying Corps)

24.9.16 Zeppelin L32, Kaiserliche Marine

Shot down by 2Lt Frederick Sowrey, Snail's Hall Farm, Gt Burstead, Essex

All 22 crew killed:

Oberleutnant zur See Werner Gustav Iwan Peterson (29)

Adolf Bley (29), Obersignalmaat

Albin Ernst Bocksch (30), Obermaschinistenmaat

Karl Bortscheller (27), Funkentelegrafieobermaat

Wilhelm Otto Brockhaus (27), Oberheizer

Karl Friedrich Brodrück (25), Leutnant zur See

Paul Dorfmüller (26), Maschinistenmaat

Richard Hermann Fankhänel (34), Obermaschinistenmaat

Georg Hagedorn (28), Obermaschinistenmaat

Friedrich Heider (28), Oberbootsmannsmaat

Robert Klisch (23), Funkentelegrafieobergast

Hermann Mägdefrau (36), Obermaschinist

Bernhard Mohr (21), Obersegelmachersgast

August Müller (28), Matrose

Friedrich Pache (26), Bootsmannsmaat

Karl Paust (26), Obermaschinistenmaat

Ewald Picard (29), Obersignalmaat

Walter Prüss (21), Maschinistenmaat

Paul Schiering (31), Obermatrose

Bernhard Schreibmüller (23), Steuermann

Karl Völker (27), Obermaschinistenmaat

Alfred Zöpel (27), Oberbootsmannsmaat

26.9.16 Bristol Scout Type C 3016?, RNAS, Cranwell

Crashed after midair collision, Cranwell area

Flt Sub-Lt Patrick Sylvester Kennedy (25) killed (Canadian)

26.9.16 Maurice Farman Shorthorn 7375, 8 RS, Netheravon

Engine failure low over trees, Salisbury Plain

2Lt Alexander Bonn Davidson (25) killed (Australian)

Lt Douglas Boyd Calderwood injured

28.9.16 Vickers FB.5 7511, School of Aerial Gunnery, Hythe

Lost speed in turn and nose dived, near Hythe

Sgt Frederick Gerald Keyte (19) killed

A Mech 1 Harry Clancy (21) killed

30.9.16 F.E.2b 4277, 9 RS, Mousehold

Stalled after take-off and nose dived, Mousehold

Sgt William Maurice Jackson (19) killed

1.10.16 B.E.2e 7075, CFS, Upavon

Crashed after elevator control disconnected,

Wallis Down, Kinson, Branksome, Dorset

2Lt John Hampson Dodgshon (23) killed

Capt Harold Barker injured

2.10.16 Avro 504A 7970, 58 Sqn, Cramlington

Lost speed in turn and nose dived, Cramlington area

Lt Cyril Donald Thomas Jenkins (20) killed

2.10.16 Zeppelin L31, Kaiserliche Marine

Shot down by Lt Wulstan Joseph Tempest, Potters Bar, Herts

All 19 crew killed:

Kapitänleutnant Heinrich Ferdinand Friedrich Mathy (33)

Eugen Boudange (25), Maschinistenmaat

Arthur Budwitz (27), Bootsmannsmaat

Karl Dornbusch (26), Obermatrose

Nikolaus Hemmerling (30), Maschinistenmaat

Karl Hiort (23), Obermaschinistenmaat

Ernst Kaiser (24), Segelmachersmaat

Ernst Klee (26), Funkentelegrafieobergast

Siegfried Körber (31), Steuermann

Gustav Kunisch (24), Signalmaat

Karl Mensing (32), Maschinenmaat

Friedrich Peters (27), Obersteuermannsmaat

Heinrich Philipp (27), Obermatrose

Friedrich Rohr (27), Maschinistenmaat

Hubert Stender (23), Maschinistenmaat

Joseph Wegener (37), Maschinist

Jochen Werner (21), Leutnant zur See

Heinrich Witthöft (28), Bootsmannsmaat

Viktor Karl Friedrich Wilhelm Woellert (34), Obermaschinistenmaat

5.10.16 B.E.2c 4174, CFS, Upavon

Midair collision with B.E.2c 5389, Upavon

2Lt Geoffrey Plateras Lawson Jacques (18) killed

5.10.16 B.E.2c 5389, Hampshire Aircraft Park, Farnborough

Midair collision with B.E.2c 4174, Upavon

Capt Keith Lucas (37) killed

8.10.16 Martinsyde G.100 7259, 49 Sqn, Dover

Wings came off pulling out of dive, Dover

2Lt Harold Carl Baker (20) killed

12.10.16 Short 827 Type 8639, RNAS, Grain

Stalled on take-off, Isle of Grain

Petty Officer Motor Mechanic William Herbert Hodgson (24) killed

Flt Sub-Lt Mostyn Lewis injured

13.10.16 B.E.2c 4472, 18 RS, Montrose

Lost flying speed and nose dived, Montrose

2Lt John Sinclair Morison (19) killed

18.10.16 R.E.7 2207, 35 Sqn, Thetford

Stalled and dived in after engine failure, Narborough

2Lt Ernest Hildreth (28) killed

2Lt Robert Leslie Edward (pilot) injured

19.10.16 B.E.2c 8429, RNAS, Cranwell

Nose dived and crashed, Cranwell

Flt Sub-Lt Arthur Robert Greenwell (20) died 20.10.16 (New Zealander)

20.10.16 Curtiss JN-3 A3831, 16 RS, Beaulieu

Nose dived on cross-country flight, Rustington, Sussex

2Lt Frederick Richard Lucas (18) killed

20.10.16 Sopwith Triplane N510, RNAS, Eastchurch

Tail broke off at speed, Eastchurch area

Flt Lt Leslie Hewitt Hardstaff (24) killed

21.10.16 Maurice Farman Shorthorn 514, 27 RS, Gosport

Sideslipped and crashed, Gosport

2Lt Robert Cecil Vernon-Inkpen (27) killed

21.10.16 Maurice Farman Shorthorn A2514, 25 RS, Thetford

Sideslipped and nose dived, Cambridge area

Capt Henry Clifford Leigh (24) died 24.10.16

23.10.16 B.E.2c 4723, 20 RS, Wye

Spun in on turn, Wye, Kent

A Mech 1 Cecil Edmund Tombs (20) killed

2Lt William Mitton injured

23.10.16 Maurice Farman Shorthorn A949, CFS, Upavon

Dived too steeply to flatten out, near Parkhouse, Amesbury

2Lt Harold Ernest Whiteman (21) killed (Australian)

23.10.16 Submarine Scout airship S.S.18, RNAS, Llangefni

Damaged on landing, drifted and came down in Irish Sea, off Anglesey

A Mech 1 James William Young (24) drowned

Sub-Lt Arthur Donald Thompson rescued

25.10.16 Sopwith 1½ Strutter?, 45 Sqn

Crashed after wing collapsed on delivery to France,

The Cut, Willesborough, Ashford, Kent

Lt Ernest Edward Glorney (29) killed

25.10.16 Bristol Scout D 7051, 43 Sqn, Upavon

Spinning nose dive, Sidbury Hill, near Tidworth

2Lt William Henry Irvine (19) killed

27.10.16 ?, RFC

Boy hit while taking off from recreation ground, New Edlington, near Doncaster

Leonard Savage (13) killed

Lt Kiddie unhurt (pilot)

29.10.16 B.E.2c 2487, 63 Sqn, Stirling

Stalled and nose dived, Turnhouse

2Lt David Aymery Stuart (20) killed

2Lt George Edward Gordon Duff injured

2.11.16 Henry Farman F.20 A1176, 6 RS, Catterick

Stalled and nose dived on slow turn, Catterick area

Sgt Ewell Eunice Daniell (25) died 3.11.16 (Canadian)

Cpl Jack Austen Luck (20) died 3.11.16

8.11.16 Avro 504B 1049, RNAS, Cranwell

Crashed, Cranwell

Flt Sub-Lt William Stewart Stewart (19) killed

8.11.16 D.H.1 4641, 19 RS, Hounslow

Stalled and dived into shed, Didcot

Lt John Alfred Davy (18) killed

8.11.16 D.H.2 5982, CFS, Upavon

Spinning nose dive, Upavon

Capt Richard Bentham (21) killed

9.11.16 Vickers FB.5 5649, 6 RS, Catterick

Stalled and nose dived, Catterick area

2Lt James Thornton (18) killed

11.11.16 B.E.2e 7211, 66 Sqn, Filton

Stalled trying to avoid trees, Tormarton, Glos.

2Lt George Edward Giles (24) killed

12.11.16 Curtiss JN-3 A1255, 16 RS, Beaulieu

Dived into ground, Beaulieu

2Lt Henry Elliott Byers (22) killed

13.11.16 Maurice Farman Shorthorn A2500, 12 RS, Thetford

Sideslipped in steep bank and crashed, Thetford

Lt Lawrence Hill Wilson McKisack (23) killed

16.11.16 B.E.2c A5499, 18 RS, Montrose

Crashed on house roof and caught fire, Bents Road, Montrose

2Lt William Fowler (29) killed

23.11.16 B.E.12 6666, 17 RS, Croydon

Stalled and crashed, Hounslow Heath

2Lt Robert Newport Dobbyn (23) killed

26.11.16 D.H.2 A2575, 6 RS, Catterick

Sideslipped on low turn, Catterick

Capt Robert John Lillywhite (23) killed

27.11.16 D.H.2 5941, CFS, Upavon

Spun after engine failure, Upavon area

2Lt James Gardner (23) killed

27.11.16 F.E.2d A1949, 57 Sqn, Copmanthorpe

Crashed after engine failure, Tadcaster

Lt Edward Henry Hall (25) killed

27.11.16 Zeppelin L34, Kaiserliche Marine

Shot down by 2Lt Ian Vernon Pyott, off Hartlepool

All 20 crew killed:

Kapitänleutnant Max Konrad Johannes Dietrich (46)

Johannes Blunk (30), Maschinenmaat

Ernst Doering (31), Maschinenmaat

Otto Ehlers (37), Obermatrose

Alexander Keller (29), Maschinenmaat

Wilhelm Koberg (27), Segelmachersmaat

Christian-Albrecht von Nathusius (27), Oberleutnant zur See

Paul Nettlau (26), Funkentelegraphiemaat

Heinrich Oellrich (42), Obermaschinenmaat

Julius Wilhelm August Petitjean (26), Signalmaat

Wilhelm Pfirrmann (27), Obermaschinist

Heinrich Predel (28), Signalmaat

Hermann Pufahl (29), Bootsmannsmaat

Alfred Rüger (26), Maschinenmaat

Josef Schydlo (24), Maschinenmaat

Franz Seemann (41), Obermaschinist

Friedrich Siegel (36), Maat

Adam Smieskol (28), Maat

Bernhard Wewer (31), Bootsmannsmaat

Hans Wüst (31), Obersteuermannsmaat

28.11.16 Zeppelin L21, Kaiserliche Marine

Shot down by RNAS B.E.2cs, eight miles east of Lowestoft

All crew killed:

Kurt Frankenburg (29), Oberleutnant zur See

Alfred Brieger (27), Obermaschinenmaat

Albert Carlsen (28), Obersignalmaat

Otto Grass (28), Oberbootsmannsmaat

Hans Hintzer (30), Obermaschinenmaat

Christian Jensen (33), Steuermann

Theofil Kaczikowski (26), Obermatrose

Wilhelm Kiel (31), Obermaschinenmaat

Walter Klann (36), Maschinenmaat

Wilhelm Metzger (23), Obermatrose

Paul Petznick (27), Funkentelegraphiemaat

Otto Prinke (28), Signalmaat

Anton Reischel (34), Maschinenmaat

Hans-Werner Salzbrunn (23), Leutnant zur See

Theodor Schmidt (29), Obermaschinenmaat

Alfred Schwarz (25), Maschinenmaat

Wilhelm Wittkugel (26), Bootsmannsmaat

3.12.16 B.E.2d 5837, 53 Sqn, Catterick

Spun in, Catterick

Capt Harold North Steward (30) killed

2Lt Maurice Thornely (19) killed

4.12.16 AW F.K.3 5540, 59 Sqn, Narborough, Norfolk

Stalled on landing with engine trouble, Thursford, Norfolk

Lt Arthur Patrick Donnell (18) died 5.12.16

A Mech 1 Peter Boyd Gardner (28) died 6.12.16

6.12.16 D.H.2 A4988, 10 RS, Joyce Green

Nose dived and crashed, Dover

Lt Harold Staples Brewster (22) killed (Canadian)

8.12.16 Curtiss JN-3 5639, 56 Sqn, London Colney

Stalled on approach, side slipped and nose dived, London Colney

Lt Crawford Thomas Miller (21) killed (Canadian)

10.12.16 Henry Farman F.20 A1187, 28 Sqn, Gosport

Nose dived, Gosport

2Lt Arthur Goulburn Brooke (22) killed

2Lt William Desmond Guthrie Lotan (27) killed

10.12.16 Short 184 Type 9054, RNAS, Westgate

Crashed at sea, Tongue Sands, N of Margate

Flt Lt John Douglas Hume, DSC (20) drowned

CPO Walter Edwin Bradley, DSM (28) drowned

14.12.16 B.E.2e 7244, 63 Sqn, Cramlington

Crashed, Ancroft area, Northumberland

2Lt Bernard Vernon Gordon (18) killed

15.12.16 Maurice Farman Shorthorn A4064, 14 RS, Catterick

Stalled and crashed on landing, Catterick

Lt Reginald Robinson Gaskell (27) killed

16.12.16 Maurice Farman Shorthorn A7006, 8 RS, Netheravon

Lost flying speed and side slipped, Netheravon

2Lt Harold Percy Tozer (25) killed

20.12.16 Maurice Farman Longhorn 2986, 5 RS, Castle Bromwich

Sideslipped, crashed and caught fire, Walmley

Lt Percy Andrew Wright (29) died 21.12.16

2Lt Frank Leslie Garner (21) killed

20.12.16 Vickers F.B.16A, Vickers Ltd

Crashed on test - 'excessive strain on machine', Joyce Green

Lt Henry Richard Deighton Simpson (20), RFC killed (American)

21.12.16 B.E.2d 6735, 66 Sqn, Filton

Lost control at 60ft and sideslipped, Filton

2Lt George Douglas Pechell (25) killed

24.12.16 B.E.12 6661, 33 Sqn, Kirton in Lindsey

Loop damaged wing; crashed, Kirton in Lindsey

Lt John Bernard Brophy (22) killed (Canadian)

27.12.16 Avro 504A A450, 38 RS, Rendcomb

Bystander hit by propellor, Rendcomb

2Lt Noel Milford Henson Atkinson (25) killed

2Lt George Mark Turnbull unhurt (pilot)

Jan - Jul 1917

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